January 30, 2012

Coffee, Curls, & Cupcakes, oh but don't forget the Confidence (Healthy Hair)

Good evening to all, I hope so far your January for the new year has been enlightening, refreshing, and all around just better than the January you had in 2011. Yesterday I went to an event called Coffee, Curls, and Cupcake. It was an event held at the Matthew Dickey's Boys and Girls Club. The event is centered around Healthy Hair Care. I remember hearing about the event from two sources. A wonderful makeup artist by the name of Alexandra Butler (also went to elementary school with her) and my (play) brother came over the house and gave me a flyer about the event, after reading it that evening I went online and purchased my ticket.

The event was from 2pm to 6pm. So I made sure to get there at least 30 minutes before then. Big mistake. I should have gotten there MAYBE 1 hour or 2 beforehand. This event was sold out! I couldn't believe how many women were there! I would say AT LEAST 700 to 1000 people. I had to park about 2 blocks away then WALK back to the building and wait in line to get in. I must say what I saw as I walking to get in the line, while waiting in line and when I finally got in the building were so many beautiful women color. So many women there had there hair out and proud in its natural state. Other women looked just as gorgeous with their relaxed styles and  weaves in place. There wasn't any finger pointing which I definitely liked, yet I will say I kept my hat on the whole time;)

There were about 8 people on the panel (if I recall) with the main attraction being the co-founders (two African-Asian american sisters) of a hair line called Ms. Jessie's. They were very knowledgeable about hair especially since they are stylists who own their own salon and shop in New York. Yet I will say the person that really held my attention was Dr. Nina Ellise-Hervy better know as BeautifulBrwnBabyDol on the internet. She is also from Saint Louis, MO but currently resides in Texas in a city (Nacogdoches) I still after 5 tries,  am not sure if I am saying it correctly. She talked about her life and her struggles. With school (obtained her Ph.D), her weight (lost 100 pounds) and her hair. She said something to me that really got to me. She said there are people in your life that are gonna have issues with you, especially when you change your appearance. I'm not gonna be naive and think there won't be people out there who will have doubts and think I have lost my mind if I do decide to go through with this. Yet she says you have to deal with them just the way you dealt with your hair. Unhealthy ends and cut em off. 

I must say what I learned about hair especially my own hair was really an eye opener. I had been thinking for a while ever since some time last year about just saying "phuck it" and take it off. Yet I wasn't sure, hell I'm still nervous just thinking about. About a month ago my beautician had taken about 4 inches off, so I currently am sporting a bob because of hair damage. Yet this week I have a hair appointment which is "scheduled" for a relaxer.

I started thinking why did I want to cut my hair. I've always liked my hair long especially being able to put up or down in different styles. Yet deep down I've always known I used my hair as a curtain in a way to hide my face. I've never really been comfortable about how I looked. I remember asking someone what they they thought if I cut my hair off and they looked at me crazy. They said why would you do that? Your hair is beautiful and anyway your head is too big for that. I just looked away and 

Last  year I went without a relaxer for about 3 months. I paid for it to when I did eventually go see my beautician with all the crazy combing I endured but I must say what I saw at the roots of my hair during those 3 months fascinated me. There were times I was standing in front of my mirror playing with my kinks (aka curls) and was amazed at how springy they were! I was like wow, this is really interesting.

I know it will be a big step if I decide to go through it. Yet regardless of what I decide to do I know the main thing is WHATEVER I decide to do will be my decision, not anyone else's.   It's funny as I wrap up this post two songs came to me from India Arie. I realized I am not my hair. It's just apart of me. I am so much more than that. Strength, Courage, & Wisdom.

January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

I hope everyone enjoyed their new year celebrations last night. I unfortunately wasn't able to go out because of a severe cramp in my neck that I'm still dealing with. I went to bed early last night and just wanted to wake up with the pain gone, alas that has yet to be the case. So I'm slowly just turning my neck left and right, up and down, just to see where I am right now.

Well we have another year down, and another in front of us. I'm pretty sure people made resolutions for the new year. I've made a few myself. On the top of that list is getting back into my exercise regimen. I've neglected it for one reason or another. My education, I'm enrolled in a course for this semester. I've been dodging going back for the longest time, yet the last few months I've been thinking about school a lot. It's time for me to finish and prove to myself that I can do it. I've let past demons get the best of me for too long.

I also would like to "explore" Saint Louis more, in the sense of finding hidden treasures such as a few new jazz spots, restaurants that I might not have considered in the past, & new boutiques to shop. Yet I still want to enjoy my old habits, going to Forest Park to enjoy the Zoo, the Art Museum, or even relaxing with a blanket and book under an old tree, while the ducks are playing in a nearby pond. I can never pass up going to the Delmar Loop or Central West End. Those places are like therapy on a trying day. many of us have them? I have plenty and am thankful, yet I won't lie and say I haven't been tested by them this past year in one way or another. Lord only knows how my patience was pushed to the max. Yet as there have been challenges there have been rewards. I can only wait and see what is in store for us.

Family....I am happy to belong to a wonderful family (immediate and extended). No family is perfect and there are trying times even in mine. Yet you can only hope with the new year that it brings you more good times and memories, than anything else.

As I'm writing this post I'm listening to some soothing jazz music thinking about me going back to work on January 3rd and seeing my coworkers. My students will not be back until January 5th. My mom's birthday is on the 20th, my friend Cassandra's is the 29th. It seems as though as soon as the winter break is over with, I have to jump start and get back into the swing of things. Yet isn't that what starting a new year is about? Recharging and Restarting. Yet just make sure if you are Repeating any old habits that they are serving a positive purpose for the new year.

Take care and god bless. Welcome 2012, took you long enough to get here;)
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