February 26, 2008

What a wonderful weekend

Well this past weekend I had work at job #2. Seeing my co-workers is always a treat. Yet this past weekend was not without it's issues. For starters my damn car door on the driver's side broke....on the inside of the car. So I can get in my car from outside but I can't get OUT. So I have to go through the passengers door to get out of my car. It ain't that serious and it's too damn cold right now to go without a car. So right now I'm just dealin with the inconvienance. After getting off of work on Saturday I went home and stayed there for some time before leaving and just chilling out.

On Sunday I put in an 8-hour shift, and some of my friends were reminding me that we had a demolition ball party that night around 8pm. So I wasn't sure at the time if I was still going to go, so I went home and took a nap and around 7:15pm I woke up and got dressed. I then picked up Danielle and we proceeded to make our way out to St. Charles where the place was located.

Demolition Ball

1875 Old Highway 94 South
St Charles, MO 63303
(636) 940-7700
Get directions

The place was great!!!! We arrived there around 8:20pm and there were different games that you could play inside this building. We played the Demolition Ball which consists of 12 electric driven carts and you play 2 teams of 6 against each other. Think playing basketball with 6 players to a team, as well as lacrosse because of the scoopers you have to use and the waffle ball, and in go-carts that can go about at least 10 mph, and you can pound into your competition. The object of the game is quite simply to get the most points from your scoring area. You have a backboard with a net in the middle. You can either get a point from hitting the backboard or you can get 2 points by making the ball hit the net in the middle. I had so much fun I played the first 3 games and had to give myself a rest because I hit head on with someone else and the joystick you use to control the car slammed into my stomach and not to mention my knees and shins were just taking a brusing.

WE stayed there for around 2 hours and after dropping Danielle back home, I went home and took a long shower to relieve my muscles. Which obviously didn't do shit, because today is Tuesday and I'm STILL sore. Oh well it was worth it, because my team won majority of the games, GO RED!!!!!!!
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