May 28, 2008

Memorial day weekend

Saturday - Well this weekend was very interesting. Pretty much I had a morning meeting at my part-time job on Saturday from 7am to 9am. Then had to come back at 4pm to work till close. Yet I did get something out of the deal. There were some close out Klipsch speakers for 19.99 bucks that I bought for my laptop. So when I'm jammin in my room I'll be able to do with style when I listen to the different radio stations through Second Life.

Sunday - I worked (again at part-time) and then later on came back and picked up Danielle after she closed. We went to Applebee's along with another co-worker and just kicked it and had fun. Yet all day long it was raining really hard. So as we were dining at Applebee's, the rain REALLY started going nuts. So we weren't able to leave until close to 10pm. The rain was beatin down so bad I had to take side roads to get Danielle home. I eventually got home and got on Second Life and kicked up till 1 A.M.

Monday (memorial day)- Well since I went to sleep hella late the night before I didn't really plan on getting up before 11 A.M., but of course that would have made SENSE in my house. So my mom decides to wake me up at 9 A.M. but I eventually went right back to sleep and woke back up 30 minutes later. I put the grill on and I BBQ-d some chicken, pork ribs, ribs, snoots, and some turkey burgers. My mom made sweet potatoes, cabbage, cornbread, spaghetti, and some other stuff. Overall it was a great meal and a great day.

Tuesday- pretty much it was a relaxing day EXCEPT that the internet was down also only 30 kids came in for school. So I was pretty much bouncing up off the walls. Yet there was that Tornado scare. So all the students were sent downstairs, yet a few of the teachers along with myself were outside, wondering what would happen. hahaha. Now eventually when I get home I do speak with the Mail-lady and she informed me that she did see the funnel cloud but it never touched down, it was over by Page & I-170.

- Today, again there are about 30 kids at school today. Oh and look the internet is back up. Yippee!!! Funny thing happened though while I was at school. About 4 teachers were pulled over this morning because they were speeding by the same police officer. Apparently there have been complaints that they have been speeding and so the officer was giving out warnings today but starting tomorrow he will be issuing out tickets.

May 21, 2008

Interesting Week so far I must say.

Sunday- Well this past Sunday I had work at my part-time job. I was able to leave early because I learned yesterday evening that a cousin of mine was being deployed to Iraq and they were having a get together around 3pm. I wasn't able to leave my job until 4pm so when I was able to leave I changed clothes and jetted to my Uncle Jack's house.

When I got there were cars just lined up and down the street in the Belnor Community that my relatives live in near UMSL campus. I saw family members I haven't seen in years and I'm talkin 10+ years. My cousin who is in his 40's and has been in the Navy for over 20 years was the spotlight of the party.

We had some bar-bq'd ribs and chicken, my mom brought green beans, there were other foods as well. The deserts were off the chain. My aunt made her famous Strawberry shortcake. Perfect 10 as usual. Some of the relatives were in the back yard eating, drinking, or playing with the younger cousins.

I was in the solarium with some of my cousins watching the Cavs play the Celtics in game 7. I'm glad the Celtics took it and I hope they make it to the finals. Point blank I don't care who wins I just don't want the Lakers to win again.

With all the hustle and bustle that was going on even my sister managed to show up and put in a record appearance of 30 minutes. My mother and father were in attendance of course. Eventually I left around 8pm and went home. My cousin that was leaving for Iraq called me later on that night with some cpu questions.

I'm not sure how long he will be over there but most importantly I hope he makes back home safely.

Monday- Finals at my main job. So much peace and quiet. Couldn't believe it was possible.

Tuesday- More Finals at my main job and also the Seniors graduation night.

Wednesday- Last night around midnight I happen to be on my cpu and went on STLTODAY.COM to see what the latest news was and what do I see? My school on the front page of the website. Quite an interesting read I must say. Now ask me my personal opinion, you will most likely get a different response.

May 15, 2008

happy day over hump day.

Well today is Thursday and I must say it's been a good week so far. I received my official grades for this semester. Received an A in my Communication Course and a B in my Geology Course. So I'm on Cloud 9 for now in regards to that.

On Tuesday, Kai called in the evening and we got together so she could get some red shoes to go out later on that evening with one of her cousins. We went to the SHOE STOP over in the ClockTower off of West Florissant. She eventually did find some shoes and then we went next door so she could get some other things. We then made it back to her mother-law's house which is 5 minutes away from my house and about 3 streets over from Kamina's parents house. Talk about convienant;)

So she got ready and I was talking with James's parents and James get's home from an outing with his friends. Aisyln was out with family members so I wasn't able to see her. Kai drops me back off at my home and I go inside and watch Transformers the movie for the 4th time that day. LOLOL I really like that movie.

Yesterday (Wednesday), I finally got my car back. Well that was the end of that day. Gas is too damn high to just joyride anymore. So unless I have a purpose that is serious enough to have to leave the, food, shopping (the severity of the situation is of course at my discretion) or kickin-it.

So overall I hope you all have enjoyed the year so far. Even with all this crazy weather, I must say it has been one hell of a ride this year. Can't wait to see how the rest rides out. PEACE

May 13, 2008

what a wonderful weekend

Friday- Well Friday was a good day all around, got paid (times 3). After I got off of work I went home to get prepared for my dad's retirement party/40th Anniversary of Community Service Banquet. It was held at the old Vashon High School at 6pm. It was an interesting evening because my father also was the Master of Ceremonies for the event as well. It was an event that gave recognition and awards to those within the Saint Louis Community for their hard work and efforts for giving back to others in the community.

It was filled with many people giving accolades of praise to my dad and even had video footage with his friends and collegues expressing their wishes for a great retirement as well as their fond memories of him. The food was pretty good overall and my dad being the character that he always is of course stole the show. In the end he was given some presents but the evening was not soley for him. His secretary, Carol who had been with my dad for a VERY long time also was retiring as well. My father has served the Saint Louis Community for over 43 YEARS!!!!

I would say it way past his time to relax as well as my mom. They are both counting down the days and for them it's not coming fast enough.

Saturday- I had work from 4:30pm to close and it wasn't a bad day at all. I also picked up a lil somethin for myself as "good job" gift for the school semester that just finished up. I bought Grand Theft Auto 4 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2, both for xbox 360. I've started to play the Rainbow Six but will hold off on the Grand Theft for a lil while. So after I got off of work at 10:30pm that night I went straight to bed.

Sunday- Of course it's Mother's Day, so since my mom wanted Breakfast at Harrah's Casino, that's were we took her at 7:00 AM, oh but who am I to need my sleep especially since I had to work later on at 9:45 AM..... So sister was suppose to join us but she never showed up.... deduction of 5 brownie points. So after we eat breakfast mom and dad go back home and I go to my second job to chillout until I have work. After getting off at 1:50 PM, I go to the Saint Louis Mills for a few hours and than proceed to leave there and make my way home.

On my way home while driving on HWY 270 towards Lindbergh, I feel my car acting funny and pull off of the highway. Sure enough my driver front left side tire is completely flat. So I call AAA and give them my location. They come through change the tire and I get home without a problem. Now also at this time Kai (one of my best friends and mother to my godchild) came into town with her familly. I haven't seen them since July '07 and missed them like crazy.

I missed her phonecall and was able to contact her later on that evening. We talked and I met her over James's (her husband) mother's home later on that night. I got there before they showed up by just 5 minutes. So when they did show up I gave Kai and James a hug but my beautiful god-daughter was out for the count. So we were in the house talking with James mother and just chit chattin away when Kai felt like go to "Club Shell" so we departed and went there where she got some "Spirits Juice" aka Wild Rose. All I can say on that is if you want to get drunk in a really cheap way......this is the way the go.

She and I had blast in the car once we rolled back up in front of her mom-in-law's house and popped the bottle. We called James out to get in the car with us so he could partake in the "fabulous" alcoholic beverage. After a few sips he was not feeling it. lolol so he said he was going back inside the house, Kai went along with him and I went back home.

Monday- Work day at full time gig rolls back around and I'm getting ready for work. I get in my car and proceed to drive my regular route when all of sudden I start to feel my car acting up again like it did on Sunday right before my tire went flat. So I immediately turn back around and make it back to the house. I change my clothes and call my principal to let him know that I won't be in for the day because of car issues. So I call our family's mechanic and I inform him of the situation. He tells me to bring the car up to the shop so they can check it out. So I comply and take the car up to Carson's Car Shop off of Natural Bridge and North Hanley and proceed to WALK back to the house.

So I'm at the house all day long bored out of my freakin mind waiting on a phonecall with a status on my car. So while I was killin time, I watched Transformers the movie 6 times.....played Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and got on Second Life. So I finally get a response back by 4:00 PM from the Car place and they tell me what needs to be fixed. I inform my mom who tells my dad and he clears them to fix the issue on the Tire but NOT the issue that I still have with my door not opening from the inside of my car on my side. So it will probably be a few more weeks until that gets fixed. Yet who's's only been broken since this past January;)

Tuesday- Well I'm at work but still without a car. One of my coworkers was nice enough to pick me up and will drop me off afterwards. Hopefully my car will be ready and I will have my freedom once again.

May 6, 2008

almost done man!!!!!!!

Well this college semester is almost done for ya girl. I'm done with my Communications course but I still have one more test to deal with in my Geology course which will be tomorrow evening. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Beyond that it's been the same ole grind with main and part-time gigs. As far as a vacation coming for me anytime soon, it doesnt look like it's happening. Normally I am suppose to be a 10-month employee, but apparently the rules SUPPOSEDLY were changed to 11-month. I'm not sure but I plan to find out. Not to mention I need to enroll in a summer class.

One of my best friends from Florida will be in this month. SUPER-EXCITED!!!!! I haven't seen her or her family since last August. Of course I had work at my part-time job this, not really any drama to report there. Now at my MAIN job, that would be different, but to me if there wasn't any drama, than I would probably be asleep at my desk.

Yesterday I went to Target to picked up some things for the house. Ran some other errands and then went to UMSL (my college) to get some studying in. So in a nutshell, MY day was boring overall. Believe it or not if you read my previous blog entries.......I can be quite the riot;).
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