January 30, 2006

Made it a Dave and Buster's Night

Made it a Dave and Buster’s Night

Good morning to all hope the day finds you well and energized. Neither one of those are myself. Lol Yesterday I woke up early to take Danielle to work for a meeting. I then went home and chilled out until it was my time join her which WAS 4pm but I didn’t get there till 4:20pm. The day was PRETTY MUCH dead. Which is a tad bit unusual since Sunday’s is when new ads start. Well our department didn’t make revenue, but we were the FIRST department to be cleaned and straightened. YEAH!!!

Danielle had made plans to treat the whole Appliance department since we made revenue for the month. THE ONLY DEPARTMENT in the store to do so. So I am all set to go to Dave and Buster’s because I’m ready to pull out a can of whoop ass on the basketball game. Well there was a delay in departure from the job because we were waiting for the Manager on Duty’s ride to show up. Well that was just some MORE drama that I unfortunately cannot go into (but you know I would if I could).

Fast-forward………we are finally enroute to Dave and Buster’s. We already had calls from Dan and Joe. They were there waiting on us. Danielle called Patrina, unfortunately she wasn’t coming since she just got out of church. We get in the parking lot which PACKED. To me this was a bit unusual because it was a Sunday, and then when we went in there were so many kids and people in GENERAL. We see Joe and Dan waiting in the lobby. We go to the gaming center and take a booth so we can get our grub on.

We also see our other coworker and friend JBass and his cousin, who decided to join us out there also. He didn’t eat but just played some games. Well while we are talking about what we are going to eat. Danielle comments that our waiter is just a tad bit STUPID. Lol After our orders were put in he didn’t really come to check on us that much. He filled up my pink lemonade which I was GRATEFUL for, but he pissed off Danielle, who was treating the rest of us, so he screwed himself over if he thought he was getting a tip.

Well we finally get done eating and I go to use the restroom. I meet the group over by the basketball hoops, and we all are standing around and waiting for some to be available. I stand over by Danielle and she told me that she gave the waiter a $100 bill and he asked her if she needed change. Lol She told him yes and when he brought back the change, she only gave him 3 CENTS……3 PENNIES…..I just busted out laughing. I told her that was 3 pennies too much. She has never given tips unless we go out, I’ve told her that wasn’t nice, but unless the waiter wasn’t on his p’s and q’s, such as the guy we had last night, and then they don’t get shit. She has gotten better, and has started to leave tips when we go out since I would hassle her so bad about it. Lol

Ok back to the basketball challenge. At first I was playing Ok but then my game got worse, I was going up against Danielle, and some of our other coworkers. After a while my losing streak was REALLY kicking in. So I got a tad bit frustrated and decided to go to another basket. Well by that time, everyone was on a basket except for 1, Dan. So when I changed basket’s I told myself aint NO way I’m leavin here and not win at least 1 game. So then I finally was up against Danielle, Jonathan, Joe, and JBass. It was pretty intense but I came thru with a game high of 60 to take first place. Boy and did that feel GOOD!!!!

Well I decided to “retire” from the game and then we went to the OTHER basketball game which is harder. The guys were playing that and all I have to say is that Joe has some HOPS. He handed JBass his ASS that night. Lol Especially when JBass was talking hell shit. Hahaha Yet it was all in good fun. Then we go over and decide to play the go-cart game. Dan decided to talk some shit against me. At first I wasn’t going to play but then felt it was my duty to put him in his place. So again it’s all 4 of us playing and I was 3rd place for a while. I finally edged up and passed for 2nd and right at the LAST minute I took 1st place. Boy you are talking about some mad faces hahaha!!!! Well I decided to let them lick their wounds but no………………..they wanted ANOTHER ass whooping so being the lady that I am I complied and took the second race as well.

Afterwards we went our separate ways and I played some more games until it was time to go. I took Danielle back home and I stayed over till 1am as we were trying to do our taxes and turn them in by Feb. 2. We still working on them. Lol But hey, overall it was a damn good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

January 27, 2006

Recalling Aaron's Shindig

Wassupp!!!!!!!!!! I hope you all are feeling GREAT! Your girl is not right now especially since I am recovering from a hang-over from the previous night. Yea I know what you are thinking HUH? on a Thursday night? Yes I did especially since it was for a special occassion. My friend Aaron was in town, he used to work with me at job #2 before transferring to the Brentwood location and then leaving for the NAVY!! I hadn't seen him in a while, so he let me know that people were going to get together at TGI FRIDAY's in Brentwood. So I told him I would be there. I arrive around 9:30pm, first one there and I didn't see him until he called my name.

He still looked good (DUH). Yet I could tell he really had matured;) He's STILL funny as HELL!! He summed up his job by saying he gets to hear WHALES FUCK! I'm like whoa............ So anyway some more people come from the Brentwood store and we all are just chiling, laughing, relaxing, and I am being teased about not having any liquor, I'm downin water, 3 glasses to be exact and by the way I was acting they could've sworn I WAS drunk. I told them that I"m the complete opposite when I am drinking. You don't want to see that. lol

Afterwards, the place is winding down it's about 12:15A.M. Some people opt to go home while some others opt to go to M.P. OReilly's off of Manchester. So pretty much the group consists of 2 of Aarons co-workers, Gary and Stephanie, Aaron and myself. Gary and Steph took a cab there while Aaron and I went in his truck. We got worried that we passed up the place until Steph told us that we should see the place within a couple of a minutes. True enough we arrive and we go inside. The place is just jumpin with people and the music is loud and good. Oh and did I tell you that special drinks were just a $1....yes I said it ONE DOLLAR.

Well Aaron is wanting some drinks and since his Debit card was acting funny I told him I would get any drinks he wanted. Gary and Steph also were buying drinks as well so it was pretty good flow of liquor going around. We pretty much chilled at the bar while Gary and Steph would go out on the dance floor every now and then. Aaron and I would just talk, or rather I would stare in disbelief as Aaron was finishing off drink after drink, and mind you I think a couple of them were doubles. lolol At one time, a guy came over that was real cool and bought myself and Aaron drinks. Then this other guy bought Aaron a drink, the bartender gave him a free drink. I was like HAHAHAHAHA.

After a while the liquor was flowing thru the system, we all were dancing and grinding like it wasn't ANYONE'S business. lolol Needless to say the fun unfortuantely came to a close around 2:45A.M. I gave Gary and Steph my number so we could hook up for SAKI $1 Wednesday specials. I'm gonna be in heaven. We leave the bar and Aaron drives me back to my car. I tell him to be careful while he is over in BahRan or where ever in the hell he is going. Hell HE doesn't know where he is going, he just know's it's somewhere close by JAPAN, give or take a country....
Eventually he will end up in Hawaii where he will be stationed for 3 years. I told him he needs to work at the BBY out there, so he can still buy stuff on employee discount.

I told him I was definitely gonna visit him in Hawaii, I also told him when he gets settled to let me know what his address will be, so I can send him care packages. Ya know (stink bombs, fake poop, things that say I care. lolol) We give each other a hug and I get in my car. He gives me a call 10 minutes later and we are talking on the phone making sure neither one of us have an accident on the highway. He said he was phucked up but he made it home safely and so did I. I know I was fucked up because I had 7 cups of Rum and Pineapple....heavy on the Rum (I think it was 7);)

January 24, 2006

This is such a boring Tuesday;) but my Sunday was better

Today is Tuesday, and I’m at job #2. Well I wanted to let you know that I took my mom to the Cheesecake Factory on Sunday. Since my dad took her out Friday and Saturday Evening. I left work around 3pm. I had my clothes with me that I was going to change into, and called my mom to let her know to meet me. Well I’m driving on Lindbergh on the way to the Saint Louis Galleria and within being 10 min. away from my destination my mom calls………………….She states my dad says he needs her car. I’m mentally going ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH. Yet I politely say don’t worry about, I’ll just BACKTRACK and pick you up.

I drive into our neighborhood and pass my dad driving out of it. I get to my house and my mom gets in. We go to the mall and first we do some shopping before everything shutdown. Now I have a question for anyone who shops. Is it me or didn’t the mall used to close at 6:30pm? Reason I bring this up is that when we first arrived at the mall, it was round 4pm. By the time we go to Cheesecake Factory its 5pm. We leave the restaurant by 6pm. I notice that stores are closing up. I’m thinking this doesn’t look right so as we walk to our car thru the mall, I notice sure enough all the stores are in closing mode. Hmmmm makes me wonder.

When we get home, my mom winds down and I go to my room. Well around 9pm I hear my mom, dad, and sis. They are all in the Master Bedroom waiting to watch a DVR previous recording of the show 24. I don’t know the fascination with the show but they all watch it religiously.

Fast-forward to yesterday (Monday), nothing interesting. Except this pain in the ass cramp in the side of my neck but it’s been there for the past week. Oh and I also received my W2 form for one of my jobs………now if only the OTHER one would come in. I would a VERY happy woman.

Now it is today (Tuesday) I clocked in around 6:55am and have been here ever since. Pray for me;)

January 22, 2006

my weekend went something like this

This past Friday, was my mom's birthday. I wanted to take her out but apparently my dad had beaten me to the punch. So he took her out instead. I went to the hair salon for my appointment. I have had some mini sista curls set as my hair style. Then I went to the mall for a while and just window browsed. So I decided to go to the AMC Esquire and go see UNDERWORLD: EVOLUTION. I must say it was a very good movie and went home afterwards.

Yesterday (Saturday) I had work at job #2 from 9:30am to 4:30pm. I had my ass handed to me all day long. I did at least $12 grand by myself before my co-worker came in to relieve me. I was SOOOOOOOOOo tired but I changed clothes and went Barnes and Noble to pick up a book I ordered. I then headed home and found two packages I ordered had come in. I then chilled out at home and relaxed.

So now it leads me to today (Sunday). Where I have work again. From 10:30am to 2:30pm. today i am going to treat my mom to dinner, yet she hasn't told me where yet. So I guess for right now all I can say is have a good day and........... Good Morning;)

January 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Momma!!!

Today is my mom's Birthday;) She is 56 to be exact but doesn't look a day over 40 something. This past year has been a trying one for my mom. Eversince 2003, she had been having trouble with back, joints achin, yet she was pretty healthy. She went to her doctors and couldn't figure anything out until December 2004, one of her doctors suggested a mammogram. They discovered a small mass in her left breast, they scheduled an operation to extract it the next week. They said by January they would have the results of the test and would let her know as soon as possible.

I kept telling myself that she would be okay and that they wouldn't find anything harmful. I remember being at work on the day she was to get the results of her test. I was so nervous I didn't get the much work done. I told her whatever the outcome to give me a call on my cell phone so I would know. I can still remember it like it was yesterday. I was on the computer typing up some notes and I see my phone go off, I check and see "mom cell" flash across the caller id.

My hands are sweating and I stare at my phone for a couple of seconds. I finally pick it up and answer. I ask my mom how the dr. visit went. She tells me that she tested positive for breast cancer. As soon as those words left her mouth, I immediately started to choak up. My eyes started to tear up and my chest started to convulse. I told her I couldn't talk and had to go back to work. I immediatly hung up on her and just started to cry. All I can remember was crying so HARD but no sound would come out. I felt as though i had been punched in the gut.

One of my co-workers noticed me, and immediately gave me some tissues. She knew about the dilema with my mom and knew I was waiting on the phonecall. She gathered by response that the news wasn't good. I found my supervisor told him and asked to leave early. He understood and told me if I needed some days off that he would understand. I left that day and called my best friends to let them know. One of my best friends Kamina, understood what I was going thru because her older sister had breast cancer 3 years prior. I left work and went to the park and just laid out on the grass. I looked up at the sky and just stared off. I must have been there for hours.

i don't remember the details for the rest of the day except going home and just seeing my mom. She was sleeping in her bed and I just watched her. I started to cry again and I went to my room. My friends were calling me but I wouldn't pick up the phone. I just got under the covers and tried to shut out the rest of the world.

Later on that evening I spoke with my mom and she told me about what she would have to go thru. She would have to go thru chemotherapy followed by radiation. She told me the chemo would possibly make her lose her hair. As well as make her feel ill for sometime. So she took the year off to dedicate herself to beating this cancer. She started the chemo in January. She still went to the hair salon as usual to get her hair done. Yet within a couple of weeks of the chemo she was definitely starting to feel the affects. She would become so weak she would not be able to take showers, instead she had to take baths. By this time it was March and I was used to taking off a couple of days, because I wasn't feeling comfortable leaving her home alone.

I remember one day coming home and my mom called me to her bathroom. She was wearing her satin night cap. The night before she had rolled her hair and the next morning she told me, when she was trying to take her rollers out.......her hair was coming out as well. My eyes started to water up but I didn't cry. She gave me some barber scissors and told me she wanted me to cut the rest off. I took her cap off and saw the damage for the first time this chemo had done to my mother. Where there used to be a thick head of beautiful burgandy hair, I now saw only patches of hair. Taking my hands I ran them across her head trying to determine the best place to start.

So I began in the back, and started my way up to the front. I had her hairline pretty low. I asked her if she wanted to see it, she just shook her head no. She didn't say "no", she just shook her head. So I put her satin cap back on her head and helped her to bed. I went to my room, sat on my bed and began to cry. I took my comb and started to comb thru my hair. I realized how insignificant some things are. For a while I've always wanted to grow my hair longer yet it didn't really mean a damn thing compared to what my mom was going thru in the next room.

Sometimes I wish I could take my mom's pain away, even trading places with her myself. She's always been superwoman to me and I always wonder in the back of my mind what would have happened if this hadn't been caught in time or even worse, what happened if she didn't beat it. All these thoughts and more always ran thru my mind 24/7. She is such a strong woman and I sometimes wonder what is wrong with me;(

At one time I almost lost my job because I was taking off so many days just to take care of her. By this time I had changed positions in the company and was under a new supervisor. He understood my situation and was kind enough to give me a heads up so i wouldn't be jepordizing my job. So I would just call my mom at least 3 times a day to make sure she was okay. She stayed at home majority of the day because she was too weak.

She endured the chemo for most of the year. Then she went into radiation mode. She was all done with everything by October or November. She was determined to go back to work. My dad and the rest of us TRIED to convince to just retire, but she said she would be damned if they only gave her part of her pention, she wanted ever last DIME!!. The only after effects is still the lingering numbness she has in her hands and feet from time to time. She can't wear her high heel shoes like she used to. I learned how to walk in mine from her. she is definitely the master at that;)

Overall, I want to say that my mom is a strong woman and she has handled herself and this situation that would make anyone, especially me proud. With determiniation and her head up.

I also wanted to inform everyone especially the women, when my mom was diagnosed, her dr at the time suggested that maybe the patches she was on for menopause might have contributed strongly to her get breast cancer. Ladies, be very aware of what is going on with your bodies. I have just started to turn my life around personally by getting back in shape. I also know in the future that when menopause DOES come around for me. I will look for alternative ways to combat the symptoms. Some studies have shown especially last year that the menopause patches did cause side effects ESPECIALLY breast cancer and my mom was on them for at least 2 years. Overall watch what you put in your body, as well as you put ON.

Happy Birthday momma, i love you;)

January 16, 2006

Getting Physical and in the Money

Good evening to all of my beautiful people that make up this unique planet. Today was just another ORDINARY day for me at job #1. I left around 3:20pm and headed out to North West Plaza to checkout a place called 24 Hour Fitness. Earlier today I called a childhood friend of mine who happens to be a personal trainer. When I last spoke to her, she was a trainer at New Lady Fitness. I hadn't talked to her in a while so I prayed her phone number was still the same. I called, she answered. We talked for about 5 minutes and she told me she now worked at 24 Hour Fitness and how much she enjoyed it. I told her what my goals were and she told me I should stop by. I told her I would try to and thanked her for the info.

Shortly afterwards I called the Customer Service number and spoke with someone at the Desk, who would have someone give me a call back. Sure enough a couple of hours later someone by the name of Nick gave me a call back but I missed his phonecall. After getting off from work, I went to 24 Hour Fitness and the first person I saw thru the door was Maria;) She introduced me to Nick and he explained to me the whole setup of the place, how much it would cost, the equipment, the workout classes and how I could have a personal trainer. I was definitely interested by the end of our conversation. So i took some info Nick gave me and told him I would be back soon to start and signup.

It was getting close to 6pm and i had to jet from their to Harrah's Casino, for a birthday bash for my mom. I get there around 6:05pm and see my Aunt Alice in the Lobby. She was going to spend the night and had just checked into her hotel room. I accompined her to her room which was just simply off the chain. Boy when you are a Diamond Player you definitely get the perks, but I know you have to fork over some serious cash though to get to that limit. 10 minutes later we are in the Lobby meeting up with the rest of my family as well as my Uncle Jack, Aunt Charolotte, uncle Fred, Aunt Mary, and 2 other friends of the family.

We head up to the buffet and eat our fill. Me being a good girl just ate some baked chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, and some beef and brocolii (sorry can't spell for shit). After eating my mom reads her cards and collects her money. We then go back downstairs to the casino area and I was about to go home, when my sister decided she wanted me to come with her while she played some BlackJack. NOW for me, I'm not too fond of the casino, I don't like to go but WILL go just to have a peace of mind when my mom is wants to go. So I follow my sis to a blackjack table and she drops $40 bucks to start off. i'm lookin at her like......okay..... Now for me I have an issue of spending money and there being a RISK factor that I might not win anything back. That is just not my style.

Well she loses that money QUICK! We spot our dad coming into the casino with my uncle Jack, aka his older brother. He gives us both $20's and off again to another BlackJack table. I orignally just want to watch but my sis and the dealer talk me into playing. the dealer was real cool and was helping me trying to teach me the game. Eventually I lost my money but Diahanna was doing pretty good. I was alternating between watching her and watching the Mizzou/Kansas Basketball game. Which was great because Mizzou pulled thru in Overtime and won. Eventually Diahanna stopped playing and I told her I would see her at home. Shortly aftwards within 20 minutes of walking thru the door the rest of my family comes thru and now were are settled into a respective parts of the house. I am in my room, my sister is occuping the main bathroom with cellphone to her shoulder talking while probably having a curling iron trying to style her hair, dad is in the family room watching tv and my mom is probably dosed off in the master bedroom.

So to all, have a good night and pleasant dreams;)

January 14, 2006


Payday is always a good day, unless you have bills to pay which is pretty much anyone these days. I went to job #1 yesterday (FRIDAY MORNING) pretty early i would say 6:30am and left around 3:15pm. I decided earlier that day to do get an annual eye exam, especially since I had new frames and needed an updated prescription so I can get the lens filled. For the past 5 + years i have been -2.50 in both eyes. I went thru the eye exam with the technican with no problems at all, being able to read the bottom line of the eye chart with no problem at all.

She then escorts me to the main room where the Dr. will see me and perform some dialation test on me. AFter about 5 minutes, he finally comes in. He introduces himself and we begin the eye exam. I had to take off my glasses and look thru that weird machine which adjusts your vision. When he was done he told me that there was a bit of a change. he told me that my right eye had gone to -2.25. I was like HUH? I didn't feel any different and thought my prescription should stay the same. I wasn't too pleased, but still listened to the dr.

Then he tells me he is going to put this solution in my eyes. He puts it in and i close my eye for a couple of minutes. When I open them back up I don't feel anything at first. he then takes me back outside to pay my bill ($10, insurance is SUCH a nice thing) I sit down and wait for the stuff to take affect, 20 minutes or so. After a while the light in the whole store (LENS CRAFTERS, Saint Louis Galleria) is starting to become more intense. The dr. takes me back into his office and proceeds to do this dilation test. He says i free and clear of any eye disease and that I'm good to go. I get a copy of my prescription and i'm on my way. Before I left I spoke with a salesman and told him of my interest in new pair of frames that they have and wanted to know if they would also be caring the same color as their LENSCRATERS, Crestwood Store.

They are made by EMMANUEL UNGARO, Model: UG 4552, in at least 6 different colors and believe or not I want at least 5 of the colors. The colors are:

-7252 (Green/Rose)
-7088 (Crystal)
-7249 (Rose)
-7250 (Deep Aqua)
-7251 (Don't know the name of this color)

With the frame and bridge measurements to be 52/16 135

Been looking online to see if any sites carry at a more affordable price but haven't had much luck. So do me a favor. Keep an eye out for me and if you should come across some cheaper than $150 bucks, prefer any under $100. Drop a sista a message, email, a text message ( and let a sista KNOW PLEASE!!!

Anyway, after leaving LENSCRAFTERS my sight is still a tad bit blurry and I swear Im seeing double. I walk around to some of the stores before leaving and going home. Well I get home and just happen to look in the mirror. I swear I yelled and backed up, hit my head up against the wall because the eyes that were staring back at me thru the mirror, I know couldn't be mine. They looked way to CREEPY to be mine. Apparently the solution the dr. put in my eyes had opened up my pupil HUGE. I looked like Golem's cousin from Lord of the Rings, minus the pale icky skin and the hair loss. I just stared in fascination at my eyes for a good 10 - 15 minutes (yes I know at this time you are thinking MAN she does not have a life, and i'm like MAN I so agree. lolol) So I tried to take pictures of it but they all came out blurry so I'm pissed, it would have made for an excellent blog pic.

So now we fast forward to Saturday Afternoon where I am just chillin on my bed with a laptop and I'm looking at my T.V. which is on mute so I can concentrate on this post.Ii have work this evening till 10pm. So most likely I will take in a movie if i'm not too tired, hook up with a friend, or just go home and zonk out. So have a good day and stay safe.

January 12, 2006

From the City with the 2am DownTown Curfew (Yea Im talkin bout the Lou)

(MAINLY FOR THOSE WITH YAHOO 360) Greetings to all, just wanna say good evening to you all and I hope you are having a great night. I just wanna let you know AGAIN:) How much I appreciate the messages and friends invites that I have received these past couple of weeks. I wish YAHOO would PLEASE up the limit of Friends to UNLIMITED!!!!! I don't think I'm asking for much do you;) Anyway I've been trying to respond to every IM that I receive but again I'm still coming up a brick wall sometimes when it comes to responding to people, stating I'm can't write a reply back ARRGGGGG so to those who have written to me in these past couple of days again I'm sorry for this technical difficulty I'm definitely not ignoring you, I just can't reach you. Unless u post something as a response in a blog and then at least I can read it and reply back to ya there.

As far this week has gone since my last post. Well I don't remember. lol. I've been to work and have finally decided to start taking control of my weight issues and changed my eating habits this past week. I started to keep a journal to write down everything I eat everyday. It's not easy but I keep a copy of it with me in my purse as well as one at work. I'm gonna start walking again at Creve Couer Park. I also want to get back into playing sports. Something easy at first like tennis and then who knows. It's not easy and any suggestions are more than welcomed. I think I will make this my main resolution for the year.

As far family and friends, both groups are doing well. I felt bad this morning because one of my good friends texted me 2am and told me he wished I would call him more often. So around 8am I gave him a call and told him I was sorry. I realize that I probably have been neglacting my friends in one way or another. Yet I find it hard to have time to myself so I can just let my brain breathe, ya know? I talked to my girl Kaiysha from Florida, mother to my godchild. We talked for maybe 5 minutes and then I went to job #2 to get some stuff, saw Jonathan there and he told me Kamina had been by and had taken Danielle home. Then went to the Saint Louis Mills and did some shopping. Finally came home around 10pm, and I'm just got finished watching FAMILY GUY on the Cartoon Network channel. I just LOVE cartoons and I'm not ashamed to say that. In fact I'll be honest with ya. I would be more impressed if I guy bought me THE COMPLETE FARSIDE collection rather than a dozen roses. Yea I know I'm mental but what can I say? If I was normal I'd be boring...wouldn't I?

January 10, 2006

DeJa Vu is a mutha

For those who are from Saint Louis, MO. I know you have heard about this story for the past week. What I find so strange about this is, that:

1. My sister knew him, since he was security guard and bouncer for a club called PLUSH, in downtown Saint Louis.

2. I saw him myself less than a 2 weeks ago at the Bridgeton Applebee's with Chingy and his entourage. i just remember looking at him and thinking damn that's a big guy. I wouldn't want to tango with HIM.

Chingy's former bodyguard recently murdered his girlfriend and their 7-year-old son before killing himself, police said.

According to reports, three bodies were discovered in an apartment in the University City suburb of St. Louis. The victims were later identified as Michael Cannon, 34; Kim Charleston, 34; and Michael Cannon Jr., 7. Cannon aka Big Mike had previously worked security for Chingy.

Cannon and Charleston reportedly weren't married but lived together for approximately 12 years. Authorities wouldn't reveal what the killings' motive may have been. Charleston's two other children live with their father.

Mario Cannon, Michael's brother, said Big Mike phoned him at around 2:04 a.m. the day of the incident. He said it was unusual for his brother to call late, adding that he didn't answer the phone.

Originally published at [] ©1995 - 2003 4CONTROL Media, Inc.

January 8, 2006

Baby Showers;) Dont ya feel the luv?

Today I had work at job #2 from 11am to 6pm. Unfortunatley since I came home late last night from dropping off a coworker and not getting my own behind in bed by 1am, I just HAPPEN to oversleep.....oh by say 15ish or 20ish minutes PAST 11am. So needless to say my behind didn't get to work till 11:45am. I then get to work and it's been relatively slow all day long. Luckly I have Danielle there to pass the time with and we just chill out. She clocked out at 5pm. Joe clocked in by 4:15pm, so luckly I didn't have to close today. I'm really happy because this week we started going back to our regular work hours. AMEN

Well after work I go to a baby shower for one of my cousins. I arrive around 6:40pm. See my mom, sister, my cousin andy and his sister Angelina whom the baby shower is being thrown for. Not to mention other people as well, some of them being my sister and Angelina high school friends. By the time I arrived they had already eaten and were finishing up open the baby presents. I just copped a squat in a chair in the corner and chilled out with my cousin Andy. We were joking back and forth, just enjoying the atmosphere.

When my Aunt Jessie, Andy and Angelina's mom, decides to recall a story from Andy's childhood. Apparently when Andy was 8 years old, he had a puppy. Well his mom told him don't bring the puppy inside the house because it will "poop" all over the place. Well one day while his mom wasn't home, he decided he would bring his puppy in the house. Well the puppy went "poop" that day and whad-ya know, my Aunt Jessie had just pulled up in the driveway.

My cousin being OH SO SMART;) decides to get a DISH TOWEL and use it to clean up the dog's mess. Well all would have been fine and dandy if he hadn't thrown the towel back up on the TABLE!! So at this time after he has cleaned up all the "evidence" my auntie comes thru the door and she had bought some chicken for the family to eat. Well she get some chicken grease on her lips and chin. Do you know that she picked up the towel that was on the table. WIPED HER FACE, sniffed it, sniffed it again, and just zeroed in on my cousin, Andy. She told him he had to go pick the switch she whooped him with. lol To add to the laughter he states he saw her go for the towel and just covered his face and was like "uh-oh". So needless to say, no dogs have been let in the house since then.

After a while, people started to leave and soon after my mother and I made our exit. My sister came home later and we are now offically done with putting all the Christmas Decorations back into their storage containers. I hope your Sunday evening was just as pleasant;) Ta-Ta

January 7, 2006

Introducing the new family member and why did God create dumb ass people and should they be allowed in public places.

It's 45 mins past midnight. What an interesting day I had yesterday (Friday). To start off I wokeup in the morning checking my email to see how my Direct Deposit was from job #2, why did that mutha say ONLY $19.72? I was like what the fuck? Then i go online and realize that a United Way contribution that I had put in back in OCTOBER OF 2005 for a ONE TIME WITHDRAWL of $120.00 just DECIDED to kickin TODAY!!!!! So I freak for a min because I have a hair appoint today along with Danielle. So my mom was cool and lent me the money.

I then went to work, aka job #1. While I was at work, I was on the phone talkin with Danielle and our beautican, gives me a call stating she is too tired. We are talkin for a bit and she states that she would be able to take one of us, if one of us came earlier. I decided to take off around 1:40pm and go to the job to take care of some business for Danielle. Afterwards I go to North West Plaza to pick up some items at Bath and Body Works that I called the day before yesterday (Thursday) to be put on hold. Also paid on my jewelry layways at JC's JEWELERS.

then i went home dropped off the packages and make my way to the hair salon. I get on Highway 70 going towards Grand and speeding like a demon, notice my gas tank is on EMPTY. AYEEEEEEEEEEE, so i stop at the gas station and fill my car up with some gas. My car feels better and then I finally get the hair salon by 3pm. I am knocked the hell out pretty much sleepin thru the whole ordeal finally get out at 6:15pm.

After the hair salon I get to Danielle's where I get to meet her god-baby for the first time. Earlier this morning we decied to get together and hangout. So when I get to her house she is ready to leave along with her god-baby, Savannah. She is as cute as she can be and quite shy. Danielle's asks me to take her up to Best Buy so she can finish up some business for our work schedules. We get out there and I'm taking Savannah around the store showing her around while Danielle is taking care of her business. After a while Danielle is with us, and I go talk to one of our co-worker's Dan, to thank him for my x-mas present ( a St. Louis Galleria Gift Card).

We leave around 8pm and go the OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE off of Lindbergh for dinner. Savannah starts to warm up to me and by the end of the meal she is just waving her hands around and cutting up. She was so nice she shared her bread with me and Danielle.;) Once dinner was done we go by my house so my mom can see Savannah. We stayed for probably an hour and my mom was talkin to Danielle about some issues with Savannah. Right before we leave my mom asks if I had eaten her TOSTITOES chips, ummmmmmmmmm yep. So she stated that I was not to set foot in her house till I brought another bag home.

i drop Danielle and Savannah off at their home, yet I will be picking Danielle up anyway for a morning meeting, so I'll see her soon. I then decide, yea maybe I should stop at the 24 hour Schnucks off of Lindell. I get there and pick up a few items. I am sure you are all familiar with the Self Check-out lanes. Well i step up to one and I'm starting to check out. In the middle of my activities this Chick has the nerve to move my basket so SHE can place her shit on the area right before scanning section. I'm lookin at her like what the fuck? She is standing way to close to me and I'm giving her a look like you need to give me 50ft ( I know some of you know the song).

As I am finishing up my transaction Im waiting for my receipt and do you know when I turn behind me to put my debit card up, she starts to scan her shit? I'm like I have yet to move from the area and to me it's just proper courtesy to let a person finish their business before invading on their area. As I'm getting my bags I walk away and say "rude as bitch", i know she heard me because when I turned around she had just dropped a can and was looking at me. I wanted to cus her out soooo bad, but at that particular Schnucks, the cops that are there don't care who start shit, to me they would just mace you first and ask questions later. i sure hope I see that bitch again. I'd let her ass know from now on, keep ya behind away from my basket and if ya dumbass didn't want to carry all of that stuff in your hand, then you should have had a FUCKING BASKET!!!!!!!!!!. Why do people live to piss me off? Oh well i'll just sleep on it.

January 5, 2006

Emotions......apply ointment where irritation occurs

Hello chicas and dudes!!!! Just got home this evening,didn't go to work today since I was feeling ill. But my spirits were lifted a bit when I received a personal message from a fellow blogger who informed me that my pages was one of many that Yahoo had highlighted as interested reads. LOL go figure that. Either way I thought he was pulling my chain until I did see my name in the listing. So I thought wow, people do like me. hahaha

ANY OLE WAY, I must say that I did have a good afternoon, 3 out of 4 packages I had been waiting for all came today and boy was I happy as hell. Then I took my behind to the St. Louis Mills Mall and chilled out at the Bookstore BOOKS-A-MILLION. I also cruised over to the Old Navy inside as well as the Bath and Body Works. For those who enjoy Bath and Body Works as much as I do, I need not tell you about the annual semi sale that is going on, as well as I know I don't need to tell you that they have ALOT of merchandise that is up to 75% off, and I definitely don't have to tell you that I have been racking up like a bandit from HELL. Sad thing is....................I'm still not done shopping.

I wonder if it is the genetic imprint of women to just SHOP (or whatever else that women might do)when we are bored, sad, depressed, mad, happy, or any other emotion that may come across our path. For men I don't even know what to say. Some guys I know like to either play some hard hitting contact sport to vent out, maybe play some Madden or any other Video game, get some head or have sex, Hell I know some guy who likes to go play Paintball when he's pissed.

For myself personally I might shop, take in a movie, play a video game, call a friend, OR WRITE A POST TO MY BLOG;) Overall Human-beings are complex and perplexed creations. I know I wouldn't want to be anything or anybody else.

On a totally seperate note: Yesterday i received some more BEAUTIFUL pics of my god-daughter I will try to post them ASAP. Also have you ever seen Hermit Crabs? When I went to the Mills today, I decided to go into one of my favorite shops and just stared at the Hermit Crabs for 10 minutes. Kinda a weird huh? Oh well I took a pic of one and I'll use that as the pic for this blog entry;)

Also I JUST remembered, is it possible to become even more pissed because you are shopping? Let me give you a tad bit a scenaro, say you go into a store and you just see some jeans that are just KILLA. You take a pair and TRY and I do emphasize on the word TRY them on. Only to find out that because God blessed you with a pair of ample hips the jeans don't come up ALL the way just off by like 2 to 3 inches. All I have to ask is WOULD IT KILL SOME OF THESE FACTORIES (OR UNFORTUANTLEY SWEAT SHOPS) JUST TO ADD 2% OR EVEN 3% SPANDEX to the DAMN JEANS? I mean not everyone can benefit from 97% cotton and 3% polyester. I like to be comfortable in my shit, not looking like I have camel toe going on.

January 4, 2006

PART TWO: update to fiasco new years eve

went to both jobs today, not much spectacular at job 1, but you can imagine my surprise at job 2. Saw johnathon and we had a bit of a "talk". He gave me a totally different story from the one i was told from Danielle. He stated he tried to give her all the money upfront at first but she wouldn't take it. Not to mention he says that she didn't tell him until that friday where the hotel rooms were. Of course I'm lookin like "huh"? So after he gives me the whole story I just told him from now on just to avoid any further confusion in the future. All money will be had upfront and I WILL take care of the reservations. After that, we it was all gravy and back to the grind.

Fast forward to leaving best buy, why did one of my co-workers come back in and tell me that all her hubcaps on her car were stolen. I thought she was kidding but alas, I checked her car out and damn she was tellin the truth. I felt really sorry for her, because I remember last May someone broke into my car right in front of my house and stole 250 of my CD's (all originals none were copies, some I had for over 10 years), my portable CD player, and my Nintendo Gameboy Color (the one right before the Nintendo DS) as well as 4 games for it. I was so upset that someone could be that cruel to take something of mine. It still bothers me to this day, I have yet to buy an music CD's. I haven't replaced my portable CD player or my Nintendo Gameboy Color. I'm a sentimental person and all the items were something special to me.

For the longest time I wished I had caught the son-of-a-bitch while he was in the act, and could bash him good. Yet if I had who knows what could have happened to me. Either way, I miss stuff. Regardless, I told my co-worker she needed to call the police and file a report. I then left and proceeded on the way home. i was watching the Rose Bowl Game at the job and just finished watching it in my room. The Longhorns have one hell of a Quarterback he put foot to ass tonight. Yet I won't lie I was rootin for South California, but the better team one.

So to you all goodnight and stay warm under the covers. Toodles.

January 2, 2006

Update to Fiasco New Years Eve

Just wanted to say thank you all for ya kind words on my situation this past December 31, 2005. I did talk with Danielle and let her know how I felt, She apologized and we are cool on the situation. She also explained to me that because of JBass not coming thru with all his funds it screwed up her plans and surprise that she had for me....a stripper. So you know I'm like HELL NAW, now I know he and I are gonna have to have a POWWOW session. I haven't been able to get my claws on JBass, but when i do he and I will have a VERY clear understanding for the future.

From now on, if you wanna kick it, you will have 100% of the FUNDS needed for your room UPFRONT, not 50%, not 70%, or 99.5%. ALL OF IT, if you do not..........then you don't need a room, simple as that.

I guess what really ticks me off more than anything is that he is suppose to be a real cool friend of ours and point blank u don't fuck your friends over like that. So Imma let him know that and hopefully he will take what I have to say to heart SERIOUSLY. To all of ya, enjoy evening and PEACE OUT')

January 1, 2006

I wish I could say I had a great Happy New Year's but I'd be lying

Greetings to you all in the Year of our Lord....blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. I wish I could say that I had a great Happy New Year's but I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO be lying. Let me say as to start off yesterday. We had to check into our hotel by 3pm. I picked Danielle up around 2:45 ish, and we proceed to our destination, Homestead Suites Hotel. Now we had 2 rooms reserved under her name, a friend of ours also wanted a room there as well. I kept telling Danielle to make sure that JBass gives you all of his money so it doesn't intefer with ours. Do you know when I picked her up she stated that JBass hadn't give her all the money yet. So I'm like okay..........what the fuck?

We get to the hotel, I'm under the impression that I'm just only worrying about MY HALF and that was it. First off I knew there was an issue because when we go to check in. Danielle talks to the guy and he lets her know that the rooms have to be paid UPFRONT!!!!! Originally Danielle told me that my card wouldn't be charged and that the card would NOT BE CHARGED UNTIL CHECKOUT!!!!!! So you can just imagine my face when the concierge dude tells me otherwise. Do you know she was like how much do I have on my card? I told her I was only going to put on there $70 bucks because I only had $50 to work with on the weekend. Do you know she had the nerve to ask me to charge $120 on my card???? I just looked at her like I wish I could have struck her dead. Needless to say I charged the amount and walked out the room because I was that upset.

She knew she fucked up when she saw the look on my face and I was just SOOOOOOO pissed with her and JBASS I didn't speak to her for damn near the majority of day. We got in my car drove around to the nearest door to our rooms and we dropped our stuff off. Yet what baffled me the most was her logic on the situation. If she had spent all of her money then she would be broke............SO WHAT THE FUCK, no big deal if I was?? Let me tell you something....I had such a massive headache I was so mad I was out of my Naproxen 550mg meds. I could have killed someone.

Thank GOD, I happen to find some money in my purse because I had to go to Marshalls to get some trouser socks for my boots. We then go by my house so I can get a bottle of wine and my coat. Now this whole period I'm silent because I'm gripping the wheel of my car so damn tight I thought my hands were going to cramp up. We then stop by Best Buy and I chilled out in video games. JBASS was there and Danielle gave him his door keys and he comes up to me. I was nice and respectful but that was IT. She then tells me she is hungry so we stop by McDonalds. On our way leaving, she gives me $40 back. It's fine but I'm still pissed overall. We go to Shop and Save and I end up getting a Bake Chicken and some Pineapple Juice. We finally make it back to the hotel and things are getting better as far as my adittude.

We chillout and eat relax for a minute. Kamina had been calling us throughout the day to see if we wanted to go to this club called DREAMS. Problem was that the fee to get in was $50. We told her we would pass on it, (looking back I wish I had gone since she was able to get in for $25). I start to get in the shower when Danielle answers her cell phone and tells me that Keith needs to be picked up from Metrolink. I'm looking like what the hell u tellin me for, have Larry (another friend of ours) go pick him up or have JBASS do it. I wasnt thinkin about anyone else and I was damned if I was going to be rushed to get anyone else. He called at least another 4 or 5 times. NEEDLESS TO SAY WHEN IT ALL CAME DOWN TO IT, I ENDED UP PICKIN HIM UP.

Again my pissed off attitude came BACK in full force and Danielle is just begging me to be nice. I went off and told her that I was sick and tired of being everyone's god damn taxi cab. If motherfuckas don't have a way out to a place then they don't need to be making the journey. He gets the car and he starts to clown and questions why it took so long. The whole time Danielle is just elbowing me and looking at me just begging me not to say anything. I don't.....for now.

We get back to the hotel room and I'm expecting Danielle to get in contact with Todd because she had been telling me that we would meet up with them and since she was a bartender she would hook us up with some drinks. So NEEDLESS TO SAY ON THAT TIP AS WELL, we never heard anything. Now mind you, I have been couped up in the damn hotel room for a while. I decided I wanted to go down to FIRST NIGHT off of Grand Ave., with the free celebration that the city throws to ring in the new year. Of course since we didn't get there till 11:30pm and then Danielle wants to make a detour which is out the way back to her home so she can you the damn toilet. We finally find a parking spot but only ended up staying for 20 minutes. It was too damn cold and pretty much all the festivites were over with. I was ticked with that and then we go back to the hotel.

We get back to the hotel and everyone had migrated to JBASS room on the 3rd level. I went up there a few times, but eventually I was just so upset I decided to stay in my room. I was so bored I took a self pic in the mirror. Also our room was none smoking and our floor was also more QUIET. Larry eventually made it to the hotel also and joined them up top.

Later on they make it back downstairs to our room. Eventually Danielle, Keith, and Larry leave. After around 10 minutes, I decided to leave for a while just to get some fresh air and clear my head. I was just so dissapointed with the whole day and evening. i felt that I wasted my time getting dressed up. It was all for nothing I could have stayed in some jogging pants and a husband beater. Eventually I went to Steak and Shake and got something to eat. Kamina gives me a call and I let her know I'll be back within 10 minutes. I get back and Danielle, JBASS and Kamina are all in the room. I chill out and eat my food.

The evening comes to close Kamina and JBASS say there goodnights and I take my ass to bed. All I have to say is that, IF ANYONE KNOWS OF ANYTHING JUMPING OFF FOR NEXT YEAR HOLLA AT A SISTA. I told Kamina that I will be kicking it REGARDLESS next year, fuck the entrance fee. So again I hope your Next Year's was better than mine. Lord knows mines wasn't.

note: I did take some pics and uploaded them so you can see them thru my Flickr website off to the right. So enjoy.
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