October 27, 2007

guess where I went to yesterday...the E.R.

Well I had work yesterday at job 1. It was a half day for the students and a professional development day for the staff. I had some pain in my right ear beginning around 10am and it steadly became worse by 1pm. I couldn't take it anymore and decided I need to see my doctor. Now get this....I call my dr. earlier around 11:15am and found out that he had RETIRED!!! So the new dr. was there and guess what he was BOOKED UP for the day.

So the nurse suggests that i go to a hospital with an Urgent Care Facility. Not the same as an E.R. So I call St. Mary's Hospital and they say that they don't have an Urgent Care facility but Barnes Hospital does. So Im like DAMN I know it's about to be hood-city around this time and packed. So I inform my prinicpal, my cousin who works at the school with me, and call my sis to let her know what's going on too.

I drive myself there and park in the E.R. I get myself registered in the system and take a seat. About 45 min. later I see a nurse who takes my blood pressure 150/90 and I explain to her my symptoms. She states she'll put me on the urgent care list and that I will be seen quicker than some of the other patients because of what's going on with me.

Sure enough I speak to another individual and give him my insurance and then within a hour I'm taken to the back for treatment. Now this is where it gets funny to me. People who have been there before are becoming aggrivated and are cursing because they mad. Now they really are mad because they see my ass is about to get serviced quicker than them. I didn't say anything but just giggled to myself.

So now Im finally in the back and I have a room to myself and a dr gets to me about 40 minutes later. Inform's me that I have an ear infection that probably was from my cold earlier this week. She said it was really red and irriated. So she gives me some drug prescriptions and states I shouldn't go to work today. So I called my supervisor, Tracey while I was still there to let her know i wouldn't be at job 2.

They give me my stuff and I call my mom to let her know that I'm on my way home.As I walk out of the private area back into the waiting area, someone makes the comment, "I can't believe this shit, she got in and out within 4 hours that's fucked up." So I stopped turn to the lady and say "Next time come in and have job that pays insurance" and I walked my ass out to elevator with smile on my face and took it down to the parking lot to my car.

Went to Walgreens took an hour for my prescription to be filled. Did some shopping while there and then went home got drugged up and went to sleep. Oh and did I mention it was my parent's anniversary also. Gotta love the timing;)

October 20, 2007

Chrisette Michelle - Best of ME

I came across this song yesterday and it just made me sit down and think damn. It summarized how I feel every now and then. Thankfully not as much as I used to, but you know how old ghosts will creep up on you from time to time. Every time I play this song I can't help but smile;) It's my ringtone, ringback, and a full song on my verizon phone. Overall she is a wonderful artist.

Chrisette Michelle - Best of ME

I saw you again at the parlor,
Crossing the walk with your lady,
I caught your eye from a far off,
I noticed she wore a ring, mmmm,
I found a smile against my will
wish it was genuine.
I put away my desire
No more in love with you still,
Look I'm moving on.

Loved you, Lost you
Thought I'd give you all the best of me, uhhh
We departed, broken hearted,
I need to be free
What we had was oh so lovely
I'll swallow my pain,
It's my time to find the best of me

Can't be the type to be begging
Can't be the type to plead,
My mama made me much wiser,
What's mine will be just for me, yeah
I'm trying hard to just focus,
[ Best Of Me lyrics found on ]
I'm trying hard to sleep,
Promise I'm glad you're happy
When it's my time it will be.
Look I'm moving on. Oo hoo hoo

Loved you, Lost you
Thought I'd give you all the best of me, uhhh
We departed, broken hearted,
I need to be free
What we had was oh so lovely
I'll swallow my pain,
It's my time to find the best of me

Oh my, why have I been just so foolish
All these times
Not realizing the beauty that your eyes once saw in mine
I guess it's time to find the best in me

Loved you, Lost you
Thought I'd give you all the best of me, uhhh
We departed, broken hearted,
I need to be free
What we had was oh so lovely
I'll swallow my pain,
It's my time to find the best of me

October 15, 2007

Cool weekend

Hey yall what's up;) I know it's been about a week since my last post and I apologize. I have been busy. This past Saturday was Mina's birthday and Danielle and I took her out for dinner. We orginally had agreed upon Cheesecake Factory but Mina hit me up and told me the wait was 90 minutes. So that pretty much was a hell no. So we went to J Buck's in Clayton. I ordered an appetizer for us to share and then ordered for my main course a herb chicken dish. Pretty much it was trash and I was very dissapointed in it. The Cheesecake Factory version was to die for and that's what I had my heart set on.

So as dinner comes to a close we order Mina a birthday gooey-butter cake slice with chocolate ice cream. Afterwards she had to make a quick run and meet us back at the Galleria where she would pick herself out a present from the COACH store. She decided on pretty purse and since Mina was still going to kick it, Danielle and I decided to go back to my house. While we were out though we decided to just take in a movie and saw Tyler Perry's new movie, "Why did I get Married?" I have to give the movie A+++++++++++++++++++ across the board!!!! It's the kind of movie you could probably see 2 more times and not get bored.

Afterwards Danielle and I were discussing the characters in the movie and we both agreed that Mina and Danielle were definitely Angela's, Kai could definitely be a Diane, and I USED to be a Sheila strongly. Now I don't mean any of them in a negative way except for myself. I mean I notice different aspects of each character in my girlfriends. Patrina (another friend of ours) could probably be Janet Jackson's role. Actually now that I think about it Kai could also be Janet's role too......Boy it really made me look at relationships.

Oh well beyond that night, I had work on Sunday. I also had work Saturday morning too. Well I had work today and I'm taking off for tomorrow. I have a doc. appointment and just need some more me time. Suppose to meet up with the girls at Harrah's tonight for 25 cent wings special and be able to watch Monday night football (I think). pure bliss;)

October 8, 2007

howdy doody

Hey there hope all is well, Yes I took that nice lil ol vacation on Friday. Ya know what I did? I cleaned the damn house. Now isn't THAT a hoot. Yet I found that more relaxing and refreshing than going to work. So what does that say??? Well anyway I just chilled out the whole day at home. nothing much to tell on that day besides going out once I think. Yet I don't really remember what for so it obviously wasn't that fun.

Saturday- I had a 7am meeting, followed by work from 10am to 4pm. Took myself to the house and chilled out for the rest of the day. I might have gone out on that day too...don't remember. Damn i'm boring lololol


Monday- Had work, blah blah blah, had school, blah blah blah but decided to skip today and just come to UMSL (University of Missouri Saint Louis) to just study. Bored out of my Phuckin mind. So bored I don't know if I'll finish this sent....ance.

October 4, 2007

When you have reached the limit

I'm offically going to take a day off from work tomorrow. I just need it and yes it's just that bad. Today was something out of the wood works. Even I didn't think I could ever sink as low as I did today. By the time I went home, I was so far gone I didn't even say bye to people. i just packed up my shit and went home. Yet before going there I went to Lee's chicken to pick up some lunch. I get home and they shorted my order so I packed the food back up and get in my car and just burst into tears. I calm myself down and get back to Lee's so they can fix my order and then I go back home to eat it and try to calm down.

I don't make it to class on time, my favorite class, did the homework that was due and emailed my classmates with it and I get there about 40 minutes late. funny thing is that he is letting people leave EARLY so luckly my group is still there and I'm able to put input on our assignments.

I leave and I'm about to walk to my car when I realized that i promise to print up a list for a fellow co-worker at the library (which is where I am right now). Just got done with that but I'm wondering how I'm going to get it there to her. Probably will get to the job early so I can just drop it off to her.

My brain is just so fried with shit it's crazy. Sometimes I feel that when my plate is full of crap I just want to drop it on the ground and watch everything just shatter. Been one of the weeks.

October 2, 2007

Can we say flashback?

Ok so ya girl had school yesterday in the class she absolutely hates, economics. After class I go to the library and finish up my favorite class for work, Business Writing. After that I'm feeling absoutely bored and decide to go to Hooter's for dinner. While there I was talking to one of my favorite waitress at the bar, I decided that I could take in a movie while I was out.

So after getting the rest of my wings to go I head on out to the St. Louis Mills and go to Books-a-million and Old Navy to pass the time. Around 9:45pm I head over to the movie theater and go see GAME PLAN with the Rock. When I first get there I'm the only person in the theater. Then the funny thing was that I had to go find someone to START THE MOVIE. Maybe because they didn't think anyone was in the there. Overall I give the movie an A. I was shocked I didn't think I would like the plot but it really was a damn good movie. Laughed my ass off!!! After the movie I went home and went to sleep.

Then TODAY while I'm at work someone calls with a sexy ass voice and I'm like damn... So upon furthering the conversation I find out that he was a guy that I know from my high school single days that I had one of the biggest ass crushes on, Justin Tatum. I of course did verify that he went to CBCHS (Christian Brothers College H.S.). He's the high school basketball coach at Soldan H.S., go figure. Such a small world;) Also I have seen him around from time to time and he is STILL FINE.

October 1, 2007

UPDATE TO POST: For all you old heads that went to UMSL in 1999 and before POSTED ON 092007

Hey guys sorry for late update on this particular post. I called Carolyn Allen again today and left a message. She returned my phone call 10 minutes later and we spoke for 10 minutes. She told me that what I heard wasn't exactly right.

It's a scholarship that you have for the next 24 years, for around $500. The scholarship is available to be used once out of a school year. Which means you can choose to use it for the Fall, Summer, OR Spring session of a academic school year. NOT ALL THREE IN THE SAME YEAR. The application to fill out online will be active to complete on October 19th, 2007.

Pretty much in a hand basket you have to go to a website:

Here are the basics for if you qualify:

Qualifying Student must meet the following requirements; view the full Tuition Settlement Agreement here

The qualifying student attended one of four (4) University of Missouri campuses (Columbia, Kansas City, Rolla, St. Louis) during the period from Winter Semester 1995 through Fall Semester 2001 inclusive; and

The qualifying student was a Missouri Resident Undergraduate student at the time of attendance; and

The qualifying student was at least 16 years of age, but under age 22 on the first day of class in at least one semester during this time period

Again you want to call Carolyn Allen at 573-882-3611

where the wind blows

Well hello there. Hope all is well with you. Today is Monday. Had work this past weekend at job #2. Which was somewhat okay but better than the Friday that I had at job #1. Deadlines...Deadlines....Deadlines..... What can I say, my life is full of never-ending deadlines.

Yesterday after work Danielle and I grabbed some food at Applebee's and just chilled out. Mina was out of town with her family, Kai is doing well, and Amy of course is busy being a new mom;)

Another close high school buddy of mine, Laura had sent me a message via Myspace informing me that she had to have an emergency C-Section because there were some difficulties with her newborn. There were complications but luckly mother and baby are doing great. Baby is still at the hospital last time I talked to her and they are expecting her home very soon.

Of course I am still in school trying to hang in there. One class I'm doing great, the other I'm doing my personal version of the TITANIC. Sinking...Sinking...Sinking.
Sometimes I wonder how am I even surviving with the schedule I have. I work 7 days a week and have to go to school for 4 days. The only day I get a day off is if it happens to be a holiday, or I just say phuck it I'm taking a day off.

Lord knows my personal life is just virtually gone. The only time I feel as though I'm doing anything fun is if I have the time to get to the mall. That might be on a whim after I've studied.

Yet the really sad thing is when I say I have no time to do anything I literally mean to get to anything or further more get anything done to me. Yet that particualr part has been the case for quite some time. ha-ha-ha

Talked with Kai last night while I was on the porch and just enjoying the breeze of the night, the moon was a tad bit foggy but full. We talked for about 30 minutes. Went inside changed clothes. I don't know what the deal is when it comes to me and PJ's for some reason I just can't stand them. LOL but anyway I dozed off watching cartoon network's Robot Chicken and woke up to Ed, Eddie, and whatever the last part of the that show is called.

Was real tempted to call off of work but I decided to reserve that for a day when I REALLY need it, like maybe....tomorrow. Who knows.;)
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