December 9, 2006

something wicked eventually comes

Well the past 3 days have been something elese so I'll do my best to recap.

Thursday (12/7)- Update to my last blog entry, this is more of any update to that evening. Well I went to the mall (I think) and just chilled out when I got home that evening someone sent me a text message from a number I didn't know. They obviously knew me and had made it known that it had been a while since we talked and stated that we stopped talking on terms NOT SO GREAT. So after a couple more text messages I asked if he was one of 2 guys that I wasn't speaking two.

Oh yea.....I guessed him on my first try. He is someone from my past that I wish would just stay in my past. We hadn't talked in 3 years yet which to me wasn't nearly enough. On his reply text message he stated he wouldn't bother me anymore. So I deleted his text messages and went about my business. My life hasn't been out of sync since I stopped talking to him so why in the hell was I going to let it start now. So after that weird episode I went to sleep.

Friday (12/8)- I had work from 11am-4pm. I left early by 15 minutes because I didn't feel good. Had a terrible headache, my neck was stiff and sore, and I had gotten sick in the bathroom (don't think I need to give you the graphic pic on that one). So after I get off of work I go home because I still feel like shit. About 6pm, Mina gives me a call stating she and Danielle will be through with their laptops so I can "clean them up". So they get there around 8pm and we are just chillin out in my living room talking and laughing exchanging stories. Also my mom and sister are down there as well. I was done with both of their laptops by 11pm (I think). We say our goodbyes about 15 minutes later and I see them to the door. I go up stairs and was abou to work on my blog when I get a call on my cell phone, yet the caller id says "Private Call".

I answer the phone and ask who it is. Do you know it's the SAME DUMB ASS MUTHPHUCKA from last night who was texting me? I couldn't believe it, I just asked him what he wanted. He had the nerve to ask me WHY DIDN'T I CALL HIM? I said EXCUSE ME? He repeated his question AGAIN, I stated WHY THE PHUCK WOULD I CALL YOU? I couldn't believe him, he had the ARDASITY to say, TO SEE HOW I'M DOING. I just started laughing.

He started acting like a retard as usual and I spoke to him for about 5 minutes and told him what I thought about him and that he was simply NOT A MAN nor would he ever be. I asked him why the hell he was calling me, and he states he hoped bygones were bygones and hoped we could talk again. I told him to go phuck himself and that the biggest mistake that ever happened with him was that his mother conceived him and was allowed to bring him to full term to be born. Because OBVIOUSLY his umblical cord was wrapped one time TOO MANY around his head and he should have been a stillborn or at the least certified SPECIAL ED so his momma could AT LEAST get a check from the state. He couldn't believe it. After that I promptly hung up my cell phone.

I was a tad bit wired from that conversation so I pulled on some jogging pants and went to my neighboorhood ghetto-fide DENNY'S right up Natural Bridge Road near the Airport. Took a book with me to read and just chilled out with a Double Cheeseburger, Season Fries, and a raspberry tea to wash it all down with. I couldn't keep my mind totally on the book. I kept thinking about the conversation and just started thinking about men in general that I've come across here in St. Louis. (I'll get back to that point later on down this post)

Saturday (12/9)- I had work from 10:30am-2pm. My dumbass get's there at 10am and one of my managers clocks me in early and I get to work. Pretty much worked none stop. Yet I still felt like shit the whole day. My head wasn't any better and my neck had only gotten worse. I went to see my beautican and she fit me in and had me out by 5pm. Left there and went to the Saint Louis Mills Mall and chilled out there till I picked up Danielle from work around 7:30pm. I took her and Trina (another coworker) to West County Mall to do some shopping. We left there around 10pm. I took Trina back to her car and then we went to Mina's Parent's home so i could fix Danielle's old laptop that Mina's sis had bought from Danielle. It was a software issue and I was able to resolve it within an hour.

After that took Danielle home and came home myself. So I'm sitting on my bed right now chilling out. Thinking abbout all the weird shit that has happend in the last 3 days. Especially the previous 2 days.

Ok so we can get back to my thinking about the men of St. Louis. WHAT THE PHUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM. Why can't I just meet I nice GENIUNE guy who I can have a conversation without it turning to sex on the FIRST DATE. Why is it so GOD DAMN hard to just find someone who actually wants to get to know you first MENTALLY and be intrigued with a woman intellect? Fella's you have NO IDEA!!! Contrary to belief there are woman out there that are worth getting know before trying to get them into bed.

Yet unfortunately people are TRYING to get it done in REVERSE. Phuck first, ask what your name is later and did you by chance give me a "gift that keeps on giving" aka a STD? While I was at the hair salon I was having a damn good conversation with my hair stylst and some other people about the state of some of the black men not only in St. Louis but just in general as well. Please keep in mind I said SOME not ALL.

There are different POOLS of black men.

You have your EDUCATED BLACK MAN with AT LEAST a college degree. He is a rare commodity and he knows it. So he puts himself up on a pedastal and won't hesitate to let you know that he is damn good catch so you betta keep him satisfied. Now again remember I'm not stating ALL men who are in this catagory fit this profile yet alarmingly so it seems to me that more are fitting into it.

You then have other examples of the BLACK MAN (I know there are plenty of examples yet these are the ones that come to mind as I type). This can go 2 different routes. Either you have a guy on the grind makin paper trying to take care of his responsibilites OR you have someone who's lazy ass has so many kids by different baby mamma's in different zip codes OR area codes that Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages makes a "Special Edition" just for him. Then has the nerve to expect his current chick, one of his baby mamma's or even his own mamma to kick him down money because he doesn't want to get a job, because he knows the state is lookin for his ass to pay child support. Point blank if you can't afford them, then DON'T PHUCK!!! Furthermore don't contact ME if you do by chance have a tribe and can't afford them because obviously if you are THAT far gone you sure as HELL can't afford me.

Sad thing is I know there are some great guys out there that are looking for a great woman. It's just a shame you have to deal with so many damn weeds before you finally find that one special rose.
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