July 24, 2008

Update on my summer break

Whats up to all? sorry it's been a minute since i have posted. Almost 3 weeks. damn. well I've just been enjoying my summer and trying to finish up my UMSL internet course. I offically go back to work on Aug. 4, 2008 at my full time job. Of course I'm not lookin forward to it because instead of dealing with 4 grades as I was used to, now the 8th graders will be coming over to my school so it will be quite the challenge.

Overall I've just been chillin at home keep a low profile. Keepin my head in my books. Been slowly getting back into playin my Xbox 360 on occasion. My friends have complained too much they haven't seen me on in the past 3 months so I'm like....ok. Well I guess that's as much as an update that I could give right now. So umm like talk to ya later. Ta-ta.

July 6, 2008

what a week

Well this past week was somthing busy. On Tuesday (July 1), my sister had breast reduction surgery at and i went to visit her later on that evening after i got off from work. Surgery took about 6 hours. Weird thing is the doctor said it was only suppose to take 3..... Oh well main thing she was ok afterwards. Groggy and drugged up as hell but still safe. She was able to go home on Wednesday. Mom and I went over on Thursday evening to help Bar-q at her apartment in St Charles and didn't leave there till almost midnight. Also a Myspace friend whom I've known for a while was also in town but I wasn't able to see him because of just bad timing unfortunately. On July 4th, was stuck at home all day, bored out of my mind. on july 5th I had to drop off my car to get the door fixed, so yes it's official ALL MY DOORS work!!!! YIPPEEEE Yet today sucks because I have to work OPEN TO CLOSE so i probably wont be home till 9pm.....God this part time job does get trying.
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