June 18, 2007

Susan Koman Cancer Walk 2007 and Amy's Baby Shower among other things

Well this past Saturday was pretty packed. I had to get up around 4am and get dressed so I would be down to Danielle's by 4:45am. We both were involved in the Susan Koman Breast Cancer walk downtown through our job and we had to be there by 5:30am. I arrived around 4:20am and just chilled out on the couch on the first floor. Around 5:15am a few more co-workers (Zippy, Rick, and Zippy) came over her house and we were soon piled up in Zippy's car.

We get downtown and park across the street from the Courthouse. Once we make our way over to the registration tent, we sign in and get our t-shirts. Mine was an XX-Large and it still felt a bit snug. So one of the head people informs us that we are to go over to the Schnucks tent and help get the post-race food ready. So we get over there and we see boxes for Bannanas, apples, and granola bars. We start to seperate the bannanas and organize the apples and granola bars into boxes and get them prepared. Of course we had people thinking it was ok to take stuff but we let them know that it wasn't allowed until after the race. Most people were fine except for a few incidents when people just took them and wouldn't listen (ignorance is bliss I guess).

So while we were there, I went to he Yogurt stand and got some Strawberry Yogurt, went to the Saint Louis Bread Company and got some bread for some other voluteers in my area. Then I took a break and watched the motorcyles that were parading down one of the main streets, all of them were harly-davidson's, just BEAUTIFUL. So then DAnielle and I decided that we had done enough work and made our way to one of the streets where our GM and another one of co-workers were manning the entrance for cars to come through. WE chilled out up for a while and then I was trying to find a restroom, no luck while we were still there. So we decided it was time to go.

So the crew I came with was ready to leave and we made it back to Zippy's car. We get back to Danielle's house and I dash upstairs to use the bathroom. By this time Keith was also back from the walk and Mina was up and moving. I say good to my friends and dash home so I can get ready for one of my other bestfriend's baby shower. My mom get's home and we both get dressed. Amy's baby shower started at 11am and we both get there by 10:55am. It was great and I took tons of pictures which you can see on my Flickr website.

Afterwards I went home took a nap and got out so I could do some studying, get my father's day present for my dad, and just have some chill time to myself. Overall it was a cool Saturday. My friend Tiffany had invited me to go see Fantastic Four this previous Friday but I was too booked up with stuff to do. HOPefully it was good, I'll have to give her a call and see what her opinion is.

Yesterday I had work and ran into an old Saint Ann Elementary friend of mine, Darnese. She was in my department and I happen to see her and I said her name and she smiled. We gave each other a hug and just starting talking and catching up on each other. We talked for the longest time and then we exchanged numbers. I told her I would give her a call and let her know that she, Mina, and myself had to get together and just kick it.

Beyond that it's Monday morning, and I'm here at job #1. Trying to stay cool. I have classes tonight, so pray for me. Take care.

Note: On a rather sad note, I found out while I was at the baby shower that another school classmate of ours, actually someone I've known since pre-school, had a serious accident while in New York and he fell 4 stories from a building. Causing severe spinal cord damage, he had lost his memory for quite some time and just recently regained some of it to inform the hospital staff of who he was since he didn't have any identification on him at the time of the accident. His parents just brought him back I think around a week ago and they say his spirits are pretty down.

They said right now he is immobile from head to toe and they aren't sure if he will ever walk again. I would like to go see him so hopefully I can talk some other classmates to see him as well, but we don't know if he will receive visitors. The freaky think to me is that I had been thinking about this particular classmate for quite some time these past few months. Just for no apparent reason. I hope he will be okay and I will pray for him and his family.
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