December 31, 2013

Goodbye 2013, wonder what is around the bend with 2014

Well this year is coming to a close and there are definitely things that I want to change about myself for the new year. Things that I was doing last year I want to continue into the upcoming year such as continue to lose weight.  I know I gained some with the Christmas holidays so I need to refocus. I'm back in college this upcoming semester. I need to make this my year to shine and find myself. I also plan on pursuing more of my time into learning about photography. It's not going to be my major but I really do want to learn more about it especially since I enjoy taking pictures alot. 

I'm thankful this year I don't have to worry about medical bills from my gallbladder surgery. My insurance took care of everything. So blessed to be feeling a whole lot better. Not 100% yet but feeling around 95%.

That's a lot of money for a gallbladder surgery.

Well 2014 is going to be coming through soon here in the Midwest, in about 5o minutes. Like I said before there are things that I want to change about myself but I don't want to call them resolutions, that just sounds like a temporary fix.  I'm not sure of what I would call it, but I know I don't want it to be temporary. Maybe a work in progress.

I was planning on going out to bring in 2014 but since today was a hair wash day, yea....that plan was nixed in the bud. So I'm bringing in the new year just chillin on my laptop and watching some tv.

So I'll see what 2014 brings.....and hope to make it a better year for myself.

Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

December 21, 2013

Who am I?

I started this particular blog post about a month ago with just the post heading. I then saved it because I really didn't know how to start it off. So for a month I decided to figure out what makes So I found a notebook and started to list things. Not in any order, just pure randomness. I started to think about things that I enjoy that when I do think about them, they make me smile and wonder, how did they do that.

Then I went through each thing on my list and thought about why I enjoy each item.

Art- As a child I remember an art book collection that my parents have in our house and I would go through them and just be amazed at the pictures. To think someone could make something so beautiful from just a thought in their mind has always amazed me with artists. The art books were categorized by famous painters. There were certain books that I enjoyed looking at the pictures numerous times. Artwork by Leonard, Raphael, Michelangelo, Donatello and Van Gogh were my top favorites. Which is also probably why I enjoy the Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles so much. I can go the Art Museum here in Saint Louis and just walk around for hours. As much as I enjoy art I also enjoy learning the history behind the items that were painted or made.

Fashion- It might surprise some folks but I love fashion. I like how people can just pull off an outfit and be confident in their style especially if it is not the norm. For me I especially love accessories such as scarves, and fashionable eye-wear (prescriptive and non-prescriptive). I also love shoes as well. High heels, platforms, sandals, tennis shoes, and boots, the list can go on and on. I think shoes are the item that finish an outfit. They decide if you are dressing up or dressing down. If I could just dress in long tank tops and maxi skirts all day long, I probably would. This past year there is a lady by the name of Mimi who has a website and she makes her own clothing and I have been fascinated with the idea.

Jewelry- My love for jewelry is probably a sight to behold. I love all kinds of jewelry. Vintage Rings, Tribal Earrings, unique handmade necklaces, and funky bracelets are just a few examples of what are in my impressive collection. If it is unusual and it "calls" to me, then I want it. I've had a love affair for jewelry since the early 2000's. I've been thinking about possibly taking some classes to learn about jewelry making. There is a place in the Delmar Loop called Craft Alliance that teaches classes various classes from using clay to learning about graphic software.

Photography- Sometimes I think I acquired my love for picture taking from my Aunt Alice. I love to take pictures. Whether with my cellphone or with my Sony DSC-H9. I love watching people interact with other people, nature, or what ever may be around. I only wish I knew how to use advance graphic software to enhance my pictures and learning about what a camera can REALLY in regards all the options and settings on my camera and on DSLR cameras.

Computers- I love computers. I love computers. I love computers! I love the hardware in regards to what it looks like and what it does. I love the software especially (gaming and graphic art design.) I thought at one time I was going to be a programmer until reality set in. I took a Programming language class and I just couldn't understand it. I literally broke my heart. I thought I was just too dumb to understand it and felt like a failure. Talk about self-esteem taking a plummet. So I still enjoy computers but I realized that programming unfortunately is not in the cards for me.

Graphic Design - I am amazed at the artwork can create or further develop with graphic software. I really am impressed how photographers use graphic design software to further enhance their pictures. I love how people use this type of software to create attractive websites. I know eventually I will want to do a major upgrade on my blog. I just wonder how people pull such amazing creative ideas and transfer them to a computer or paper.

Blogging- I love to write. I think the main reason I started this blog was get things out of my head. Sometimes I would have stuff just going none stop in my head and I couldn't seem to get them out. Writing helped to alleviate the problem. Not totally cure of the problem but it has helped. I also enjoy blogging because I document all types of stuff that I go through. My life, my hair, just anything that I might want to recall. Hell others I wish I hadn't done. I can't believe how old my blog is. It's one of the few things that I am proud of.

Traveling- Going around this world and experience different cultures has also been something else I've wanted to do. I remember seeing a movie back in the day called Wild Orchid and I tell you, I wanted to go to Brazil SO bad. Heck I still want to. I want to be up close with the Eiffel Tower, touch the Pyramids in Egypt and also experience the various other cultures that are around the world. 

Mass Communications - I like TV and Radio. I think on the TV I enjoy how crews are able to travel and film all over the world. Heck sometimes I wonder if I could have been an actress.  I also love watching news stories such as 60 minutes and even Real Sports on HBO. I love how journalists put together such interesting stories. With radio I enjoy the conversations that the radio dj's have but that's the extent of my interests with that.

Animation - I love cartoons. Love them! I also enjoy reading and watching Manga. I also enjoy the various animated movies. I think I honestly enjoy anime overall more than real movies. I am fascinated by how people can draw things from their imagination and bring them to life.

Video Games - Now anyone that knows me, knows that I am  HUGE gamer ever since the  original Nintendo. I've always loved playing video games. The way people can develop characters and story lines are just unbelievable. As the years have gone by to see how far games have come to looking almost realistic. 

So I'm back in school starting January 2014. I'm taking some elective courses, which will give me some time to really figure out what I want to do. I'm thinking about Public Relations and I've talked to someone in the field. I really enjoy technology and fashion, but I realized that I if I really pursue this that I might need to move someplace that really has a high job market for employment in this area. I don't see Saint Louis being strong for either choice. I'm still doing some more research on it. Sometimes I wonder if it's "too late" to really find yourself and start all over again. But I guess it's only too late once you are dead.

Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

December 5, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

So let me just apologize in advance by saying that I took too long in posting pics from my family's Thanksgiving party this year. I just uploaded them last night to my laptop. Of course we all had fun and enjoyed each others company. Yes...there was plenty of turkey. Yes....there was a football game and you know the men were going in on it. Yes...plenty of little kids running around. Oh and yes the food looked and tasted wonderful.

-Click on the link below-

 Thanksgiving 2013

Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

December 3, 2013

Natural Hair Product Review: African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave In Conditioner & Q-Redew

Last night I decided to stretch out my two strand twist and wanted to try a product I received from a Natural Hair Expo I went to on Saturday. In my goodie bag that I received from attending, there was a full size version of the African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In Conditioner. So if you know from my reviews I am normally a die hard Design Essentials fan/junkie for the majority of products that I use in my hair. I also decided to breakout my Q-Redew to help steam and stretch my hair out.

So last night I went through sectioning off my hair and using my Q-Redew on each section. What I loved about it was how easy it was to go through each section and how it stretched my hair with the steam. Afterwards I went through each section with some of the African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Leave-In Conditioner and after thoroughly working it through, I proceeded to two strand twist and I noticed that when I Q-Redew my twists were longer and held even better than when I didn't use it. I will say the Leave-In Conditioner had a nice whipped texture to it and smelled great.

This is the type of water that the creator of the Q-Redew, Heidi informed me to use in the handheld steamer.

After finishing my whole head I wrapped up for the night and then this morning did my take down process. (Now that I think about it, I wish I had taken a picture of a section of my hair that had been steamed vs. a section that had not, Big difference.) I was pleased in the morning to find that there wasn't any product that had not been absorbed by my hair AKA snowflaking. I did put oil on my hands for the take down process. The kind I used is Desert Essence Nourishing Body Oil Desert Lime. I normally use on my body but decided I wanted to use it on my hair.

The oil I used for the take down process.

My finished result. I could tell immediately that my hair had a fuller appearance and didn't feel weighed down.

The lower pictures are a comparison of what my hair looked like earlier yesterday from a 3 day old twist out.

On a side note, I decided to look into finding a natural stylist that specializes in various braiding styles. I still go to Daisha, but also realized that I needed someone that could assist with protective styling. So while at the Natural Expo I attended on Saturday I found a lady, LaWanda Williams, who had showcased some styles on her models and I loved them! So I made sure to snatch one of her business cards from her booth area and I spoke with her as well as some of her clients and they have been going to her for a long time and they just had nothing but praises for her. Not to mention her prices were right along my budget:)

On a side, side note: In regards to my Q-Redew, once I'm done using the device I make sure to empty out the rest of the water in the reservoir and keep it open so it may dry out. Once it is dry, I put it back into the main device and store away.

Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz
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