November 29, 2007

You'll never guess who I met at UMSL.........

Ok folks for those who are familiar with the porn industry the man above probably needs no introduction. For those of you that are not........(cough cough) the man above is none other than Ron Jeremy, the Legendary Porn Star.

Ok now at this time you are probably wondering how did I take this picture and still be able to keep my clothes on? Well mind you we were in a public setting at the University of Missouri Saint Louis Campus where a special porn debate was being held between Ron (for porn) and another person, forgot his name (against porn). The debate started at 7pm in the Millennium Center on the third floor, and I was able to get there by 7:30pm. It was pretty much a packed house, at least 300 people from what I could tell. So I took up some space on the back wall and listened to the debate. People were allowed to ask questions, some actually interesting and others wouldn't shut up and get off their soapbox's.

I must say Ron Jeremy definitely won the debate hands down. His intellect and humorous ways as well as the way he could spew off facts about the industry were equally impressive. Around 9:15pm the debate was over but we were allowed to do a meet and greet with him and I knew this was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up.

For me this wasn't just about meeting someone from the "Forbidden Industry", it was more about meeting the VERY first person I ever saw over 15 years ago on a Porno Tape, it pretty much introduced or inducted if you will, into an ALTERNATIVE way that people enjoyed having sex. With my Catholic education upbringing it was abstinence all the way and when you did do the deed it was in the missionary position and that was it.

I remember that fateful day........because I stole the vhs tape;) It was either Thanxgiving or Christmas back in the 90's, one of those holidays when my family went out of town to go to Chicago to visit some of mom's relatives. At that time my mom's three brothers lived in an apartment complex that had 3 floors. Each brother had a floor and two of them were married with families but my Uncle Miller was a bachelor who lived on the lowest level.

Well some of my cousins decide to just have fun and go through each floor level to see what mischief we can get into. Well there was food on the first and second levels, but on Uncle Miller's level there was an 8 track system (yes I said 8 track) and we were just fascinated by these big ass cartridges and how they could play music. Well as my male cousins were checking out that equipment I decided to go into my Uncle Miller's room and check things out.

In front of his bed is a stand with his tv and vcr. Below the stand is a box with vhs tapes that say on the outside box covers HOME VIDEO'S. So being a teenage girl I'm thinking "WOW he has some home made movies COOL" So I slip a tape in and turn on the T.V. and press play on the VHS. The white scrambled screen comes on and this WEIRD title comes on the screen. Then what do you know? I see none other than Ron Jeremy come on the screen NAKED trying to make out with a manaquin.

So you know when you get that famous blank look on your face and your head tilts to the side and you are like, "WTF" yea I had that look. So needless to say my cousins start to come in the room because apparently they were calling my name and i wasn't responding. Gee I wonder why......... They stop in their tracks and watch the screen as the manaquin comes alive. Next thing you know Ron is giving it hard and crazy to this chick on a bed, and then all of a sudden they start to do a "69", doggystyle, they give each other blowjobs, and all kind of other stuff. It was a pretty long scene and after that it went into another little "skit", so we decided to eject that tape, try out some other HOME VIDEO'S that were in the stash.

By this time my glasses had fogged up and I didn't realize why until years later that it meant that i was "excited". lolol Yet at the time his basement was cold I though it was just the cold air foggin up my glasses. Who knew...... Well after a few hours some of the adults were trying to find us so we had to clean up quickly and I decided along with my cousins that we wanted a bit of a keep sake from our memoriable experience. So his stash became about 5 tapes "lighter".

Oh did I mention I still have that tape to this day?? God bless that man.

November 28, 2007

Turkey's done for, forget the Eggnog, just give me Xmas Break;)

Hey people. Right now I'm at UMSL but I'm here not doing school homework (if you can believe it). I'm here because at job #1 guess whose network decide to take a bit of a nap? So I'm not having a good day already and have to top it off with that problem. Well I get fed up with the place and inform my Principal that I'm leaving to go to UMSL to get work done from the job so I don't waste anymore time than I already have.

I leave about 10am and don't get a parking spot till 10:25. I kinda of forgot that the campus would be a tad bit more crowded in the morning than in the evening. So I finally get to the library which is where I am now and I'm finally trying to find a cpu. I get on one and get to work. Just got done with the major stuff for today. That I am happy about, but then I realize I have to go BACK to work......NOT COOL.

So besides that I didn't go to work on Monday, because I damn near had a meltdown with the damn Black Friday shit at job #2. Put in over 30+ hours from Friday to Sunday, that's 3 damn DAY's oh and not to mention did I mention the regular hours I put in at job #1? I swear even having Thanxgiving day off I felt I was still working because I had to deal with cooking the food on that day, not to mention prepping some of the food a couple of days before. Last week was just a nightmare.

So I called my boss Monday morning and told him I needed the day off so I could recoup and catch up with school homework. So I go to UMSL campus and get some work done in my English class. Which by the way I feel absolutely wonderful about. Yet as I'm leaving the SSB computer lab on campus I start crying because I'm failing my Economics class. I hate the subject yet I passed Macro but for some reason I cannot pass Micro and I've taken the class more than once, at least 3 times.

I decide to see a counselor while I'm on campus. I go to the Millenium Center and sign-in to speak with a counselor. Not shortly after meeting the woman I break down and tears and I let her know my dilema and I ask her do I have to pass Micro to still stick with a Business degree and she told me unfortunately yes. I just shook my head because I'm at the point I don't nor will I take the class again. So if I have to change my major than so be it.

She asks me questions in regards to what I like to do and I informed that I have many interests but I enjoy technology mainly with computers. I told her how originally I wanted to be an MIS major but after taking some of the courses and failing I realized I was not smart enough to go that route. Which is just another disappointment of many. I don't like math, actually I HATE math, unless it's simply arimathtic, I avoid it like the plague. Yet she informed me that I had to also have calculus. By this time I couldn't see anything pass my pair of glass because of my tears. I just kept shaking my head and thinking I can not keep doing this.

I asked her what were my alternatives if I didn't go the business route anymore and she drops a bombshell on me that I would have to take some foreign language classes. Do you know how long it's been since I have had a spanish class? 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! So here are my fucked up options, don't do Business take foriegn language classes or do Business and take Micro all the fuck over again and still take a damn Calculus class.

She suggested I take some test on campus that will help me figure out what I'm good and and possible career paths. I just nodded my head and took the information. I asked her if there were any classes I still needed to take in regards to what I call the "bullshit" courses and she stated that I had some I still needed to take so I signed up for one course for the next semester. I thanked her for her help but I still felt horrible when i left. I didn't even bother going to my Economics class that evening, I went home and just cried my eyes out.

Then I thought things couldn't get any worse until yesterday. I had my favorite class that day, business writing so after class, I needed to take out some money and I remember there was an ATM on campus. I go to withdraw some money and as I'm waiting for it to dispense, the machine is malfunctioning and it states that it couldn't dispense the funds. So immediately I get to a cpu on campus and I check my account. The money was shown as being withdrawn. IMMEDIATELY I call my debit card company and explain to them the problem. They said the problem should reverse itself within 48 hours. I was so pissed off about he situation I stated and if that doesn't happen then what? She states it could take up to 90 days to rectify.

I told her I would be waiting on Thursday and if I didn't have my money by then, they would get another call from me. So I was just superpissed with that shit last night and decided to go to Hooters to calm down. I watched some basketball games and decided to call it a night. I am just having the worst week. I can't wait for xmas break.

November 21, 2007

Almost a Day of Thanx

Hey yall sorry it's been a minute since my last post. Been busy with work and school. Last night I was helping my mom prepare Thanxgiving food for the house. Granted she and my father are going out of town today to Kentucky to visit two of her sisters.

So for our house we prepared the Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, ham, corn and I think some other items. We didn't get done with that till 11PM. She stayed up later to work on some sweets she was carrying with her out of town and she didn't get to bed till 4AM. So for thanxgiving over my Aunt Charolote's house, I'm bringing green beens.

I originally wasn't concerned about food for the house or quite honestly going over anyone else's. I was just going chill at home and play my xbox game: Grand theft auto san andreas. I've really gotten addicted to that over the past week.

I'm at job #1 right now, just got off the phone with Domino's and ordered some pizzas for some of the students who were rewarded with perfect attendance. I can't wait to get out. The weather seems great to me. It's a bit cold mixed in with some rain. I could just sit on the steps outside for hours.

Well I hope you enjoy your thanxgiving. Give thanx for your friends, family, your well-being and anything else you want. I'm giving thanx for all those plus a lil bit extra. Everyone always gives thanx for what they have but for me it's that as well what I don't have or want anymore. So this thanxgiving is very special for me. Happy Thanxgiving to all;)

November 9, 2007

you ever feel like you are forgetting.........(what were we talking about?)

Yesterday I can officially put on the list as damn where did my mind go day. Yesterday as I was on my way to work, I put the burglar alarm on to the house and made it to my car. I realized that I forgot something and in my normal Jasmine mode, kicked the car, said a curse word and then turned back to the house to retrieve the forgotten item.

I open the door and of course the alarm I had just set, start to beep in warning that I need to put in the house code to deactivate the system. Well this is the part that gets pretty sad. You see right there in that moment of time, my mind decides to play a game of SCRABBLE and I just blank out right in front of the keypad.

I'm trying all different types of codes in my head and of course by this time it was too late and the main security system goes into effect. I try to use the house phone but it wouldn't work. The house horn is blaring and I run to my car, or maybe it was more of a gallop, I couldn't really tell ya. I get my cell phone and call my mom and ask her for the code.

I run back to the house and deactivate the system. So I'm expecting the cops to come any minute now because well, it's a house security system. So I'm waiting 5 min.....10 min.....15 min... NO COPS. SO I get in my car and as I'm on the way out of the neighborhood my dad gives me a call and I let him know everything is okay.

I just couldn't believe the cops hadn't showed up yet. Kind of ticked me off they didn't show up but at the same time I'm glad they didn't because it was just embarrassing just to have to give that explanation.

Then I get to work, job #1 and it was Parent/Teacher Conference and it was somewhat smooth sailing for the rest of the day. That was until I had my evening school class and was on UMSL campus till 12:30A.M with a fellow group member trying to put some final touches on a proposal that we had written with 2 other people for our Business Writing Class.

So I'm at work TODAY and it's Teahcer Development Day, which means again another day without the students and I get to chill for a lil while in my office without any interuptions. Oh and I have a hair appointment and got paid at both jobs today.

November 6, 2007

hey yall

What it do? Hope you are doing okay. I'm cool. School Since the last time we've talked I upgraded my phone to a Sidekick LX. It's alright but I do have a few gripes and complaints. Holiday season is upon us already and at job #2 unfortunately that means our holiday hours are also in effect as well.

Parents will be out of town twice this month. So I'm wondering what to do about Thanxgiving. I know I can always go over my Aunt's house but with Black Friday the next day at job # 2, I know I will be putting in some serious time and I just might chill at home and relax.

Now some of you might be wondering what in the hell is Black Friday. This is the day AFTER Thanxgiving when all hell breaks loose at the retail stores and possibly even the websites. This is the day you will see people camping out 2 days before possibly just to see if they can get their hands on coupons that will be in limited quantities on certain items which can be laptops, desktops, plasma tv's, surround sound systems, just all TYPES of stuff.

for those wanting to check it on their mobile phones, assuming you have some type of internet on your phones, check it out at Ok well enough with the plugging;)

Well as far as the rest of my life goes, I went over my sis's apartment and met her dog Cassie for the first time, he is a Puggle. Which is part Pug and Buggle. He is very cute but unfortunately very hyper. He definitely needs to be put in training. Yet overall he is such a cutie.

I hope you all are well and are enjoying yourselves and this cold ass weather. Ta-Ta
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