December 27, 2006

what a christmas

Well i hope your christmas was enjoyable. I will say mine was pretty nice. Woke up in the morning along with the rest of my family to keep cleaning and prepare for our extended family and friends to come over and partake in Christmas Dinner. Around 3pm family was slowly coming over with presents for other people in the family.

Around 4pm a crowd was at the house and Uncle Fred gave the prayer for the food. WE all started to get our eat on and enjoyed each other's company. Around 6pm we started with the gift giving and as usual my father played Santa Claus, just without the beard and outfit. Yet he always has his Santa hat.

I pretty much stayed in my room at first so I could enjoy my food and not get too hot from being downstairs with everyone else. Around 8pm people departed with their gifts. My friends Danielle and Kamina came over and we watched THE RINGER. I never saw it before and I laughed my ass off. They got some food from downstairs as my mom and aunt charolette were cleaning up the fiasco from downstairs.

Kamina left around 10pm (i think) which left Danielle and I watching an NFL game that didn't end until 11pm. So I took her home and that was the end of my Christmas day. Oh and I also sent off text messages via my cell phone to at least 40 people and I received text messages as well.

December 24, 2006

what a jolly weekend before christmas

Hello gals and boys. Hope all is well with your x-mas shopping and decking the halls with full of holly. Well my weekend so far has been okay. So I shall do my best to recap for you so far.

Thursday (12/21)- Well if you recall from the previous day. I had quite an issue with getting my new theater sound system being hooked up because of an issue with the customer service area screwing up my appointment. So I had to seriously take matters into my own hands to see what could be done. So after I had calmed down from yesterday I called the customer service people AGAIN and was able to finally get through and make an appointment. So then I asked the lady that came on the phone the earliest my technican could come out to the house to set my stuff up and she states not until Jan. 1, 2007. So I calm down and make the appointment.

I then immediately call up to my job and speak with my General Manager and explained the dilema to her. She states she would give me a call back or at least let me know what's going on by the time I get in noon. So I didn't hear anything by then so when I get to the store she states she talked to some other people and told them my situation. The technican i wanted to do the work was suppose to give me a call back later on that day to give me an update on what could be done.

By 4pm i hadn't heard anything so i called the tech myself and he stated he would be in the store later on by 8pm or so. So he gets there and we talk and tells me that he will definitely try to get to my house after 4pm to install the stuff.

So Danielle and i leave and i take her home. i get home and inform my family of the update in the situation. So after that i chill out and relax for the evening.

Friday (12/22)- Well today i had work and was off by 4pm. I was suppose to have a hair appointment but had to cancel because of a conflict in scheduling. Yet by the time I was home I was ready to take a lil nap before I had to go to a musical. Yet around 6pm one of the techs from my job came by to start installing my system. I was SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! So by the time I left there were 3 techs at my house munching on my mom's delicious chocolate cookies and they were steady working on the project as my mom and I were leaving the house. So my dad stayed at the house while they were working.

I was going to a musical out at Westport called MENOPAUSE. yes it was called MENOPAUSE. it started around 7:30pm and we were out by 9:15pm. It was very cool. Pretty much it's about 4 women who are stuggling with the effects of menopause and sing old classics that have been remastered to talk about how they deal with menopause. I was laughing my ass off. My mom went as well as my Aunt Jessie and her daughter. Oh and also Diahanna (my sister) went also since she was the one who was able to get the tickets. Yet she was going to sleep in the show and decided to cut out early. Tacky...

So afterwards my mom and I get home and we go in the family room and the setup was great. WE gave it a test drive and everything sounded great. So then we went to bed.

Saturday (12/23)- Well today I had work from 10:30am till 7pm. Point blank it was so damn busy it was just nuts!!!!!! Customers being crabby and annoying. Yet you do have that one customer who makes you smile. Well besides one lil incident that day, it pretty much was hustling none stop. By 7pm I decided to stay a bit longer because the coworkers in my department were get swamped and I didn't want to leave them hanging. So I ended up staying until close to take Danielle home. So I clocked out at 11pm assuming it was time to go. Well then Danielle informs me we have a lil project to do and so we don't get done with THAT until 1:15AM. So if you do your math you will notice that means I worked from 10:30am till 1:15AM. Do you think I was jolly? Um not really just dead damn tired by this point.

So I take DAnielle home and get home myself. Tell my mom about my day and then get to bed because I have to be up in less than 7 hours and do it ALL over again. My ankles STILL hurt okay?

Sunday(12/24)- Well Twas the morning before christmas and all through the house, Not a person was stirring and better not even be a damn mouse. My ass got up around 8:45am, cursing that i didn't get enough sleep and wishing I could just sleep in.

So I drag my tired body out of bed, make it to the shower and adjust the head. I let the water refresh my tired soul, wondering how can I feel this way only being 27 years old.

I'm not looking forward to the day ahead, wishing this was just a bad dream and I could just fastforward to the end. I get to work by 10:10am, put my stuff in my locker, getting ready to clock in. I make it to my department and try to punch in, it states, YOU NEED AN OVERIDE FROM A MANAGER TO CLOCK IN.

I looked in a amazement and wonder what the fuck? Don't TELL ME I CAME IN EARLY that would just be my damn luck. So sure I checked my schedule for today, why wasn't my black ass not suppose to be there until 11AM?

So I get the override and inform my team, since my ass was here until 1AM you better believe, my shift will be short and painless as can be. So I work my shift and had a few laughs. But by 2pm I clocked out and out the door went my ass.

So I went home to try to take a nap. Yet by the time i woke up all the malls were closed so that was that. Not present picked up to give or wrap. So now I'm sittin in my room trippin just saying damn.

Well it's after midnight and offically christmas day. Take care and be well and enjoy what comes your way.

December 20, 2006

what a phucked up day.

Well it's about 5pm and I'm at home just chillin out in my bed watchin the movie Chicken Little. i had the day off and had been doing chores around the house to get prepared for Christmas Dinner. More importantly I was waiting around this damn house for the installation of the home theater system for the family room. Point blank it hasn't happened yet and furthermore I don't think it will today.

Right now I'm just FUMING at the ears and I'm pretty much at the point where fuck it the whole damn home theater system including the installs can all be returned back to my sorry ass job. Everything was bought on Dec. 11 with the TV being delivered on the 15th with no problems. I requested in the system for the install to be done on the 20th since I had to special order the home theater system I wanted and that didn't come in until the 17th.

So I'm sending emails to the particular installer I am having do the install to keep him updated on the whole order. My main issue was that I WANTED EVERYTHING INSTALLED BEFORE CHRISTMAS. He kept telling me it shouldn't be a problem as long as I bought everything ahead of schedule. I bought the shit the day of the damn consulation. Is that NOT early enough?

So early this week I receive a phonecall to setup install. I call them back later on that day and in all 5 times!!!! Each time I called I was on hold at least 10 minutes and hung up. So I'm informing the installer about this and he states that he'll look into it. Do you think it happened? UMMM NO apparently not.

So today I'm up around the house getting things in order especially trying to air out the the house because it still had that weird smell from yesterday circulating. So I opened up the front and side doors and also the windows. We let the house air out for about an hour or so and then close everything up. The installer stated he would give me a call to let me know what was up. I didn't hear anything so I called him around 11am and left a voicemail. Called again around 12pm again just voicemail. So I figured he was probably dealing with an install so I didn't want to feel as though I was nagging him. So then I finally call again about 1:30pm and he answers. He informs me that I'm not on his work order detail for today and would call me back to find out who did. Do you realize the time is now 5:30pm? About an hour ago I called the Install people and FINALLY got through to a human being. She informed me that the install wasn't scheduled and that the EARLIEST fucking date would be December 28th. I was fucking livid. hell I'm STILL phucking livid. All I asked her was there a charge to return everything. She stated not to her knowledge and I hung up. I didn't even bother to set the date.

Point blank, I wanted everything done by Christmas. I followed my end of the deal to set up everything as requested and as usual in my life, someone or in this case my own phucking job let's me down and drops the ball. Story of my life.

not MIA (Missing in Action) just CKMA (Cold Kicking My Ass)

Wassup world I'm sorry I haven't been on plate of thoughts for the past couple of days or maybe I have.......... Well Ya girl has been sick with a case of whoop-ass flu. I'm still feeling a few effects from it but the worst has already passed me by thank god.

It's about 9am and I was only able to get about 4 hours of sleep last night. I'll back track and tell you why in a minute. Meanwhile I'll go on an update over the past 5 days the best that I can.

Friday (12/15)- Had work but wasn't feeling to good having sharp headache pains and neck getting stiff. Don't remember much beyond that.

Saturday (12/16)- Had to work 3pm to 12:30am!!!!! HELLO!!! and I was feeling worse by that day.

Sunday (12/17)- It's offical cold is in full effect called off work because there was NO way I was coming in to do a damn thing. So pretty much stayed home and took as much medicine that I could to fight it off. Wasn't too successful. Also had a "family" meeting about Christmas dinner and the chores that were assigned to all the family members and when they were expected to be done. Then of course it turned to my sister and myself. Talking about school, me working this new job (possibly), and of course our weight. Something you just don't need to talk about 10:45pm at night when you are that damn sick.

Monday (12/18)- I go back to work but still feel like shit. I end up leaving early because I just can't deal with it. So Danielle and I leave about 4pm and go to my house. Since I had the latest part of a main installation that we were having doing to the family room in my back seat. i had to take it home to make sure it would be secure. So Danielle and I chill out there for about a couple of hours and then finally make it back to her place. Where she made me some ThermoFlu drink and I was apparently knocked out for at least 3 hours.

By the time I left Mina had made it home and I was feeling a tad bit better. The NFL game of the Colts and Bengals was on TV so it helped keep my mind off of things. I finally left there around 11pm-ish. Went home and took more medicine and went to sleep.

Tuesday (12/19)- Well was off Tuesday AND Wednesday. Nice combination huh? Well I was still in bed still battling with my cold. I also had scheduled an appointment for Charter Cable to come out and update the receiver in the family room to the new tv. Well I had explained to them last night while at DAnielle's house that we also wanted a new line of service run in my sister's room. So when the installer gets out there, he states that's not on his work order. So I call Charter Customer Service and pretty much from my conversation with the rep, they phucked up on their end. So the Charter technican who came out to my house (cute-ass white guy) was able to swap out the receiver and he showed me how to work the new HD channels on our T.V. SWEET;)

So later on my dad is in family room adding a gloss coat to the wood finish. It was looking great yet there was a weird smell to the stuff he was using but I assumed it would dissolve itself within a couple of hours. Uh-UH. The smell to me had gotten worse and when my mom got home she tried to take a nap and the fumes had gotten to her so bad we decided to leave the house and get some food shopping done to prepare for christmas being at our house. We get done withint a couple of hours and head back to the house.

We pick the grean beens and greens and store them in ziploc bags in the fridge. We also were trying to bake cookies but we had so much going at the same time unfortunately most of the batches had overbaked. I told her not to throw them away though. I tried one out and they were still edible. So we cleaned up the kitchen and headed up stairs because the fumes were STILL kicking our butt from the family room. So i'm in my room trying to deal with it the best that I can and realize that since we have central air and heating the damn vents from downstairs in the family room was feeding the smell through the rest of the house.

Wednesday (12/20)- Well i have a bigger concern because a friend of mine who is an installer from my job was suppose to come out to the house today to install our home theater system in the family room and I'm concerned that he might not do it because of the fumes. I wouldn't blame him if he said no. i know for me it was hard to deal with because I didn't get to sleep until 4am and that was only because I opened every window in my room to help circulate the foul smell outside. So hopefully the severe headache I'm getting from the fumes will slowly dissolve. Yet i'm not a gambling person so I won't play my hand on that yet. Not to mention it's pure irony in a way. I have a cold and I've been staying warm to fight it off yet I'm dealing with this weird smell in my house and I have to let all my windows up to deal with THAT. So........I might have the cold just a bit longer that I expected;)

December 16, 2006

Dora the Explorer video - HILARIOUS


Well I wish I could say it was a goodmorning but I would just be lying. Yesterday evening. I came home after work to just get some rest and less than an hour my mom is in my room bitching again about the damn chores. I just look at her like I wish I could just drill her eyes out. I listen to her complaining and then states to me that I can't leave to go anywhere until they are done.

I told her fine and close my door and she wants to huff and puff and bitch some more. I'm so damn pissed I don't get back to sleep until 30 minutes later. I wake up around 6:30pm and go downstairs to the basement where it takes me over 2 hours to iron these damn drapes. Yet I passed the time listening to my mp3 player.

Finally after getting done with that, I go upstairs to the family room and oil down the window sill. I couldn't oil the leather couch in the family because my dad was asleep in the room and I didn't want to wake him up.

After I'm done with all that I get some other clothes on and leave the house. I just needed to get out of that prison even if only for a couple of hours. I went to Barnes and Noble and was there for over 2 hours contemplating on which book to buy. I finally decide on one by 11pm;) and make my way to Applebee's in the Maplewood Commons and dined on a sirlion with grilled shrimped with melted cheese on top. Also had some mashed potatoes and brocolli. oh and don't forget the Strawberry Lemonade to wash it all down.

Afterwards I went home and fell asleep again. Well today is a bit weird. I'm used to opening up at my job yet that is not the case today. I have work at 3pm and Close tonight. Oh and did I mention I've been battling a sore throat for around 2 days. Yep all is well in the land of Jasmine;(

December 15, 2006

the breaking point

Yesterday morning my mother "as usual" left a fucking list of chores for me todo. I wasn't able to get to them because I had other things that were to me more important to ironing some god damn kitchen drapes, oiling down some furntiure, and etc.... I had paperwork to finish up for the new job I was trying to get as well as trying to restore the cable box to work with the new t.v. to no avail.

My mom had called me and asked me if I had gotten the chores done and I had said no because I was dealing with the t.v. After talking with her I left the house about a hour later since I was still frustrated that I couldn't get the cable box fixed. So I went to the mall to chillout. I stayed there for 2 hours and just walked around.

When I got home there was a note on the steps from my mother pretty much stating how I failed to do anything she asked. What didn't make it better was that my dad was standing right at the door. I read the note and my fists just balled up. My dad was talking and shaking his head in disapproval as usual.

I went to my room and just sat on my bed. I'm tired, I'm simply sick and tired of my family. I'm sick of whenever there is an issue that THEY did they expect me to fix it for them. Hello if you phucked up then you clean it up. I'm sick of them being in my damn business about school, my weight, I just wish to high hell they would just leave me the phuck alone.

Everytime I step into my house, I feel like the life is being sucked out of me. So this morning around 5:40am she wakes me up. REINTERATING the fact that I failed to do any of the chores on the list. So I'm trying to explain to her why it wasn't done yet. She didn't want to here and as she is complaining my dad is coming up the steps and I'm like I just don't need this shit THIS FUCKING EARLY IN THE MORNING!!! I just stare and listen to them both as they complain. After they are done I close my bedroom door and just sit there.

I have to get the hell out of this by 2007. I'm sick and tired that whenever I have an off day it automatically means something for me todo around the damn house and I can't enjoy myself until I have whatever they assigned done. I wouldn't mind it if it didn't happen EVERY GOD DAMN TIME I HAVE A FUCKING DAY OFF. I know it's best for me to just get as far as a way that I can from them because everytime they get on my nerves all I can think about is just hurting them.

I've come to a point where I just don't like my family.I don't care to have conversations with them because to me they turn into interogations. My sister is a pain in the ass. Perfect example, my parents just called me to their room to "talk" for about 10 minutes. I'm just standing there listening and now I'm right back in my room. Now my mom JUST came in my room asking me if I have work. She then states then I have enough time to get as many of the chores done. I'm just looking at her all I see is red.

I have work today around 8am till 4pm. After i get off I'll go somewhere to chillout by myself. Maybe go to a park, but my phone will definitely not be on. I don't need anymore grief today. I already have plenty to go off on as it is. Sad thing is I do care about my family and I do have good times with them from time to time but the perctange is definitely slipping.

When i move out, it's going to be far away from here.

December 13, 2006

wassup my peoples!!!

Well it's Wednesday night and my girls, Mina and Danielle just left my house. Danielle and I just got finished putting together a t.v. stand. Yet of course it didn't go as easy as expected. I had work earlier today from 10am to 5pm. Today was also hectic just like the past couple of days. Yet on my way to work I was a stressed out and was talking to Danielle as I was leaving the house for work. Stuff being on my mind I broke down in tears when I finally pulled up on to the job's parking lot. I told her I would give her a call once I got off of work.

So I get off of work and give her a holla. She states that Mina is picking her up from the house so they will just meet me at my home. Well when I get to the house I start to take everything out of the box to verify and inspect everything. Well lo and behold as I am checking out the glass pieces from the box, WHY IN THE HELL IS THE MIDDLE PIECE SHATTERED!!! I just close my eyes and open them back up again hoping one of my contacts had dislocated and was trying to re-center itself. NOPE sure enough there was a shattered piece. So I inform my mother of the bad news and we wait on the girls to get there and as we load it back into the box. As we are loading it into the car, my dad, uncle, and cousin are getting back to the house after putting our old tv in our storage unit. We inform dad of the news and we wisk off to SEARS in St. Peters, MO. (and yes just to put your mind at ease I did call out there to verify there were more stands out there, they had 3 left and you had betta believe I made them open it up to make sure it was all in perfect condition.

After we exchange the t.v. stand, we stop to get a bite to eat at a near by restuarant and then make it on our way back home. Danielle and I get everything out to check and of course everything was okay. We got our power drills out thinkin we would need them. Yet we didn't and we were able to get the stand up in less than 40 minutes and put it in place. So now I have my appointment for the delivery of the t.v. tomorrow and will be there to receive it. YIPPEE!!! Can't wait;)

December 10, 2006

hi there;)

Hello to you all on this Sunday Evening;) I didn't have work today which was nice for a change. My mother made some delicious GARLIC CHICKEN and some CABBAGE for lunch and it was excellent. Today also was a special day for my dad. He was honored tonight, downtown at the Renaissance Grand Hotel. At a banquet called the "Yes I Can" Banquet through the Metro Sentinel Journal News.

We arrived there around 5:45pm and didn't leave till 9pm. The event was pretty nice except for one MAJOR glitch. The entertainment that was scheduled was simply inappropiate for the event. Some chick that goes by the name Jennices (Genesis) was a rapper/singer. All I have to say it was absolutely horrible. It just should have NOT happened on so many levels it's not even funny.

Beyond that it was a pretty nice event. We arrived home around 10pm after dropping of one of my nephews who also attended the event and now I'm just at home now just chillin and relaxin. Hope you have a nice night.

December 9, 2006

something wicked eventually comes

Well the past 3 days have been something elese so I'll do my best to recap.

Thursday (12/7)- Update to my last blog entry, this is more of any update to that evening. Well I went to the mall (I think) and just chilled out when I got home that evening someone sent me a text message from a number I didn't know. They obviously knew me and had made it known that it had been a while since we talked and stated that we stopped talking on terms NOT SO GREAT. So after a couple more text messages I asked if he was one of 2 guys that I wasn't speaking two.

Oh yea.....I guessed him on my first try. He is someone from my past that I wish would just stay in my past. We hadn't talked in 3 years yet which to me wasn't nearly enough. On his reply text message he stated he wouldn't bother me anymore. So I deleted his text messages and went about my business. My life hasn't been out of sync since I stopped talking to him so why in the hell was I going to let it start now. So after that weird episode I went to sleep.

Friday (12/8)- I had work from 11am-4pm. I left early by 15 minutes because I didn't feel good. Had a terrible headache, my neck was stiff and sore, and I had gotten sick in the bathroom (don't think I need to give you the graphic pic on that one). So after I get off of work I go home because I still feel like shit. About 6pm, Mina gives me a call stating she and Danielle will be through with their laptops so I can "clean them up". So they get there around 8pm and we are just chillin out in my living room talking and laughing exchanging stories. Also my mom and sister are down there as well. I was done with both of their laptops by 11pm (I think). We say our goodbyes about 15 minutes later and I see them to the door. I go up stairs and was abou to work on my blog when I get a call on my cell phone, yet the caller id says "Private Call".

I answer the phone and ask who it is. Do you know it's the SAME DUMB ASS MUTHPHUCKA from last night who was texting me? I couldn't believe it, I just asked him what he wanted. He had the nerve to ask me WHY DIDN'T I CALL HIM? I said EXCUSE ME? He repeated his question AGAIN, I stated WHY THE PHUCK WOULD I CALL YOU? I couldn't believe him, he had the ARDASITY to say, TO SEE HOW I'M DOING. I just started laughing.

He started acting like a retard as usual and I spoke to him for about 5 minutes and told him what I thought about him and that he was simply NOT A MAN nor would he ever be. I asked him why the hell he was calling me, and he states he hoped bygones were bygones and hoped we could talk again. I told him to go phuck himself and that the biggest mistake that ever happened with him was that his mother conceived him and was allowed to bring him to full term to be born. Because OBVIOUSLY his umblical cord was wrapped one time TOO MANY around his head and he should have been a stillborn or at the least certified SPECIAL ED so his momma could AT LEAST get a check from the state. He couldn't believe it. After that I promptly hung up my cell phone.

I was a tad bit wired from that conversation so I pulled on some jogging pants and went to my neighboorhood ghetto-fide DENNY'S right up Natural Bridge Road near the Airport. Took a book with me to read and just chilled out with a Double Cheeseburger, Season Fries, and a raspberry tea to wash it all down with. I couldn't keep my mind totally on the book. I kept thinking about the conversation and just started thinking about men in general that I've come across here in St. Louis. (I'll get back to that point later on down this post)

Saturday (12/9)- I had work from 10:30am-2pm. My dumbass get's there at 10am and one of my managers clocks me in early and I get to work. Pretty much worked none stop. Yet I still felt like shit the whole day. My head wasn't any better and my neck had only gotten worse. I went to see my beautican and she fit me in and had me out by 5pm. Left there and went to the Saint Louis Mills Mall and chilled out there till I picked up Danielle from work around 7:30pm. I took her and Trina (another coworker) to West County Mall to do some shopping. We left there around 10pm. I took Trina back to her car and then we went to Mina's Parent's home so i could fix Danielle's old laptop that Mina's sis had bought from Danielle. It was a software issue and I was able to resolve it within an hour.

After that took Danielle home and came home myself. So I'm sitting on my bed right now chilling out. Thinking abbout all the weird shit that has happend in the last 3 days. Especially the previous 2 days.

Ok so we can get back to my thinking about the men of St. Louis. WHAT THE PHUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM. Why can't I just meet I nice GENIUNE guy who I can have a conversation without it turning to sex on the FIRST DATE. Why is it so GOD DAMN hard to just find someone who actually wants to get to know you first MENTALLY and be intrigued with a woman intellect? Fella's you have NO IDEA!!! Contrary to belief there are woman out there that are worth getting know before trying to get them into bed.

Yet unfortunately people are TRYING to get it done in REVERSE. Phuck first, ask what your name is later and did you by chance give me a "gift that keeps on giving" aka a STD? While I was at the hair salon I was having a damn good conversation with my hair stylst and some other people about the state of some of the black men not only in St. Louis but just in general as well. Please keep in mind I said SOME not ALL.

There are different POOLS of black men.

You have your EDUCATED BLACK MAN with AT LEAST a college degree. He is a rare commodity and he knows it. So he puts himself up on a pedastal and won't hesitate to let you know that he is damn good catch so you betta keep him satisfied. Now again remember I'm not stating ALL men who are in this catagory fit this profile yet alarmingly so it seems to me that more are fitting into it.

You then have other examples of the BLACK MAN (I know there are plenty of examples yet these are the ones that come to mind as I type). This can go 2 different routes. Either you have a guy on the grind makin paper trying to take care of his responsibilites OR you have someone who's lazy ass has so many kids by different baby mamma's in different zip codes OR area codes that Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages makes a "Special Edition" just for him. Then has the nerve to expect his current chick, one of his baby mamma's or even his own mamma to kick him down money because he doesn't want to get a job, because he knows the state is lookin for his ass to pay child support. Point blank if you can't afford them, then DON'T PHUCK!!! Furthermore don't contact ME if you do by chance have a tribe and can't afford them because obviously if you are THAT far gone you sure as HELL can't afford me.

Sad thing is I know there are some great guys out there that are looking for a great woman. It's just a shame you have to deal with so many damn weeds before you finally find that one special rose.

December 7, 2006

nice day today

Well today I enjoyed the day off. Didn't really do that much today except finish up the job application for being a secretary and take it to the appropiate administration office. Where then i picked up the information to fill out for health benefits and various other items. I was going to go to the mall but changed my mind and doubled back to the house.

Been here ever since just either watching tv or dozing off. I have work tomorrow from 11am to 4pm. I ithink I might take a trip to the mall this evening because I'm phucking bored. Hell who knows.

Also was thinking about New Years Eve plans and how I plan on spending them. I know Danielle is thinking get a hotel room as usual, BUT not sure if it will be at our regular spot. Intriguing isn't? Yes i know it is;)

December 6, 2006

Tis the season for recalling;)

yesterday evening (Tuesday), I pretty much was couped up in the house until 5pm. My sister was unfortunately sick so besides cleaning up the house I was also making sure she was okay. Oh and by the way I was pissed with Charter Cable because on Tuesday we lost our cable around 11am and didn't get it back till 6pm appearantly that evening. So about 5pm I decide to leave the house for a minute just to get some air.

So I decide to drive on the highway with really no destination in mind. Then I decide on the Saint Louis Galleria and boy I don't know what the hell I was thinkin. Normally it takes me about 15 minutes to get there, well appearantly everyone was in the mood to cause traffic jams on all the major highways so my trip to the mall turned into the nomadic journey which lasted about an hour. So I get there and my sister calls me RIGHT as I'm on the parking lot and asks if I want to go to HOOTERS downtown for some crab legs. So of course I say yes then I sit in my car and think about the previous 2 minutes.

A) my sis just called me to (somewhat) hangout.
B) my sis called me
C) my sis called me and she didn't cus me out.
D) my sis must REALLY be sick.

So after pondering that all, I go in the mall and chillout going throughout the mall just walking and getting my head cleared. I go through shops and try to figure out what to get for presents for my family and friends. Even as I write this up I'm STILL not sure what I'm getting people.

So around 8pm I make it back home and my sis is getting ready. I drive us downtown to the HOOTERS location and we are lucky enough to get a parking spot right in front of the restuarant. We go in and are seated and boy you are talking PACKED. We both get orders of crab legs and french fries. As we are waiting for our food we make small talk and watch the interactions of the other fellow customers.

The food finally comes after 20 minutes of waiting and let me tell you what EVER they use for seasoning, opened my nose UP!!!! Oh and my tongue was also on fire....I just kept telling my waitress to keep the soda i was drinking coming through. So about an hour later we leave there and go to Walgreens so she can get her medicine and get my mom some cream for her coffee. We finally get back home and we crash. Overall I had a nice time kickin it with her, I wish we could do it more often, yet unfortunately I wanna wring her neck 90% of the time because of her mouth.

So fast forward to today (Wednesday). I had work from 9:30am till 6pm. yet I didn't leave until 7pm. I make home by 7:30pm and my mom isn't there. I was a bit surprised because she needed me to help her with something. So since she wasn't there, I went to Danielle and Mina's house. We chilled out there for around 45 minutes and then made our way to TEXAS ROADHOUSE off of highway 44 and Lindbergh. Interesting place, where you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. Word of advice, if you plan on going there for ANYTHING wear some boots, not your cute ass boots, I mean ya shit kicker boots. Because you will be kickin around so many damn peanut shells you might end up taking some home with ya and not notice it until it's too late.

So we call it a night around 10pm and I get home from their house around 10:50pm. Right now it's about midnight and i'm now in bed chillin on my laptop watching TEEN WOLF. LOVE THIS MOVIE, I even watched it this morning before i went to work. Well i hope you have a wonderful night. Also keep in mind your christmas list for those who have been good this year and cross off those who have been naughty and can go straight to hell. You just might have a resolution or 2 for the New Year.

As far as my list on either side goes and ESPECIALLY on my resolutions....well lets just say ya girl has definitely started early;) Smooches;)

December 5, 2006

wow there IS a god.....who actually LIKES electricty

Well yesterday ya girl had work and got off around 5pm. So Danielle and I left work and met my mom at Sears at Northwest Plaza to look at a stand for a new tv we are getting at the house for the family room. So after doing that fun chore, Danielle and I head to my house so I could get some clothes so I could sleep at her house for the night because when I woke up Monday morning I could SEE my BREATH, that let me know it was time to stay at someone else's crib.

So as we turn down my street Danielle notices the LIGHTS ARE BACK ON!!!!!! I park my car and get out and start jumping all over the snow on my front lawn and when I try to get in the house, my dad opens the door with this BIG ass smile on his face and says "merry christmas". I laughed so hard. I was still squealing when I was going up the steps. Yet as usual my sis tries to dampen my parade with her usual sarcastic self. Yet I didn't let her faze me, I just do what I normally do when she is in the house, pretend she is not there.

So I go to my room and throw my work clothes off and change into some other clothes. I couldn't believe I wasn't freezing MAN you don't know how spoiled you are until you have to go without. So I get some other clothes on and DAnielle and I go back to her house. We chill out there for a minute and then we go to Houlihans at the GAlleria and meet up with Mina for some Din-din.

We chillout there and have a good time. So around 10pm we leave there and Danielle and I go back to her house. Mina was going to be home later after making a quick dip to Walmart. So about 11pm I leave their house and make my way back home. As soon as I get home I just chillout in my room and plug in all my items so I can have them working and watch T.V. I doze off with a big ole smile on my face.

Today is Tuesday and boy I don't have to WORK!!!! Yet I do have other things to do. Hopefully I will be able to meet up with Danielle and Mina at Dave and Busters today so we can chillout again and see who get's braggin rights for the Basketball game. YEAH!!!!! So enjoy your day, I know I will;)

December 3, 2006

it is offical I hate snow

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since my last post but if you have been paying attention to the weather or better yet if you live in St. Louis, MO we were hit with a MAJOR snow storm that pretty much made the summer power outage we had this year look like roadkill.

So needless to say I'm gonna try to back track the best I can and give you an update to what has been happening so far. So here we go.

Thursday (11/30)- Had work, by the time I got off the snow had come down HELLA hard and it took me about 20 minutes to get into my car. I already had warned my supervisor that there was a 99.9% possibility that my ass was not coming to work tomorrow. I finally got in my car and took St. Charles Rock Rd. all the way to I-170 and then took THAT to Natural Bridge and made it home within an hour. When I got home something told me to play my XBOX for a couple of hours because I might not be able to by tomorrow. So sure enough I played for a couple of hours and by 1am. BAM!! We were out of power. Yet most importantly I was able to save my progress on the game.

Friday (12/1)- I woke up throughout the night just hoping our power would come back on. Unfortunately that was NOT the case. So by this time it was around 7am and I was due in at work around 11am. I called the manager on duty at the job around 8am and told them I wasn't coming in. I couldn't get in my car and my ass had already slipped 2 times. I was pissed and heated. Yet even my temper could warm my ass. Let me tell you something. When you don't have electricty in the Summer, you can go outside, take a walk, or even go into a building that has air condition, I highly recommend the Saint Louis Art Museum, or just do whatever. BUT when you are cold as hell and don't have electricty your house becomes a damn igloo. Needless to say I was still trying to get into my car earlier that morning yet it took my younger sis to finally get the damn doors open. So I guess all of my kicking it and calling it every swear word in the book didn't help matters.

Okay so eventally later on that day I went to the mall and chilled out and by the time I was done still came home to a cold ass house.

Saturday (12/2)- Luckly I had the day off, but again it was still cold ass HELL in my house with no electricity so I'm not sure I would count myself lucky. My mom woke me up to clean house around 7:30am, so yes I was pissed. I left the house around 10am to try to go to a Saint Louis Bread Company to find an area to get online with my Laptop so I could check my mail, update my blog, and do whatever before I went back to my desolate existance back home. Of course out of all the 5 different locations I went to all of them were jammed packed. So I've made a mental note to get a laptop with an air card very high on my list of things to get by next year.

So needless to say I get back home aroun 3pm and my mom has informed me that she will be staying at a friends house because it's just become too cold for her. So I told her I would come over later and pretty decide after being on my way there for a short while. Oh and by the way my dad was already out of town this past tuesday so when he came back in town on saturday we already had let him know ahead of time.

So eventually I went back home because I was concerned that my dad was still staying at the house. So i stayed there with him as well.

Sunday (12/3)- I had work at 11am and was off by 5:45pm. So I went home and went to bed early. My mom and sis still at their friends house. My dad was still staying at the house. He thought I should stay at Danielle and Mina's place but I was like nah, I didn't want to leave my dad there alone. So I stayed there again last night.

Overall it's so damn cold I'm gonna stay at Danielle's Tuesday night.
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