September 20, 2007

Make it a Tuesday night!!!

Ok so blah blah I had the day from hell again from job #1. Nothing new but boy let me tell you about my EVENING after school on Tuesday. I was craving some HOOTERS wings and I said hell why not. So instead of going to the Library as usual and getting my study on I said, phuck it, I am going to at least try to have somewhat of a semi-normal life and just go out and have some din-din.

So I get in my car (oh and did I mention my brakes had gone completely out?) and make my way to Hooters in Westport via I-170 and Page. I get there and see a huge crowd there. Didn't know why but was still able to grab a table and just chill out and read one of my many books. My waitress came through and took my order and about 10 minutes later some more Hooters woman came through and were sitting at a particular table.

My waitress informs me that every Tuesday they play Trivia Tuesday. It's free to play and you have to answer 10 questions correctly against the Hooter's girls that are playing that Tuesday. She asked me if I wanted to play and I said, sure. By the time the game starts I've already eaten my fries and wings so I'm razor sharp for the questions. At least 15 teams were playing but it was strange because I put my team name as JABO and I was all by myself.

The game get's started and the main subject is reality T.V. Boy you are talking about a chick was doing pretty damn good until they started talking about some damn VH1 shows like, I LOVE NEW YORK and THE PICK-UP ARTIST. Never cared for either show but I did watch maybe 2 or more episodes of I LOVE NEW YORK and that was at my former friend's apartment. So at the end of the game I knew I had about 6 out of 10 right but was pissed because it could have been a possible 8 out of 10 if I had gone with my insticts on 2 questions. So the hostess is tallying up points and announces 3rd place.

I thought well I know I didn't do good I only got 6 right. So then she states it's a sudden death match and there is a tie for 1st place. She calls one teams name and then she calls..............TEAM JABO. I'm looking at her like WTF????????? So I get up from my table and go to where the Hostess is and she states that the tie-breaker is to name all the American Idol winners in chrnological order from first to last. So I immediately start thinking I know the first three and when she yells GO I start on my list. My opponent gives his list to the hostess and she states that it's wrong and Im still working on mine. 15 seconds later I give her my list and she states that I'm THE WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it and I was just smiling from ear to ear.

She congratulates me and then presents me with a $50 gift certificate for HOOTERS She then asks me where the rest of my team is and I tell her that it was just me by myself. She looks at me in shock along with the rest of the place and they were clapping and whistling for me. It felt great!!! and not to mention it was my first time playing. I went back to my table and just sat there....couldn't believe I beat out over 10 other teams that had at least 3 people each. Man did that feel good. So as I left the person that I was up against for the grand prize congratulated me and I said bye to the people that were giving me high fives.

When I got in the parking lot I told my mom about it and she was like so I guess that means you will be treating me to dinner. I was like sure no problem. As I was driving home with no brakes I kept thinking damn I made out pretty damn good;0 But you do know what the killer thing is? I hate REALITY T.V. can't stand it!!!!!!!!! But boy did it pay off that night!!!!;) I'm Hooter's RICH BITCH
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