May 21, 2008

Interesting Week so far I must say.

Sunday- Well this past Sunday I had work at my part-time job. I was able to leave early because I learned yesterday evening that a cousin of mine was being deployed to Iraq and they were having a get together around 3pm. I wasn't able to leave my job until 4pm so when I was able to leave I changed clothes and jetted to my Uncle Jack's house.

When I got there were cars just lined up and down the street in the Belnor Community that my relatives live in near UMSL campus. I saw family members I haven't seen in years and I'm talkin 10+ years. My cousin who is in his 40's and has been in the Navy for over 20 years was the spotlight of the party.

We had some bar-bq'd ribs and chicken, my mom brought green beans, there were other foods as well. The deserts were off the chain. My aunt made her famous Strawberry shortcake. Perfect 10 as usual. Some of the relatives were in the back yard eating, drinking, or playing with the younger cousins.

I was in the solarium with some of my cousins watching the Cavs play the Celtics in game 7. I'm glad the Celtics took it and I hope they make it to the finals. Point blank I don't care who wins I just don't want the Lakers to win again.

With all the hustle and bustle that was going on even my sister managed to show up and put in a record appearance of 30 minutes. My mother and father were in attendance of course. Eventually I left around 8pm and went home. My cousin that was leaving for Iraq called me later on that night with some cpu questions.

I'm not sure how long he will be over there but most importantly I hope he makes back home safely.

Monday- Finals at my main job. So much peace and quiet. Couldn't believe it was possible.

Tuesday- More Finals at my main job and also the Seniors graduation night.

Wednesday- Last night around midnight I happen to be on my cpu and went on STLTODAY.COM to see what the latest news was and what do I see? My school on the front page of the website. Quite an interesting read I must say. Now ask me my personal opinion, you will most likely get a different response.
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