February 26, 2008

What a wonderful weekend

Well this past weekend I had work at job #2. Seeing my co-workers is always a treat. Yet this past weekend was not without it's issues. For starters my damn car door on the driver's side broke....on the inside of the car. So I can get in my car from outside but I can't get OUT. So I have to go through the passengers door to get out of my car. It ain't that serious and it's too damn cold right now to go without a car. So right now I'm just dealin with the inconvienance. After getting off of work on Saturday I went home and stayed there for some time before leaving and just chilling out.

On Sunday I put in an 8-hour shift, and some of my friends were reminding me that we had a demolition ball party that night around 8pm. So I wasn't sure at the time if I was still going to go, so I went home and took a nap and around 7:15pm I woke up and got dressed. I then picked up Danielle and we proceeded to make our way out to St. Charles where the place was located.

Demolition Ball

1875 Old Highway 94 South
St Charles, MO 63303
(636) 940-7700
Get directions

The place was great!!!! We arrived there around 8:20pm and there were different games that you could play inside this building. We played the Demolition Ball which consists of 12 electric driven carts and you play 2 teams of 6 against each other. Think playing basketball with 6 players to a team, as well as lacrosse because of the scoopers you have to use and the waffle ball, and in go-carts that can go about at least 10 mph, and you can pound into your competition. The object of the game is quite simply to get the most points from your scoring area. You have a backboard with a net in the middle. You can either get a point from hitting the backboard or you can get 2 points by making the ball hit the net in the middle. I had so much fun I played the first 3 games and had to give myself a rest because I hit head on with someone else and the joystick you use to control the car slammed into my stomach and not to mention my knees and shins were just taking a brusing.

WE stayed there for around 2 hours and after dropping Danielle back home, I went home and took a long shower to relieve my muscles. Which obviously didn't do shit, because today is Tuesday and I'm STILL sore. Oh well it was worth it, because my team won majority of the games, GO RED!!!!!!!

February 21, 2008

Xbox Gamertage UPDATE

Hey guys just wanted to let you that I had to update my gamertag because of some issue with my xbox and xbox live. So I still have the msjazz79 but if you want to play me online than you have to add my new gamertag: LADYJA79. Hope you to see you online.

February 19, 2008

birthday weekend

ok so as you might know or not know this past Sunday was my b-day. Normally I would take off work whenever my b-day came around but for some reason I just didn't do it this year. So Needless to say Saturday I worked until 9:45pm and on Sunday I worked till 4pm. After getting off of work I went home and changed clothes. I also happen to unfortunately dose off and didn't get down to Danielle's place till around I think 6pm-ish. She wanted to treat me to my b-day present but the malls close at 6pm so that was a no go. So we just rescheduled for the 18th. Well anyway, later on that Sunday evening a group from Best Buy was getting together and some of the Sup's were throwing a THANK U party for a job well done during the x-mas holidays.

So Danielle and I make it out to Dave and Buster's and a pretty good crowd about 15 or more people showed up and we had the party room to ourselves. We ate food, played games, and had some laughs. they sang me happy birthday and we all left round 11pm. I drove Danielle home and then drove myself home afterwards. I also received a birthday card from one of my other best friends Amy on Saturday. So I'm going to call her so we can have lunch together.

Now yesterday, President's Day, I had breakfast with my parents, Diahanna and a friend of hers at Cracker Barrel. We almost didn't go because there was a weird snow storm that happend for about a good 20 minutes and then all of a sudden it stopped. We get there and we have a good breakfast and they give me my cards. Afterwards I went with my parents to a cowboy place called CHUCKS BOOTS out in Fenton, MO. My mom had been wanting some boots for quite some time and my dad decided to finally get her a pair and she sure did get some sharp ones. While looking around I found a python pair that were just to DIE FOR and they were only $200. So I might go back and get them but I told my mom I was bringing her with me.

Ok so after my parents drop me back off at my car at Best buy where I left earlier for my parents to come pick me up to go to Cracker Barrel, I went to Chesterfield Mall and walked around some. Mainly stopping by Borders to see the latest books and Franklin Covey to buy myself an organizer. I made a promise to myself to try to be more organized so I won't keep forgetting stuff. Afterwards I went to TJ MAXX off of Manchester and browsed around. By then Danielle was ready to hook up and we then went out to the Galleria and she bought me a Build-a-Bear. Of course it was decked out in purple.

Then we walked around to some other places and found out Mina and her man were also there and just got done going to the movies. We met up at The Gap and we were talking for a while. Then Danielle and I went to Best Buy and they stated they would meet us up there later. Danielle then bought me a wireless adapter to add on to my Xbox 360 so I can finally play 360 LIVE. So for all you gamers my tag name is of course (drum roll) .............................. MSJAZZ79.

After that we went home and slept.

February 14, 2008

Looks like the company has a wake-up call

Woman files $54m lawsuit against Best Buy for losing laptop
Posted Feb 12th 2008 1:40PM by Nilay PatelFiled under: Laptops

We've definitely heard some horror stories about Best Buy, but it looks like a DC woman named Raelyn Campbell has had enough: she's opening up a big can of America Sauce on the retailer in the form of a $54m lawsuit after it lost her laptop during warranty service. Campbell says she bought a laptop and $300 extended warranty from Best Buy in 2006, and took the machine in for service when the power switch broke last May. Told repairs would take two to six weeks, she set off on a business trip, only to find that her laptop had gone missing when she returned in August. Fast forward through several more weeks of run-around and delays, and the best the Buy would offer for losing a $1,100 machine with all her data on it was a $900 gift card. After being informed of the potential for identity theft, Campbell filed the multimillion-dollar suit, which prompted Best Buy to up its offer to a whopping $2,100 plus a $500 gift card. Campbell says she's not dropping the case until she finds out what happened to her machine -- and she wants ol' Blue to train its employees on privacy issues and revamp its warranty policy. Honestly? We'd say she has a better chance of getting the $54 million.

February 12, 2008

2 days from Valentines......5 days from my b-day

Ok so good news. i figured out the tax refund dilema. i never knew going to college and PAYING for it out of your own pocket was suppose to be a bitch. Oh and cashing out stocks.....hmmmmm will probably rethink that one for this year. So regardless I have accepted the fact that I will be owe the state of Missouri $207 dollars. Yet that won't see a check until I get my Federal back, so they can sit on my middle finger and spin. Ok so since my last post which was like a week ago, I have gotten another ticket for having still expired plates this past Saturday in Clayton. Danielle was rolling with me and she knew I was pissed. LOLOL she had to keep me in check so i wouldn't blow a gasket on the Police officer. Oh and did I mention I also received a ticket for speeding, which was orignally the reason for being pulled over. So TODAY I went to the phuckin DMV and updated my tags till 2009. yea I dropped the $60.50 so now I'll just call my lawyer tomorrow and see if he can help in gettin the shit fixed. Big thing I found out though is that since I received 2 tickets at one time it's MANDITORY to go to court. UH-UH not feeling that so I'm seeing if I can't just cut the crap and just pay whatever I have to pay because apparently my court night falls on a school night.

Oh and no I haven't put the tags on the car yet. AHHAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH The lady recommended that I clean my plates first and not do it while in bad weather. WOW so like the weather we are having now would be SO NOT GOOD for putting my stickers on. Just phuckin Fantastic.

Ok so fastforward, it's Valentine's Day in 2 days and as usual for the past god so many years. i'm by myself and don't have plans to really do anything out of the ordinary. Hell I didn't even realize it was this week till someone asked me what i was doing. I was so focused knowing Kai's b-day was coming up I didn't realize that Valentine's day fell on the same week. So you know what I'm going to do on that special day? ....................... Study or most likely my family is going to take me out that night as an early b-day celebration because everyone's schedule is so tight.

Ok so fastforward to my B-day (17th), I don't have a friggin clue. Only thing I know for sure is I'm going to work (I think I'm scheduled) and then afterwards Danielle, my Supervisor Tracey, and some of our coworkers are getting together to kick it at Dave and Buster's to give our teams a "Thank you" Party for our hard work this past christmas (I think it was for x-mas). But anyway it will be a blast all the same. Oh and I don't have to go to work on the 18th. So what is a girl to do? I'll figure out something to do. HOPEFULLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Hope you enjoy your Valentine's Day. Be well, be safe, be happy;)

February 5, 2008

It's the month of Feb....and I'm in the mood for.....a tax refund check

Hello people. As you know it's the month of Valentine's Day, Black History Month, and Where is my Tax Refund Check? Month. Well most likely if you received your W-2's and any other forms pertaining to filing your taxes, you are steadly awaiting your check via direct deposit or mail.

Would you believe that I received everything EXCEPT one item and even when I receive it I still can't file until after Feb. 11th. Simply because I want to get a better credit return in regards to having attended college last year. Will it be worth the wait? Hell yea.

Eversince I can remember doing my own taxes it has been something of a process that you have to adapt to everytime you do something new. Like cashing in stocks or having a 401 k plan. My biggest dilema right now is that I did my taxes on 2 different sites and I'm trying to figure out what the hell the problem is on the different amounts. I do know the college credit is definitely one of the issue and most likely me cashing out some stocks was another. So most likely I'll reput my info in a 3rd and 4th tax free help site to see if I can pinpoint the issue. At least I have until Feb. 11th to figure it out.

Oh and beyond that my 29th birthday is this month, the 17th (fighting off the chills) and so is one of my best friend's Kai, her's is the 16th. Did I also mention I have off the 18th? So I will not have to work at either job, nor do I plan to.
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