December 25, 2007

Merry xmas

So today is xmas. Woke up about 7am and sent out my "merry xmas" text messages to around 30 people. Then went back to sleep and didn't wake up until 11am. Got some food cooked up around the house and kamina came through and we exchanged gifts. then I went to my aunt's house around 3pm for a xmas celebration.Alotta people were there. More than I expected at least. Took in a few nba basketball games and food was damn good. Left there around 6pm and then went to the house to drop some stuff off. Now im at danielle's house and im kickin it with her, her bro daryl, her housemate keith and his girlfriend. Torn between going home and going to the movies to see aliens.Can u believe I have the next 2 weeks off? I sure can't. So what am I going to do u ask? Anything I damn well please. So if u know me, holla at the lady and get at me. Merry xmas.

December 21, 2007

Just when you thought the holidays would be safe....

Well yesterday I had work at job #1 and was just your regular work day except for me having a killer headache. Well after work I went to Blueberry Hill in the UCity Loop for some lunch. Took a book along and just chilled out with one of their famous cheeseburgers, basket of fries, and water with a lemon. Stayed there till 4:20pm and hustled back to the job to catch the girls basketball game. I went to the office first to chillout for a few minutes and then proceeded to the gym where the game had already started.

The girls were playing Soldan and the game was definitely exciting to say the least. It was quite interesting because the head coach for our school team was an Alumni of Soldan H.S. So after we won the game, the teams went past each other to give high 5's and the opposing team kept say to Coach Sharp, "Traitor, Traitor, Traitor". Overall a great game with even crazier fans and spectators. Unfortunately the most memorable action was not on the court. It was outside in the parking lot.

While the game was going on my cousin, Mr. Clark, who also is a teacher at the high school came up to school to watch. He was sitting on the bleachers with some of the students when some time later he realized he didnt have his keys and went outside to check on his car. It was gone.... He informed Sgt. Lewis, Police Officer and our head of security in the high school, of what happened. They went outside along with 2 of our head Administrative MAIN OFFICE Officials to the parking lot and what do you know.......the culprits were 2 students, Seniors from our high school and they had been talking to my cousin while on the bleachers during the game.

My cousin told me they parked his car where it was originally. PUT THE ALARM BACK ON and gave him back the keys. They looked at Mr. Clark and he said that they were just playing a joke and didn't mean any harm. My cousin was so pissed he said he couldn't even look at them. One of the student's gave him back his keys and one of the police officers were trying to calm my cousin down and explain to him that unfortunately they in their mindset didn't mean any harm. Yet unfortunately they caused damage to his ride, broke out light guard on one of his headlights and cracked the front bumper. After they return the keys, Sgt. Lewis has them cuffed and sent to jail.

I didn't find out about the whole incident until I got home and the baskeball coach, Ms. Sharp called me and gave me the scoop. I then called my cousin to see how he was doing and he couldn't really form sentences because he was just that pissed. I had a feeling he was not going to have a good night. I know it wasn't going to get any easier because he had to throw a party last night at a place called the Kitchen K for Orlando Pace and I bet that was on his mind.

Sure enough this morning my cousin calls and tells me that he's not coming in because he is still upset about last night. So I told him no problem and that I would find him a replacement for today. He then informs me that he has some stuff that needs to be picked from his classroom and also that he has a remote control that belongs to the T.V. in his room and I told him that I would go by his house and pick that up for him.

So I go by the house and his mom is also there as well. We talk for about 20 - 30 minutes about the incident and he is debating about pressing charges. I told him my personal opinion which was I felt they needed to be charged. Just because their upbringing might be different doesn't excuse them from the fact that they commited a crime. I already had heard that they were going to get 10 day suspensions but to me that's just not enought. So I told him that I would take care of his business and I would see him later on today.

So I finally get to the job about 8:15am, and already it's becoming a very long day. The system we use to deal with school attendance, records, grades.....the WHOLE NINE YARDS is not online. So that does not mean good news for me. Beyond that nothing really interesting except some weird chick calling my Sprint phone asking for the previous user. I just laughed to myself and deleted the voicemail.

Oh well have merry, holly, jolly, and all the other stuff that comes with it:) Go find some mistletoe and get busy;)

December 14, 2007

xmas is almost here.....couldn't tell.

What's up people. I'm coming to you live and direct from the dining room table cpu. lol. Took a day off from work because......I needed to. Xmas is around the corner and I haven't been in the Jingle Bell spirit. Don't know why but it just doesn't feel like Xmas to me. Maybe cuz the lack of snow. Which I'm not upset about. As far the cold front? Plenty of that. I don't know I'm just looking more to xmas vacation than the holiday itself.

My parents will be going to Cali, I think to celebrate the holidays there. Which will leave my sis and I to go to our Aunt Charolette's house. Well at least me, Di will probably be working at her job. Beyond that this week has somewhat sucked. My palm pilot started to malfunction, my 5 disc-DVD changer has gone bonkers, and the cpu speakers have decided to go on SOMEWHAT of a strike. I dealt with the Palm Pilot last night and decided to get a store credit so I'm deciding what to get with it. Either a Nintendo Wii or put it towards my Xbox 360 Pro or Elite. Decisions....decisions....decisions....

I also want to give a late birthday shout out to my boy Diz up in NY, his b-day was Dec. 12th and I just to say "my bad" I tried to type up something on my sidekick but it wouldn't work. I did get your email.......I did try though, but I'll still post something. For my other Dec. b-day peeps, wish you well, I didn't realize how many friends I had with Dec. b-days until I checked Myspace. lol. Oh and you know who are if I don't wish you well. May Santa give ya hell and brimstone wrapped nicely with a coal bow.;) With only my best intentions.

Anyways, don't have any major plans for New Years yet. But with my rowdy group of friends, I'm pretty sure that will change. One more week people and I'm finally free. Pray that I don't go nutzy on somebody's kid at job #1. Oh well have a great weekend.

December 10, 2007

Old friend, new face

Well this past Friday I had work but left around 12pm to go to UMSL to see one of my professors. After my meeting I went to the Library to get on one of the cpus and just chillout for an hour before leaving campus. After being on there for a hour an ole elementary friend of mine by the name of Michael Townsend, scared the hell out of me. I was so focused on my cpu screen that I barely had time to recognized a chair being pulled up to my cpu and he was sitting in it.

We exchanged hugs and we played catch-up on each other's lives. He told me about some personal issues that he was going through with a chick. I gave him my insights on the situation and we talked for at least an hour on it. It was such a damn good convo, the time was just flying left and right. He asked me if I had spoken with Jeff and I laughed. I told him what went down between us and he looked at me in shock because appareantly the story he was given was in complete contrast to my own.

I just shook my head and told him I wasn't surprised. Unfortuantely with him you never knew what came out of his mouth was truth or fiction. Personally I think he's gotten so good at telling lies not even he can tell. I asked Michael how Kayla was doing and he said she was doing pretty good. It's weird, I think about her all the time wondering how she's doing yet I don't give her father a 2nd thought. In one way I'm happy that I have inner peace for dealing with the situation. Yet, in other ways it sad because it makes me think damn, to have such a distaste for another human being because of their actions is just sad. Oh well life goes on. Mike then gives me updates on other things going on and after a while we exchange numbers and promise to keep in touch and get together and shoot the breeze.

Main thing I told him was that for him to get his life right he has to surround himself with the right people. Stop dealing with people that don't have goals or could care less in reaching them. Smoking and Drinking is just a waste of time if you haven't accomplished what you want to do with your life. DON'T LET PEOPLE USE YOU. If you think they just have you around for THEIR benefit, CUT THEM OFF. Some people only feel good about themselves if all they have to talk about are THEMSELVES. Not to mention if they enjoy putting you down or making you doubt yourself, you need to let them go. The most important thing I told him is that he has to realize FOR HIMSELF that there are problems and that he wants to change them. Your friends and family can always suggest to you how to handle things but until you actually stare it in the face and acknowledge it, you will not overcome. When I finally realized I needed to cutoff certain people that did not have my best interest at heart, I became a better person. I'm not picture perfect but I'm standing on better ground than I was earlier this year.

When I saw Mike on Friday, it was definitely a different person from the one I saw back in March and April of this year. I saw a person that looked serious about life and focused on what he wants. I saw someone who had his eye on the prize. I saw someone who had awaken.

December 7, 2007

Holidays are approaching

I thought I would share this video of one of my favorite Jazz Artist, Jamie Cullum with his version of LET IT SNOW.

Also the snow has arrived in the STL. Not too happy about that classes are pretty much done for me. One class I did good and the other well.....I rather not talk about. Work at school is also coming to a close and I will be on vacation offically on December 21 until I have to go back on January 7th 2008. Of course I will be working job #2 but only on the weekends. I have no plans for changing my schedule and I feel sorry for them if they ask.

This year has been filled with ups and downs. Yet it will be just another year for me to archive away in the back of my mind. Once christmas blows over there will be New Year's Eve. I wonder what I'll do (or who) to ring in the New Year. No No just kidding, I'm not a bad girl, but it's nice to dip your foot into the wild side every once in a while......and I am so long overdue;) don't ya think?

November 29, 2007

You'll never guess who I met at UMSL.........

Ok folks for those who are familiar with the porn industry the man above probably needs no introduction. For those of you that are not........(cough cough) the man above is none other than Ron Jeremy, the Legendary Porn Star.

Ok now at this time you are probably wondering how did I take this picture and still be able to keep my clothes on? Well mind you we were in a public setting at the University of Missouri Saint Louis Campus where a special porn debate was being held between Ron (for porn) and another person, forgot his name (against porn). The debate started at 7pm in the Millennium Center on the third floor, and I was able to get there by 7:30pm. It was pretty much a packed house, at least 300 people from what I could tell. So I took up some space on the back wall and listened to the debate. People were allowed to ask questions, some actually interesting and others wouldn't shut up and get off their soapbox's.

I must say Ron Jeremy definitely won the debate hands down. His intellect and humorous ways as well as the way he could spew off facts about the industry were equally impressive. Around 9:15pm the debate was over but we were allowed to do a meet and greet with him and I knew this was an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up.

For me this wasn't just about meeting someone from the "Forbidden Industry", it was more about meeting the VERY first person I ever saw over 15 years ago on a Porno Tape, it pretty much introduced or inducted if you will, into an ALTERNATIVE way that people enjoyed having sex. With my Catholic education upbringing it was abstinence all the way and when you did do the deed it was in the missionary position and that was it.

I remember that fateful day........because I stole the vhs tape;) It was either Thanxgiving or Christmas back in the 90's, one of those holidays when my family went out of town to go to Chicago to visit some of mom's relatives. At that time my mom's three brothers lived in an apartment complex that had 3 floors. Each brother had a floor and two of them were married with families but my Uncle Miller was a bachelor who lived on the lowest level.

Well some of my cousins decide to just have fun and go through each floor level to see what mischief we can get into. Well there was food on the first and second levels, but on Uncle Miller's level there was an 8 track system (yes I said 8 track) and we were just fascinated by these big ass cartridges and how they could play music. Well as my male cousins were checking out that equipment I decided to go into my Uncle Miller's room and check things out.

In front of his bed is a stand with his tv and vcr. Below the stand is a box with vhs tapes that say on the outside box covers HOME VIDEO'S. So being a teenage girl I'm thinking "WOW he has some home made movies COOL" So I slip a tape in and turn on the T.V. and press play on the VHS. The white scrambled screen comes on and this WEIRD title comes on the screen. Then what do you know? I see none other than Ron Jeremy come on the screen NAKED trying to make out with a manaquin.

So you know when you get that famous blank look on your face and your head tilts to the side and you are like, "WTF" yea I had that look. So needless to say my cousins start to come in the room because apparently they were calling my name and i wasn't responding. Gee I wonder why......... They stop in their tracks and watch the screen as the manaquin comes alive. Next thing you know Ron is giving it hard and crazy to this chick on a bed, and then all of a sudden they start to do a "69", doggystyle, they give each other blowjobs, and all kind of other stuff. It was a pretty long scene and after that it went into another little "skit", so we decided to eject that tape, try out some other HOME VIDEO'S that were in the stash.

By this time my glasses had fogged up and I didn't realize why until years later that it meant that i was "excited". lolol Yet at the time his basement was cold I though it was just the cold air foggin up my glasses. Who knew...... Well after a few hours some of the adults were trying to find us so we had to clean up quickly and I decided along with my cousins that we wanted a bit of a keep sake from our memoriable experience. So his stash became about 5 tapes "lighter".

Oh did I mention I still have that tape to this day?? God bless that man.

November 28, 2007

Turkey's done for, forget the Eggnog, just give me Xmas Break;)

Hey people. Right now I'm at UMSL but I'm here not doing school homework (if you can believe it). I'm here because at job #1 guess whose network decide to take a bit of a nap? So I'm not having a good day already and have to top it off with that problem. Well I get fed up with the place and inform my Principal that I'm leaving to go to UMSL to get work done from the job so I don't waste anymore time than I already have.

I leave about 10am and don't get a parking spot till 10:25. I kinda of forgot that the campus would be a tad bit more crowded in the morning than in the evening. So I finally get to the library which is where I am now and I'm finally trying to find a cpu. I get on one and get to work. Just got done with the major stuff for today. That I am happy about, but then I realize I have to go BACK to work......NOT COOL.

So besides that I didn't go to work on Monday, because I damn near had a meltdown with the damn Black Friday shit at job #2. Put in over 30+ hours from Friday to Sunday, that's 3 damn DAY's oh and not to mention did I mention the regular hours I put in at job #1? I swear even having Thanxgiving day off I felt I was still working because I had to deal with cooking the food on that day, not to mention prepping some of the food a couple of days before. Last week was just a nightmare.

So I called my boss Monday morning and told him I needed the day off so I could recoup and catch up with school homework. So I go to UMSL campus and get some work done in my English class. Which by the way I feel absolutely wonderful about. Yet as I'm leaving the SSB computer lab on campus I start crying because I'm failing my Economics class. I hate the subject yet I passed Macro but for some reason I cannot pass Micro and I've taken the class more than once, at least 3 times.

I decide to see a counselor while I'm on campus. I go to the Millenium Center and sign-in to speak with a counselor. Not shortly after meeting the woman I break down and tears and I let her know my dilema and I ask her do I have to pass Micro to still stick with a Business degree and she told me unfortunately yes. I just shook my head because I'm at the point I don't nor will I take the class again. So if I have to change my major than so be it.

She asks me questions in regards to what I like to do and I informed that I have many interests but I enjoy technology mainly with computers. I told her how originally I wanted to be an MIS major but after taking some of the courses and failing I realized I was not smart enough to go that route. Which is just another disappointment of many. I don't like math, actually I HATE math, unless it's simply arimathtic, I avoid it like the plague. Yet she informed me that I had to also have calculus. By this time I couldn't see anything pass my pair of glass because of my tears. I just kept shaking my head and thinking I can not keep doing this.

I asked her what were my alternatives if I didn't go the business route anymore and she drops a bombshell on me that I would have to take some foreign language classes. Do you know how long it's been since I have had a spanish class? 10 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!! So here are my fucked up options, don't do Business take foriegn language classes or do Business and take Micro all the fuck over again and still take a damn Calculus class.

She suggested I take some test on campus that will help me figure out what I'm good and and possible career paths. I just nodded my head and took the information. I asked her if there were any classes I still needed to take in regards to what I call the "bullshit" courses and she stated that I had some I still needed to take so I signed up for one course for the next semester. I thanked her for her help but I still felt horrible when i left. I didn't even bother going to my Economics class that evening, I went home and just cried my eyes out.

Then I thought things couldn't get any worse until yesterday. I had my favorite class that day, business writing so after class, I needed to take out some money and I remember there was an ATM on campus. I go to withdraw some money and as I'm waiting for it to dispense, the machine is malfunctioning and it states that it couldn't dispense the funds. So immediately I get to a cpu on campus and I check my account. The money was shown as being withdrawn. IMMEDIATELY I call my debit card company and explain to them the problem. They said the problem should reverse itself within 48 hours. I was so pissed off about he situation I stated and if that doesn't happen then what? She states it could take up to 90 days to rectify.

I told her I would be waiting on Thursday and if I didn't have my money by then, they would get another call from me. So I was just superpissed with that shit last night and decided to go to Hooters to calm down. I watched some basketball games and decided to call it a night. I am just having the worst week. I can't wait for xmas break.

November 21, 2007

Almost a Day of Thanx

Hey yall sorry it's been a minute since my last post. Been busy with work and school. Last night I was helping my mom prepare Thanxgiving food for the house. Granted she and my father are going out of town today to Kentucky to visit two of her sisters.

So for our house we prepared the Turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, ham, corn and I think some other items. We didn't get done with that till 11PM. She stayed up later to work on some sweets she was carrying with her out of town and she didn't get to bed till 4AM. So for thanxgiving over my Aunt Charolote's house, I'm bringing green beens.

I originally wasn't concerned about food for the house or quite honestly going over anyone else's. I was just going chill at home and play my xbox game: Grand theft auto san andreas. I've really gotten addicted to that over the past week.

I'm at job #1 right now, just got off the phone with Domino's and ordered some pizzas for some of the students who were rewarded with perfect attendance. I can't wait to get out. The weather seems great to me. It's a bit cold mixed in with some rain. I could just sit on the steps outside for hours.

Well I hope you enjoy your thanxgiving. Give thanx for your friends, family, your well-being and anything else you want. I'm giving thanx for all those plus a lil bit extra. Everyone always gives thanx for what they have but for me it's that as well what I don't have or want anymore. So this thanxgiving is very special for me. Happy Thanxgiving to all;)

November 9, 2007

you ever feel like you are forgetting.........(what were we talking about?)

Yesterday I can officially put on the list as damn where did my mind go day. Yesterday as I was on my way to work, I put the burglar alarm on to the house and made it to my car. I realized that I forgot something and in my normal Jasmine mode, kicked the car, said a curse word and then turned back to the house to retrieve the forgotten item.

I open the door and of course the alarm I had just set, start to beep in warning that I need to put in the house code to deactivate the system. Well this is the part that gets pretty sad. You see right there in that moment of time, my mind decides to play a game of SCRABBLE and I just blank out right in front of the keypad.

I'm trying all different types of codes in my head and of course by this time it was too late and the main security system goes into effect. I try to use the house phone but it wouldn't work. The house horn is blaring and I run to my car, or maybe it was more of a gallop, I couldn't really tell ya. I get my cell phone and call my mom and ask her for the code.

I run back to the house and deactivate the system. So I'm expecting the cops to come any minute now because well, it's a house security system. So I'm waiting 5 min.....10 min.....15 min... NO COPS. SO I get in my car and as I'm on the way out of the neighborhood my dad gives me a call and I let him know everything is okay.

I just couldn't believe the cops hadn't showed up yet. Kind of ticked me off they didn't show up but at the same time I'm glad they didn't because it was just embarrassing just to have to give that explanation.

Then I get to work, job #1 and it was Parent/Teacher Conference and it was somewhat smooth sailing for the rest of the day. That was until I had my evening school class and was on UMSL campus till 12:30A.M with a fellow group member trying to put some final touches on a proposal that we had written with 2 other people for our Business Writing Class.

So I'm at work TODAY and it's Teahcer Development Day, which means again another day without the students and I get to chill for a lil while in my office without any interuptions. Oh and I have a hair appointment and got paid at both jobs today.

November 6, 2007

hey yall

What it do? Hope you are doing okay. I'm cool. School Since the last time we've talked I upgraded my phone to a Sidekick LX. It's alright but I do have a few gripes and complaints. Holiday season is upon us already and at job #2 unfortunately that means our holiday hours are also in effect as well.

Parents will be out of town twice this month. So I'm wondering what to do about Thanxgiving. I know I can always go over my Aunt's house but with Black Friday the next day at job # 2, I know I will be putting in some serious time and I just might chill at home and relax.

Now some of you might be wondering what in the hell is Black Friday. This is the day AFTER Thanxgiving when all hell breaks loose at the retail stores and possibly even the websites. This is the day you will see people camping out 2 days before possibly just to see if they can get their hands on coupons that will be in limited quantities on certain items which can be laptops, desktops, plasma tv's, surround sound systems, just all TYPES of stuff.

for those wanting to check it on their mobile phones, assuming you have some type of internet on your phones, check it out at Ok well enough with the plugging;)

Well as far as the rest of my life goes, I went over my sis's apartment and met her dog Cassie for the first time, he is a Puggle. Which is part Pug and Buggle. He is very cute but unfortunately very hyper. He definitely needs to be put in training. Yet overall he is such a cutie.

I hope you all are well and are enjoying yourselves and this cold ass weather. Ta-Ta

October 27, 2007

guess where I went to yesterday...the E.R.

Well I had work yesterday at job 1. It was a half day for the students and a professional development day for the staff. I had some pain in my right ear beginning around 10am and it steadly became worse by 1pm. I couldn't take it anymore and decided I need to see my doctor. Now get this....I call my dr. earlier around 11:15am and found out that he had RETIRED!!! So the new dr. was there and guess what he was BOOKED UP for the day.

So the nurse suggests that i go to a hospital with an Urgent Care Facility. Not the same as an E.R. So I call St. Mary's Hospital and they say that they don't have an Urgent Care facility but Barnes Hospital does. So Im like DAMN I know it's about to be hood-city around this time and packed. So I inform my prinicpal, my cousin who works at the school with me, and call my sis to let her know what's going on too.

I drive myself there and park in the E.R. I get myself registered in the system and take a seat. About 45 min. later I see a nurse who takes my blood pressure 150/90 and I explain to her my symptoms. She states she'll put me on the urgent care list and that I will be seen quicker than some of the other patients because of what's going on with me.

Sure enough I speak to another individual and give him my insurance and then within a hour I'm taken to the back for treatment. Now this is where it gets funny to me. People who have been there before are becoming aggrivated and are cursing because they mad. Now they really are mad because they see my ass is about to get serviced quicker than them. I didn't say anything but just giggled to myself.

So now Im finally in the back and I have a room to myself and a dr gets to me about 40 minutes later. Inform's me that I have an ear infection that probably was from my cold earlier this week. She said it was really red and irriated. So she gives me some drug prescriptions and states I shouldn't go to work today. So I called my supervisor, Tracey while I was still there to let her know i wouldn't be at job 2.

They give me my stuff and I call my mom to let her know that I'm on my way home.As I walk out of the private area back into the waiting area, someone makes the comment, "I can't believe this shit, she got in and out within 4 hours that's fucked up." So I stopped turn to the lady and say "Next time come in and have job that pays insurance" and I walked my ass out to elevator with smile on my face and took it down to the parking lot to my car.

Went to Walgreens took an hour for my prescription to be filled. Did some shopping while there and then went home got drugged up and went to sleep. Oh and did I mention it was my parent's anniversary also. Gotta love the timing;)

October 20, 2007

Chrisette Michelle - Best of ME

I came across this song yesterday and it just made me sit down and think damn. It summarized how I feel every now and then. Thankfully not as much as I used to, but you know how old ghosts will creep up on you from time to time. Every time I play this song I can't help but smile;) It's my ringtone, ringback, and a full song on my verizon phone. Overall she is a wonderful artist.

Chrisette Michelle - Best of ME

I saw you again at the parlor,
Crossing the walk with your lady,
I caught your eye from a far off,
I noticed she wore a ring, mmmm,
I found a smile against my will
wish it was genuine.
I put away my desire
No more in love with you still,
Look I'm moving on.

Loved you, Lost you
Thought I'd give you all the best of me, uhhh
We departed, broken hearted,
I need to be free
What we had was oh so lovely
I'll swallow my pain,
It's my time to find the best of me

Can't be the type to be begging
Can't be the type to plead,
My mama made me much wiser,
What's mine will be just for me, yeah
I'm trying hard to just focus,
[ Best Of Me lyrics found on ]
I'm trying hard to sleep,
Promise I'm glad you're happy
When it's my time it will be.
Look I'm moving on. Oo hoo hoo

Loved you, Lost you
Thought I'd give you all the best of me, uhhh
We departed, broken hearted,
I need to be free
What we had was oh so lovely
I'll swallow my pain,
It's my time to find the best of me

Oh my, why have I been just so foolish
All these times
Not realizing the beauty that your eyes once saw in mine
I guess it's time to find the best in me

Loved you, Lost you
Thought I'd give you all the best of me, uhhh
We departed, broken hearted,
I need to be free
What we had was oh so lovely
I'll swallow my pain,
It's my time to find the best of me

October 15, 2007

Cool weekend

Hey yall what's up;) I know it's been about a week since my last post and I apologize. I have been busy. This past Saturday was Mina's birthday and Danielle and I took her out for dinner. We orginally had agreed upon Cheesecake Factory but Mina hit me up and told me the wait was 90 minutes. So that pretty much was a hell no. So we went to J Buck's in Clayton. I ordered an appetizer for us to share and then ordered for my main course a herb chicken dish. Pretty much it was trash and I was very dissapointed in it. The Cheesecake Factory version was to die for and that's what I had my heart set on.

So as dinner comes to a close we order Mina a birthday gooey-butter cake slice with chocolate ice cream. Afterwards she had to make a quick run and meet us back at the Galleria where she would pick herself out a present from the COACH store. She decided on pretty purse and since Mina was still going to kick it, Danielle and I decided to go back to my house. While we were out though we decided to just take in a movie and saw Tyler Perry's new movie, "Why did I get Married?" I have to give the movie A+++++++++++++++++++ across the board!!!! It's the kind of movie you could probably see 2 more times and not get bored.

Afterwards Danielle and I were discussing the characters in the movie and we both agreed that Mina and Danielle were definitely Angela's, Kai could definitely be a Diane, and I USED to be a Sheila strongly. Now I don't mean any of them in a negative way except for myself. I mean I notice different aspects of each character in my girlfriends. Patrina (another friend of ours) could probably be Janet Jackson's role. Actually now that I think about it Kai could also be Janet's role too......Boy it really made me look at relationships.

Oh well beyond that night, I had work on Sunday. I also had work Saturday morning too. Well I had work today and I'm taking off for tomorrow. I have a doc. appointment and just need some more me time. Suppose to meet up with the girls at Harrah's tonight for 25 cent wings special and be able to watch Monday night football (I think). pure bliss;)

October 8, 2007

howdy doody

Hey there hope all is well, Yes I took that nice lil ol vacation on Friday. Ya know what I did? I cleaned the damn house. Now isn't THAT a hoot. Yet I found that more relaxing and refreshing than going to work. So what does that say??? Well anyway I just chilled out the whole day at home. nothing much to tell on that day besides going out once I think. Yet I don't really remember what for so it obviously wasn't that fun.

Saturday- I had a 7am meeting, followed by work from 10am to 4pm. Took myself to the house and chilled out for the rest of the day. I might have gone out on that day too...don't remember. Damn i'm boring lololol


Monday- Had work, blah blah blah, had school, blah blah blah but decided to skip today and just come to UMSL (University of Missouri Saint Louis) to just study. Bored out of my Phuckin mind. So bored I don't know if I'll finish this sent....ance.

October 4, 2007

When you have reached the limit

I'm offically going to take a day off from work tomorrow. I just need it and yes it's just that bad. Today was something out of the wood works. Even I didn't think I could ever sink as low as I did today. By the time I went home, I was so far gone I didn't even say bye to people. i just packed up my shit and went home. Yet before going there I went to Lee's chicken to pick up some lunch. I get home and they shorted my order so I packed the food back up and get in my car and just burst into tears. I calm myself down and get back to Lee's so they can fix my order and then I go back home to eat it and try to calm down.

I don't make it to class on time, my favorite class, did the homework that was due and emailed my classmates with it and I get there about 40 minutes late. funny thing is that he is letting people leave EARLY so luckly my group is still there and I'm able to put input on our assignments.

I leave and I'm about to walk to my car when I realized that i promise to print up a list for a fellow co-worker at the library (which is where I am right now). Just got done with that but I'm wondering how I'm going to get it there to her. Probably will get to the job early so I can just drop it off to her.

My brain is just so fried with shit it's crazy. Sometimes I feel that when my plate is full of crap I just want to drop it on the ground and watch everything just shatter. Been one of the weeks.

October 2, 2007

Can we say flashback?

Ok so ya girl had school yesterday in the class she absolutely hates, economics. After class I go to the library and finish up my favorite class for work, Business Writing. After that I'm feeling absoutely bored and decide to go to Hooter's for dinner. While there I was talking to one of my favorite waitress at the bar, I decided that I could take in a movie while I was out.

So after getting the rest of my wings to go I head on out to the St. Louis Mills and go to Books-a-million and Old Navy to pass the time. Around 9:45pm I head over to the movie theater and go see GAME PLAN with the Rock. When I first get there I'm the only person in the theater. Then the funny thing was that I had to go find someone to START THE MOVIE. Maybe because they didn't think anyone was in the there. Overall I give the movie an A. I was shocked I didn't think I would like the plot but it really was a damn good movie. Laughed my ass off!!! After the movie I went home and went to sleep.

Then TODAY while I'm at work someone calls with a sexy ass voice and I'm like damn... So upon furthering the conversation I find out that he was a guy that I know from my high school single days that I had one of the biggest ass crushes on, Justin Tatum. I of course did verify that he went to CBCHS (Christian Brothers College H.S.). He's the high school basketball coach at Soldan H.S., go figure. Such a small world;) Also I have seen him around from time to time and he is STILL FINE.

October 1, 2007

UPDATE TO POST: For all you old heads that went to UMSL in 1999 and before POSTED ON 092007

Hey guys sorry for late update on this particular post. I called Carolyn Allen again today and left a message. She returned my phone call 10 minutes later and we spoke for 10 minutes. She told me that what I heard wasn't exactly right.

It's a scholarship that you have for the next 24 years, for around $500. The scholarship is available to be used once out of a school year. Which means you can choose to use it for the Fall, Summer, OR Spring session of a academic school year. NOT ALL THREE IN THE SAME YEAR. The application to fill out online will be active to complete on October 19th, 2007.

Pretty much in a hand basket you have to go to a website:

Here are the basics for if you qualify:

Qualifying Student must meet the following requirements; view the full Tuition Settlement Agreement here

The qualifying student attended one of four (4) University of Missouri campuses (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, St. Louis) during the period from Winter Semester 1995 through Fall Semester 2001 inclusive; and

The qualifying student was a Missouri Resident Undergraduate student at the time of attendance; and

The qualifying student was at least 16 years of age, but under age 22 on the first day of class in at least one semester during this time period

Again you want to call Carolyn Allen at 573-882-3611

where the wind blows

Well hello there. Hope all is well with you. Today is Monday. Had work this past weekend at job #2. Which was somewhat okay but better than the Friday that I had at job #1. Deadlines...Deadlines....Deadlines..... What can I say, my life is full of never-ending deadlines.

Yesterday after work Danielle and I grabbed some food at Applebee's and just chilled out. Mina was out of town with her family, Kai is doing well, and Amy of course is busy being a new mom;)

Another close high school buddy of mine, Laura had sent me a message via Myspace informing me that she had to have an emergency C-Section because there were some difficulties with her newborn. There were complications but luckly mother and baby are doing great. Baby is still at the hospital last time I talked to her and they are expecting her home very soon.

Of course I am still in school trying to hang in there. One class I'm doing great, the other I'm doing my personal version of the TITANIC. Sinking...Sinking...Sinking.
Sometimes I wonder how am I even surviving with the schedule I have. I work 7 days a week and have to go to school for 4 days. The only day I get a day off is if it happens to be a holiday, or I just say phuck it I'm taking a day off.

Lord knows my personal life is just virtually gone. The only time I feel as though I'm doing anything fun is if I have the time to get to the mall. That might be on a whim after I've studied.

Yet the really sad thing is when I say I have no time to do anything I literally mean to get to anything or further more get anything done to me. Yet that particualr part has been the case for quite some time. ha-ha-ha

Talked with Kai last night while I was on the porch and just enjoying the breeze of the night, the moon was a tad bit foggy but full. We talked for about 30 minutes. Went inside changed clothes. I don't know what the deal is when it comes to me and PJ's for some reason I just can't stand them. LOL but anyway I dozed off watching cartoon network's Robot Chicken and woke up to Ed, Eddie, and whatever the last part of the that show is called.

Was real tempted to call off of work but I decided to reserve that for a day when I REALLY need it, like maybe....tomorrow. Who knows.;)

September 25, 2007

hey there

What's up it's me. Well I'm in my Business Writing class waiting for it to start in 30 minutes. I had an Economics Test yesterday that I'm not feeling good about. I just don't understand the subject at all. Beyond that horrible evening, this morning wasn't any better. Sometimes I get the urge to shake some of the students at my job, but then when I meet their parents I don't want to shake them. I want to shake their PARENTS!!!!

Today I was sucked dry as usual and had to take my daily 50 minute nap. I just want the hectic pace in the office to just SLOW DOWN. Everytime I get done with one thing, something else pops up. I don't feel like I got anything done today. Sometimes I just want to go out on our football field and just sit in the grass so I won't be disturbed.

Well anyway today was payday from job #1 so can't complain much there. Just wish we would get them earlier like we used to by 12pm and not 1:30pm. Oh well I'm not complaining, it didn't bounce so that's all that mattered.

Oh and this past weekend was Di's birthday. It was on the 22nd and my family along with her friend met up at the Cheescake Factory to celebrate. We met up around 11am because I had work at 3pm at job #2, to close in the appliance department. So after lunch I bid everyone goodbye and went to my job around 2 hours early so I could study on my Economics test.

People cracked me up and asked why I was at the job and if I wanted to clock on early.............................................................let me think about that.................................nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo. So I studied until 2:30 and changed clothes and clocked on at 3pm. It was relatively slow for the night besides one sale. I was done with my department as far as cleaning by 5:30pm and went over to media to help clean up over there since the closer for the area did a no call no show.

Afterwards I went Applebee's and had a late dinner. Took a book into read as I was eating and left around 9:30pm. Went home and just chilled out afterwards tried to study for the economics test but became sleepy shortly after. Oh well, I'll probably get the results of the test tomorrow. Not looking forward to them.

September 20, 2007

Hey blogger workers...........

For all you old heads that went to UMSL in 1999 and before

Hey I was so happy about the HOOTERS thang I forgot to tell you guys about something that I was reminded about for UMSL students that went to the University of Missouri regardless of campus during 1999 and before.

University of Missouri was sued a few years back and they lost a decision regarding tuition fees. To settle up they had to come to some kind of agreement. SUPPOSEDLY it states that if you went to any of the schools before the given time frame you were entitled to receive an EQUAL amount of credits towards future University Missouri classes. if you don't get what I'm saying here is an example, I have been in the System since 1997. Since I took 10 classes between 1997 to 1999, SUPPOSEDLY I am entitled to 10 classes free to take towards future classes at the University of Missouri campus of my choice.

This was how it was explained to me by my English Professor. Apparently they have not spread the word about this because they obviously don't want to be out of any money. Oh well phuck em. After class that day I went to the Financial Aid office and they gave me the number to someone who is connected to the situation. If you are interested and think you qualify, you can call CAROLYN ALLEN at 573-882-3611.

Be prepared to have your student number on hand. Word to the wise IF YOU WENT TO any campus at that time, PLEASE BE AWARE that the student numbers HAVE CHANGED at least up at UMSL. I found that out the hard way because I had my old student number memorized. So call the Registration Office to your campus to find out if that is the case at the OTHER schools.

I called Ms. Allen yesterday and received a message today, I do plan on calling her tomorrow and hopefully I will have a follow-up soon;).

Make it a Tuesday night!!!

Ok so blah blah I had the day from hell again from job #1. Nothing new but boy let me tell you about my EVENING after school on Tuesday. I was craving some HOOTERS wings and I said hell why not. So instead of going to the Library as usual and getting my study on I said, phuck it, I am going to at least try to have somewhat of a semi-normal life and just go out and have some din-din.

So I get in my car (oh and did I mention my brakes had gone completely out?) and make my way to Hooters in Westport via I-170 and Page. I get there and see a huge crowd there. Didn't know why but was still able to grab a table and just chill out and read one of my many books. My waitress came through and took my order and about 10 minutes later some more Hooters woman came through and were sitting at a particular table.

My waitress informs me that every Tuesday they play Trivia Tuesday. It's free to play and you have to answer 10 questions correctly against the Hooter's girls that are playing that Tuesday. She asked me if I wanted to play and I said, sure. By the time the game starts I've already eaten my fries and wings so I'm razor sharp for the questions. At least 15 teams were playing but it was strange because I put my team name as JABO and I was all by myself.

The game get's started and the main subject is reality T.V. Boy you are talking about a chick was doing pretty damn good until they started talking about some damn VH1 shows like, I LOVE NEW YORK and THE PICK-UP ARTIST. Never cared for either show but I did watch maybe 2 or more episodes of I LOVE NEW YORK and that was at my former friend's apartment. So at the end of the game I knew I had about 6 out of 10 right but was pissed because it could have been a possible 8 out of 10 if I had gone with my insticts on 2 questions. So the hostess is tallying up points and announces 3rd place.

I thought well I know I didn't do good I only got 6 right. So then she states it's a sudden death match and there is a tie for 1st place. She calls one teams name and then she calls..............TEAM JABO. I'm looking at her like WTF????????? So I get up from my table and go to where the Hostess is and she states that the tie-breaker is to name all the American Idol winners in chrnological order from first to last. So I immediately start thinking I know the first three and when she yells GO I start on my list. My opponent gives his list to the hostess and she states that it's wrong and Im still working on mine. 15 seconds later I give her my list and she states that I'm THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it and I was just smiling from ear to ear.

She congratulates me and then presents me with a $50 gift certificate for HOOTERS She then asks me where the rest of my team is and I tell her that it was just me by myself. She looks at me in shock along with the rest of the place and they were clapping and whistling for me. It felt great!!! and not to mention it was my first time playing. I went back to my table and just sat there....couldn't believe I beat out over 10 other teams that had at least 3 people each. Man did that feel good. So as I left the person that I was up against for the grand prize congratulated me and I said bye to the people that were giving me high fives.

When I got in the parking lot I told my mom about it and she was like so I guess that means you will be treating me to dinner. I was like sure no problem. As I was driving home with no brakes I kept thinking damn I made out pretty damn good;0 But you do know what the killer thing is? I hate REALITY T.V. can't stand it!!!!!!!!! But boy did it pay off that night!!!!;) I'm Hooter's RICH BITCH

September 17, 2007

Even when I have a day off I'm still

Well today i took a day off from Job #1 so I could handle some personal business. yet the funny thing was I was still getting up at 5am in the morning so I could get some stuff done FOR job #1 for about 2 hours. so you know I'm putting in a time edit right? After that i get up and get dressed for my destination and I'm all done by 2:30pm. Had to run to job #2 to handle some business and then I was off back to my home. Oh and by the way, why are the brakes on my car barely working after just getting them fixed less than a week ago? Yea can't wait to tell pops.....

any way I get home by 3:45pm so i can take an ahem, ahem, nap;) and what do ya know? I have to be at school by 5:30pm. so needless to say that was shortlived. So I go to class for Economics (micro) and i'm barely able to stay awake. Not to mention it doesn't help that I hate the subject and i have a test on 4 chapters by next monday. Someone please give me some vicoden for the headache that's about to come along.

Just got done doing some English homework in the Library and I thought I would just type up this little rant while i was at it.;)

September 15, 2007

who am i....

Right now I'm at work at job #2. I've been here for over 7 years. i'm in the Sales Development office and I just got finished eating some smoked chicken that was catered to our Wireless Department for a contest that we won.

Last night I was in my room doing a clean up as well as a search and rescue for my MAC cosmetic brushes (worth over $600 bucks) which I have not seen since I came back from Chicago trip this August. I'm pretty sure I unpacked them but probably threw them some place in my room since we had new windows installed and was in a hurry to clean up my room so they wouldn't be snatched. Now is the problem of finding them and making sure in the first place that I had them with me when I did unpack from my Chicago trip.

Yesterday I had a hair appointment and had my hair relaxed. It's past my shoulders and straight. the same lady that did my hair yesterday is the same lady that has been doing my hair since I was a sophmore in high school. I'm 28 this year.

I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night and I go to my sister's empty room and will turn on the tv. I'll just sit in the middle of the room and remember where her bed and other furniture used to be. Don't get me wrong I'm happy for her that she moved out, but from time to time I do miss the pain in the ass.

Last night before I went to bed, I took my camera phone out and took pictures of myself. More to the point I took pictures of my face. Ive never really been comfortable about the way that I look. More comfortable in the past than in the present. I looked at the pictures and then went behind my bed and brought out a frame of picture of me that had been sketched by a man at the West County Mall over a year ago. I had forgotten about the pic and when I looked at it, it reminded me of a person from the past.

This past Friday I had work at job #1. A person that I used to be talking to off and on came up to my job because he had business to conduct. For a while I maybe I could really get to know this guy because I thought we had alot in common. This was back in November 06 to January 07. Yet I found out how conceited he was and how much he valued himself to constantly put himself on a pedistal to remind everyone else of his worth.

At first when we would start talking he thought it was best that we not put our business out in the open. I definitely agreed because this was a new job and personally I didn't think we had anything going on. We were just trying to get a feel for one another. Well it got the point he would come up to my job and he would just lil thangs to irriate me. He would say out loud and blatenly, "Hey how about you and me go get some lunch" in my office.

I looked at him and I'm thinking, didn't you say that anything we had to say to each other wouldn't crossover into work? I was embarrased and nervous because I could see some of the teachers and students looking on with interest. I declined nicely and told him that evening that in the future if you want to ask me something. That he needed to pull me to the side or call me on my cell phone.

He immediately apologized, but then he kept on doing it. It got to the point that with him constantly doing THAT along with some other issues I just decided not to talk to him anymore so seing him twice this weekend was a bit of overkill. He asked me this Friday if I wanted to go out for lunch and I told him, No. He asks why and I responded, because I said so and further more I have plans. He walks out of my office still with his professional smile plastered on his face but swings the door open like an upset child. all I could do was shake my head.

Unfortunately, I've seen it become a trend with some guys I've dealt with in the past that it's hard at least for me to really get to know a guy. I mean really get to know him. Depending on the guy somethings are probably more bound to irriate me than others. A perfect example. If a chick knows a dude and you both are cool, you might just like the guy as a friend. Sometimes you might exchange text messages and the gals are just on the joking manner. The dude from time to time might respond with some sexual intent behind. most of the time the chick just ignores them and just texts back some reply. Yet at times you get annoyed are like would ya just shut the fuck up with the dam sexual innuendos? That is just one scenario.

Oh hell, my lunch break is up. Oh well I just felt like ranting today. I have a surprise birthday party to go today down in the Delmar Loop. Take care and only 3 more hours at job #2 before I clock out. peace;)

September 11, 2007

hmmm....this place does look familiar.....

Hey people what is up? Sorry I've been out of communication for oh let see, over 2 weeks? Trust me it's with good reason. Been very busy with 2 jobs and school. This week alone has been something else. Of course I know it's 9/11 at the job #1 we had a moment of silence. I didn't even realize it until I was up this morning at my cpu and just happen to be paying a bill online and kept rereading the date over and over again.

Well today was definitely a day to put in the history book. Yet every damn day since school has started for these students that is pretty much how all my days end up being. Today was extra crazy because I ACCIDENTALLY ALMOST cussed out a parent on the phone. She had it coming too because she and I got into about 2 weeks ago previously on the phone. Pretty much transferring her son to another school, requires certain procedures. She thought I was about to skip those procedures. The bitch thought wrong and I let her know as much. It got to the point I let her know that she needed to call someone else after she threaten me and have them help her because if she called me again or even THOUGHT to come up to the school I was gonna kick her ass, fuck a job. Don't get it twisted I am the epitome of professionalism, but I will get ignorant on a muthafucka if you leave me no other choice.

Beyond that annoying episode. This past Sunday I went to the St. Louis Dub show that was held at the American Center. Had a cute outfit on but the shoes were killing and they ended up scarring my pinkie toes so I have to wait for them to heal. Talk about a bitch that was UPSET!!!!! I had to end up walkin the damn show without my shoes on, but luckily my jeans were long so you couldn't see my feet. The event was sponsored by job #2, so I was able to snatch a bracelet to get in free. I went with Danielle, Bridget, and Kamina.

As we are walkin into the place, my friends are just teasing the hell out of me, mainly because of the top I was wearing, it was checkered red and white. AKA they called it the Picnic Top and the way it was made, PRETTY much had the (girls aka bosom) well placed. LOLOL Oh well I didn't get any complaints, hell some guys weren't watching where they were going. I thought it was hilarious!

Point blank there were some damn nice rides, but overall it was just too damn ghetto for my taste. Of course there were fine men everywhere but that doesn't guarantee that their IQ's were on the same level. Saw some other people there that I recognized (sup Carlos), more co-workers, and even former co-workers that happened to be fired. Quite hilarious. We saw Bone and Lil Scrappy perform. Overall I would give the event a 3 out of 5. Don't know if I will go next year, probably not.

Oh well I'm in my Business Writing class which is about to start in 5 minutes. Take care of yourselves, regardless of who you are. Yea that goes for those I speak to all the time, sometime, and even those I don't barely give a thought too. Peace be with you and all that good shit;)

August 28, 2007

what upper

Ok so remember my last post when I stated that I had work oh I don't know about 10am in the boring??? YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA Well I get to work, my dad drops me off and as I'm heading back to the break room to drop my stuff off, Danielle informs that I read the wrong week and that I'm actually due to work 2pm to close. Oh so Im thinking damn I better call my dad back before he gets on the highway. Needless to say I catch him in time and we make it back home.

So I'm at home chillin doing some studying and sleeping some more until it's time for work FOR REAL THIS TIME. so I get back to work and it was really cool because we had 2 bus loads of Brazilians come in and do some shopping. I helped alot of people but really enjoyed helping a woman who was trying to purchase a PS3 for her grandson. it was fun trying to figure out what she needed and taking her around the gaming department to make sure she had everything she needed. My boy Trenton also came through the job with two of his friends. One of them I kinda clashed heads with because of her funky ass adittude.

The store stayed busy all the way up to closing. I was suppose to meet up with my boy Aaron who I hadn't seen in almost 2 years and I felt so bad because I went straight home I was so sleepy and tired I just zoomed home as fast as I could and called it a night.

Sunday- was wonderful though because I didn't have to work at ALL. I had set up an interview with my boy Trenton because in my Business Writing class I had to do an interview on someone I admire in the profession I want to go into. So hands down it was automatically Trenton. My mom prepared some damn good food, baked cornish hens, cream corn, garlic bread, HOMEMADE mac and cheese with the BIG PASTA, cabbage (Trenton's favorite) and some creamy rice mixture with mushrooms. I was in HEAVEN!!!

Trenton arrives at the house around 2 or 3pm. He brings along his girlfriend who is hella cool;) We chillout a while before getting into the interview. I must say I was proud of myself. I had questions ready to go and my tape recorder ready for the whole deal. It took about 20 minutes for the whole interview and it was great. I really received some great information and I wish I could have had some more but the interview was tailored for specific questions.

Monday- I had work at the regular gig and it was pretty hectic as usual but I had an interesting episode with an IGNORANT ass parent over the phone who just had to get across that she needed a transcript for her son and didn't want to follow proper procedure for them. So I had to chin check her and put her in her place and haven't heard from her today (Tuesday). Also worked on my interview paper which was due the next day.

Tuesday- Had work again and finalized the edits on my interview paper. Worked as usual without a lunch. I realized that I've worked my ass off at my usual work to the point that I haven't been able to take a real lunch since school started back for the students. Talk about getting hungry.......... Then at least on Monday thru Thursday I have to be at school for an hour and a half. FUN!!!!!!!! Oh then after class I go the library on campus and study for 2 hours and don't leave till around 9pm

So now I'm at class now typing this up on one of the classroom laptops. Hoping you are having a better day. Not hoping ALL of you are having a better day, but you know who you are. LOLOL What am i kidding i don't care!!! Have a slammin day!!! No I'm not coked out, I'm just acting silly.

August 25, 2007

First week of school done for

Well the first week of school is offically over in regards to my job and college work for me. It's been hectic having to work 7am to 3:30pm and then turn around and go to a class 5:30pm to 6:45pm. Now imagine doing this Mon. thru Thurs. Not to mention at least trying to go home in between getting off of work and school and trying to get in a quick nap. That is just not working well. So I need to change up my strategies and see what will work best for me.

Work has definitly been stressful to say the least. Still having kids register LATE trying to do other tasks and other people want to drop their shit on my desk. I damn near cried when work let out and not to mention the severe thunderstorm I walked into after leaving my job. Going to the bank to deposit my check and then on the urge went out to HOOTERS just so I could relax and chill for a while before I went home.

I've been so tired this week that I guess it finally caught up with me yesterday. I got home around 5:20pm and just went straight to bed. I woke up it was after 11pm. So I pretty much was up until 12:30am and then went right back to sleep. Got back up again at 6am to clean up my room but also think about some questions I have to ask my boy (Trenton) in a quick interview for my Business Writing class. He called me yesterday but I was just to exhuasted to talk.

So today I have work 10am to 6:30pm, who knows maybe I can get off of work a tad bit early depending on who else is working so I can devote some more time to my assignment. I'm relieved that on Sunday I don't have work at all so I can use that day to study on both my classes. Well I hope you all have a wonderful day. Not to mention I hope we get more rain.

August 20, 2007

Man what I've been through!!!

It's been a while since I've last updated and the thoughts that are going through my mind are over-whelming. Since then, I have been to Chicago, actually went from the 14th to the 17th and I must say it was a BLAST!!!! It was related to my other job for a woman forum called WOLF (Women of Leadership Forum) and I went with about 25 other people and this was a nationwide meeting so over 2000 people at least in my personal opinion where there. The members were scattered in about 3 different hotels. Danielle and myself stayed at a hotel called the Swissotel. Very swanky I must say. As far as getting to Chicago, my mom dropped me off at the Lambert airport and I happen to be at the same gate E6 where my Florida flight was from. Weird huh? So Danielle and I meet up and we see some of our DEN members and we chill out until our flight leaves about 12:30pm. We get to Chicago and in our hotel rooms by 4pm and then we have to get ready for registration and dinner which is being held at another hotel by the name of the Fairmont. Another hotel that is suppose to be fancy as well. The design was beautiful but the food was horrible. Dinner that evening consisted of dry ass chicken breast which I swear I could have added water and watched it grow, Chia-Chicken.

Afterwards I go back to the hotel room with Danielle and she decides she wants to chill in the room. So since I saw an AMC theater while we were walking from another hotel, the HYATT, I decided to take in a movie and dinner. I changed clothes and took in the sites as I was walking from my hotel room at 8:30pm to the movie theater and saw a couple on a speed boat and they were slowly gliding beneath the bridge I was walking over. Not to mention I realized the bridge I was on was the kind that actually splitt apart when a bigger boat needs to pass but can't go underneath the bridge. Pretty darn cool.

Anyway's I get to the AMC theater after a 10 minute walk and go into a bowling area that is connected to the theater called LUCKY STRIKE. The place was cool it had glow in the dark bowlling, pool tables, sports bar area, couches to WATCH the sports bar area, and tables for regular dining. After I was done with my dinner I went to the AMC theater area and bought a ticket to go see RUSH HOUR 3. Overall I gave the movie a C, it was okay but they tried too hard to be funny. I made it back to my hotel by 11:45pm and went to bed.

Next day we had breakfast AGAIN at the Fairmont Hotel and I woke up so I could get my free Liz Claiborne gift. YiPPE!!! So I got my gift and my breakfast and then we went to this theater called the Harris Theater and had an assembly where we had presentation by different Best Buy head people including the president Brad Anderson and the woman who started the WOLF idea, Jill Gilbert (?). so after that they prepared Lunch for us at the Fairmount again, and AGAIN the food was trash so I decided to leave and go back to my hotel and get a burger and fry. Then I make my way back to the Fairmount. Afterwards i went back to the Fairmount hotel and went to 3 different workshops of my choosing out of the 20 that they were offering between all 3 hotels. All three of mine were at the Fairmount, so it was easy to get to each one. AFter the 3 workshops it was time for dinner and I figured since they sucked at dinner the night before and lunch that day, I better just go back to my room and order room service.

So I left and went back to my hotel room and ordered some Italian from a restuarant nearby. Danielle and another person, Shannon came to the hotel room and chilled out before they left to go partake in dinner else where themselves. My food finally got to the hotel and I enjoyed it. YET around 3am in the morning why did I start having shooting pains in my stomach. Boy you talking about a miserable bitch!!!! I swear the toilet and myself became the best of friends up until 6am. I was still feeling like crap by the next morning and passed up the last workshop for the next morning.

I was just starting to feel better when it was time for us to have our last assembly at the Harris Theater and was able to get myself together enough to go see that. Afterwards they had some box lunches for people to grab and go. My den members had lunch at a little park area and decided on our Den name as the KODA WOLVES. Afterwards we went back to our hotel rooms got our stuff together and checked out. We waited for our shuttle bus and made it to Midway Airport by 2:00pm flight was scheduled for take-off at 5pm. Our flight was delayed twice and then we finally made it back to St. Louis by 7pm.

My cousin from Chicago happen to be at the house and when my mom picked me up from the airport we made our way to Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed a great dinner. So again I made it back from my trip this past Thursday and had been in Chicago since Tuesday.

So now I'm at work where the kids are offically back and the chaos has damn near peaked for today. Oh and then I have class myself this evening at UMSL. Oh and did I mention that I did get my 100% refund from UMSL on my summer class? Things are looking pretty good dont you think?

Also while I was with my mom a couple of days ago, we thought we saw someone familiar but then again I could have been mistaken............ You know such UNHEALTHY memory and thangs;) LOLOL (just playing) Hope you all enjoy yourselves. Ta-Ta.

August 9, 2007

What a week

Well today is Thursday 8/9/07. I'm at work right now and this will be my 2nd day of registration for the school district I work in. Yesterday was the first day and I was in charge of taking the students picture ID's. The flow of people coming through fluxuated from time to time. Overall it was a good time having jokes with the staff, parents and students.

I was done with that by 3:45pm and then went to the Delmar Loop and stopped by Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream place and bought a Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie. Afterwards I went to my favorite place by my house called BREAKAWAY CAFE IF you EVA get a chance to just chill out at a nice little quaint restuarant, give this place a try, my favorite dish they make is called:

Con Broccoli 8.95
Cavatelli noodles and broccoli tossed in a rich cheese garlic cream sauce.
With chicken 2.50

They know me so well, as soon as they see my face come through the door they just smile and say, "It's on it's way to ya Jasmine, just grab a table";) You got to love that. Yet yesterday I called it in to be a to go order and picked it up by 4pm. I get home and boy I'm smelling pots and pans just brimming with food;) I get to the kitchen and what do I see? A huge pan of lasagna and a pot with some shrimp creole with rice. Also on the stove was another pot of spaghetti meat sauce which mom later made for another pan of lasagna for Danielle, Mina, and Keith for their household to share.

Well later on that evening about 7:20pm I head on out to my sister's apartment with my mom. My dad was there 30 minutes later with a tv stand in the trunk of my mom's car. It was bought earlier at my job and I was going to put it together for her. That damn stand was heavy and once we got it in the apartment I took inventory of the everything to make sure nothing was broke or missing. Soon after i started readin the instructions my dad states he needs to leave to take care of some business.

So that leaves me with a big ass stand to put together by myself since I know my mother isn't going to do anything but lay on the couch and complain. About an hour into it Diahanna gets home from going to the gym. To her credit she did offer to help but I know I it would have only been a distraction. So after 2 hours the stand is complete, but for some reason I have 4 screws that weren't put in the furniture. I double checked the instructions and couldn't locate the place where they were suppose to fit, but then again the instructions were so lousy at one time I had one piece of the furniture screwed in the wrong direction, took about 10 minutes to figure that part out. But overall it should be okay for her tv.

After leaving her place my mother and I went to Danielle and Mina's, about a 30 min drive and dropped off the pan of lasagna at their house. We then made it back home finally by 12:40am and I helped my mom put the lasagna away. She took care of the Shrimp creole and I took my ass to bed.

Besides that ever since my previous post, the school has been pretty quiet. Just been chillin and kickin it with some of the staff that have been up here like me. Lucky us;) Oh and I almost forgot I'm going to Chicago 14-16 of Aug. for a women's forum related to my part-time job, so that I hope will be a very informative but also a fun experience. Then of course the kids come back on the 20th, so ask me if i'm ready for them?

Besides working at my other job on the weekends my summer has been somewhat quiet. Hope yours has been more exciting than mines;) Ta-Ta

August 2, 2007

Pics and Video of my trip have been uploaded;)

While I was down in Florida I took some videoa and pics. Below are the links so I hope you do enjoy.


July 31, 2007

I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Alright people I'm back from Florida, with a smile on my face, a bit of a tan, and a twinkle in my eye. This morning, I woke up around 7am and slowly sat up in the room I was staying in. I had already packed my clothes the previous night and only had out the items I would be wearing on the plane.

I took a shower and was ready. Kai was up and James was also getting ready for work. I got Aislyn ready and we were out of the door. We dropped James off at work and I said my goodbyes to him and then we took Aislyn to her baby-sitter.

Kai and I went to this Beauty shop, ULTIMA a place that is almost the equivilent of SEPHORA which is nation wide. Yet this place had damn near all the high end hair products, some makeup lines (not as good as SEPHORA), and a full salon service. Pretty damn nice I must say. Then we made are way to ROSS (a different version of TJMAXX and MARSHALL). Then we made are way to LINEN'S and THINGS and checked on some items there.

My final stop was at the MALL OF MILLENIA. A high end mall that pretty much would put the SAINT LOUIS GALLERIA, PLAZA FRONTNAC, and WEST COUNTY MALL to SHAME. Pretty much just make them look like NorthWest Plaza. I went to a few shops and did some last minute shopping but I did make one splurge purchase, at the SUNGLASS HUT I bought a pair of VERSACE wrap around sunglasses. Please don't ask how much:)

After going through the mall we notice that a strong storm has hit and Kai gets me to the airport with about an hour to spare. I get my bags checked in and we give each other a hug goodbye. I watched her pull off and then made my way through the hustle and bustle of the airport crowd. My flight left on time despite the weather and I also was on a FULL FLIGHT. Had a lil boy sitting by me with his father who was holding a lil baby boy. Ask me if I got any peace and quiet?

Finally touched down in Saint Louis after 2 hours in the air, and surviving on complimentary peanuts, Air Crips, 2 cups of Sprite, a naughty book, and my PSP. I texted my friends that I had gotten back in town about 6:20pm and my mom picked me up. I'm back at the house now just listening to an old Whitney Houston tune called STEP BY STEP. And that's exactly what I plan on doing.

Again I want to thank my best friends aka my sisters for sending me on this wonderful trip and to Kai, James, and Aislyn, thank you for being such wonderful friends and hosts but most importantly for being such wonderful family. I needed some time to rejuvenate myself and I felt that being there really helped. Thank you all so much;)

July 30, 2007

My last full day in florida

Well all good things must come to an end and unfortunately my vacation in Florida is one of them. I woke up this morning about 7am and just sat up in my bed reflecting on my time here with Kai and her family. I've had nothing but a wonderful time. Kai and James left early this morning to run some errands and so I kept watch over Aislyn. I checked my MYSPACE account this morning and saw I had some new blog comments to a past blog that I wrote called CLOSURE (5/24/07).

Pretty much it was a response I like to call the L-L-L response. LATE-(read the post on time so you keep up to date), LAME-ASS-(full of sorry ass excuses), LOSER-(Accomplished a whole lot of NOTHING) response to the issue of the post. I wrote my respone, he wrote his response, and then I wrote my third response on the subject. In honesty I feel sorry for him he walks around as though the joke is always on somebody else when he fails to see that he's the sorry-ass punchline. Sometimes I wonder how in the world did I ever think he was special. Quite simply I pity him. The only other person I pity far more is his daughter. I pray she never meets a man the way her father treats people or more to the point the way his behavior was towards me. Yet having met his family, I know she'll be alright.

Beyond that mildly annoying situation. Aislyn slept till 10:30am but when she got up she was ready to roll! We kicked it until 1pm when her momma came in and we all just chilled out around the house until it was time to pick up daddy and we left the house around 5:15pm. We picked up James by 6pm and then went to Best Buy. We chilled out there for 2 hours and then went to a SuperWALMART. These things are HUGE!!!! We decided on Fried Chicken and french fries for the evening. So now I'm here just contemplating my last hours before my flight tomorrow evening. This place has been a blast.;)

UPDATE: About over an hour ago 10:00pm, Kai gave me a glass of wine and we went into the garage and had good talk. Let me refresh was a great talk. We had one while in the car today and this one tonight we talked some more. I shed some seriously big tears and I felt better about some of the things we talked about. Afterwards we ate James's famous fried chicken and french fries. Right now we are watching a pre-recorded session of BIG BROTHER 8. So again I say goodnight and this time tomorrow I will be back in the good ole LOU;) ciou peeps. I holla

ANOTHER UPDATE: 11:55pm, On the phone with an ole elementary classmate, Amanda, she's in the hospital keeping herself stable because of some issues with her baby. She is in good spirits and her baby when she is born will be named Ava Lily;) I wish her and her family all the best;)

July 29, 2007

Still having a great vacation

Well you guys my vacation is slowly coming to an end but you know what? It has been absolutely fantastic. These past couple of days I've been able to go to different malls, go to a Martini club called the Blue Martini and the place was just packed with people. Had a great evening there talking with James, Kai and a few of their friends up until the point when we were about to leave and some asshole security guy tries to muscle Kai to giving our waitress a tip. Sad thing is she probably would have gotten one had the guy not been an ASSHOLE!!!! This of course happened Friday night. Oh and ya girl got seriously lit that night too. I had 2 sex on the beaches martinis and they were GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we hit up a mall after going to the movie theater and not finding anything that interested us. I was able to find a TRADE SECRET and replenish my hair maintance products. We also hit up 2 different Best Buys in the area, they were pretty nice. Of course there has been rain on and off since I got here and I must say even that is better down here than in Saint Louis.

Today we went to Daytona Beach and for the first time I was able to see the ocean and actually put my feet in the sand. It was phucking amazing. Kai took some pictures of me as I was giggling like a lil nut. I had a wonderful time just running in the water raising my gouchos up to my thighs and seeing how far I could go without getting my pants wet. yea that was too far. I wish I could have stayed there forever not to mention there was this HEFTY chick in a Bikini. I thought damn if she can rock it why can't I? I'll tell you why, because I have god given sense that's the hell why. Big people and spandex don't mix unless it is interwoven into a pair of jeans.

After the frolicking in the beach we head on over to a lil shopping mart area and decide to have lunch at a place called get this...........Bubba Gump Shrimp Shack. Yes it is connected to Bubba Gump the movie and I must say it was great atmosphere, staff, and I even had an alcoholic Lemonade, it was great. I was also able to see the outer area of the Daytona NASCARA racing speed track. Man I would not be able to suck up everything in one day.

I'm just grateful I have at least 1 more day to enjoy myself. Also my god-daughter had a mini vacaction herself with some friends of Kai's from this past Friday and she came back this evening and I missed her so much. I took some more pictures of her and showed her some more gifts that I bought her. I took some lil home made video's to remember her by. The girl is simply amazing.

At first I didn't know what to get her but once I found out that she liked Dora the Explorer that has been my main focus for buying her gifts. I want to make sure she enjoys everything. Not to mention I definitely wanted to make sure that I got gifts for Kai and James as well. They have been wonderful hosts but more importantly they have been wonderful family;)

Also with this time to be down here I have felt such a weight off of my shoulders because I have been able to just sit back and chill and just wonder about me for once. I felt that I've been able to call my family back home and have great conversations and I've been able to say "I love you" for the first time in such a long time. Do you realize I don't even REMEMBER the last time I've said that anyone in my family. Heck even my sis called me asking for advice on purchasing a certain T.V. and I gave her my advise and even offered to help her pick out her T.V. After I hung up I just had a big smile on my face. I was like wow, I can have a positive relationship with family. I just a need a breather from time to time.

Which has me really wondering about trying to move down here. This would be a perfect place for me to start over and be fresh. St. Louis is a cool city but I feel it is too confining and just not enough. Not to mention it holds some memories that I rather not have to think about from time to time randomly. Not to say I don't appreaciate the good ones. I just feel it's time for me to move on. Yet I want to make sure that if I do it has to be on terms that I'm steady enough and comfortable to do. For me school would be a huge factor. I would like finish my degree before moving anywhere. I feel that if I didn't finish here there is is a strong chance I wouldn't persue it anymore.

I know working retail is not the future I want for the rest of my life. There is alot that I would want to do. Not to mention the houses down here just simply devine. Some of the structures are just breathtaking and the key thing I've heard from Kai is location if you want a deal on a house. Who knows hopefully in the future, I might be able to call their family neighbors. lolol;) Not to mention there are some seriously hot guys just walking around this place. HOT HOT HOT

Oh well it's getting late and I'm about to turn in for some shut eye. This evening I made them bake chicken, James made some pasta, and Kai provided a brownie treat. What can I say????????// YUM YUM YUM

July 27, 2007

Whoa Orlando is amazing!!!

Okay its official.....This is a great place to live. Yesterday before Kai came back home from James off, she picked up a friend of her's whose birthday happen to be July 26. So I was able to meet her and she was a really cool and down to earth person. We were all geared up to go to the beach, but not before we were treated to a fashion show by miss diva Aislyn showcasing her swimming suits and I must say she received perftect finger snaps on all of them. So after miss thang decided on a pink swimming we get ready to get into the car when Kai's friend unfortunately has a mishap with the garage door with one of her hands.

She assure Kai that she's okay but after we get in the car and only get a few blocks away her friend informs her that she doesn't feel too good and needs some cool air so we return immediately back to the house and we order some pizza and chicken wings. So after Aislyn has a few pizza she is pretty much ready for her nap and while she is in dreamland. The ladies start talking about men, sex, relationships, etc. etc. etc. and I must say the talk was great!

So about 6pm or so we head on out and go to one of the malls. We drop off Aislyn to her dad who works close in the area and we make are way to Macy's to try to find Kai's friend a pretty outfit to wear for the next day. I of course being the explorer that I am happen to go around and check the place out. We also stopped at some other stores but while they happen to be in Dillards I went to Bath and Body Works to go buy Kai some Brown Sugar and Fig Bath products since she liked the scent that I was wearing that morning.

It was so funny because she called me asking me where I was and the connection was bad on our cellphones so I kept telling her I would meet her back at Macy's after telling her that I was at Bath and Body works but she couldn't make it out. She eventually did understand me and came through as I was coming out. I had a big ole smile on my face as I gave her the bag and she just loved the stuff.

So soon afterwards since the mall was closing we go back through Macy's to get to Kai's car and make our way to dropping off Kai's friend. Let me tell you something. Orlando is simply amazing, have I said that already? We drove highways and major streetways with shops lined up on both sides and my head was litereally out of the window just in awe. After we dropped Kai's friend off we made our way to a near bye McDonald's because I had to go to the restroom. Well the McDonalds that we stopped by was so simply a cultral shock. It was done in African Motifs from the outside of the building all the way to the inside, hell the restroom had AFrican Masks and different mirrors and for a split second I was contemplating how I would be able to get one of the mirrors out without them seeing me.

So after I get back to the car Kai asks if I want to drive and I said sure, so she guided out of the area and showed me more of Orlando at night and I must say it was simply beautiful. We went through what I would call a bit of a tourist strip for people out of town, it remind me of a piece of Vegas with all the lil shops all crammed on both sides of the street with attractions left and right, and Kai says it never shuts down in that area as well. We even drove by the Ripley's Believe or Not!!! building. Not to mention a building that was completely UPSIDE!!! Yes the foundition of the building was in the air with upside trees, light posts, the whole works. We even stopped by a Wendy's and I was able to grab one of their burgers. Especially since they no longer exist in St. Louis.

So after that we get on the highway and stay on there which seems like forever and we finally make to a Wal-mart near Kai's house. We were acting look such idiots and having such a great time. All in a big ass Walmart. I was raving about where in the hell were the tampons and pads. She couldn't believe me when I yelled it out. While I was there I picked up some goodies for Aislyn as well as some other items as well. We finally get home about 1:15am and we put the groceries away and went to bed. James was still up watching some cartoons and we said good night.

You talking about a sista knocked out but for some reason I swear I thought someone came in my room and turned off a light and the tv. I don't know maybe I was in a deep sleep. But as long as I wake up still in Florida, I'll be alright;)

July 26, 2007

First full day of Florida

Yesterday we chilled out at the house and had FRIED FISH and FRENCH FRIES for dinner. DELICIOUS!!!! Later on that evening after James came home from work, Kai, James, and myself played the game GAUNTLET up until close to 2am this morning. So I'm really shocked that I woke up THIS MORNING!!!

This morning I woke up from one great dream. It was perfect because I was still in florida!!! I of course woke up around 7am because my internal clock won't let me do otherwise unless I have a hangover and that's just maybe 40% possibility. My god-baby woke up around 20 minutes later and she came over to my room to watch some cartoons. After a while she stated she was hungry so I took her downstairs and fixed her a bowl of cereal.

Kai and James came down around 8:30am and Kai is taking James to work so we can kick it and go to the malls and check out some places. So me and miss thang are just kickin it around the house. I holla;)

July 25, 2007

Finally in Florida

Well it's offical ya girl is finally in Florida and I must say I'm simply loving it. Yesterday I left my house after some last checking preping on my luggage by mom (bless her) she did some re-arranging of my luggage so I wouldn't incur a surcharge on luggage if it was heavier than the alloted weight. I get to the East Terminal at Lambert Airport around 6pm and checkin. I go to gate E6 at the Southwest Airlines area and just chillout listening to my mp3 player. 2 flights had already gone by at the gate already and finally by 8:30pm we were able to board our plane. Originally it was scheduled to depart by 8:20pm but there was a delay and we didn't get off the runway until 8:50pm.

The plane was a smaller commerical airline and I had a row all by myself. They dimmed the lights so I pulled out my PSP and played BAND OF BROTHERS for a little while. While I was drinking my Sprite and eating my honey roasted peanuts and also eating my Air Crisps. I kept thinking to myself I can't wait to see Kai and the family. So as I'm up in the air I'm looking out my side window and think to myself I'm so blessed to have friends who care and love me enough to send me on a vacation so I can just kick back and relax.

Fastforward to about midnight. Plane touches down and I forgot how HUGE the Orlando Airport (MCO) is. I got off the plane thinking Kai might be out there, yet I don't see anyone. Then I follow the rest of the passengers to some shuttles that you have to take to get to the main part of the Airport. I get to baggage claim and find my bags and go to a bench.

My phone didn't recognize the Time Zone change so my damn phone is still saying 11:03pm, so I'm thinking, OH CRAP, I bet Kai is still at home and not going to be on her way for at least 15 more minutes. Yet as soon as I turn around I see her come through the crowd. I was just so happy and jumped up and down. We started tearing up and gave each other a huge ass hug.

She took some of my luggage and warned me that she might have forgotten where she parked. I didn't care because I knew we had at least 7 days to find it in the parking lot. After we find her car on the first try. We started to leave the airport but got mixed up and eventually we were on our way after 15 minutes but I just thought it's okay I'm just on a really cool road trip.

We stop by a Walmart Superstore and for those who have never seen such a store. Think of it as a Walmart and a Schnucks, or even your friendly Dieberg or Shop N' Save combined into one huge MEGA STORE. The place is HUGE. Now I understand why Schnucks and the other 2 don't want Walmrt Superstores in the Saint Louis area.

So after going there for some food and other items we head on to her house which is simply beautiful. I was in awe when I arrived here last night and I'm still in awe now. When we got in last night James, her husband, was playing one of my favorite games, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. YEAH!!! We chilled out drank some wine and ate some potatoe chips. Hell Kai and I didn't go to bed until 5am this morning.

I woke up I think around 9 or 10am and went over to Aislyn's room and there she was with her momma. She was smiling but a bit shy at first and now we straight kicking it TOUGH!!!! We've been having fun all day long and I'm just having a blast. Kai cooked a mean breakfast and I had to put a dent in my plate;)

So right now, James is at work, Aislyn is taking her afternoon nap and Kai and I are about to go play LORD OF THE RINGS on XBOX. I'm having a great time and i can't wait to see what the week brings. Ta-Ta. you WISH you could be here;)

July 23, 2007

Got a new Attitude;)

Ok, as you all will recall I was suppose to go with Danielle to a club called ATTITUDES off of Manchester and Vandevetter (forgive on spelling.). It was a gay club and we barely made it in the door by 11pm to avoid paying a cover charge. We get in the bar area and we take a table and just chill out. At first there werent that many people probably about 20. Then they opened up the dancefloor area which was in another area of the club.

Once that opened up Danielle and I moved to one of the tables in the club area and just chilled out. Within probably an hour I would say the place was starting to get pack quick. So I would say the crowd went from 20 to at least almost 200 minimun QUICK!!! People from all walks of life were in that club and having a ball. The music was just banging and you talking about people dancing they ass OFF!!!

Danielle and I were just chillin and head nodding to the music. The activity that was going on there was nothing but lively. Men on men and women on women getting they grove on and I when I say they were bumping and grinding, I mean they were bumping and grinding. Some of the stuff I saw with this cage on the stage just left my mouth dropped to the ground. It was straight madness.

Hell I even ended up buying Danielle and myself drinks I wasn't even tired but damn we had to leave about 2:15am because we both had work in the morning. I honestly have to say it was one of the best experiences I ever had. Normally when I go to club people are boring because they want to stay on the walls and check each other out and look at each other like they will beat your ass if you look at them longer than the 5 SECOND RULE. Yet at this place everyone knew each other, black, white, asian, latino, it didn't matter everyone was there to have a good time.

We might hit up another club once I get back from Florida on the following Saturday once I come back. Probably will hit up Novacks. HAHAHAHA

Also yesterday I had work and afterwards I went bowling with some friends and we had a phucking BLAST!!!!!!!!!!! The atmosphere was great we were the only ones in the bowling place besides one person and my boy put on the jukebox one of my favorite songs, a real blast from the plase, GUNS N ROSES - WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE. Of course my silly ass starting head banging and just kicked back. We didn't leave the place until 11:35pm and man it was GOOD TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yahooooooooooooo

July 21, 2007

Man what a few couple of days!!!!

Okay so we already know that my main job is done as far as working but I'm still working on the side at job #2. It's been pretty nice not to really have to worry about work as much besides covering a shift for a fellow co-worker this past Tuesday. Oh and I've done some clothes shopping to get ready for my trip to Florida. Not to mention I got to call kai to see what a great present would be for Aislyn. This week has really gone by fast for some strange reason, guess with my damn cramps and all. Boy I had MAJOR cramps this past week and I'm so glad they have come and gone because if they had happend while I was on the trip I would of have really pissed off.!!!!!

Well as far as outfits go I actually bought a dress. Can you believe it a dress!!! Haven't bought one of those in years and a few pretty tops. Bringing jeans of course and some jogging stuff to kick it in. I'm so excited I don't know what to do with myself. Then on Aug. 14-16 I'm going to Chicago for my side job and I get to room with Danielle so that's just gonna be super!!!!!

Yesterday I had a hair appointment and got there at 2:30pm. I didn't get worked on until 4pm and I didn't leave the place until 7pm. Went home for a minute to chill out and then picked up Danielle from work and originally we were going to go see the new movie with Adam Sandler. Yet decided to hold off because Mina wanted to see it but she was already out for the evening. So I have been fighting a serious cold this past week and it's pretty much cleared up right? But it was really kickin my ass yesterday and last night I thought maybe if I had some of HOOTERS mild wings it might help my nose to open up.

So we go by Danielle's house so she can change and then make our way downtown. Well I didn't realize that the LION KING was showing last night so we had to fight the crowds to just make it to Lindell. So after about 20 minutes we finally get through and get to Kiener's Plaza downtown and park and walk-into HOOTERS. The place is somewhat packed but it's also freezing cold. Thankfully I brought a shawl with me and after we were seated it took about 10 minutes for someone to get to us. Not good.

So finally after we are waited on we give our drink and food orders it takes to me personally about 20 minutes at least for us to get our food. I didn't know if they were killin the chickens and skinning the potatoes in the back. The wings were good but we had to send the fries back because they were COLD!! So after the second order of fries come out we are ok. About 30 minutes later we leave and I drop Danielle off back home. I take my ass home and realize I have to be up in time for work tomorrow at 9:30am. Fuckin YEA!!! (NOT!!!!!!!!!!)

Well today is Saturday and my shift is almost over. Can't wait to just get home and chill out and suppose to go to some very interesting club with Danielle because her cousin wanted her to come. Yet she stated she wouldn't go unless I go with her, some club called Attitiudes off of Manchester. So I thought why the hell not we drove past there last night and boy that place was poppin;) I do know it's a gay club and I thought well I've never been to one and what could be the big deal???? Famous last words huh?
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