December 30, 2005

Random Drug Testing and NEW YEARS EVE

Random Drug Testing and New Year’s Eve

What’s up my people’s…….Ya girl is currently at work. Taking a “me” break from all the crap around me called THE WORKPLACE. As you probably recall, I told you back on Dec. 16, two of my good co-workers were fired for bullshit reasons. Well I have been feeling as though some of the other co-workers eyes are REALLY on me now. So guess what happens to me…..oh about 9am this morning. Our FRIENDLY, WAY TOO CHEERFUL, I have an IV in my arm for my 24/7 COFFEE FIX, human resource person comes by with some papers to give me. I swore I was about to get fired on the spot, so I’m looking at her like she has a horn sticking out of her forehead.

She proceeds to explain that I’ve won a contest, yet I still hadn’t caught on, so with my fake smile plastered on my face I proceed to listen. It then registers in my head that I have to take a RANDOM DRUG TEST!!!! Tell them what they’ve won JOHNNY!! You have won a trip in your own car to drive (as if GAS isn’t already expensive) to one of these 5 locations still on company time to take a leak in a CUP!!!! As this is all processing in my head, I’m still looking at the human resource lady like what the fuck???

So needless to say around 10:50am, I decide to make the trek over to the one I originally went to when I was getting hired for the job. I don’t know if it’s me or what but to me it looks like they have added a lot more red tape to the bathroom. I wish I could have had my camera phone to take a pic, but alas, my phone was outside the door with my jacket.  Now with me being the ever so attentive employee, the lady hands me the cup to do my business in. I just started giggling to myself; I wonder if I could fill the whole damn thing up? Now mind you, this wasn’t your ordinary specimen cup, nope to me they look like they got a hell of a lot larger. Yet I wouldn’t let an obstacle like size stop me, so ya girl delivered the goods. Needless to say when I handed it over to the nurse she looked at me and we both started bugging up. She shook her head and was like whoa, she has yet to meet a guy do THAT well. So I filled out the remaining info and now I’m back at my desk.

So we will see if any weed, or anything else that can show up in a urine drug test comes up, I’m pretty sure the workplace is crossing their fingers.

On another note, just want to wish you all a Happy New Year’s EVE/DAY since I probably won’t be near a cpu after tomorrow until Tuesday. Ya girl plan’s on having a room at a hotel with some other friends. Go out and kick it, live it up, and just have some plain damn good fun. Remember don’t shoot up in the air, the bullet might come down and bite ya in the ass if not the top of your head. I also have my outfit together. So if ya see a sister with a camisole top on with an off the shoulder red sweater, with some cute jeans on with brass studs on the back pockets….not sure what I’m gonna wear for shoes though. Hair will be down in soft curls, probably will rock some color contacts…just have to choose from the eight colors I have…..or I might choose one of my 6 pairs of glasses. Come holla at lady. HUGSSS AND KISSSESS XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

December 26, 2005

Recapping x-mas

It's the day after all the hustle and bustle of wrapping paper ripping open and being thrown around. Of your friends and family getting together and swapping stories and yelling at the current sports game that is on TV. Personally I'm happy that the Miami Heat won and beat the Lakers.

At 7am I woke up and finished preparing the food that was for my household. Since my mom was out of town the task fell on my shoulders. So I went downstairs got our 12lb turkey and put him in the oven, also prepared a sweet tasty ham, some dressing once the turkey was done and warmed up the remaing greens. Overall i did a pretty damn good job. My dad and sister were pleased so i can't complain. Afterwards I went over to my aunt's house for the family gathering.

Since the x-mas gathering for this year was at my auntie's house. Which thank god she only lives 2 minutes away by car, I went over a head of schedule to drop off the big pot of greens and 3 cakes and some cookies so they would be there for the family as well as the presents. I went back home and started to get dressed. My dad who has been the Offical Santa for as long as I could remember forgot the money envolopes and called me to let me know that I needed to bring them with me when I came over.

I finally make my entrance round 4:30pm and was greeted by my extended family. The food was great from what I saw, but i only opted for some ambrosia and some sweet potatoes. I chilled out in one of the bedrooms with a tv and stayed there until it was time to hand out presents. Around 5pm my dad transformed into Santa Clause and the gift giving began. The little kids were santa's helpers, those of us who were older now and no longer qualified to be elves, where now reindeers. Even myself;) So we would "guide" the elves to whomever the gifts were for. My mom called a couple of times to make sure A) the food I cooked was edible (haha), B) I had gotten food over at my aunties on time C) to make sure that I also got her 2 slices of her Spanish Cream Cake, and D) to wish everyone a Merry X-mas at the family gathering.

Around 6pm-7pm, people began to make haste along with to-go plates and either visit other relatives or just go home. My dad said his good-byes along with my sister who also made her quiet exit. I stayed last to help my auntie clean up the food and talk for a little while. So didn't make my exit till 9pm. When I got back home, I received quite a shock. My sister was home doing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. Since it was my week for kitchen duty, she apparently forgot this and I opened up my big mouth. she realized she had clothes but was still nice enough to clean up the kitchen anyway. i really apprecatied it since i had been up since 7am.

My girl kamina had called me to see if I wanted to go out while I was still at my auntie's house, but she never called back. Also I had invited a friend of mine to come over and get some food also, but he never called back either. So I just took my black ass to sleep. Oh and yes I did take PLENTY of pictures of the event so if you would like to see them just click on the FLICKR link that you see of to the right and enjoy.

December 24, 2005

Pre Merry X-mas and 20/20 vision

Just wanted to say good evening to all of you. Today is Dec.24 as well as many of u know. The last day to do all the rushing that you can do for presents. Today I had work from 12pm to 5pm at job #2. It was pretty busy store wide but not a huge rush for appliances......didn't have anyone coming up to me after making a mad dash to the doors just begging and pleading to see if we had a certain washer and dryer set in stock. No none of that.

Last night, I was at the Saint Louis Galleria and the West County Shopping Mall. Trying to find a shirt to go with these cute jeans from Old Navy. Finally decided on a cute black top from Torrid. Also bought this cool hat for my dad. Only person who I have yet to get anything for is my mom. But she is out of town so I can spend some extra time getting something for her. So right now almost everyone is taken care of. I still have to get something for my girl Kamina. I received majority of my presents from my friends today. Can't say no to gift cards and money. hahaha

So right now I'm at Danielle's house, just straight JAMMIN to some Quincy Jones music. Had dinner at Applebee's with Kamina, Danielle, and another friend Jonathan. So now I'm chillin at Danielle's talkin to our friend Keith. Well tomorrow is the big day. Hope you have all your plans in place. In the morning I will get up and start cooking the food that was prepared this past week for my house. Then I will go over to my Aunt charolotte's house for the family X-mas gathering.

Of course I did some shopping for myself these past couple of days but more online than anything else. I ordered some Cazal Sunglasses Model 933 and 2 pairs of DKNY prescription glasses Model 4507. I have an addiction to glasses. Espcecially if they are just banging. This site called is the shit. If you ever need some glasses that are just crazy cheap but ORGINALS and not fakes. You need to check this site out.

So for right now I'm gonna bid you goodnight. Might go to club tonight and shake my ass, both sides. lol Or just chill out and enjoy myself. Either way I'm gonna do me, it's been damn near 5 years since anyone has done me. haha but for real. Have a Merry x-mass and a Happy Hannakah MUTHA-FUCKAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya-Hoo

o the weather outside is rainy,
my ass is going to maybe,
chill and have drink
what ya think, what ya think, what ya think?

December 23, 2005

Friday before X-mas

Sorry I haven’t written anything in a while. Just haven’t been up to it till today. Well this past week has been something so far. My mom went to the airport this morning to go to California to spend the week with her sister, and would you know she calls me from the airport, asking if my dad has made it back yet to the house. I tell her no, she the proceeds to tell me how she can’t get on her flight because of some fuck-up the people can seem to find in their systems. So now it is 7:20am and I still don’t know if she was able to board the plane or not since I’m at work right now.

Yesterday after work I went to the hair salon and had my hair done. I went solo since Danielle had a meeting at work and I had to be at the hair salon by 2pm. Needless to say I didn’t get out until 5:45pm. Oh well, fast forward to being home and helping my mom with some food for x-mas. Since she will be out of town, it will fall on my shoulders to make sure the food is cooked for our household. I helped prepare the turkey and the dressing. I want to learn how to cook like my mom so I’ve been helping out whenever she needs a hand in the kitchen.

Afterwards, we go the living room and start to separate the presents. Since I am also going over to a relative’s for our FAMILY X-MAS gathering on Sunday, I am bringing GREENS (YUM) and 3 home-made cakes (Spanish Cream, Pecan cheesecake, Pound Cake). I haven’t done my x-mas shopping for my mom and dad yet. Damn shame huh? Well my sister already gave my mom her present which was a louis vuitton wallet (yes a real one from a louis vuitton store) to go with her louis vuitton purse that she received as a birthday present this past January. So I’m thinking it would be just dandy to get her the louis vuitton 6-key holder. For my dad I’m absolutely clueless, but I’ll figure something out. Most likely he’ll get what he wants every x-mas. Which would just be another year of hankies, underwear, and socks. Lolol.

Well I hope your X-mas weekend is memorable and you get everything or at least 2/3 of what your heart desires. Hopefully I will remember to take some pictures and post them to my flickr website. So for now I will sign off……until take care and MERRY X-MAS, HAPPY HANUKKAH, KWANZA. Or whatever you folks celebrate with as cold as hell as it is.

December 21, 2005

self pampering and the little blessing in life

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December 17, 2005

jst a recap of the past couple of days

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December 15, 2005


Paint me
by Jasmine W.

Let me show you how I paint myself…….

How do you like my hair?

Up in a tussle of curls or flowing around me like blades of black grass?

How do you like my face?

My eyes draw you in, my perfect nose sniffs you out, my lips so full they rival size of any juicy strawberry.

How do you like my bosom?

The way I walk towards you, a bounce in my step that seems to jiggle my front. Make no mistake what you see is 100% born and bred. You wish you could feed off of MY chocolate milk.

How do you like my waist?

Not the hour-shape it used to be, but still close. It still has the curves that makes a man (you) get closer…

How do you like my thighs?

They are nice and thick and baby when I walk they also talk;) You can’t help but wonder DAMN I wonder if they can grip. So I answer your question……YES THEY CAN.

How do you like my legs?

My legs know how to move my thighs. I’m deadly in anything I wear. They might be jeans or it might be a nice clinging skirt. Yet the legs now it drop it like it’s hot.

How do you like my feet?

The beautiful arch they have. You think you have seen a sista strut her stuff. HA…baby you haven’t seen me. I can prowl towards you in a pair of 4 inch heels with Cuban heel stockings on or run towards you in some ol-skool sneaka’s waiting and anticipating your every move.

So how do you paint me? I’m just curious…………….

December 14, 2005


Hey guys check out my first audio blog...yea yea I know it's pretty lame but HEY it's a start.;)

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December 13, 2005

Swing batta....batta....batta.....SWING!!

Well today is another great day…Not because of the weather but because I am HERE. This past Sunday I had work at job#2 but left a tad bit early because I needed to check out some possible x-mas items for family and friends. This past Sunday was also extra special because a good friend of mine and Danielle’s and who also happens to be Keith’s (Danielle’s housemate) best friend. We welcomed home Larry from his tour over seas in Iraq and I must say it was damn good to have him home.

He had been gone ever since November 2004. We prayed he would be okay and would come back home to still play spades and domino’s. We tried to keep as much contact as we could with phone calls and emails. I didn’t get over to Danielle’s till 10:30 pm. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling too festive because my head was kicking my ass. Had to take some meds and just chill out on the couch. Needless to say my home girl Kamina was also there as well as Jonathan. Danielle fried some chicken and made some mac n’ cheese. I wasn’t that hungry since my mom had cooked earlier that day; making baked chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. YUM-YUM

FAST FORWARD TO TUESDAY(=============( Well now it’s about 11:10AM and one of my close guy friends who I have known since 1999 politely reminded me that he had a birthday yesterday (December 12, ) and I’m so ashamed of myself for forgetting, so here is my personal shout to you: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIZ!!!!!!!!!!! This guy is something truly special. Even though we don’t have time to talk as much as we used to. We still text each other from time to time. We’ve always talked about one of us just jetting to see the other one. He’s in NYC and I’m the STL. In fact for those of you that don’t know, I have another blog called SINSUAL PLEASURES, the story that I’m writing is about him. I’ve been writing and adding chapters to it for 6 years now. So I told him I would spurn out another chapter as soon as I could for his reading pleasure.

Now I know what’s going to happen after reading the last paragraph. Some guys will say to themselves “Damn…I guess I don’t have a chance to holla or say SOMETHING.” And to this I’m just gonna say WHY DO U THINK THAT"? Don’t count your self out of the ball game just because you have yet to get to bat. I’m a real person and I don’t play head games, yes I have guy friend that I am very fond of that just happens to live in NYC. AND??????? If we were ever going to try to do something serious or if we EVER try to be serious only time will tell and I would let other people know that I like that might be the case. But as far as he and I know it’s not. We just cool and we are just FRIENDS. So to you fella’s, all I have to say is as long as you are not about head games……………step up to the plate.

December 9, 2005

So what do YOU THINK???

Good evening.....I am home now after putting in another long day at job #1. Over 11 hours to be exact. For lunch I went to a spot close to the job called Kreiger's Pub and Grill. Around 8:15pm I decided to call it quits and went over to St. Charles to get some of the best Chinese food I have EVER HAD. In fact this is place that my job calls for food when we are in the mood for delivery.

I get home, with my special fried rice, fried chicken, and eggroll. Share the goods with the family and get ready to unwind. That is until my mom asks me to de-vein some shrimp for her. YUCK. Just got done with that task about 20 min. ago. and my hands look so wrinkled.;) Well This evening I received a package that I've been expecting now for over a little bit more than a week.

A company by the name of M80, read my blog and saw that I'm interested in video games. They asked me via email, if I would be interested in reviewing a game, and told them hell yea!!! Now I don't know if this is fate, but the game they wanted me to review I was very close to buying myself a couple of weeks ago. the name of the game is SPARTAN TOTAL WARRIOR for Gamecube. So I'm going to play it to my heart's content and see what I think about it.

I will either write my review on this blog or create a new blog strictly for reviews on different products and idea's. I think it would be an excellent especially since I've been given the opportunity to do so. So for all those companies or people who have products that need a testing especially electronics and anything gadget wise oh and i absolutely love video games and pretty much anything TO DO with video games;) I'm your gal. I'm a big technological junkie and love to know about the latest items and get my hands on them to see how they work. That's why I work at an electronic retail store;) Just drop me a line at and I'll be MORE than happy to put my 2 cents in;) ciou and good night.

December 8, 2005

Let it snow let it snow just make sure no ice follows

What is up to all my fellow bloggers and people of this place we call EARTH. I'm coming to ya from my house via laptop in my comfortable bed. Watchin some program on TV that I won't remember by the time I change the channel. Well ya girl put in quite a day today at job number 1. Clocked in at 7:45am and didn't ship out till 8:20pm. WHEW!!! But hey that's what you do, because last time I check the only thing growing on trees that's green DONT spend or pay bills. Ya hear me?

Now it's December and the X-mas holidays are in full effect. I hope you have all of your shopping done because sista girl (YES THAT'S ME) has not started a lick!!!! So I will be having to play catch up like a mutha. Yet hey tis the season to be jolly. Fa-la-la-la-la, I need to hit the lotto. I hope you all receive what you want this x-mas and much more. Yet what I DON'T wish for is all the damn SNOW!!

Let me tell you somethin. Me and snow, just don't get along. YET I rather have snow by my side than ice. Now ice is the devil. On my street, if you have ice, you might as well just call off of work because you might get out of your driveway, but I'll be takin bets against ya getting back in. Now I liked snow back in the day when I used to go sledding, but honey......when it is ICE you had betta walk sideways because you might fall right on ya ass. I should know from experience.

Now it's about 10:50pm, and it's about that time that I part ways with you beautiful people. So I leave with this message. Do on to others as you would have them do onto you. But if they begin to piss you off, for no DAMN reason. Let them know they betta nip that shit in the bud, before you nip them. I HOLLA>......the lady has spoken. smooches;)

December 4, 2005

Spade Championships

What's up all, it's ya girl coming back at ya via my girl spot, Danielle crib. Where the spade championship is currently being played. On the line, a free dinner to the winner courtesy of the losers....The players...Danielle and Kamina vs. Jbass and Ant. The first team to 500 wins!! So far the game is getting PRETTY interesting. I am the witness of the match so currently I am watching from the FLOOR chillin with a laptop communicating wireless. Isn't technology beautiful.

First 2 games have already been played and the ladies of the table are winning. 3rd game goes to the gentlmen.....PLAY ON!!!

Currently they are on the 4th game with the score being 200-ladies to the 30-mens. The cards have been dealt and so the game continues. Everyone is quite as the cards are the only sound you hear on the glass table. All there faces are just stone serious, there is just too much at stake. lolol God I think this is funny.

So as I take a break from my current situation, I will recap my earlier day, WELL..... I had work and opened today at job #2. Then was off at 5:30pm. FAscinating yes I know. 4th has been played and that game goes to the men as well. The current score is 250 to 90. Of course the ladies are still running the game which is just natural.

5th game is now in effect, and the men are feeling the heat. BREAKING NEWS!!! I have been offically put in charge of the scoreboard since there seems to be some friction at the table. Game is over and the score is now 300 to 140. Now game 6th will take place shortly. There apparently is some serious issue. ONe of the players, Ant is trying to pass off a note to JBass, the lady's are trying to cock block the note but it still gets to JBass. GAME ON!! Game 6 is now offically being played. The David Spade show is currently on Comedy Central. I'm STILL on the floor with the laptop. The current score after game 6 is 260 to 220. The men have made a huge jump but are still trailing!!!

The cards have been dealt for the 7th game and the tension is cutting like a knife. Trash talking is being traded off left and right. I wish I could put sound on this blog. lolol So now the 7th game is concluded and we are now at 310 to 270. As the band played on.................8th game is now on a grind. The ladies have made a point of going board while the men are stating they will go 8 books. hmmmmmmmmmm very interesting.

OH BOY!!! The boys just got set!!! the score is now 350 to 190. The men had done so WELL come up the mountain like that......and now they just got hit by a big ass AVALANCHE and just had they asses sent back down the mountain PACKING!!! WHOA NELLY ITS GETTIN HOT IN HERE!!!! lolol Oh well now on the next game.

420 to oh man the boys are getting nervous because the girls are red hot. Now there is some trouble from the dudes about being able to pay up on the bet so the ladies are letting them know that they MIGHT be able step down on the food. Orginally they wanted Cheesecake Factory but they might settle for Red Lobster. They are now on game 9, and my girl mina is singing "how you want your ass smacked?" The men are straight frustrated its not even funny except to me.

FINAL SCORE after game 9 is 500 to 110. The ladies have spanked ass and the men are just a TAD pissed. Danielle housemate, Keith just stepped in the door just teasing the men with no mercy. the game is over and the negotiations are now in affect. Right now they are talking about getting pampered and they just kicked the shit out of the fellas oh it is such a good night. I holla!!! will have more pics to post

December 3, 2005

Friendships........such a wonderful thing

Well I'm back home from my evening with Amy, i met up with her at an Italian restuarant across from the St. Louis Galleria. I get there about 6:52pm-ish, after finding an EXCELLENT parking space. I dash into the restuarent hoping to find her easily. HA_HA. That's an understatement. The place is jammed, you have live music, waiters going twice the speed of norm, 2 levels of people just going left, right and any other directions they can go. You have company parties going on in banquet rooms, valet parking swapping stories and me with my hair a tad bit messed up, trying to find the nearest route to the bathroom that I find out is on the SECOND FLOOR.....WHAT THE F?CK?? So i make my way through the throng of the crowd to make it to the restroom. Where I encounter two women talking about going to the movies and how much food they ate. One lady made a crack to the other lady some silly joke, that I wish I could remember but I just starting laughing out loud and then we all ended up laughing out loud.

So then i make my way back to the front doors where Amy finds me. She had already been there waiting at the bar, working on a drink. I Finally get to meet her fiancee, who happens to be a bartender at the place and man is he cute. Funny thing..I saw him at first when I came in and I immediatly thought....that HAS to be him. Needless to say I'm right and he made me this drink called the BLUE HAWAIIAN, it was the best damn drink I have ever had.....and I don't remember what the hell it was in it.

Anyway, we talked for about an hour just drinking and talking and the we decided to go to "The HILL", for those not familiar with the term it stands for the Italian area in St. Louis, which is known for it's deep Italian heritage and EXCELLENT restuarents and shops. We settle on one restuarant and talk more and relax. We talked about life, her wedding, her dogs, men in our past, my life, other people's lives, and anything else. lolol Overall we had a kickass time and we are making sure that we can get together more often. Especially since we are going to go bridesmaid shopping early next year.

So i'm back home now watching Saturday night Live laughing my ass off. Well I've got work in the mornin so Imma call it a nightl..............unless you catch me on yahoo IM. Ta-Ta

Oh what a web we weave

Wassup to all, hope your Friday night went smoothly. Well since I took off from work yesterday, becasue of a serious cold i decided, to relax around the house, and follow it with a trip to the Saint Louis Galleria. Where I saw the beautiful x-mas tree they always put up. They have the BEST displays. Yet right before going to Danielle's, I went to the Popeye's off of Kingshighway to get some food, well then I see some old lady back behind the building having the shakes. It was so serious some called an ambulance for her. They eventually got there and took her to a hospital.

Then i went to Danielle's house to help her setup her laptop to the network system in her house.She told me that her friend that had been shot earlier last month and also was the father of her goddaughter had passed away earlier that morning. So she has been sad all day long. She had been playin her Playstation 2 to keep her mind off of things. She also is wondering what to do future wise. She told me earlier this week that she plans on gettting back into school which I am jsut so happy to hear. Yet now she will need to worry about the welfare of her godchild as well. So she is just taking everything step by step. She decided she couldn't deal with the arrangements for the funeral and decided to leave that up to her friend's aunt. Yet she and her boys would help pay for the funeral.

Around 5:30pm we both went to the hair salon to get our hair done. The stories that are told on in THERE would have you crackin up for days. lololol So Danielle and I just sit around and relax. Of course we didn't get out of there till 9:30pm, she was hungry so I decided to treat her to dinner. In which we took back to her place and watch majority of the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Around 11:30pm I decided to cut out so I could wrap my hair and take my own ass to sleep.So here i am now and it's Saturday morning and shortly I am going to go downstairs and put up our X-mas tree to complete the decorations in the house.

Later on this evening I will have drinks and dinner with Amy, one of my best friends who told me a couple of days ago that she is getting married. I will keep you updated with my day if anything else happens. Take care and god bless

December 1, 2005

This ray of hope

Well today was fuzzy slipper day at work and i wore my Cookie Monster Slippers. But I didn't win the contest. That honor went to a good friend and Co-Worker of mine, Aubrey. She had on some fuzzy tennis shoes. Pretty cool huh? Well i had a boring time today at work. Had to do some conversions which took me forever because I kept screwing up the process. Oh well, after that went home and went into a deep coma, and just came out of it an hour ago. Watched Oprah on the David Letterman show which apparently was a big deal since she hadn't been on the show in 16 years.

Well tonight while I was on my laptop, I decided to check my mail and received an email from one of my longtime best friend since kindergarten, Amy. She emailed me since we've been having so much trouble contacting each other via telephone. She has announced that she is getting married next August. Of course I couldn't be anything but ESTATIC for her. I'm just waiting to meet the groom. lol

hearing about amy's engagement definitely put a smile on my face. I do believe that there is a STRONG CHANCE that there is someone special for everyone. I just have my doubts that there is someone for me......

November 29, 2005

It's nice to have somebody-don't ya think

Sorry I haven’t been as frequent with my posts lately. I have been so tired with this holiday season. Yet I will say that I was surprised to see an old friend this past Saturday (11/26/05). Remember, the post I wrote a couple of month’s ago about hearing from my ex, the apology he wrote me? Well I saw his god-brother at my 2nd job. We hadn’t seen each other in at least a year. He looked quite handsome I must say. I’ve known him since elementary school and we are still friends despite the fact that his god-brother, my ex have not spoken in almost 5 years. I told him that I didn’t have any animosity towards him and that if he needed something I would help him out.

I also was able to meet his fiancĂ© for the first time. In the past he had referred to her as his girlfriend which was throughout the years. So it was a pleasure to finally have a face and name to the person. Also to my surprise he will also be a dad and he knows he’s having a son;) I am really happy for him and wish him the best.

After he left I began to think about everyone I know who is either married, in a relationship, dates a lot, has kids, or has a baby on the way. I came to the conclusion I was the only one who didn’t fit in any of those categories. I wonder sometimes is there something wrong with me or what is holding me back? Yet at other times I think, THANK GOD, I don’t have to put up or worry about anyone else and their bullshit.

I know that I am a lonely person; I’m so set in my ways of getting stuff done for myself and by myself. I’m not sure if I would be able to handle a relationship of any type. My tolerance for ignorant behavior is so low it’s not even funny. I’m to the point that if anyone says anything that I find offensive, I don’t have an issue just walking away from the conversation. LITERALLY. No “excuse me”, “sorry, have to go”, “could we talk about this later”. Nothing, I’ll just walk away.

I know I don’t need anyone to be happy. But I miss some of the simple things such as holding hands, cuddling, kissing, just as any other person. Yet for me I know I couldn’t just do that with any ol’ body. It would have to be with someone I cared about.

So I guess with my dilemma it could be summed up as this:

I want somebody, but not just anybody.

Someone who is affectionate, but not TOO smothering.

Someone who is witty, not a smartass.

Someone who is challenging, not a rug.

Someone who wants me, defects and all, not someone who want a “returns & exchange” policy even after the 30 days, 60 days, ….etc. You get the point.

I want someone to love me, is that so bad?

November 25, 2005

Nothing like family on Thanksgiving

I hope your Happy thanxgiving was as memorable as mine this past thursday. I woke up and it felt REALLY NICE not having to work at either job. Bumbed around for a while until around 2pm. Took some food over to my aunt's house. that my mom had prepared before going out of town around 2:40pm and then went back home. For some strange reason I thought the affair started at 5pm but apparently it started at 3pm. WHOOPS. So needless to say I get there by 5pm and of course almost all of the food is gone. I was able to make a plate of food for my mom and then grabbed some ham for myself.

I saw the usual family members as well as some others I didn't recognize. Also there were new additions, from what I've heard, was even able to meet one of them by the name of Kamia, new born baby, 10 weeks old. She was so pretty but unfortunately there was some controversy because her daddy who is my cousin is black and her momma is white. One of my aunt's who will remain nameless is not so keen on people interacially mixing in any way what so ever. I was proud of my cousin because he kept a cool head, even though I wouldn't fault him one bit if he had flipped his lid. She was disrespectful and embarresing to say the least. All I could do was shake my head.

After everyone left, I stayed behind to help my Aunt charolette clean up some more. We had a good conversation for about and hour and then I went home. When I think about my past and my life I am thankful for the family I have and wouldn't trade them in for anything in the world. yet I realized one important lesson. You have to live your life for yourself and do what makes you happy. If people don't agree with how you live your life, then they need not be in it.

So since today is Thanksgiving, I'm going to mention one thing that I'm am thankful for. Having a choice.

November 23, 2005

happy Pre-day Thanksgiving!!!

Well it's ya girl, coming to you live again via job #1. Been here since 8am and have just been chippin away at the hours. Decided to stay until 8pm so I can make up for lost time since I wasn't able to come into work on Monday. had Chinese food for lunch and boy was it good!!! It was my 2nd time having them and I must say there food was excellent. They deliver to the job so that was even better. Will post up the name and number so you can give it a try yourselves.

right now it's 5pm and Im just thinkin about tomorrow, the big Turkey Day. Since my parents are SUPPOSE to go out of town, I have been left with the impression that I will be celebrating over a relative's house, which is fine by me. I know I just have to take the food over before the whole gather get's underway. LOL and since I just live 5 minutes away from where the gathering is taking place, I'm all good;)

Right now I'm just relaxing taking a bit of ME time. I'm thinking about what I have to be thankful for and if I'm so thankful for it why don't I realize it when it stares me in the face instead of just going thru it like it's not their? I guess I'm thinking about that because of the convo I had with my parent's on Sunday. For me unfortunately I find so many faults within myself, it's hard to see the positive side of any situation.

So I'm debating if I should renew my bond with an old aquantance. My therapist. The more I've been thinking about it, I think it might be wise. I don't feel focused with my life and haven't for quite some time. Now I don't want anyone to think that I'm crazy, but hell I am human and I'm far from perfect. I'm just stubborn. So as I think about this year, I realize that not only should I give thanx to my family and friends. But also to my therapist. amen.

November 20, 2005

Oh how great thou are for fried chicken

Sunday, a time for prayer and reflection or in my case time done and served at job #2. This past weekend I was over Danielle’s house because of Saturday, we had the 6AM meeting and then Sunday I stayed over as well because we both had work and I knew I would be cooking that evening since we planned to have a get together at her house.

Well the day starts off with me taking Danielle to work at 8AM; I go back to her house and sleep until 12PM. Then I get dressed and make my way to work, suppose to be there by 2pm but I’m pretty sure I didn’t get there, till 2:10pm. Well to start off the work day, the damn time clock didn’t work on 3 cpu’s so I had to do a manual time edit. Another co-worker Dan was there as well as was about to get off of work.

November 19, 2005

The evening that wasn't meant to be.

What's up to my people's;) Yesterday I had work at job #1, got there just a tad bit late...........oh about 10am or so. Did my work and then burnt out at 3:30pm. Went and picked up Danielle from her gig aka job #2 for me. We go to the hair salon to have our hair done and we don't get out until 9:15pm. I was suppose to go to a private birthday party that started at 8:30pm but didn't get out until 2am. Yet since I knew I had a 6AM meeting to go to the next morning (Saturday 11/19) I decided against it and just decided to crash at Danielle's home for the night. I must have been sleepin my ass off (pretty as usual) because she kicked me a couple of times, since she said I was starting to snore. I NEVER snore. lolol because since I'm such a light sleeper sometimes I wake my own ass up. lol

November 13, 2005

Baby Showers and November problems

I had to be at job number 2 from 12 to 5:30pm. A nice mid shift since I had to be at a baby shower for a co-worker later on that evening which was right across the street.

But being the late busy bee that I am, I had to go to Target and get my present for Courtney's baby shower. It took me a good 40 minutes to get everything together than zoom my ass across the street to work so I could clock in and relieve Danielle so she could take a lunch.

Around 2pm she left the job and I stayed until 5:30pm when Joe came and relieved me. I went to the back and changed clothes and took myself to Culpeppers to wait for them. Well my dumbass apparently didn't register that it wasn't being held and Culpeppers but actually at a place called Berkshire Grill.

November 12, 2005


Im not sure if I'm having buyer's remorse or what but I did take the bike out this morning for a lil spin. Since I haven't been on one for more than 10 years. It was a bit intimidating to get back on one. Especially since I have to re-learn how to shift gears all over again. A bit wobbly so I just decided to make one short trip and BACK to the house. Within an hour of getting back into my house, my mom calls me to help her in the basement rearrage all of our too-many-damn small appliances. After that FUN chore, I went to my room to play some Resident Evil 4 on my Gamecube.

Chilled out till I had to be at job #2, which is where I am now. Right now I'm just waiting for the store to wind down. I've done my closing duties and I'm also looking at a Cover of Sports Illustrated with Steelers Safety, Troy Polamalu on the front. Lord JESUS I wish I could grab some of that hair, becuz sista would not let go, ya hear me?

November 11, 2005

2 faced employees and biking

Good evening to all. hope your Friday evening finds you well. Not full of backstabing employees who smile in your face and talk behind your back. Let me give you an example. Today while I was at work in my main building, a coworker asked if I wanted to go another building with her to pass out some invites for her birthday party. I agreed and we both went to the other building to revisit our friends since this was the orginal building that we both started in before being moved this past month. WE spoke with our old co-workers catching up with them and making sure they were ok. So much had changed on our floor, more than half of the cubicles were empty to make room for the new people. AFter a while we go back to our current building.

When we get back, we here that one of our co-workers felt she just HAD to let everyone know that we were gone for 45 min. My Supervisor who i think is really cool didn't really even trip off it. It was just blown out of proportion because this one chick can't keep her mouth close. and before you go thinking she is some model employee let me you this. She thinks she's better than anyone else because she went to nursing school yet she didn't quite cut the grade so she was kicked out. problem is that whenever she talks to a patient on the phone or to some important high ranking person in our company she just feels COMPELS to let people know that she was a NURSE.

Now lets do the math here folks who in they damn right mind would go through all that hell of nursing school to be a nurse and just quit to become a god-damn pharm. technican? THANK YOU it doesn't make since. So three of us also in the same pod look at her from time to time thinking what the hell do you think you are doing? She catches us looking at her and turns herself away because she is juswt too damn embaressed that she got caught in one of her lies.

On another sour note I along with 3 other co-workers decided to order Pizza hut, we put in our orders and we wait for the food. FINALLY it gets to the job after waiting an extra 15 minutes. Why was our food not right? Well let me take that back why was 3 of the 4 pizzas not right. We called the location and let them know that they made our pizzas incorrectly and needed to bring us either a) new pizzas that were CORRECT or b) our money back. Needless to say we all ended with an extra pizza to take home.

Well enough about work. After I clocked out, I went home to pick up my mom to take her to the Cheesecake factory at the Saint Louis Galleria. To celebrate her finishing up her breast cancer treatment. Afterwards we go to Sports Authority to check out riding bikes. I've been wanting one for some time since I was trying to get back into the swing of things with excerising. So I was only going there just to price bikes yet the salesman was very helpful and when he showed me one bike from a company called Mongoose I was very impressed and it also helped that it was 50% off. So since I had the money I decided to splurge and give myself an early x-mas present.

AFter also getting my accessories we finally go up front to ring up my purchase fit it into my mom's towncar and away we go back home. My girlfriend, kamina wanted to go out. Orginally I was going to but as soon as I got home I just shut down.

November 10, 2005

When priorities take a shift

When priorities take a shift.

As you well know from this saga called MY LIFE, that one of my best friends is Danielle. She has been going thru a rough patch lately because one of her close friends was shot on Sunday. He is currently in the ICU, and this past Tuesday his heart stopped, yet the dr. was able to restart it. The dr. also stated that any brain activity if any is minimal. So, there is the issue now of “pulling the plug”. The reason I bring up the issue with Danielle is that she is the godmother of his child. He has no other family except an aunt. His aunt told Danielle that in his will that she is to have full custody of his baby girl.

November 9, 2005

A special day and long live EBAY

Do you know what today is? It's my god-baby's b-day. She is 1 years old!!!! Earlier this week I emailed my best friend to let her know that I would be sending something for Aislyn and to wish her a early b-day. Yet of course I couldn't pass the opportunity to call and leave a mini birthday song on their voicemail to her as well. Even though I don't get to see the whole family nearly as much as I would like to, I don't miss the fact that she is just growin up so fast. So I'm trying to think what to get her for her b-day. Clothes are always great, I sent her a Build-A-Bear doll in my last care package down to them in Florida. So if you have any good idea's please pass them on to a sista.

November 7, 2005

Diamonds are forever.....Bullshit I hate diamonds....unless they are purple;)

Well, today at work, the "spectacle" that I was waiting for is supposedly postponed until tomorrow. Will keep you updated with the details. Yet beyond this work was the same, but we were able to wear jeans. BECAUSE it was casual week. But did Jasmine read any of the big signs on the walls or even remember opening any of the emails sent to me about the occasion? NO. My dumbass comes in a nice skirt, nice top, and nice boots. Cursing my short-circuit brain for not remembering at least this event. Alas, I take off my boots and put my isotoner slippers and begin my work.

November 5, 2005

A pie in the a mystery guest at job #2

Well today, was our store meeting. AKA throw a pie in a manager's face for $120. If you need to refresh your memory you need to go to this post. Let me tell you I was tired but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING would make me miss this team meeting. Even if it was 7 IN THE DAMN MORNING!!! I get up about 6am and call Danielle to wake her up. I pick her up around 6:40am and we make our way to the job.

With me being a speed demon I make it to the job by 7:05am. Just in time to clock in and make it to the front of the group to hear them call the Appliance's team to the front so we may pie the Management person of our choice. Well since interesting things had been taken place for the past week, a certain management person M.IA. (Missing in Action). Needless to say since this person was no longer a part of the company so who we WANTED to pie in our original line up was shot to hell.

November 4, 2005

Music is such a beautiful art....

This evening I went to the West county Shopping Mall off of Manchester and Highway 270. Upon entering the mall thru the Lord and Taylor Store, I could here a faint melody that was beckoning me to the inner area of the mall. The music kept getting louder and stronger when I finally reached the main entrance of Lord and Taylor connecting to the rest of the mall, i saw this man sitting at a piano and his music just made my soul lift. Do you hear me? I love piano music especially since I used to play, it was infused with jazz as well. You could here the saxaphone just jammin along with the piano and let me tell you something. Even though I only stood around there at first for 5 min. As I was walking this huge mall I felt that I could still hear the music even from the opposite end!!


Last night I went to the opening night of Cheaters at the Fox Theater. Let me tell you something, it was the best play I've been to so far. I was so hyped and excited about it I went to work, but really didn't do any work. Only thing i did productive while I was at work was take off my glasses and put in my color contacts. lol Afterwards I went to the MAC counter at Famous Barr in Northwest Plaza, to get my face done. Well now that the holidays have kicked in, you have to pay $40 to get your face done, I was like HUH? But one of the girls was cool enough that she did my eyes for me and when I finally got home around 5pm I finished up the rest.

I had to get ready so to primp myself. I put my crazy curls up so they wouldn't get wet, took a nice bath, but made sure the water wasn't too hot. Don't want my curls to droop too soon. Then I pulled out my Romance Shower Gel and went to TOWN!!;) AFter I that I dried off and put on the matching lotion io the Shower gel, (now I just want to take this time to tell you that I have every piece in the Ralph Lauren Romance set and only use it for special occasions.) Then I followed the lotion withe Ralph Lauren Romance Tender Notes. The perfect fragrance since it's not too heavy as the orginal Romance.

Anyway I'm finally surrounded and scented in my fragrance. from neck down. I decided to go without stockings since the skirt I was wearing was long enough and plus I was wearing boots. So I first put on the boots, walked around in them for a while to get the feeling for them and then put the rest of my outfit on. After double checking in the mirror that everything was ok, I head out the door. We were all suppose to meet up to go get something to eat but seeing that everyone was running a bit late, I decided to get something to eat before hand.

Finally get to Danielle's house to meet up with everyone and we chillout for a while until we depart to go get Kamina. Who by the way Danielle and I went half on her ticket to treat her for her birthday. Since there were 7 of us going, we had to take 2 cars. I really wasn't trying to drive seeing that WHENEVER anything goes down, I"m 90% driving. So I just suck it up and we then continue on to the FOX and park. We get to the front gates and get out tickets from Danielle. Kamina and I go to the restroom while the other 4 people meet up with the rest of our party who was also going to the play with us.

After we find our seats, the show starts ON TIME!!!! Now I'm not one to crack jokes about black people being on time for stuff. Yet I won't lie I was quite surprised and pleased. That would mean that is the 2nd event this year that was African-american that I've been to, the first being Kai's cousin's wedding this past September. The opening music starts, the lights go off, and BAMB!! I hear the sweet music of Brian McKnight's voice throught the speaker system. I must say the man sounds AMAZING. Even if he did cheat and beat his wife and that's the reason she left his ass......but I digres. Back to the play, the cast for this was excellent. Everyone actor in it I recognized.

Anyway if you don't want to be spoiled about the play then DONT READ ON!!!
If you do want to be spoiled then just keep reading. lol

Anyway Brian is the lead character of this fictional drama. He's a player pure and simple and has a problem with commitments. His girlfriend, the main one has been with him thru thick and thin and on the side he has some CRAZY chick and i mean crazy like Fatal Attraction Glenn Close crazy. ya hear mean? Well he screws up things with his girl and then one of her old friends comes back into the picture. When I saw who this old friend was................I screamed my head off. Because the only other person I could think of who could take my mind off of Brian McKnight was THIS man. The man I'm talkin about is Michael Jai White. You know from SPAWN or better yet the brother from Trois 2, not the one the psychatrist was married to, but the one she was messing with on the side......YES THAT ONE!!! All i have to say is when his shirt came off on that stage........................DAMN IT. (just shaking my head).

Well anyway Im not going to give away the rest. If you want to know how it goes, u just have to see it for yourself. Of course by the end of the play. My feet were talking to me and I was ready to go home. So since the other driver was closer to home, everyone ELSE piled up in my car so I dropped Kamina back at her place and then the rest to Danielle's. I finally made it back home and unwound and relaxed. I spoke with Jonathan, a coworker who went with us to the play. He called to make sure I made it home okay, we talked about shoes lolol since we are both some shoe fanatics and then said our good-byes.

Overall the night was good, could have been better in some aspects but hey, u work with what u have right? anyway. It's morning now and I'm about to get ready for work. It's also PAYDAY so you know when a sister needs therapy she does what:?????????????? That's right she shops;) I holla. SMOOCHES

EXTRA TREAT: For those who would like to catch the play in their town go to this website to view the dates. hope you enjoy it as much as I did;)

And on a totally seperate note: I feel that when I go out, I want to look my top notch best. That means my outfit is FLAWLESS, do you hear me? Now being the B.I.T.C.H. (Beautiful Intelligent Together Classy Hershey) I am known to be at times such as these, I feel I need to take it upon myself to at least school women on one very important topic. Please my sistas and I'm not just talkin about black kinfolk, I'm talking about women OVERALL, you know what let me take it to another level, the HUMAN RACE as a whole. not and I am saying this only so you will not make the same mistake as this poor soul has......Your WHITE SHOES. Should be stored away in your closet, this is now November, you may get away with wearing an off-white color such as BISQUE or something to that effect. Do not be caught in a dark ass dress or pants for that matter and have on white shoes. Now for me personally I would take it as far as not wearing white period below the waste as far as pants and skirts, but hey that's just me.

So again I HOLLA take care and PEACE OUT!!!!!!!!!!

November 2, 2005

I got my wig done HEYYYYYYYY

Wassup my people. It's the lady aka chin checka coming back to you once again. I took off work today so I could go get my hair done. My co-worker aka one of my best-friend's, Danielle also came with me as well. We both got "pretty-fied" for the CHEATERS play tomorrow. We arrived at the hair salon, 11am. We didn't leave until 4:20pm. What can I say, we both have some serious hair on our heads.

Danielle was suppose to be at work 3:30pm, but boy she didn't get there until 5pm. So I hope she doesn't catch a case with management. Especially with how everything went down when Trina just left and called Danielle to let her know that she had somebody else watching the department. Kinda foul, but I would understand if she had a prior engagment but damn from my knowledge she didn't.

So needless to say Danielle was heated on the way to work and still when she finally arrived. She looked really pretty though. Her hair is the shit and she got her eyebrows done for the first time. After I dropped her off, i made the long trek home and now I'm watching this documentary on Cinemax called JUVIES. About young kids, juveniles who have been sentaced to prision with adult terms. Really something.

Also this evening I FINALLY was able to speak with Kaiysha, one of my other best friends who lives in Florida, whose child is my god-daugher. We had been missing each other's phone calls for the past 2 weeks. She was telling me about Book club and if I wanted to join. Knowing that i am a huge book nerd. I of course joined and can't wait to start reading.

So from the Midwest, City of the Lou, Missouri, residing in North County. I say peace out and I love Turkey Legs cooked in Red Wine sauce. Oh and check out my wig

Also a totally different note: Yesterday I had my nails done, eyebrows arched, and picked up my outfit from the cleaners. So you know I'm not playin around don't ya?

October 31, 2005

Domain name game

Well this past weekend I've been working at Best buy and guess what? Today I work it also tonight. So instead of enjoying Halloween. I will be at job #1 followed by #2. Only consolation I can think of is it will give me the rest of the week to relax and concentrate on geting ready for this play that i'm going to on Thursday. I have a hair appointment on Wednesday. Gonna go to the cleaners today and have my outfit pressed out and ready for the play. Suppose to have my nails done tomorrow. Will try to get my make-up done right before the play. So wish me luck.

Oh and by the way I registered a domain name ALL-THAT-JAZZ.US so all I need to do now is figure out what the hell I need to do. I own Adobe and Macromedia software so I guess I can try to take a class on it. As much of a nightmare it's probably gonna be. I've always wanted to develop my own website for a very long time just didn't know the way to go about doing it.

October 29, 2005

Man time goes by when have alotta shit to do

It's Saturday morning and I'm up and about. I have work at 12pm until 8 this evening. Another Saturday I don't have to close YEA!!! Well yesterday after I got off of work, I went to go pick up a co-worker, Danielle. So we could go to the Avenue and find her a top to go along her pants that she is wearing to a play at the Fox Theater called CHEATERS that we along with 4 other people are going to go see on Nov. 3. We were successful in finding a pretty coral long sleeve button up and she found some shoes as well.

October 26, 2005

What important day did I forget today?

Yea yea yea when I tell you, your answer will be one of the 2. Number 1, how could you forget and number 2 don't feel bad it's not YOUR day. Well now that I have your attention. I called my mom this afternoon while at job #1 and my mom in a sneaky way asked me what today is. I told her Wednesday. She asked me again I told her the 26th. She starts to sigh dramatically and says IT'S MY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY. I'm just on the phone like damn it....So needless to say I know what my mom wants M-O-N-E-Y and my dad as usual will just want socks or hankies or maybe both. Main thing I know I will need to get tonight will be a card. As soon as I hung up the phone with my mom I texted my dad on his blackberry to wish him a Happy Anniversary. I couldnt believe I let it slip my mind. I guess I must just so much on my mind. So now I'm at job number 2 shakin my ass to some Ciara music which is blastin thru out the whole store. The chick can't sing but she has some tight beats. Take care and god bless

October 25, 2005


I’ve GOT GAS!!!!!

Hey people guess what??? I’ve got gas and no not the kind people have and try to pass off as someone else’s in crowded elevators. I mean the type of gas that one buys for their car. You know the kind where the gas is just so damn hi now you actually have to figure into your budget how much of your check is for the GAS fund? Besides the BILLS, COLLEGE, and etc funds.….?

Well today my Supervisor came by with 2 $10 Gas Cards (that is $20) that I won because of a survey that I took a long time ago that I don’t even remember taking. So who am I to say no to free gas? I took them with a big smile on my face and signed my name on the dotted line to accept them.

So at least I have something to show for the day since I’m pulling a double-header today. Which means I work job #1 now and go to job #2 this evening. Oh and did I mention I get to do all over again tomorrow? Quick somebody shoot me I’m having TOO much fun.

October 24, 2005

Hello you Monday people

What's up people just wanted to give a quick shout out before I pack up and go home. Nothin much to tell about today. Just your regular monday morning-afternoon-evening. Time sure flies when u have fun, or so I've been told. Well my day has been slow as hell, so what does that tell ya? Have fun lookin at the clock;) Let me know when u start havin fun. I know I will when I clock out.

Note: I know some of you are just so ENVIOUS of my clock, and you are saying to yourself. Damn that chick has style, but how do I get my hands on one of those fabu clocks, well I'm not one to keep a good thing to myself;) So just go to the Title of this entry right above the pic and click to your heart's content. Smooches

October 23, 2005

These boots were made for walkin and that's just what they'll do, these boots were made for walkin and I'm gonna walk all over you........

It's Sunday evening, 5pm CST to be exact. lol I know you guys are wonderin what the hell is up with the CST in my posts, well just in case u didn't read my profile I am in the Midwest. Well anyway, I started my day by going to Crestwood Mall, about 30 min. drive to exchange my top and skirt. Don't worry they are still the same just in different sizes. Bigger top and a smaller bottom. The lady who helped me really was nice. So then i bummed about for a little bit more and then went to Marshalls in the area. Found these BAD ASS BOOTS that I'm going to wear instead of the shoes in the previous post. They were just too sexy to pass up so I put them layway so i'll get them out next week.

October 22, 2005


It's the evening, C.S.T. and I'm at gig number 2 just chillin out watchin people in my department just walk around aimlessly trying to figure out what the hell they want. I got paid from job numba 1 yesterday and it did put a smile on ya girl's face. Since I had worked so hard earlier this week I had to leave earlier on Friday so I wouldn't have overtime. So I cut out around 2:15pm and decided I needed to look for my outfit for the play that I'm going to along with some girlfriends and a guy friend of ours. It's called Cheaters showing at the Fox Theater with Brian McKnight. So went to a store and found an outfit and I must say I will be lookin good;) lol But I'm not one to toot my own horn, I'll let u do that for me.

October 20, 2005

Cubicle 101

What’s up people? It’s ya girl back again. Almost finished with my first day of work at my new desk. Made sure to get here by 7:15am so I would have a good parking space. I had to make sure I remembered the trek so I wouldn’t get lost;) After the first successful, I went back to my car and brought in my first box so I could unload and start getting things into place. Took about 40 minutes and only thing I still need to take care of is my voicemail and getting some replacement keys for my lockers. Also the bathrooms BRRRRGGGGHHH are cold as hell!!! I swear I need to put down at least 4 layers of those damn toilet seat covers just so I won't form assicles by the time I sit down... thought I was gonna have to take the seat back with me to my cubicle cuz I thought I froze there on site. lol

October 19, 2005

You may pass GO

It's 7pm C.S.T. and I'm at my 2nd job just blowin time. Well folks I've offically ended my first year and a day at my 1st job in my old building. All my crap is in my car until tomorrow morning. I am now at my new location which is a good walk......10-15 minutes away depending on the laziness factor. I said my good-byes to my coworkers still in the building and so around 3:30pm started to pack up my last box with the remaining items that I was still using to function for the day. I know I will have to get to work around 6:45am to 7am in hopes of finding a good parking spot. So cross your fingers for me and hope I remember to get up.;) The Cardinals play tonight and try to stay alive for the World Series. I am rooting for them and hope they send the Astros home by next game.

October 18, 2005

The Big Move

Hello to one and all. I’m at work right now just taking a mini-break (you know, the one’s not scheduled as official breaks, but as seen as the quick one between one of your scheduled and your lunch). Sometimes there are more than one of these.;)

Well anyway I started packing my stuff up yesterday into boxes so I wouldn’t have to rush at the last minute. Took me about 15 min. too get 2 boxes together and set them under my desk. Yet I still have a 3rd box to go that will fit all the stuff I’m still currently using until I permanently move over to the other building. Spirits are still the same with the group – dread. Yet I came in today at 7am to put my 2 boxes that were already packed into the trunk of my car.

October 17, 2005

A pie in the face goes a long way....

Well yesterday I had work. I opened which was a change of pace, and got my ass handed to me by crazy customers as usual. After my shift was over I waited for 2 coworkers and we went to the West County Mall to look for outfits for a play we will be attending on Nov. 3. I went to a store and found a nice outfit yet my friends were still on the hunt for one.

After our little outing, we went back up to our job for a special team meeting that started at 8pm. We get there by 7:30pm so we can chillout beforehand. By 8pm everyone is there and then we start, by 8:30pm we are in team breakouts, so we go to our mini meetings and talk about what is going to happen by Thanxgiving and Xmas time.

October 16, 2005

Kickin it with Mina for her B-day on the Weekend

Hope all of you have had a great weekend. This past Friday I kicked it with one of my best friends, Kamina, for a birthday. AFter I got my hair done with one of my other best friends, Danielle, who was suppose to also kick with me, she had to go home. So I rode solo to THE FORMULA aka ISIS off of Washington Street, ya know downtown. Parking was hell since it took me around 15 min. to finally find one. When I greet Kamina at the door we go inside and I meet some of her other friends who were also celebrating her b-day with her.

October 11, 2005

Out at the club last night and u wouldn't believe what happened

Goodmornin to all I hope you had a better night than I did. Met up with some of my friends and went to PLUSH for Monday Night Football. First let me rewind before that moment. I was at the mall getting some new jeans since my favorite ones were phucked up. I finally get home to take a shower and get dressed and was meeting one of my coworkers at the Amoco/McDonalds off of Florissant and Highway 70. I get there and put 10 dollas in my tank, I go INSIDE the place and paid DEBIT at the damn register. I meet my girl and we good, we go out to my one of my best friends apartment to meet up with her and roll out.

October 7, 2005

Musical chairs

Musical chairs

Payday is here from Job #1. My direct deposit went off without a hitch!!! So yes ya girl is paid and happy. Well somewhat happy. Found out I will be moving from my current building to ANOTHER one and have to be moved by October 19. Everyone else in my pod area is pretty pissed about it as well. One of my coworkers is on vacation so she’ll get the “good” news next Monday. I really like the building I’m in because of location, the restaurant, the GYM, and the working atmosphere. From what I hear, where we will be getting shipped off to, we will be cramped like sardines.

October 6, 2005

Creve Coeur Park Challenge

Yesterday I had an interesting challenge. Well mostly I challenged myself. I went to Creve Coeur Park which is about 5 minutes away from my job and I walked their exercise trail. Which happens to be 3.8 miles long…..Am I crazy yes….but it’s something that I wanted to do to help me get back into the shape that I want to be in. Mind you I also had on ankle and wrist weights. The trail was very beautiful, I like how it changed up being able to walk in wooded areas, but I’m not crazy I made sure I was around other people as I walked but during the end of my trek, it was getting pretty dark. Overall it took me about 2 and 1/2 hours to finish my walk.

I went back to my car and drank my Gatorade (Fruit Punch). I relaxed for a minute before heading home. As soon I arrived home I went upstairs and started the bathtub, put in some Bath oil, soaked for 30 minutes, with some music and finished off with a body scrub. I went to bed sleeping like a baby and woke up just a tad bit soar ;) Overall I think this is a new beginning to the old me physically.

October 4, 2005

Hair Products Used by AfricanAmericans possibly linked to Breast Cancer

Subject: Hair Products Used by African Americans possibly linked to Breast Cancer???

Even if you don't need this information pass it on. It might save someone’s life.

Lifestyles Report...Hair scare by Debbie Norrell

At least two months ago WPXI contacted me to do an interview about ingredients in hair care products used by African-Americans possibly leading to breast cancer. I was selected because I am a 15-year breast cancer survivor. I agreed to do the interview. However at the end of the taping I didn't know anything more about the study than before the cameras started rolling.

Recently WAMO news anchor and New Pittsburgh Courier freelance writer Allegra Battle did a story on this same subject and it was a feature on the May 9, 5 p.m. KDKA news. But at the end of these stories we still did not have a list of the products. Battle gave me the list that didn't make her feature during a recent visit I made to the WAMO
Studio’s promoting the Pittsburgh Race for the Cure. So many of my friends have seen the stories on television or read about this issue in the paper and they want to know which products to be concerned about.

However, I wanted to give you more so I went to the Internet and looked for articles from the Center for Environmental Oncology and found one titled: Why Healthy People Get Cancer: Center Examines Environmental Suspects (update spring 2005). The article stated, one of immediate
research priorities of the new center is the puzzling phenomenon of breast cancer in African-Americans under the age of 40, who have nearly twice as much breast cancer as do white women.

The Center will work with Silent Spring Institute, a Massachusetts based cancer institute, to identify suspect contaminants and ingredients in hair care products and other personal products regularly used by African-American young women and their mothers. More recently, attention has turned to estrogenic compounds in hair care products used by Black women as a possible explanation for higher cancer rates in this population. I've started to carry copies of the list in my purse but we're going to share it with you right here. The list simply says: The following is a list of products that have previously been found to contain hormones:

Placenta Shampoo

Queen Helene Placenta cream hair conditioner Placenta Revitalizing

Shampoo Perm Repair with placenta Proline Perm Repair with placenta

Hormone hair food Jajoba oil Triple action super grow Supreme Vita-Gro

Luster's Sur Glo Hormone B & B Super Gro Lekair Natural Super Glo

Lekair Hormone hair treatment with Vitamin E Isoplus

Hormone hair treatment with Quinine Fermodyl with Placenta hair conditioner Supreme

Vita-Gro with allantoin and estrogen plus TEA-COCO Hask Placenta Hair conditioner Nu Skin body smoother and Nu Skin Enhancer.

The majority of these products contain placental extract, placenta, hormones or estrogen. As early as 1983 Dr. Devra Davis (epidemiologist and director of the Center for Environmental oncology, part of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute) and co-researcher Leon Bradlow advanced the theory that xenoestrogens, synthetic estrogen
imitators, were a possible cause of breast cancer. Davis also says,"most cases of breast cancer are not born, but made and the more hormones a woman is exposed to in her lifetime, the greater her risk of breast cancer."

We need to be more cautious of the products that we use on our hair and our bodies and demand that more information about our health is shared.

Ladies and gentlemen beware.

October 3, 2005

Hey there

Hello to all, and I hope the day finds you well. I called off work because of a headache and when I finally do go out today I see that one of my tires are flat. YEA!!!! So I took the car to my regular place and had my tire fixed. Yesterday I had a date with a friend I've known for a while. We went to the movies out at Jamestown Mall and saw something about a sunking treasure and these four people are trying to find it. I'll post the name when I remember it. Any way we had a good time just talking and joking I enjoyed myself. Now the day before THAT, that would be Saturday. I had to go to one of my best friend's house to dry my clothes since our dryer is on the outs at my house. So the repair was scheduled for today, that is MONDAY. So I'm not even sure if it's fixed. YEA!! So now u know about my crazy weekend, I hope yours was just as pleasant.

October 1, 2005

Winning the Grudge Match
By Marjorie Rosen

Give Up Old Grudges

Several years ago, I was thrilled to be asked to co-write a book with a prominent architect -- a woman whose work I greatly admired and who, at the time, I considered a friend. Putting aside other projects to meet the ridiculously tight deadline, I spent the summer glued to my computer and phone, interviewing, researching and writing. I was thrilled to learn that, with minor changes, everyone loved the manuscript.

September 28, 2005

Were in the MONEY And some other thangs

We’re in the MONEY!!!! And some other thangs

Just wanted to give an update, I did receive my check around 1:45pm CST and I am very happy. The mistake that was caused has been fixed so I will be enjoying Direct Deposit in the future. On another note I am going to Dave and Buster this evening to celebrate a friend/coworker birthday this evening. A friend of mine from Virginia called me last night but was unfortunately not able to return the phone call immediately so I will rectify that problem hopefully today.  I watched the movie WATERBOY with Adam Sandler yesterday and I now I remember why I love that movie so much;) I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday aka MID WEEK DAY.

On a separate note, I did email my ex-boyfriend who had apologized to me a couple of days ago, and told him that I appreciated his apology and I know that in time I will be able to forgive but I know that in my heart I won’t ever forget.

September 27, 2005

Been crazy this week

Been crazy this weekend……..

Well besides not having my money this past weekend, on Sunday I had to work 10am to 9pm. NOT FUN!!!!! We also closed the store at 7pm because we had our INVENTORY day scheduled from 7pm to 4am. Needless to say I was tired and cranky by that time because I was meeting my family up at Harrah’s Casino at 9pm to celebrate my sister’s belated birthday. We went to the new Seafood Restaurant there called Moby Dick. I had King Crab Legs which were pretty tasty. Afterwards I went home and crashed. It was an exhausting day and I needed to reenergize. Oh and by the way, today is TUESDAY and I still don’t’ have my damn money now aint that bout a bitch?

September 23, 2005

Payday is a bitch

Payday is a bitch

Why am I here at work with no check? I mean whoever set up my direct deposit for my main job phucked it up. I was looking forward to this check because it has hella overtime on it and I was going to treat myself for a change. Something told me it was going to act funny but I didn’t think to act on it. Now that I look at the copy of my paycheck stub, who entered in my info, their dumbass put in SAVINGS account for type instead of CHECKING. I’m not sure how they could POSSIBLY PHUCK it up but, alas I am here on a Friday without my money. I’m not getting that much work done because I’m just so damn steamed and pissed. I’ve been calling my Human Resource department and calling my bank and I’m like what the Phuck? Shit like this makes me remember why I hate direct deposit and why technology is nearly not as perfect as people make it out to be. There is always going to be errors especially done by the operator aka a human.

September 22, 2005

Time for healing?

Hello there and hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Yesterday I was at work at my cpu and I was getting ready to leave for the day, when something told me to check an old website of mine that I use to frequent alot back in the day. Some of you might know it, BLACKPLANET. I logged on and saw that I had new notes. Knowing I hadn't been on here in at least 2 to 3 years I decided it probably wasn't anything except just some silly ol advertisements. Yet I received a quite a shock to my system when I recognized a note from someone I hadn't spoken to in years. I just sat there and blinked my eyes for a couple of seconds thinking my eyes were playing tricks on me. The first thing I noticed was the date, it had been written late August and what shocked me was that if I had waited another week to check my notes, it would have been automatically deleted since notes only stay on the system for 30 days.

My head and palms immediately became sweaty because I couldn't figure out why this person was contacting me after all this time and the subject line of his note only said HEY. I clicked on it and just sat back as I read his brief paragraph to me. It was an apology for what happened in the past between us and how he treated me. He wasnt asking for anything but hoping i would forgive him. I broke down in tears and just held myself....shaking. In a way I felt a cloud lift off of my head that I had been trying to shake for the past 4 years.

All kind of things just started to run thru my head. My feelings for him, love and hate. Our past, and the heaven and hell it caused. I wonder deep down and inside could I ever forgive him? So I did what any person would do, I called one of my closest best friends and told her how I felt. There was so much I wanted to do with him and I felt that I had wasted so much time and things that I wanted with him I never would have the chance to do or have. He will always be my first love of that I will have no doubt but damn why is it so hard for me to find out whom will be my next if not the last? I was on my porch last night just crying and listening to her wisdom. She understood knowing the both of us and she told me that for me to move on I needed to heal and forgive him. Yet it is easier said than done.

This was the person I loved more than myself and maybe that was my mistake. I put him before me. Throughout the years he's haunted my thoughts and my dreams. I still wondered how he was doing and if he was okay. Even after all the bullshit he put me through I still cared about him and loved him. Yet I know things could never go back to the way they were. Everything had gone too far south with us to ever make it the way it was. I have changed into a different person, as well as he has. Honestly I don't know how I would act if I saw him. Would I even acknowledge him or just pass him up as though he were a figment of my imagination? Maybe I would want to give him a hug because I loved the way he held me, but at the same time I wouldn't want him to touch me because of the way he would shun me. I wouldn't even know how to start a conversation with him, I would just probaby look at him and my mouth would just stay rigid or maybe it might go slack. If I did start a convo with him I guess the most important thing I would bring up would just be................why?

What do I miss about him? His smile(beautiful lips), his eyes (drowning in chocolate and eyebrows to match), his nose (perfect angle), his laugh (sexy baritone boom of a voice), his voice (the way he would whisper in my ear), his physical presence (I felt safe), the mole on his chin (the way i would blink my eyelashes and tickle him), the way we would hold each other, the way he would kiss me (either passionate and fast or slow and lazy), his body (the man was built perfect, I won't lie, he had a beautiful backside, a perfect model for a sculpting class),the way we were intimate (physically and mentally), but most importantly the way he used to be one of my best friends (talking either on the phone or face to face for hours). I have to acknowlege the past to go thru the present and be ready for my future. I just wonder will my future be ready for me or vice versa?

Forewarning to the next man I give my heart to:

Treat me with the respect I deserve, not what you deem is sufficent. Treat me as a treasure for I am no man's hand me down. Know that you have a WOMAN (not a chicken head, a gold digga or some dumb ass heffa) who will have your back, but don't EVER take me for granted for when that time has come, I will be there no more. If you do not want my heart anymore, PLEASE give it back to me the way you found it, without any bruises or bumps, I didn't ask for them. I will have more respect for you letting me know FIRST how you feel rather than thru the grapvine. I don't ask for material things for someone to show there love for me. Just love me for who I am and you will recieve back 100 hundred fold.

September 20, 2005

please beware - scan artist on yahoo 360 - goes by salimar r

please beware - scam artist on yahoo 360 - goes by salimar r
There is a person on here with the username, salami r, beware this person is sending out an message that i am showing a copy of below: note I have told Yahoo about this at least twice and still they have yet to act on this as well as some other issues.

Dear Friend, Greetings in the name of the Lord,As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me,because, I know everyone will die someday.My name is Mr. Salami Rabiu a merchant in Dubai, in the U.A.E.I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer. It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts. I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone (not even myself) but my business.Though I am very rich, I was never Generous, I was always hostile to people and only focused on my business as that was the only thing I cared for.But now I regret all this, as I now know that there is more to life than just wanting to have or make all the money in the world. I have decided to give alms to charity organizations,as I want this one of the last good deeds I do on earth. So far, I have distributed money to some charity organizations in the U.A.E, Algeria and Malaysia. Now that my health has deteriorated so badly, I cannot do this myself anymore. I once asked members of my family to close all my accounts and sell off all my properties and distribute the money to charity organizations and keep only a certain % to themselves but they refused and with aid of my lawyer they kept the money to themselves. Hence, I do not trust them anymore, as they seem not to be contended with what I have left for them. The last of my money which no one knows of is the huge cash deposit of eighteen million dollars $18,000,000,00 that I have with a finance/Security Company abroad. I will want you to help me collect this deposit and dispatch it to charity organizations.I have set aside 10% for your time. God be with you. Salami Rabiu. you can forward your response to for my own convenience p.s,i will like part to go for the huricane victims

So please past the word around to your other fellow bloggers. If Yahoo isn't going to protect us we are just going to have to do it ourselves. Again this is a scam artist. I put him on my IGNORE list so I hopefully won't be getting anymore emailing listings. not to mention this is really so obviously a scam letter I found it quite pathetic and had a good laugh on it after the first read. Take care everybody and be alert.

September 18, 2005

Entry for September 18, 2005

Hello people;) Hope all is well, just chillin at gig number 2 can't wait to get off of work. Going to go see a movie with one of my coworkers who happens to be one of my best friends and get something to eat afterwards. Take care and for those waiting on chapter 20, I'm almost done and it should be up within the next couple of days. Been writing here at work. lol so at least Im getting some work done;) Overall hope you have enjoyed your weekend and enjoy what you have left. take care

September 17, 2005

Eye Of The Storm

Eye Of The Storm


asjal's photo

Beautiful photos, Peaceful, sensual, and tasteful;) check them out.

September 16, 2005

Why my black people WHY????????

It's bad enough the media has potrayed black people as just some damn thieves. Yet I know somethings were done for survival. But DAMN since when did having 10+ pairs of nike airs and 20+ bottles of heiken become a survival factor? PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOMETHIN!!!!!

September 14, 2005

My world my world talking about my world

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My world, my world, talking bout my world…………………MY WORLD

I wish I could visit different parts of the world……scratch that I wish I had MONEY to visit different parts of the world.

Tom Joyner - Consider and think on NUD

Tom Joyner - Consider and think on these things.Tom Joyner wants this information to reach his listeners.. You have probably heard of "NUD" as a result of the Tom Joyner morning show related to CompUSA. NUD is the acronym for a very subtle and little-known marketing term specifically directed toward people of color.NUD stands for Non Urban Dictate. These three words essentially mean that a company is not interested in the Black consumer. A NUD label means that a company does not want their marketing and advertising materials placed in media that claim an urban audience (black folks) as their main target.There are legitimate reasons for companies not using urban radio. It may be that Blacks don't index high in certain categories or that a company's strategy is to market to the Black consumer down the road after they have established a strong position in their primary target.But NUD usually means that a company is not interested in the Black consumer. Companies evade discrimination liability by embracing it as theory rather than policy. As a service to Black consumers, the Urban Institute will list all companies that have a NUD policy. Armed with this information, we feel that Black consumers will be able to make informed buying decisions. 

Companies with NUD policies:
a. Starbucks                            b. Jos. A Bank                        c. CompUSA
d. Weight Watchers                e. Keebler                               f. Life Saversg. Continental Airlines      
h. Northwest Airlines   
i. America West Airlines         j. HBO - Apollo Series  
k. Paternal Importers               l. Calico Cornersm. OMScott                             n. Pepperidge Farms            o. Ethan Allen
p. Busy Body Fitness               q. Mondavi Wines               r. Builders Squares Don Pablo                              t. Lexus                               u. ArubaTourism        
v. Ciba Vision                          w. Kindercare                         
x. Grady Restaurant                 y. Eddie Bauer

Please forward this information on to any other consumer that you consider a friend and advise them to do likewise. Remember, you can't act wisely unless you are informed wisely.The Urban Institute2100 M Street, NW.Washington, DC20037(202) 833-7200"The ruin of a nation begins in the homes of its people" --African Proverb.

September 13, 2005

Under Surveillance - HATERS

Under Surveillance

Sorry I haven’t written in a while. Just been so busy and haven’t been able to catch up with myself. At my main job right now and on my cpu. Was trying to get to my Yahoo 360 blog page and what do you know? My access was blocked. I was able to get on there yesterday but I guess today they decided to put a lockdown on it. Kind of pissed off, but don’t care, that’s why I have 2 other blogs. So today my topic is about computer networking and surveillance; what are the pros and cons.

Pros of course you can tell what people are doing.
Cons of course you can tell what people are doing.

That’s all I have to say about that……for now.

“He who getteth in the wayeth of my progress, shall parish underneath the sword of my words.”

September 6, 2005

Friends make the world go round

Good morning;) yesterday was Labor Day, and even though I was off from one job, I still had to go into the OTHER one and work a 6 hour shift. I didn't like it but hey, it's a check. Afterwards I went to say bye to my best friend from out of town, and we ended up talking for a couple of hours. About relationships, friendships, and other things. We were also reminiscing about how we met and how much we value our friendship.

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