December 1, 2005

This ray of hope

Well today was fuzzy slipper day at work and i wore my Cookie Monster Slippers. But I didn't win the contest. That honor went to a good friend and Co-Worker of mine, Aubrey. She had on some fuzzy tennis shoes. Pretty cool huh? Well i had a boring time today at work. Had to do some conversions which took me forever because I kept screwing up the process. Oh well, after that went home and went into a deep coma, and just came out of it an hour ago. Watched Oprah on the David Letterman show which apparently was a big deal since she hadn't been on the show in 16 years.

Well tonight while I was on my laptop, I decided to check my mail and received an email from one of my longtime best friend since kindergarten, Amy. She emailed me since we've been having so much trouble contacting each other via telephone. She has announced that she is getting married next August. Of course I couldn't be anything but ESTATIC for her. I'm just waiting to meet the groom. lol

hearing about amy's engagement definitely put a smile on my face. I do believe that there is a STRONG CHANCE that there is someone special for everyone. I just have my doubts that there is someone for me......
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