June 28, 2007

Oh- boy

Well yesterday of course was Wednesday. Today is Thursday. Ok well getting that out of my system. My dad had been out of town for the past couple of days, ever since Sunday to be exact and since then my mom and I have patched things up. I told her about having to drop my college course because of the screw up and of course my dad found out via my mom when she went to go pick him up from the airport. I of course had to re-tell the story to him and he SEEMED ok about it but his body language told a different story.

Also before my dad came home my mom made dinner and I must say it was probably one of her best creations EVER. She made baked chicken thighs and after it was done she smothered the chicken in a gravy she made from a can of cream of chicken, cream of mushrooms, and the juices from the cooked chicken. She stirred the contents all together in a bowl and then poured the mixture back onto the chicken and let it bake for about 10 more minutes.

All I have to say is that it was the most DELICIOUS dish I have EVER had when it comes to making chicken and I will probably start making it myself like this from now on. Oh and she made these rolls that were almost the size of my dad's hands and we had green beens and potatoes. You talkin about throwin DOWN!!!! yum yum. Hell i even brought some for lunch today.

Also on a totally different note this past Sunday I can't believe I forgot to mention my trip with a co-worker to a new lil ol shop by my house called HOLLYWOOD HUSTLER. Oh-my-god. My co-worker and I were there for over 2 hours and I wished I could have stayed longer. If you don't know what i'm talking about you need to head over to Natural Bridge right in front of the Renaissance Hotel, you know the big black hotel you can see from the highway as you are going to the Lambert Airport. You can't miss the big ass sign. It's huge. So next time you are in the area, and you just don't know what to do to past the time, just take a lil detour to the newest porn shop and have a bit of a look-see;)

All I have to say is I didn't know you could put a stripper pole in a suitcase......

June 25, 2007

A busy day in the office

Good evening and I hope you are well. I on the other hand have been nothing but busy today. Once I arrived at work I immediately went to work on dealing with the issue of my UMSL course. I called the registrar's office and asked them a few questions in regards to recouping all of my tuition fee's. So the lady told me I would have to write an appeal. So I started on that and it was 2 pages long and faxed it in with some information. As for the rest of the day it went by pretty fast since I was dealing with that issue as well as reading a book from time to time.

As usual it was hot as hell in my office and I couldn't wait to get out and enjoy some real Air Conditioning. I ALSO thought today would be payday for me, but I sure got a big surprise. Appreantly since I'm administration my normal last check was.....check THIS out....June 10, 2007. BUT I'm working Summer School right?????? Well apparently from what I was told that is a totally different check all together and guess when I get paid....your gonna love this.....July 10, 2007. A whole frumpin nother 2 weeks away. Can you say PUCKIN FISSED OFF!!! So bills that I planned on paying with this check, I'll have to go into my reserve cash to pay off. Not a happy bitch.

I got off of work around 2pm and went to Break-A-Away to enjoy some Pasta Con Broccoli and enjoy my book. I stayed there until 3 something and then went home to take a nap. I sat at the computer in the Dining Room table and my mother is upstairs (still not talking to each other) and she comes down stairs on the phone (I think she was talking to my sis) and I decided to go upstairs since our shitty Computer apparently has some virus issues.

I take a nap and wake up at 4pm so I can get to UMSL to deal with this damn course and right now while I'm waiting for my professor to come in and sign my drop form I'm in the Student Lab across the hall just typing this shit up. Isn't communication wonderful?

June 24, 2007

The aftermath

Well it's Sunday and I have work at 11am. The fight from friday with my mother has pretty much left us not talking with each other. On friday after the incident, I spoke with Kai for a while and that was the first time I could say I smiled that day. Soon afterwards I spoke with Danielle and Mina. I left the house around 7pm to meet up with Mina at Cicero's so we could chill out, eat, and talk. Afterwards we drove in my car to go pick up Danielle from work.

Our orginal plans were to go drinking but then we all realized that we had work in the morning so it was best to post-pone those plans until Saturday night.

Saturday morning rolled around and Danielle and I had to be at a store meeting at 7am in the morning. We then worked our shifts and were off at 4pm. We went back to my place because i discovered a serious problem on Friday after the fight with my mother. After I went to White Castles, I decided to go to UMSL to chill out. I had been feeling funny about the course I was taking and something told me to double-check my transcript just to make sure I wasn't taking this class for nothing.

Sure enough when I went on line and went through it, I had already taken this course, Macroeconomics and in fact needed the opposite, Microeconomics. I immediately emailed my current professor and informed her of my dilema, I emailed the professor whose course I REALLY needed, and the registrar regarding tuition. I received responses from both the professors Saturday evening. Pretty much my current professor said she would drop me without it affecting me in a negative way. The professor who I actually needed told me that it would be a challenge for me to catch up especially with an exam in 2 weeks and 3 assignments already done, but if I felt I could catch up he would sign off on the request form and allow me into his class.

So after I read my email yesterday evening, Danielle was sitting at my Dining room table and we were talking about the possibilites. I know I'm smart but I don't think I could overcome not being in a class from the beginning and being behind by damn near 2 weeks worth of work. So as I still ponder my decision my next issue is finding out how much will I be out of tuition, if any. What has me so ticked off about this whole situation is the lady who enrolled me. I asked her to double check my transcript to make sure that I was taking the correct class and she stated that I was. Now I'm finding out the opposite.

So while I'm upstairs getting changed and Danielle is in the Family room chilling out, I go the family room and we are watching SCRUBS. My parents come in and I tell Danielle that's our cue to get out. My dad comes in and I could tell he probably wanted to talk but was taken by surprise to see Danielle there. We both left the house and I didn't say good-bye to either one of them. We went to Danielle's house and I chilled out downstairs and watched GhostRider while Danielle was upstairs watching TV. After the movie was over I go to her room and we chill out before heading to Houlihan's off of Hanley.

We get there and order drinks and appetizers. Mina joins us around 40 minutes to an 1 hour later and we just chill and talk. We leave the place around 11pm I think and Mina goes home with plans of going out later that night. Danielle and I get to her house as well and I drop Danielle off telling her I'll see her in the morning.
I get home make it to my room and just go to sleep. Wondering about what will happen tomorrow.

So now it's Sunday morning and I'm here, in front of my computer typing away on my way to work and all I can think about is absolutely......nothing.

June 22, 2007

The Boiling Point

You ever get one of those days that something has been building up inside of you and just know that you will explode anytime soon? Well my day came today. A personal issue that had been bothering me for quite sometime had been really pissing me off lately for about a week now. Of course my mom would make it worse by bothering me about it everyday.

So finally this morning my mom asks me about it while I'm on my way to work and I respond to her question not too nicely. I'm at work sweating like a stuck pig because our Air Condition unit doesn't really work for shit. In a room where there should be at LEAST a 10,000 BTU kickin out, my damn window only has a 5,000 BTU, A HUGE HELL NO.

Well anyway work goes by and I get the crap my mom is requesting of me. I get home and I haven't been home an hour and she comes down the steps and asks me about it. I give her the stuff and she then asks her annoying ass question. Why do I have to keep asking you for this? She then goes, we can just go back to the previous arrangement regarding this issue. I just looked at her and exploded. We got into a screaming match and I just let loose almost everything I had say.

By the time we were done, she left the house and shortly so did I. I drove down Natural Bridge and happen to pass her up coming in the opposite direction. I took my phone out of my purse and turned it off along with the other 2 phones I have. I drove to White Castle ordered something to eat and parked and ate my food and read a book. Soon afterwards I started crying and all I could think about is how much I hate my life and I wish I wasn't here in any sense of the word, physcially, mentally, or emotional.

When I was yelling at my mom all I could think about is how much I wish I could just bang her fucking head into the wall, take my fingers and just press her eyes in or just point blank blow both of my parents away. When I get in that house, my room is my sanctionary. I even told my mom I couldn't stand being under the same roof as her and my dad. She screamed at me that she finally saw what kind of person I am and I yelled right back at her, "I had help". I sometimes wonder what would happen if my parents weren't here, and unfortunately I can't say I would be sad.

June 18, 2007

Susan Koman Cancer Walk 2007 and Amy's Baby Shower among other things

Well this past Saturday was pretty packed. I had to get up around 4am and get dressed so I would be down to Danielle's by 4:45am. We both were involved in the Susan Koman Breast Cancer walk downtown through our job and we had to be there by 5:30am. I arrived around 4:20am and just chilled out on the couch on the first floor. Around 5:15am a few more co-workers (Zippy, Rick, and Zippy) came over her house and we were soon piled up in Zippy's car.

We get downtown and park across the street from the Courthouse. Once we make our way over to the registration tent, we sign in and get our t-shirts. Mine was an XX-Large and it still felt a bit snug. So one of the head people informs us that we are to go over to the Schnucks tent and help get the post-race food ready. So we get over there and we see boxes for Bannanas, apples, and granola bars. We start to seperate the bannanas and organize the apples and granola bars into boxes and get them prepared. Of course we had people thinking it was ok to take stuff but we let them know that it wasn't allowed until after the race. Most people were fine except for a few incidents when people just took them and wouldn't listen (ignorance is bliss I guess).

So while we were there, I went to he Yogurt stand and got some Strawberry Yogurt, went to the Saint Louis Bread Company and got some bread for some other voluteers in my area. Then I took a break and watched the motorcyles that were parading down one of the main streets, all of them were harly-davidson's, just BEAUTIFUL. So then DAnielle and I decided that we had done enough work and made our way to one of the streets where our GM and another one of co-workers were manning the entrance for cars to come through. WE chilled out up for a while and then I was trying to find a restroom, no luck while we were still there. So we decided it was time to go.

So the crew I came with was ready to leave and we made it back to Zippy's car. We get back to Danielle's house and I dash upstairs to use the bathroom. By this time Keith was also back from the walk and Mina was up and moving. I say good to my friends and dash home so I can get ready for one of my other bestfriend's baby shower. My mom get's home and we both get dressed. Amy's baby shower started at 11am and we both get there by 10:55am. It was great and I took tons of pictures which you can see on my Flickr website.

Afterwards I went home took a nap and got out so I could do some studying, get my father's day present for my dad, and just have some chill time to myself. Overall it was a cool Saturday. My friend Tiffany had invited me to go see Fantastic Four this previous Friday but I was too booked up with stuff to do. HOPefully it was good, I'll have to give her a call and see what her opinion is.

Yesterday I had work and ran into an old Saint Ann Elementary friend of mine, Darnese. She was in my department and I happen to see her and I said her name and she smiled. We gave each other a hug and just starting talking and catching up on each other. We talked for the longest time and then we exchanged numbers. I told her I would give her a call and let her know that she, Mina, and myself had to get together and just kick it.

Beyond that it's Monday morning, and I'm here at job #1. Trying to stay cool. I have classes tonight, so pray for me. Take care.

Note: On a rather sad note, I found out while I was at the baby shower that another school classmate of ours, actually someone I've known since pre-school, had a serious accident while in New York and he fell 4 stories from a building. Causing severe spinal cord damage, he had lost his memory for quite some time and just recently regained some of it to inform the hospital staff of who he was since he didn't have any identification on him at the time of the accident. His parents just brought him back I think around a week ago and they say his spirits are pretty down.

They said right now he is immobile from head to toe and they aren't sure if he will ever walk again. I would like to go see him so hopefully I can talk some other classmates to see him as well, but we don't know if he will receive visitors. The freaky think to me is that I had been thinking about this particular classmate for quite some time these past few months. Just for no apparent reason. I hope he will be okay and I will pray for him and his family.

June 14, 2007

boy this past weekend!

Sorry for the drag in updates. My latest comes from this past weekend (June 9-11). This past weekend Danielle and I rented a car from Thrifty Car rental. We had been looking around and Danielle wanted a Dodge Charger. We search online and even called customer service. Well they didn't have that car anymore so we requested a Dodge Magnum. Originally we were going to get the car on Friday (hair appointment, baking sweets, etc..) but was too busy. So I had my mom take me up to Thrifty on Saturday morning before I had work at Job #2. As we are waiting the lady that was helping us informs us that there are no more Magnums.

So I'm looking bummed as hell, so she asks if I would like a Chrysler 300c for the same price. hmmm...................let me think about this............still thinking........still thinking.....What the Phuck do you think I said? A YEAH??!!!
So I received a white Chrysler 300c, a bare model, not fully loaded. Yet it was still a nice damn rental. Took a minute to get used to because it was so damn HUGE!!! I get to job and inform Danielle of the total bill on the rental. Thought her eyes were gonna roll in the back of her head lolol.

So after we work our shifts we go to the Saint Louis Mills to find some outfits. I of course don't have any luck going to Old Navy, yet Danielle has better luck at Burlington Factory. Then we swoop to Northwest Plaza, so I can pay on a jewelry layway and she goes by CHAMPS to check out some items. AFter that we swoop out the Galleria so I can go by the store TORRID out there.

As we pull up I notice one of my co-workers from job #1, we talk for a couple of minutes and go our separate ways. I go to Torrid and find a cute top and some jeans. Danielle thinks the outfit is cute and my co-worker who came by the store also gave the same opinion. So I ring up and we head out. I say my good-byes to my co-worker and Danielle and myself head to my house so I can change clothes. Danielle with her funny ass self had already changed into her clothes while in the CAR!!!

After changing clothes and I get back outside and get in the car, Danielle informs me that a co-worker of ours from job #2 is going through some issues and told her we would meet her out at Westport Hooters. Yet we had already told our boy, Larry that we would be going to his crib to see him, so we decided to swoop him once he got home from running around and he came with us to Hooters.

So about 20 minutes later, we get to Westport Hooters and meet up with our co-worker. We go in and grab a table. We order our food and drinks and we make conversations. Danielle is talking with Larry, while I talk with our co-worker. She was having relationship issues and I talked to her and gave her my advice on her situation.

Around a few hours later we leave and then we go to Westport Plaza to check out the clubbin scene. Apparently by the time we get there, a fight has already broken up so everyone was told to pretty much leave the area. Cop cars are around pretty much maintaing control. So we decided to just leave and we say our good-byes to our co-worker. So I take DAnielle home and then Larry, and then finally took my own behind home.

Sunday- Unfortuantely the Hooters made me a tad bit sick, so I called off work. Danielle wanted to go to Six Flags, but unfortnately there was rain in the forecast and it came true. So I went to her place and saw Mina who was on her way out as well for a baby shower. After Danielle gets dressed we go by Trina's house (a co-worker from job #2) and swoop her as well. WE go out to the Schnucks in the shopping area by Halls Ferry and Lindbergh. Well THEY go into Schnucks I go into a Beaty supply store and shop around. Afterwards we go to West County Mall. and I go to the Torrid there and found this sexy top and just had to get it.

After shopping there we go by Danielle's house again to pick up her brother and then head on out to Fairview Heights, IL and stop at the Best Buy out there for a quick errand. We then head out to LOTTA WATTA CREEK restaurant, the food there is absolutely devine. We chillout, talk, eat, and enjoy ourselves. I am starting to get sleepy and since I have work in the morning, I'm starting to nod off at the table. Danielle states she wants to go to the movies and see OCEAN 13 and I'm looking at her like she's crazy. At first I was against the idea because I needed to get home and get some sleep.

As we are on the highway back to St. Louis, I tell her to check times at Regal Theaters at the St. Louis Mills Mall. A show comes on at 9:45pm so we head there to see the movie. The movie was pretty good at least the parts I remember not falling a sleep on. AFter the movie I take Trina home, and then swoop around to take DAnille and her brother home. All in all I didn't get home till after 1am and I had to be back up at 5:30am. You talking about a crappy bitch when I got up. I told myself that would NEVER happen again.

Monday- Had work as usual, but that evening I started my UMSL course in Macroeconomics. NOT FUN. Class started at 5:30pm so I had to sotp by the Bookstore and get some last minute things. I get to class, meet the teacher and I feel like the course is something from hell. Being in that classroom again I realized why I hated school so damn much. Yet I sucked it up and went through without falling asleep. AFter class lets out I go outside and sit on a bench and wonder how in the hell am i going to pull off a B or higher in this class.

FASTFORWARD to today (june 14), I had my second macroeconomics class yesterday, if I thought I was confused on Monday, it was confirmed yesterday. Now i'm at my desk just chillin about to start reading this damn Macroeconomics book and wonder will anything actually absorb. Chat with you chickens later... TATATA

June 7, 2007


What's up people. how are YOU this great Thursday (that is until something comes along and phucks it up). Yesterday I had work and my Danielle called and told me she had tickets for the Cardinals game and asked if I wanted to use them because she couldn't go. I told her hell yea and thought maybe my parents would like to go because it was my dad's birthday yesterday and I thought maybe he would like to go with my mom.

They both declined, for different reasons, so now I was on the hunt to find someone to go with ME! I called around 10 people and left different messages on people's voicemail to see if anyone wanted to go. I also called my cousin Sean who is a huge baseball fanatic and also plays. He's going to college on a full ride because of baseball, the young man has skillz.

So I called him and he stated he couldn't go because he had company over. I told him okay and less than 30 seconds after disconnecting the call, he calls me back and states that he going. So I told him no problem and that I would come through and swoop him. I then call Danielle and tell her that I'm taking my cousin and she says cool and I go to the job and get the tickets from her.

I Google a map to Sean's house and I get there after 5:45pm or something like that. He has fellow baseball player friend there and I say hi, another is just pulling up in front of the house and he comes in the house. Apparently they all have a double header tomorrow morning at Lindenwood and decide to just stay at Sean's house for the night. Sean and I leave around 6pm something from his house and we get to downtown around 6:45.

We find some damn good parking for $10 and go in the stadium. We went into an entrance that is completey opposite from the side I'm used to going into and I must say it's pretty damn nice;) We also were able to see the World Series trophy and checkout some other sites. We ended up making a full circle before we realized that we had to go UP to get to our seats. Which were located in section 445. Even though it was high up the seats were still great. You could see the game with no problems and it was fun for Sean because this was his first game in the new Busch Stadium. Today he's going to the Cards game also against the Angels.

Well we had a funny Cinnanti Reds fan in our section and of course when you have alchol in your system you become an.................ASS. So at first the Reds were winning and he was being silly about it in a good natured way, but then the Cards came back and well....what can I say you didn't hear that much from the Reds guy that much anymore. At the top of the 8th inning we decide to leave so Sean can get back home and get some rest for his game in morning.

We go by White Castle so he can grab some grub. We get to the house and the whole family is in and up and about. We are laughing it up for a while before I make my exit after 10:30pm. I get home and crawl into bed and it's light's out. Overall had a great day.:)

June 5, 2007

Weird Weekend

Well right now I'm at my desk at my job and I'm sitting here much as I was yesterday with really nothing to do. I of course had to work the weekend at my other job. Yeah.... I bought my books for my Summer UMSL course yesterday.... Oh and I also went with my girl Tiffany and saw Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End . We went to a 7:45pm show at the Regal Cinema Theaters and i must say it was an EXCELLENT MOVIE!!!! I've never been to a movie that almost lasted 3 hours and WISHED it would keep going. After the show we talked about going to see the new Harry Potter movie when that comes out and parted ways.

Also this past weekend I saw an old elementery school chum, Sarah. She was at my second job with her fiance and I kept looking at her as though i knew her and I had a co-worker go over to them and ask for their names. When he came back and confirmed it to me I went over and we hugged and made some small talk. We exchanged numbers and we then talked about our up coming 10th anniversary high school reunion. She stated that she was going, I wasn't too fond of my high school so anyone I see every now and then there are the people I care about. NOT the people who made my life a living hell.

Oh well there have been some interesting and major changes to the household as well. If you know me, you already know them, if you don't, don't ask:)
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