April 27, 2006

BBM (Bitter Black Men) BEWARE

Today while I was checkin out my MYSPACE mail, I received an updated message from someone who had been on my site by the username CI. His message and my responses are as follow. Warning please start from the BOTTOM and read UP. It's easier to flow that way.

Apr 27, 2006 5:28 PM

RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: nice picz but...

u know what? how about you just don't bother me anymore, if you were an intell- MAN, you would know not to judge a book by it's cover until you've read it all the way thru. But again I'm not gonna waste my time so how about you don't waste yours. -----

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From: CI Date: Apr 27, 2006 5:24 PM Its clear that U have no idea...And most intell- women know who they'll wake up to.

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From: jasmine Date: Apr 27, 2006 3:22 PM well I didn't live in that time so I wouldn't know. But I Do know what I'm attracted to.

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From: CI Date: Apr 27, 2006 5:17 PM lol..tell that to those dead slave women...

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From: jasmine Date: Apr 26, 2006 7:33 PM lol no, I like any guys regardless of ethnicity. As long as they treat me with RESPECT I don't give a hoot good god damn what color they are.

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From: CI Date: Apr 26, 2006 5:34 PM After veiwing your site, it seems that you like the white- boy type...

Now mind you I have NEVER spoken to this person and he automatically thinks he knows me. HUGE mistake. I can't stand narrow minded ass people. I like who I like. I love black men, yet that is not going to stop me from kickin it and getting to other people of other races and nationalies. To me you limit yourself if you only live INSIDE THE BOX, if you don't step out of it, you don't know what you are missing. Unfortunately this idiot lives in same city as me so I pray I won't ever have the DISPLEASURE of meeting him, this is one Black Boy, I wouldn't care to wish on anyone else, black or otherwise;)

April 23, 2006

Plus Sizes Becoming More Mainstream

By DEBORAH YAO, AP Business Writer
Sun Apr 23, 4:17 PM ET

Kathy Curtis waded through a sea of colorful camisoles, gypsy skirts and lacy tees at Lane Bryant, shopping for a deal.

The 45-year-old suburban Philadelphia resident can afford to be picky. As a size 20, she didn't use to have as many choices in plus sizes. But more retailers are finally paying attention to customers like her — if she doesn't like Lane Bryant, she can shop elsewhere.

"They could do more, but things are much more stylish than they were 10 years ago. Five years even," Curtis said. Before, "they figured, give them a couple of extra large tops and they're happy."

April 19, 2006

On the Road again

On the Road again……

Well today folks I received an email along with the rest of my colleagues that we will be officially moving BACK to the towers. Originally this is the place where I originally worked before being moved to our PRESENT location. I must say that I’m not too happy about the move. As well as my co-workers are not either.  Yet we will prevail and just deal with it. Unfortunately the HUGE drawbacks to the move back to the towers are as followed.

  1. We will be on the 5th floor, so fire drills will be a pain in the ass. Especially since we don’t seem to be able to HEAR the alarm when it goes off in the first place.

  1. We will be on the 5th floor, so when it is time to leave for the day, we have to make sure that we are ready 10 minutes in advance, just to make sure we can get on an elevator without having to pass up at least 3 because they were already full.

  1. The cubicles at the Towers are at least 1/3 smaller if not a ½. This means I have a serious dilemma as far as placing my spice rack and pinning up my important papers. I also have to condense my stuff to be able to fit in 2 places instead of 4, NOT COOL.

  1. Parking can be a bitch if you don’t get there by 7:30 A.M.

  1. It can get hot as hell on the 5th floor so I need to make sure to bring my fan with me. Since the air conditioner from what I’ve heard is STILL having trouble.

Now the advantages to the Towers are as follows.

  1. They have a mini workout place on the 1st floor so if I want to workout there I have that option. Not that I didn’t still have the option once I left the first time, it’s just that the WALK to get there without my car would have been pointless.

  1. Great little deli/restaurant on the 1st floor where the main chef Fred can remember your favorite dish. Such a sweetheart;)

  1. On the 5th floor there is a lounge/cafeteria where I can once again enjoy my 15 min. breaks of slumber in their big comfy chairs.

  1. There are more computers there to check your email and anything else I want.

  1. One of my favorite news publications THE RIVERFRONT TIMES is available there.

  1. My cousin is still over there, so I’ll be able to see him more and kick it with him when I can.

  1. I am ASSUMING on this part, that there are not as many ghetto people at the towers as there are in my building. Your residential Compton, if you will. Yet you never know, so I’ll wait to pass judgment on that once I get back over there.

So I have to start SLOWLY repacking stuff and gather all of my computer files so I can take them with me to my new cpu AGAIN. Oh well back to the drawing board.

April 17, 2006


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

April 16, 2006

Happy Easter;)

Well the time is 9pm and pretty much my easter festivies are over. It started unfortuately with a bad situation from the previous evening. Just a note to those who own a bluetooth headset. If you are considering buying a bluetooth holster DO NOT BUY the MILANTE MIL-25FVZ. This holster "fried" my Motorola H3 bluetooth headset. The reason being is that the holster has a very strong MAGNETIC CLASP and it pretty much "warped" the inside of my bluetooth headset rendering it useless. Needless to say I didn't get that much sleep last night especially after I wrote a complaint letter to the Milante company demanding reimbursement for my now defunct headset. So I'll see how THAT dilema goes.

Ok now back to this morning. I picked up my girls, Kamina and Danielle around 11A.M and we went to Dave and Buster's to meet up with our friend Larry for an Easter Brunch that D&B was hosting. So Danielle treated me because I had yet to receive my new debit card from the catasrophie that happened last week. We enjoyed the food, ambience, talking, and then decided to play some games. We stayed there until 2:50pm and then bid Larry goodbye. On our way home we decided go see Scary Movie 4 at the Saint Louis Galleria, where Kamina treated Danielle and myself. It was funny as hell, but please do not go to the movies expecting ANY KIND OF LOGICAL PLOT WHATSOEVER. Okay you have been warned. LOLOL

After the movie, I dropped Kamina back off to her apartment, Danielle off to her house, and I took my black ass home. My mom made a Turkey, green beans, carrots, dressing, and cornbread muffins. Yummy Yummy Yummy. When I got back home, my parents were gone and I had yet to see my sister who had left the house around 3A.M. So by 7P.M. this evening everyone was back home, and now I'm about to go mop the kitchen floor. So to all, I hope you enjoyed your Easter Day. Take care and God Bless. MUAH SMOOCHES!!!!!!!!!!!

April 15, 2006

Idiotic Templates from Blogger

Since dealing with an annoying problem with one of my blogs, I have come to a conclusion that it is FUCKING irrating when shit doesn't work. Take for example some of the templates for Blogger just don't want to cooperate. Since I've been working on a particular issue for the past 48 hours still to no satisfaction. I've had to resort to putting up the link to subscribe to that blog, which is the other blog I do, on to my main blog

Another issue of their templates is CHOICE!!!!! Can we PLEASE get some more templates the ones that are on the page or old at best and nausicating at worst. Beyond that I don't really have anyother issues or gripes but I'm pretty sure something else will come to me.

April 10, 2006

update to this already crappy day

So after my already horrible day I decided I need to blow off some steam with a few games of racquetball. So I head down to Forest Park and praying I don't run into any major Cardinal traffic since our opening game happened to be today. Well I get there in one piece around 6pm. I was playing by myself since I really didn't have a clue about how the rules were and I was the only one there. Then this guy came over and asked if I wanted to play, I said sure but warned him that I was a beginner. He was kind and tried to teach me but the way he was serving the ball I didn't even have a chance. So after about 2 games we said our goodbyes and again I go back to playing by myself.

Well around 20 minutes later a nice lady comes by and ask if I would want to play. I told her sure no problem since I STILL didn't know the rules of the game she was kind enough to teach me. Well we we 2 rounds and i must say that they lasted a whole lot longer and I definitely did get a work out. Afterwards we go to a bench and watch some other people play and we just talked. We exchanged numbers and plan to meet up on Wednesday to play some more. I had a good time and I know I burned off some calories.

Well as I'm pulling off and trying to get out of the park, I get stopped by a cop. He tells me that I didn't make a complete stop at a Stop Sign. I didn't even notice a stop sign so I had to give him my license and insurance. Well guess what?????????? The insurance paper in my car was past due by 3 DAYSSSS AUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHH. So I was given a ticket for the damn Stop Sign but I was lucky to get off with a warning on the insurance. Needless to say I'm still in a somewhat grouchy mood and I just can't help and pray that Tonya and Andre both get a really bad case of crabs, syphillis, gonerhiaa, or anything that will make them break out and itch.

But in the end my body is letting me know that it felt the workout that it needed and I made a new friend. *Yawn* it's time for bed, so take care and good night

Update to DCMIA (Debit Card missing in Action)

Well I can say that I am offically pissed. This morning I made it a point to leave my job by 12pm so I could be up at the bank to get my debit card that had been STOLEN by the one of the ATM machines this past Saturday at the bank near my house. Once I was settled in at work, I called up to the bank at 8A.M. and asked if the person in charge of the ATM machines was there yet. A nice lady answered the phone and informed me that no the person wasnt in yet. I explained to her my dilema and she told me it would be best to call ahead of time to make sure that my card was found. I told her okay no problem. Well as you remember from my previous post I said I was leaving my job by 12pm to take care of the situation. I left at 11:49A.M. I called again at 12pm as I was on my way there, and the same lady informed me AGAIN that the perosn had yet to show up. So I decided to go home and chill out. Well around 3PM I decided to call again.

I called up there and guess who answers the phone. The idiot who answered the phone on Saturday, Andre. I asked him if the person in charge of the ATM's had been there and he tells me yes the person had been there, but that my card was not in the pile......................(WTF??) So now I am immediatly heated up. I told him that is impossible because I SAW my card get sucked into the machine and I called him immediately after it happened while I was STILL IN THE DRIVE UP AREA INFRONT OF THE DAMN ATM. So how in the Hell are you gonna tell me you don't have my shit????????

His dumb-ass keeps spurting at the mouth that he looked thru all the cards and it was not one of them, then he gives the phone to his manager, Tonya. Let me tell you something. If there is something I have learned about when it comes to working, that when it comes to employees. If they are a dumbass chances are they learned from the master and let me tell you something, Andre would definitely be Robin, if Tonya had been Batman.

So now I have Tonya on the phone and I explain to her my dilema. Do you know this hefer had the nerve to tell me AGAIN that my card was not in the pile that was found and that even if it was in the pile I still would not be able to get my card back??????????????? PROPER PROCEDURES>......FUCK PROCEDURES, your stupid machine took my shit and now I have to pay a service fee to get a new card because of your fuck up!!!!

So my head is about to explode at this point. I tell her that I need the number to the company that is in charge of the ATM machines because somebody is lying at it's either the person who serviced the machine or someone at the bank. She tells me there is nothing that can be done because they own the ATM machines. I told her that was not the story that Andre gave me and that I'm being lied to left and right. I told her if I had been told in the FIRST place that I wouldn't be able to get my card back I would have been put in a complaint that SATURDAY instead of today and then had the other card cancelled and reorder a new one, with no thanks to you. Then she says well you can just order another card from your bank, I'm thinking BITCH don't you think I know that? Did I ask you that? Again there is a service charge to ORDER a new card, are you going to cover that? So she keeps saying over and over again. "I don't know what you are going to be able to do, we don't have the card here"

So I finally get fed up and ask for her full name and the villiage idiot, Andre's last name. I then asked for the number to file a complaint. She had the nerve to question me over it and I told her to give me the number. She complied and I hung up on her dumbass. I then called the Customer Service Number and reported the incident. Dealing with this bullshit is just another reason why I hate U.S. Bank. When you have to deal with idiots that work for a dumb ass company pretty much everything comes full circle and I sure got caught smack dab in the middle of it.

After all this i had to call my company and get a new card. Another big concern stemming from this whole is was that I needed to return some items and had used my debit card to pay for the transactions. I knew for a fact that at least one of the places requires you have the debit there so the card can be swiped. So I called my company and they told me that card number would be deactived and that I wouldn't be able to keep the old account number because for fraud and to protect my account. So I'm like Yippe Fuckin Yeah I'm getting screwed all the way around. So after I confirm that a new card will be there in 7 to 10 business days, I hang up and try to calm myself down because at this point I am just furious.

So I called one of the stores I needed to return an item to and they assured me that when i bring in my new card, that I would be okay and to give their name (Stacy) to whom ever I would be dealing with I was very thankful and appreciative. So now I just need to call the other business to make sure this will not be a problem as well. So in a nutshell I cannot access my money until my new debit card comes in since my bank is not a local bank. What I would give for some TNT.

Hope you have a better weekend and upcoming week than I'm gonna have.

Oh and also for those who are wondering what location so this doesn't happen to you.

U.S. Bank
Normandy Office
3855 Lucas And Hunt Rd
Normandy, MO 63121
(314) 381-1868

April 9, 2006

Interesting Weekend

Well this past Friday I went with a group of friends to go see the opening of the movie PHAT GIRLZ and I must say it was hilarious and uplifting. It really showed the struggles that women who are considered overweight go thru in society. The love story or should I say the 2 love stories that happen to go thru the movie were something else. It's nice to see that not everyone wants the same when they are looking for a companion. Yet even though some people are comfortable with their body size it doesn't mean that it is HEALTHY for them.

I know that there are men out there that are attracted to me and sometimes I wonder to myself WHY? I'm not the size 8 or 10 I used to be. I think my personality is great and that I have a good heart. Yet stereotypes have always existed. So for me getting back in shape is to help not only physically but in a way mentally as well.

Now fastforward to yesterday (Saturday). Why oh why did I have a shitty Saturday. It started off with going to the ATM near my house because I was trying to get some money out. Why in the hell did that damn machine take my card? Didn't ask me for my pin code just took my shit. You talkin about a sista that was HOT. I called the bank and told them my dilema. The guy who I was talking to was really pissin me off because his whole adittude was that I was pretty much fucked. I told him that was the only way I had access to my money and I needed my card. His response, nobody has access to ATM accept for the company that services them and they won't be back until Monday afternoon. Then he has the nerve to say it's no big deal just order another card WHAT THE FUCK??????????? Did I ask you that? NO!!!!!!!!!! I want my god-damn card!!! I told him that I don't bank there and that if they destroy my card they will be paying the service fee for a new one. I asked him what happens to the cards that get stuck in the machine, he says they normally destroy them. I was about to explode, then he tells me that since I called, that they would be on alert for it and make sure they wouldn't cut up my card.

I told him how do I know that they won't ACCIDENTLY FORGET? He says that he would make a note of it. YEA RIGHT. I don't trust them and I don't trust their damn ATM'S not anymore. So you know what I"m gonna do? Jasmine is going to let her Supervisor know that she WILL be leaving work a tad bit early on Monday and will be calling the bank to make sure that her shit is in tact because if I find my card is cut up, I'm gonna cut up and CLOWN in that bank. So pray for them, they are gonna need it. Not to mention I had just gotten paid this past Friday from my main job. So I don't have access to MY MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!

April 7, 2006

Friday April 07 2006

Friday, April 07, 2006

Well this week has been nothing but the norm. I mean look I couldn’t even think of a snazzy title to name this blog. The weather has been ok, at least so far. Of course if you are not counting the weird hail storm a couple of days ago. Then I guess it’s ok. Payday is always a good day, unless your check sucks. Looking down at my hands I need a manicure bad, not to mention probably be a good idea to get a pedicure as well. Been missing in action this week, I know some people have been trying to get in touch with me. Yet that is how I am. Sometimes I don’t want to be contacted and I will just act like a ninja and just disappear.

Last night I pumped up an Exercise Ball that I bought a long time ago. I wanted to start doing some exercises at home that I’ve been doing at the gym. I didn’t know it took a while to pump up those damn things; I damn near lost my leg. By the time I was done pumping the ball, I was too damn tired to try the darn thing out.

So I ended up just going to bed and BAM! Here I am now, just pecking away at this blog entry. Pray for me;)

April 3, 2006

15, 30, 40 (tennis terms, well except the last part)

15, 30, 40, ouch (tennis terms, well except the last part)

Well this past weekend was interesting to say the least. On Saturday, Kamina and I hooked up to play a friendly game of tennis. So I went to her place and we then proceeded to go to Forest Park. We finally find the Tennis Courts which are packed. We find a place to park and then find out we have to walk half around the darn place just to find the entrance gates. We see some people leaving the courts and we take the first court closest to the gates. Well we are playing and I’m working muscles I haven’t used in YEARS when after about 15 minutes of playing, a lady informs us that there is a waiting list for the courts and that a tournament was going on. LOLOL boy you are talking about embarrassed. Not to mention you have to pay to play. Well we weren’t feeling that too much so we decided to go play racquetball at the courts across the street, WITH our tennis racquets and tennis balls;) We had fun playing that for a while and then decided to go to IHOP for breakfast. I treated her to breakfast to say thank you for working out with me. We decided in the future to first eat, and then play tennis.

So we go back to her place to chill out and watch some TV. We both still have some energy and want to go play some more tennis. So we end up going to Tower Grove Park, driving around until we find the tennis area. We go in and find out they have fees as well, but a gentleman by the name of Jim was kind enough to let us play without paying. He informed us that if we were students we could join for $30 for the whole year. I told him when I come back next week, I would be signing up, Kamina said she would also. So we enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours there until 3:30pm. Then we quit so I could get home and get myself mentally and physically prepared for work that evening. Overall I had a great workout and I had fun. Hopefully this will help motivate me to get back in shape.

Now YESTERDAY (Sunday) with my body in some serious pain and I’m finally aware of how many muscles it takes to WALK, there was a really bad hail storm and the electricity went out around 5 times in the store at job #2. Once we finally shut down, I went to the movies to go see SLITHER. It was funnier to me than scary. Then I made the trek home. Once I arrived at my neighborhood, I noticed that a lot of houses were without electricity. Yet for the first time in over 20 year that I have recalled, my street STILL had electricity while others did not. I go inside just to make sure I’m not dreaming and sure enough I see lights and hear T.V.’s playing. So after taking a late night shower, I head off to bed and dream of baked chicken.;) Yum
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