November 30, 2006

had some fun last night

Yeserday I had work and left around 5pm. Dashed home to check on my mom because she was still sick and not feeling any better. So I get home and seems to be in the same state. So my plans for the evening I canceled to be able to take care of her. My girls wanted me to go out with them to SubZero(specialty vodka lounge bar) because on Wednesday's appearantly they had a drinks special for only $5.

So I was on my to La-La land around 8:15pm when my cousin called me concerning his Myspace page. He was trying to add a special feature that I had on my page and I told him that I would have to come over to see what he was trying to do. So I go dressed and made it there around 8:40pm by that time he had figured what to do for his website.

So I'm just over there chillin playin with his huge ass dog, named ROCK. Who just LOVES to have his belly rubbed down. So Andy, my cousin, orders some pizza from IMO's and we are watching some episode's of Voltron. As we are talkin and watchin tv, his mom calls and I talk to her for a while. She asked about my mom and I gave her an update. So she states she will call my mom to see if she needs anything and will give me a call back. Within 10 min. she calls and states my mom wants some chinese food. Well the pizza STILL hadn't arrived so i made the run to the chinese restuarant in NORTHOAKS PLAZA near the house and took it home to her.

I then change my clothes and put on some jogging pants, husband beata, and my crocs and jet back to Andy's house. Well i expected that the pizza would be there because at this time it was well over an hour since Andy had orignally had called the order in. He gets ticked and calls them asking what's the hold up. Do you know the dumb ass thought Andy was going to pick up the pizza? So he's crackin me up talkin to the dude. Pretty much stating why in the hell would i give you my delivery information if I was going to pick up the pizza. So ole boy states he will have new one's made and delivered.

So within an ADDITIONAL 30 minutes the pizza finally get's here as he is showing me a favorite game of his called NARATU. It plays just like series on the cartoon network. So when the pizza gets there we turn back on the Voltron series and we are alsmost done watchin it. Yet it's goin on around 12:20am and so i decided to pack up and go home. I thank my cuz for the din-din and make it back to my house.

When I get to my room, I put in the Voltron DVD set that I borrowed from my cousin and watched the last 2 episodes on the 3rd disc that I wasn't able to watch over my cousin's house. Afterwards I went to sleep and dreamnt about Voltron kickin the shit out of the Evil King and that Ugly witch's ass.

November 29, 2006

my celebrity look-a-likes

update to yesterday

Well yesterday I pretty much stayed close to my mom since she was sick yesterday and still sick today. I ran some errands for her that lasted about 2 hours and pretty much watched a couple of movies. This morning she called in sick again and I thought about calling in today to make sure she would be okay. Yet knowing my mom she probably would tell me to go to work so that's what I'll do.

Yesterday's weather was also very beautiful. I was expecting rain but I don't think it ever came. Either way the weather that we are having for November is quite amazing. Hopefully we won't get any snow. Not too fond of the stuff anymore.

Anyway I also have to decide when I'm going to inform my supevisor of my new full-time job that won't start until January, hopefully I can go back to part-time. Oh well it's about 8:10am and my mom just asked me to go to the gas station to get her something to drink. Hope you all have a good day. Take care.

November 28, 2006

lil update to last night

Well last night Kai called me and we had a WONDERFUL conversataion about our lives. You know different subjects like love, kids, MEN, among other things. We talked for over a hour. I had decided to go to Applebee's and still was holding my convo with Kai when I finally got to my destination they were already closed for the evening. So since both our cell batteries were about to go dead, we decided to say goodnight. So I drove to Kreiger's instead and watched the football, read a tad bit more of a book that I brought along, and enjoy some toasted ravioli.

Afterwards i went home and fell asleep.

Well this morning, I don't have work, and my mother is unfortunately sick so I'm gonna stay around the house to make sure she is okay. I'll probably put up more christmas decorations as well. hope you enjoy your Tuesday.

November 27, 2006

so much packed into so little time

Well yesterday (Sunday) was something else. Let's begin with the fact that my mom woke me up talking about putting up the christmas tree. Let me tell you about this new tree we bought. It's massive, 7 feet tall and really wide. We tried something different, so instead of putting in front of our mantle we put it off to a corner, and i must say I like the change.

Ok so the box for the tree is in the middle of our living room, so I open it up and take out the 3 separate parts. Immediately I'm loving this tree because, A) The lights are ALREADY on the limbs of the tree, B) it comes in 3 seperate parts, and C) the limbs fold UP for storage. Now the only gripe I have about the tree, IT'S HEAVY AS HELL TO PICK UP THE 3 SEPARATE PIECES and not to forget when you pick one piece up to put it in place, there might be a strong chance you might loose your balance.

So after assembling the tree i realize i don't really have that much time to put on the decorations because it's 9:30am and I need to get prepared for the RAM'S game that starts at noon. You see my dad informed me earlier last week, that he along with my mom were going to the game and that my uncle had extra tickets. So I told him that I would definitely want one and to see if 2 of my girlfriends would want to go as well.

So around 10am I give Danielle a call to make sure she is up, well appearantly she JUST woke up when Mina came home from out of town. So when I talk to her she states that she's about to start getting dress. I tell the ladies I will there around 11am to pick them up. Fastforward it's about 11:30am when I get there and I pick the ladies up and we head on to the Edward Jones Stadium for the Rams game. My luck is pretty nice that I was able to find a parking meter.

So we make are way to the Stadium and it's jam packed as everyone is trying to get to their seats. By this time it's about 12:10pm and kickoff has already happened. We have to go to section 426 row TT to get to our seats. Let me tell you this........the damn steps to that damn stadium are to damn steep for my damn ass. Kamina, Danielle, and myself are holding on the guarding rail for dear life.

We finally make it to our seats and boy are beat! We sit down and I can see some of my family members in the same row around 10 seats down. So we settle in and watch the game laughing and having a good time. By the 4th quarter we leave with 5 minutes on the clock and make our way out of the stadium. By this time my parents are already gone. So we leave the stadium and as we pass a parking lot that has some mobile TV's stationed in a certain spot, we hear some cheering so appearantly the Rams had made a Touchdown to take back the lead.

So we finally get back to the car and I drop off Kamina to the house so she can get some rest and recoup from her trip. Which leaves Danielle and myself. So we decide to go to the Galleria and kick it. She needed to get some dress slacks and also a movie that we both wanted to see was playing there was well. Well obviously we miss the movie so we just walk around and check some more stores. Well this one store called JOURNEYS (A shoe store) had off the CHAIN timberland boots with a wedge heel, they were lace up with a fur tongue and fur trim around the top. I tried them on and think they would be sex with a skirt, so I had her put them on hold yet I'm not sure if I will be able to get them.

So while I'm at the mall I call my job to make sure everything is cool and to get an update on things. Well my friend Caitlin was kind enough to inform AND remind me that the special dinner for the wireless, d.i. and carfi teams was THAT NIGHT at 8:30pm. Also our Supervisor was treating us ALL to dinner. So I'm like "phuck" I totally forgot. So I ask Danielle if she wants to go. So we zoom from the Galleria to our store and pretty much the whole gang was there. So we take a group photo and then head to Applebee's.

We get settled into our seats at Applebee's and put in our orders. Danielle is sitting across from me and we just chillout along with the rest of the group. Keith, one of her roommate's comes in also for a drink and waiting for some company at the bar. So we enjoy ourselves from 9pm till 11pm. So I thank my Supervisor for the dinner and Danielle and I go back to my house. My mom "asked" us as earlier while we were at the game to put up the christmas tree after the movie.

Well we get back to the house and it's about 11:30pm my dad tells us don't worry about the tree it's too late. So I take Danielle home and make my way back to my house by midnight. So I'm checkin my Myspace page and noticed a strange comment in regards to my previous post and all I can think is wow.....why am I not surprised?

Overall I had a kick ass day yesterday.

Now today (Monday) I woke up early to inform the people in regards to the job offer from last week that I would accept. Afterwards I put the decorations on the tree and then I jetted to work. I got off around 5pm and came home to chill out. I don't have work tomorrow so I'm probably gonna either just still stay at home since I have a massive headache or go out and kick it at my neighborhood Applebee's.

Also my dad said that since I enjoyed the RAMS game so much he would try to get more tickets in the future. So keep ya fingers crossed, you know I am;)

November 25, 2006

somewhat of a memorable yesterday.

Well yesterday it was everything I expectged it to be. Pure Chaos. I woke up around 2:30am to get myself together for work. I was trying to stop by a McDonalds to get something to eat but then I remember IT'S 3:30am in the morning!!!! What the hell is open besides White Castles and Denny's? So I make my way to Quicktrip so I can get some gas for my car.

I head on out to my job and as I get off the ramp to get to my store, I see this HUGE ASS LINE!!! That stretches from the entrance to the store all the way down to the italian restuarant that is at the end of the shopping strip in our lil area. I drive past and hope to MAYBE see the Jack in the Box down the street open. Uh-uh. So I have to turn around and go past my job again to the Quicktrip that's right down the street to grab 2 hotdogs, a cold frappucino and a hot frapppucino.

I then get back to my job with 10 mins. to spare. I say hi to my fellow co-workers and go to the breakroom to scarf my food down. After I'm done, I race to the front of the store and receive instructions along with my co-workers as far as what is procedure. After we get them, we take certain phamplets outside to the customers. There are only a certain amount and after they are gone, that's it.

So I was in charge of giving out phamplets for a certain laptop and I made sure that I asked everyone in line as I was going down the line until they were all gone. now mind you I only had 20 or so copies of this certain item yet u had over 1000 people waiting outside of our store. Well after I pass out my phamplets I make my way back up the line when I over hear the General Manager tell my Supervisor that she needs 2 phamplets of the item I had because some people in line stated I didn't ask them if they wanted one. BULLSHIT, they were lying, I asked them they said no, end of discussion. So I went inside and informed the GM that they told me they didn't need anything. So I kept going down the line, don't wait till after the fact. It's pretty much too damn late by then.

So the GM is trying to see if we can substitute another laptop for them. Well someone already had looked into the situation and apparently found a suitable substitution. After all that I made sure I was ready to open in my department by 5am. They had ordered a shirt with my name embroidered on it so I changed into that. All the co-workers for my department were there and ready and got ready for the doors to open.

Pretty much when we opened the doors, just a huge wave of people came in. It really didn't die down until 12noon. Yet I was being swamped with questions left and right as well as helping out activating phones, ringing out customers, getting cussed out over the phone because people were pissed about us not matching prices on stuff, you know the regular armageddon after thanxgiving issues.

Well when my shift was FINALLY over by 4:20pm, only reason I didn't leave by 4pm was that I was stuck on the phone doing a stupid activation that was taking forever because the customer service reps were acting like some freaking idiots. So I finally get home and take a nap for about 4 hours. So I wokeup and was in the mood for some Great Cheesecake Factory.

Someone from my MYSPACE page had contacted me stated he was from the St. Louis area earlier this week. He had informed me that he was in town and would like to talk. So as I was checking my Verizon phone I saw that I missed some calls from his cellphone. So I decided it would be nice to actually maybe make a new friend. So I give him a ring and we make small talk. He asked m my plans and I inform him that I was planning to have dinner at the Great Cheesecake Factory. He asked if I would mind some company and I told him no and didn't mind meeting him there. He stated that he wouldn't mind picking me up so I give him instructions to my home.

He gets to my house around 8:45pm and we exchange introductions. I must say he was pretty cute and we make great conversation on the way to the Galleria. We make our way to the bar area of the restuarant and put in our food and drink orders. He is currently living in the D.C. area and talked about when he was attending UMSL and how college life was back then. He isn't too keen on interracial dating among other things. We finally finished up our dinner around 10:30pm.

So we head on back home still talking about different issues, including David Chappelle. We finally pull up to the house and with one hand holding my purse and leftovers I thank him for the evening and give him a hug. He returns the hug and then teases me that I gave him a brotherly hug. So I give him another one and I could tell he was trying to do more than that so I politely turn my head and open the door.

He asked if he could give me a lil peck. So i didn't think any wrong with that. So i closed the door because in my mind a lil peck is a kiss CLOSED MOUTH with NO TONGUE INVOLVED which may be on the lips or on the cheek. So I turn and get closer to him with my mouth closed. He starts to kiss me then all of a sudden pushes his tongue into my mouth. I immediately get uncomortable and try to pull my head back. He then uses his hand to keep my head not only in place but also to bring me closer. I try again to pull back and then notice his hand trying to slowly rise up above my waste. NOW I was really getting nervous and moved his hand away and really moved my head back. I opened the door quickly and told him goodnight. He said he would call me tomorrow and I closed the door. I walked really quick across the street and got in my house and locked the door.

I go upstairs to my 2nd floor bathroom and brush my teeth for about 10 minutes. i then go to my room and undress, change into my pj's and then go back to the bathroom and wash my makeup and take my contacts out. I then go back to my room and call Danielle who was still at work and tell her what happened. Being the sweet person she is she made sure I was okay. I told her I had a GREAT evening but it was shattered for me when he became aggressive in my eyes.

Guys let me give you some words of advice and there are probably some woman that also fit this profile. When you go out on THE VERY FIRST DATE, or even it should be your 50th date with the same woman. Don't you EVA assume that you are entitled to a damn thing. Unless she/he is game and you both are in agreement to what may go down AHEAD OF TIME when you are both out, keep ya hormones and actions in check.

Because of what he did last night I won't go back out with him. Point blank. He violated my space and my trust. Yet what messes me up that up to THAT point everything was gravy and I was hoping to hook up with him again before he went back to D.C. on Tuesday.

My girlfriends get on me from time to time about why I don't date often and why do I keep to myself. Because i don't want to have to deal with that type of shit and point blank I shouldn't have to.

When I got home this afternoon (Saturday) from work, I checked my Verizon phone and he had left me a text message from 6:50am. I read it and took a damn nap. So now I've been up for the past 2 hours. I kept thinking about what happened even while I was at work. Shit like that just shouldn't happen.

November 23, 2006

update to thanxgiving day

Well the festivites are over with and I'm back home. Changed out of my outfit into a lounger and I'm just chillin out listening to some Tevin Campbell;) If you are my age you know this voice;) Right now singing i'm out loud with my subwoofer and speakers blaring out "DON'T SAY GOODBYE GIRL". My uniform is washing downstairs and I'm getting my mind ready for what is to happen within next 7 hours. Pure chaos. Gotta Love it;)

what a thanxgiving week

Yesterday was quite a day. I woke up around 7am to get dressed for my job interview that was scheduled for 8:30am. So I got dressed and trailed my dad out to a building less than five minutes away from the house. Again remember I stated in my previous post that the person was a doctor so I assumed it was a medical office. WRONG. It was actually an educational office and the person who is the superintendent has a doctrine in education.

So my dad wishes me good luck and I go inside. A lady who also works there was informed by my dad while he was driving away that i was there for a job interview. So I go into the building and sign in. The lady who my dad was speaking to comes through the door and tells me to follow her up the steps to the second floor. So I take a seat inside the superintendent's waiting room, where appearantly the lady is his personal secretary. We talk about Thanxgiving food, family, and other subjects.

Well by this time I've been there it's almost around 9:15am and unfortunately the superintendent still was not there. So his secretary calls to another room and she takes me to another room where 2 people were sitting in an office. We make introductions to each other and I sit down. They inform me about the position which is a secretarial job at a high school in one of the districts close to my house.

It would defintiely be a full-time gig and they inform me of some the duties that are required. I become a tad bit nervous because I wonder can I take this position and furthermore DO I want to take this position. Overall we talked for around 20 to 30 minutes. Then we were informed the superintendent was in his office. So someone escorted back over to the previous office and sat in the waiting area.

Shortly I went into the Superintendent's office and we did introductions. We sat at a side table from his desk and then the other 2 people I had the interview with earlier came in and we all were sitting at the table. The Superintendent gave further insight into the position and pretty much when it was all said and done they pretty much (it seemed to me) offered it to me right on the spot, but told me to take some time to think about. I told them I would and thanked them for there time.

I was running late for work that morning and had to call a fellow co-worker to inform that I would be running behind around 9:45am because I was due at work at 10am. I didn't get out of the interview and meeting until 10:15am so as I'm going back down the steps I see this FINE guy already at the sign in area and he was talking to the security guard. So I make my way back to the sign-in sheet so I could sign out. We past each other and we say good morning. As I head out the door he lets the security guard know that he forgot something and has to make a quick run back out to his car.

So he opens the door for me so I could leave the building. I tell him "thank you" and he responds "you are most certainly welcome". I couldn't help but smile. So I make it to my car and he asks me politely why I was there. I told him and wexchanged names. He informed me of a summer camp for teens that he was trying to get together. So he asked me if I was single and OF COURSE I said yes;) So we exchanged numbers and he asked me where I worked i told him and then he informed me that his brother used to work at my location and when I realized who it was (DANIELLE U WILL NEVER GUESS WHO) I was thinking wow genectics from the same parents can have some definitely dramatic results.

So he told me he would give me a call as I was driving to work, but dumb ass me had my phone on silent and forgot to turn it back to loud from the meeting. So I jet to work and was about 30 minutes late. I get there and pretty much it's the usual hussle and bustle. Yet all I could think about was this new job opportunity and how it was making my stomach do flip flops. I'm so comfortable with my present job and like I said I've come to know my co-workers like a 2nd family. You have no Idea how much this issue had been on my mind all day. I told Danielle about it and she told me I should get a gun for protection. LOL

So around 4:15pm I finally am able to take a break before I'm off of work by 5pm. I go to the breakroom and return my mother's phonecall. She asks me how the interview went. I told her and we exchanged comments regarding the job offer. I then speak to my dad and we exchange more comments as well. He thinks I should take it as well as my mom and we said we would discuss it some more when they get back in town. They went to Kentucky to visit 2 of my mother's sisters for Thanxgiving and should be back by Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

So after i wish them a safe trip, I get back to my department and get ready to clock out. When I go check on my Supervisor to make everything is cool with him. Point blank it's not, so ya girl ended up staying until 8:20pm Yet we got alot done and that's what matters. So i left and went home to ponder the decision some more. I opened up a bottle of apple cider and baked some garlic bread. While I was home I was updating my myspace page and my interesting new friend that I met earlier that morning called me around 6 times yet I didn't answer because unfortunately I wasn't in the mood for conversation.

So I promised myself that on Thanxgiving Day I would try to give him a call and I don't know maybe talk a spell.........

Overall today I wake up this morning and watch an episode of Voltron. I am sitting on my bed typing on my laptop STILL contemplating this job offer, thinking about the greenbeans I have to take over my aunt's house for today, watching Madea's Family Reunion on TV, wondering about so much. I wonder if I take this job will I POINT BLANK be able to handle it. I just have so much on my mind that its clouding what I should be thankful for.

November 22, 2006

moment of truth

Well good morning. Just want to give my final update to yesterday. I left my house around 9:30pm and decided to grab some food from Applebee's since I had been couped up at the house yesterday cooking food. Kinda funny don't ya think? I'm at home cooking all day yet I leave my house of food to go somewhere else to go eat. Yep I know pretty strange.

Well anyway I make my way to the Applebee's in St. John off of St. Charles Rock Rd. I don't really care for this location too much because in past experiences going there. I have NOT received great service. Well unfortunately yesterday was no exception. I go inside and wait on the bench for at least a good 5 to 10 minutes. 2 waiters go by me without acknowledging me and my temper is starting to simmer. Then a black couple comes in and within a minute one of the 2 waiters who ignored me immediately sat them down to a table. Then as soon as they are helped 3 white guys come in and the OTHER waiter who had also ignored me seats them immediately. I was so pissed at that point I called the Applebee's in Bridgeton and asked how long they were open.

After talking with a waiter from the Applebee's in Bridgeton, I just slammed open the door and left the sorry ass Applebee's I was in and headed down St. Charles Rock to the Applebee's closer to my job. I called 411 on my phone and asked for the number to the Applebee's I just left. They connected me and I told the person who answered the phone that I wanted the number to their corporate off to put in a complaint. She then proceeded to put the manager on the phone and I explained to her what had happened that this wasnt the first time I had been treated this way at that particular establishment.

She apologized for the treatment and told me her name. So when I go in the next time she will give me some appetizers on the house. So after i talk with her I make my way to the Applebee's in Bridgeton. I go in relax, read my book and think about this sudden job interview that i have tomorrow. After eating I head back home and go to sleep.

This morning my dad calls me around 7am to let me know he would take me to the place around 8:30am for the interview. Appearantly it's a dr. office and they need a secretary immediately. The pay is supposedly hire but that doesn't settle the butterflies in my stomach. I guess what I don't like is that this is all happening so sudden while in the middle of our busiest part of the year.

Oh well, I'm about to sign off and start getting dressed. Then after the interview I have to come home and get ready for work at 10am until 5pm. Take care and have good day.

November 21, 2006

update to this nutzy day

Well it's about 7:10pm. The greenbeans I prepared are pretty much done. My mom is downstairs right now preparing the dressing. The turkey tastes wonderful. Yet I just don't feel great. My dad called about 15 minutes ago and asked to speak to my mom. So I gave her the phone but the answering machine had picked up and i could still hear HIS side of the conversation.

So I go back up the stairs and I happen to hear him ask my mom that he was talking to someone he knew who was looking for a secretary. He asked my mom if he thought I would be interested in it because it had day hours and appearantly higher pay. As well as if I work strictly day hours then I would be able to go to school in the evening. My mom said yes so he then asked to speak with me. I told him it sounded ok and he asked me if I could see him tomorrow around 1pm. I told him I had work and wouldn't be off till 5pm.

He then says he would call me back and he does 5 minutes later and tells me the guy wants to meet me 9am in the morning tomorrow. I was tad bit shocked but said ok. I'm not sure what to really think. When I was at Express Scripts I was in front of a cpu screen, sitting in a chair, doing my work, yet I was miserable most of the time. I'm not sure if I want to get back into the same setting. As they say all the world in the money doesn't mean shit if you aren't happy.

Yet I also wonder the flip side of the coin, am I happy at my gig now? Being on my feet, my knees hurting, my mind wondering making sure I'm doing everything right. My head hurting, dealing with customers who can be such assholes, yet also dealing with customers who can be so sweet. My co-workers, some who I have known for such a long time and I consider them like a second family to me. I've been with this company 6 years. That is the longest I have EVER been at a gig. I enjoy my hours being able to get to work between 1oam to 1pm, or pretty much whenever I'm scheduled. yet I love when I have a day off. I don't have to worry about what to wear because I have a standard uniform.

At Express Scripts it wasn't easy having to get to that damn job by 8am yet I LOVED being off by 3:30pm. Plus it could be a pain in the ass to figure what I wanted to wear for the day.

My parents say one day I need to quit the job, then say the next day keep it so just in case you need to get something you will always have the discount. I remember when I first started working at Express Scripts I was literally going to quit my present gig back in 2004. Yet it was my parents who stated I should still keep it as a part time gig. So here I was working 2 gigs for close to 2 years.

I'm not sure what to think. Should I be happy that I have this opportunity? or should I stay where I am most comfortable? I'm not sure what to think these days? Sometimes I wonder am I being pushed around so it benefits myself in the end or others?

Not your average Monday

Well yesterday, I had work. WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. Oh did I tell you that I had work? Well the store opened up around 10am. At first traffic was light, then the customers started pouring in. I don't even RECALL how many activations I did by myself, I know it was at least 5 or 6. After a while my right knee started to give me some serious trouble. I was going to get an Ipod Nano for a customer and I damn near collapsed on the floor. I caught myself and my fellow co-worker noticed me and told me he would get it for me. Trevor is so cool;)

So after that frightening episode I proceeded to walk around the department and test out my knee and see what is going on. Every time I would bend it I would get a shooting pain, especially if I'm goin to kneel or getup from kneeling. Even would have an issue if I was just sitting in a chair and would just try to get up. After a while of tolerating this I told Trevor I had to go on my lunch because I was about to be in tears.

So I go for my lunch to Berkshire Grill right across the street to get off my feet and to just get away from people in general. My head was spinning and my knee was aching. I wasn't in the mood to be bothered. So I ordered some delicious pasta with brocolli, chicken, and white cream sauce. I enjoyed myself there called Mina to see what was up with her but only received her voicemail. She called me back shortly and we talked for a min. Danielle also had texted me a couple of times right before Mina called me.

So I finally made back to work and within 20 minutes, Jake, another worker in the department was in for work. I swear I think I have one of the best team of workers in Wireless EVER. I get along with all of them they are just wonderful. I get back to work and by this time Mina and Danielle arrive shortly. We make some chit chat before they leave the store. Our GM had us changing some things around in the department around 6pm so we could be prepared for BLACK FRIDAY.

Around 6:45pm I get a call from a friend of mine while I was still working on the project my GM assigned. I answered the phone and it was emergency. So I LITERALLY ran back to my department with the shopping cart I was pushing and told Jake I had to go, something serious just came up and told him what the GM had instructed to be done. By this time my heart is just racing and I'm already starting to sweat because I'm nervous. So I RUN out of the building with just my keys since my purse and coat were still in the car when I had returned from lunch.

I made it to my friends' house I think in under 25 minutes. I pick them both up and we go to the hospital. We go by one hospital and we can see the Emergency room is just flippin packed so we said Phuck THAT! and drove to another nearby. Overall her getting checked into the place then checked out to see what was up took around 4 hours. All I could think about was she going to be okay. I kept talking to the other person that came with us as well and we just kept each other laughing and joking. Finally they released her about 11pm and we went to a pharmacy area so she could get her meds and then we followed it with a fun and educational trip to the supermarket.

Pretty much I didn't get home until after midnight. I still had chores to do and some other things I had to get prepared to cook for later on today. Yet I didn't care. Everything else takes a backseat to someone you care about.

Also something else happened that evening that I would call a tad bit strange. Let's just say that while we were at the hospital I received a call from someone I hadn't talked to "in a minute". I didn't answer it because I was still at the hospital and in the middle of a conversation. At first I didn't recognize it because the number hadn't been in my cellphone for some time. So I just shot off a text, "Call later". So afterwards the person calls while we are on the way to the supermarket and leaves a voicemail. Again I didn't answer because I was in the middle of a conversation with my friends. So after they are done shopping I go outside ahead of them to see who had called me and check my voicemail. I returned the phonecall and left my own voicemail.

He calls me again right after I drop my friends off back to their house and so I answer the phone. He said he called me accidentally and ment to call someone else. I just said OK and I was about to hang up because I'm thinking well he just stated he was trying to call someone else. But we got into a small convo that lasted about 5 or at the most 7 minutes and then we said"Later".

Well beyond that. I am at home with NO WORK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I've put on the ingrediants for some green beans that I'm making and taking over to my Auntie's house for our Thanxgiving family celebration. I'm also making food for the house. So hopefully my friends will come over and join me. I also have a Turkey in the oven baking. YUMMY!!!!!!!!! I also am going to prepare some dressing, macaroni and cheese, and who knows WHAT ELSE!!!! Yet the most important thing out of all of this is that I will have a bottle of Marco Negri open and my zipper/fly down on my skirt or pants to accomidate for the expansion of my waist line;)

PLEASE NOTE: My new Myspace song is da shitznit;) Oh and if you want to know what we will be having and other stores the day after thanxgiving click here --------------------> BLACK FRIDAY

November 20, 2006

sweet weekend pt.2

Well goodmorning, i must say Sunday was quite another learning experience. Around 11am, I proceeded to make my first German Chocolate Cake. Another tedious process I can assure you. Wasn't fully done making the beautiful cake until around close to 2pm. Then my mother showed me how to make a Spanish Cream Cake. Now mind you these are absolutely my 2 favorite cakes, along with her famous Pound Cake. Again if I remember the directions I will post them up here as well.

Afterwards, I chilled out for the rest of the day until around 6:30pm when I typed up a short paper for my dad and then took a shower to get dressed to go to work that evening by 8pm. I had to be there for the "Dry Run" aka the Day after Thanxgiving Mayhem. Meeting was about 2 hours long. It was informative but I know most people were expecting individual department breakouts but hey we can only do so much on such borrowed time.

I also had brought the Sweet Potato Pie that I had made for Mina and Danielle to the meeting to give to Danielle. After the meeting Danielle and I went to Applebee's right up the street and had some appetizers. We left there around 11pm and I took her home. I then proceeded to go home myself.

I woke up this morning expecting my DVR to have recorded VOLTRON for me, but alas, I don't think it shows up on Monday morning's which really sucks. oh well I have work today and don't get off till 7:30pm. Let's see how long I survive this day;) LOLOL Have a good day.

November 18, 2006

what a sweet weekend;)

Well this weekend has been pretty much a dream. I had work yesterday (FRIDAY) and was able to get off around 3:30pm. Afterwards I met up with my girl Tiffany at the Saint Louis Mills and we went to see a movie out there sponsered by HORRORFEST. I must say that I was a tad bit dissapointed. The showtime that we went to was around 4pm. I do know that different movies, in total 8, were scheduled to play through out the weekend. But unfortunately for us, after seeing the first movie we just weren't that impressed and decided to skip seeing the rest for the rest of the weekend. The mall was pretty packed and we did some walking around.

We made a quick pit stop at the Tmobile store there. She was interested in getting a new phone yet didn't like the dude's additude at the place so we left. After walking around to some other stores she decided to go to American's Electronics across the highway and I decided to visit BOOKS*A*MILLION still within the Mills. I didn't leave until 8pm-ish and made my way home and looked at Voltron from my DVR (Digital Video Recorder) and I dozed the evening away.

Today was a tad bit different. I didn't have work today yet I still was able to wake up before 8am. I went to my old Elementary School Church, St. Ann's to see a close elementary friend of mine, Hannah, to give her my condolences in regard to an Aunt of her's who had passed earlier this week. Amy, one of my best friends informed me this past Wednesday of this incident and unfortunately I was not able to go to the wake on Friday because of previous plans.

After spending time with her and the rest of her family making sure they were okay before the funeral, I had to go back home and go with my mother to run some errands and get back home to prepare some MORE greens, Candy Yams, Sweet Potatoe Pies, and some Peach Cobblers all before Thanksgiving. All I have to say is that ALL of it is a time consuming process. YET I must say it was an interesting lesson overall to learn. Which is why I've added pictures;) I would also like to make clear that I made the Sweet Potatoe Pies by myself and will put the ingrediants later.

November 16, 2006

Is obsession healthy?

Yesterday as I was working, my co-workers were informing me that people were actually outside camping out in tents waiting for the release of the PS3. I couldn't believe it that people were braving the rain and VERY cold weather in TENTS!!! So I went out there and took this picture and decided to put this on my blog. I remember back in the day when I was just nuts for video games and honestly I still am. Lord knows if I had the money heck I might have been out in the line or....maybe not.;)

I don't even have a XBOX 360 yet because I'm still happy with my XBOX. I'm still happy with my gamecube and I'm still happy with my ps2. Eventually I will upgrade and get the Xbox 360, I will get the Nintendo Wii, and i will eventually get the PS3. Yet at this time video games don't have the forefront in my life like they used to.

Of course I've done my homework on all the different systems. Knowing me I'll probably get the Nintendo Wii first, then the Xbox 360, and then finally the PS3.

What I don't like though especially with the PS3 is the fact that games are not backwards compatable. Which we can all thank due towards the BLUERAY technology that Sony has incorporated into the new system. Appearantly there MIGHT be a few PS2 games out there that can but from what I've heard only up to 80% if your lucky.

Of course there are 2 options when it comes to getting both systems for Xbox 360 and PS3. You know I will always get the premium option, point blank it just makes sense.

yet I what I want to know is when does a hobby become an obsession? Hopefully I will never have to find out

November 11, 2006

An interesting day

Well today is Saturday and i must say that it was a pretty nice day, except for the freezing cold. I went over my Aunt's house to continue the clean up job on her cpu, within 3 hours her system was finally back to normal with some help from a favorite antispyware program of mine. As it was cleaning it's self, I had the pleasure of talking to my aunt in regards to different subjects. Particulary I told her about my incident in high school as I was the unfortnate target of bullying and harrassment from other black young woman at Rosati-Kain. Trust me when I say it does not hold a fond place in my heart. I told her in general about how I was treated at my high school as well as the teasing and other incidents that happened from the all-boy high schools in the area.

I also told her about the incident with the couple snatching the sign up FOR SALE when I was in the Central West End with Danielle. Yet around 1:45pm the cpu was almost back to itself. I said good-bye to my aunt and decided to head to the Galleria. I get there and luckly find a parking spot in the garage. As I went into the mall there was just a huge rush of people getting their done. I decided to go the Torrid store and check out some stuff, but really found a great deal at Lane Bryant, so I put some pants on hold and will go there tomorrow to pick them up. Afterwards I went down to the movie area and caught a 3:15pm showing of BORAT. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE AND JUST PLAIN SILLY. Just the type of comedy I love. After laughing my butt off, I went back to Lane Bryant to try the pants on and i must say I'm loving this certain style of pants they carry called the CHELSEA, point blank it makes my butt look FABOULOUS.

So after being at the mall I finally depart around 6pm-ish and get home to a list of chores needing to be done. I do them and go get something to eat and came home to watch the FULL SAGA OF THE GREATEST MOVIES EVER MADE WITHIN MY LIFE TIME: Star Wars;)

November 10, 2006

oh such a nice day!!

Well yesterday (thursday) I didn't have work so I enjoyed a day of just losing my mind.....LITERALLY I went to our storage unit to look for some damn software that is worth OH LETS SEE damn near $600 dollars!!! But alas I never found it. Also tore up the house looking for it but no such luck. I was at the storage unit for over 4 hours with nothing to show for it but that's not even the real kicker. My sister had the damn storage key at her job which is out in phuckin Westport. So my ass had to drive all the way out to her to get the damn key. Boy you talkin about wantin to give an ass whoopin...

Oh well fastforward on this LOVELY day I went to the Central West End and stopped at my nearest STARBUCKS to get a Frappucino and a slice of cake, well since they were out of both of my first choices, Blackberry Green Tea Frappucion and Pumpkin cake, I had to go with my other fav Strawberries and Cream and decided to try out their holiday cake Gingerbread Cake, YUCK!!!! didn't like it at all....

Ok then I get to the storage unit and tore it to pieces and then put it back ALL together again. I then made it back home to change clothes real quick and go to my Auntie's house to check out her computer since it was swamped with with all Adware and Spyware. So I told her I would be back on Saturday to install some that I had to help clear up the problem. While I was over there my girls called me to see if I wanted to catch some din din with them (Mina and Danielle) so I met up at their house since it was only 5 minutes away from my Aunt's and we went together in my car to Outback off of Clayton Road.

We sat there and just chilled out and relaxed. I must say one of the highlights of the evening was when Mina swiped Danielle's cherry from her hand and the look on Danielle's face was absolutely PRICELESS!!!! I laughed SO hard that night and the sad thing about it was that Mina told me she was going to do it, I didn't think she would be able to pull it off, but again my girl Mina works in Mysterious ways.

So after dinner we go to Schnucks to get Danielle some ICEY HOT stuff for her knee since she had an unfortunate gymnastics moment out in front of her house. Afterwards i dropped them off home and went to the gas station right at the corner, to get some gas and then jetted home into the MUTHAPHUKIN moonlight;)

Today (Friday) I had work and was off by 3:30pm, I went to the hair salon for a LONG OVERDUE relaxer and must say my scalp is feeling WONDERFUL. Just to let you know how long it has been since I have had my hair done go back to the post of Amy''s Wedding. My hair was done THAT friday before the wedding. Man my scalp was soooo damn nappy, I never felt springs like that at the base of my scalp. OUCH.. Well anyway i'm here at home right now just chillin on my bed. I don't have work tomorrow so I will go over my aunt's house in the morning and fix her cpu (hopefully) and will enjoy myself the whole day. Yet I'm wondering maybe I should take in a movie tonight, hell it's not like I work tomorrow;)

November 9, 2006

Something wonderful this way comes

Well today is Thursday and I have the day off finally. Earlier this week I got with my girls on Tuesday and we enjoyed an evening at Houlihan's just talking and joking. It was nice to just kick it at relax. With Xmas coming up soon been wondering on how much to save and how many present's do I need to buy. On top of that TODAY is my God-baby's birthday and I still have to figure out a present to send to her. So Today I will give her a call and wish her a wonderful b-day since I couldn't get in touch with her mama to figure out a head of time what she would like. My lil angel is SO beautiful every time I look at her pictures I just see Kai all over again.

The latest pictures of her were just so pretty, her big beautiful smile, her eyes just lighting up, and her hair, just simply flowing, and of course some of the pics were a tad bit out of focus LOL, but hey that's okay that just means she will be one heck of a track star in the future. So i just want to say to my great God-baby. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alright well yesterday (Wednesday) I was suppose to work 2pm to 9pm, but unfortunately since there were schedule changes I ended up closing yesterday and didn't leave the job till damn near 11pm. So afterwards I went to Applebee's and met up with a couple of other co-workers and we just shot the shit until midnight.

I brought my ass home and watched some tv and zonked out a tad bit after 1am.

Oh and also to give you an update, a H.R. rep from ESI did contact me in regards to my complaint. I spoke to them as I was driving to work that morning and she stated that she would get back to me within a week. So finally I was able to get a response back, so in regards to that issue I am happy that I was acknowledged.

I must also comment that the weather has absolutely been fabo this week. Keep up the great work God;) Oh and last but definitely not least CONGRATS TO THE DEMOCRATS, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME!!!!! GET THE SENATE AND HOUSE IN ORDER WE STILL HAVE A LOT OF TRASH TO TAKE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

November 5, 2006

it's about that time.......

Good evening to all;) I hope you find yourself well relaxed this evening. I am trying to find myself there right now. I had work this morning from 8:30am for a meeting but first stopped and picked up Danielle since she had a Sup. Meeting as well. I was as usual running around in different departments helping out anyway that I could when asked. I got off around 3:30pm and went to a family member's house because they were having some cpu difficulites. Still not done so I'll be back over their house probably tomorrow.

Anyway's i was going thru some emails and noticed a familiar name from the past. This person was well familierized with a certain 'story" that I have been writing for sometime. Actually i've been writing it for around 6 years. It's a bit of an erotic story. It's dedicated to my boy Dizco who lives in New York. I orginially had written back for an older forum that I was on DAY AND NIGHT. Well the topic of this certain forum was what would be your fantasy "hookup" or pretty much the most erotic thang you eva done and pretty much write a story on it. Well I wanted to write about Dizco because back in the day we were pretty much interested in each other and the convo's were OFF DA CHAIN;) We don't get to talk to each other as much but we are able to send of a text message from time to time to check on each other.

Well anyway this email i received asked me if I have ever updated the story. At the time the forum was disbanded from the internet I was only on chapter 17 or something like that well now that I have continued writing the story, it is actually on chapter 25 (I think). my friends who have read it think it's simply off the chain. I'm actually working on the new chapter now. It's pretty graphic, phuck NC-17. It helped keep me busy for the past 6 years. In fact the last chapter written was this past April (I think). I don't know why I have put off writing it now probably from a tad bit of writer's block so I've decided to pick up the pen aka keyboard and continue to see what my mind has in store......

I'll put the link up to the weblog with my story but simply know for now that the name of the weblog is SINSUALPLEASURES:) I hope you will enjoy. Ta-ta

November 3, 2006

you have those days when it's just NOT your day?

Well holiday season has offically started and i will be holding my breath until Feb '07 when everything subsides. Big items for this holiday season will be the lauching of the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii. Of course Apple Ipods will always be a hot seller and with the new accessories that are already out it will definitely be in the forefront of many customers.

Yesterday (Thursday) a friend of mine, Tiffany came in and we chatted for a minute since it's beena couple of months since we last hung out. I told her of the Horrorfest Movie showing that was going on Nov. 17-19 and told her I was definitely trying to go so hopefully she can change her work schedule around so she can go along with me.

After we talked I went on my lunch and walked to Culpeppers. I must say that Customer Service is really shitty and has gone down the tubes especially after yesterday. I get there and I'm sitting on the waiting bench for over 10 minutes. Finally I get so pissed I just get a menu and a set of utensils and seat my own damn self. You had betta believe I was NOT quiet about it either I threw the menu on the table, I threw the utensils on the table, and pretty much threw my purse like it was a curve ball into the bench area I was about to sit in.

Appearantly the manager of the place was sitting down with a new trainee and from where I was sitting he jumped up immediately and a waiter came to my table. I ordered my food and I only left a $1 tip because I think his motor was running on Diesel instead of Premium. I left the place and went back to my job. Didn't get off until 9pm and my mom had to pick me up since my car was finally ready from the shop and we had to go THERE and pick up my car. YIPEE!!!

Well today my dad decides to wake me up at 6am to type a paper. I'm not too happy because

A) IT'S 6AM!!! Why the hell am I up?

B) The new cpu only has a trial version of MS OFFICE 2003 and the OLD cpu we just swapped out has a full professional version on it, so guess who had to RESWAP out the cpu's so I could type up the document????????????????????

C) I never got back to bed by the time I was done with the blasted thang it was going on 8:30am so it was time for me to get dressed.

D) My Phucking bank has screwed up something in my savings account and they tell me it's going to take 2 weeks to rectify the situation since they phucked up. How in the HELL do you phuck up something in one day and tell me it's going to take you 2 PHUCKING weeks to fix? What the PHUCK?????/

E) I'm home now and I'm PHUCKING tired!!!

Oh and to top everything off I have a 7am meeting TOMORROW!! So if anyone has a crowbar that I can use to just LIGHTLY TAP over my head I would greatly appreciate it.

Have a WONDERFUL evening...

November 2, 2006

how do u wanna go?

Last night I was watching this movie called THE NOTEBOOK. I must say it is now officially on the list of can't watch this movie again because I will cry buckets. The only other movie on this list is STEEL MAGNOLIAS.

MOVIE SPOILER******Dont read past this if you don't want to know the ending to THE NOTEBOOK


ok you've read this point so obviously u don't care about the spoiler. Okay in a nutshell in the end the wife has ALZEHMER'S and the husband goes to her room to check on her. She remembers it's him and she becomes scared and he tell's her that he will always be with her. She asks will their love let them go together to heaven, he say's he is not sure but they can only hope. So he gets into her bed and they are holding hands. He doesn't say goodnight he says, see ya tomorrow. So in the morning the nurse goes to check on them and she goes into the wife's room and she see's them in bed together holding hands and they have passed on. At this point I was just crying so bad I had to change the channel. Hell I think I cried harder on THAT then I did on STEEL MAGNOLIAS. What can I say I am a romantic at heart.

So after watching the movie I got to thinking how would I want to go? In my sleep? Or maybe having sex (YIKES, but the look on the guys face would be priceless don't ya think)? Maybe I would want to go with my husband, but then would that be selfish on the kids, if we had any? I don't know just different scenarios were running thru my mind. Lord knows I'm no where near ready to go, but I couldn't help but to ponder it over.

What u do when u r stranded at home without a car;)

Well this past Tuesday morning, my dad put my car into the shop because lately it had been shaking and he wanted it to be check out. Well luckly for me I didnt have work Tuesday or Wednesday. Yet it still sucked that I was just trapped at home with pretty much nothing to do. Especially with Tuesday being Halloween and such, it would have been nice to visit a few Haunted Houses, then I remembered hell I live in one, why would I go somewhere else and pay admission to theirs when I have a key to mine? ;) Any way just joking beyond that I pretty much swapped out the info from our old custom built cpu to our new HP one. Not a bad deal for just over $350. It has 2 gigs of ram, 300 gig hard drive, XP media center. Just bad ass all around. I'm not too impressed with the new Windows operating system VISTA. I've been able to test run it and pretty much it looks like a cop out of a MAC aka APPLE pc. Anyways pretty much everything is running like a charm. Since I'm cleaning up the old cpu for my younger sis, she can take the old monitor and all in one system. YIPEEEEEEE

Yesterday (Wednesday) my mother gave me the distinct honor (being sarcastic here) of picking greens to have prepared for dinner last night. So to keep me busy thru this pain in the ass chore I put in a movie into the cpu so I could hear it as I was preparing the food. So it takes me forever to get them finally cleaned, plus I already had the seasoning for the greens already simmering in a pot by 10am. Was finally done with the greens themselves by 3pm. My mom is home by 3:30pm. I also had some shrimp de-shelled and de-veined for frying. Yet when my mom goes for some cooking oil. OOOPPPSSS we don't have any and I have to make a trip in her car to Schnucks in Cool Valley. Well since my car was in the shop I decided to make a quick visit to get some things out of it that I forgot to take out on Tuesday. Then when I get on North Hanley and try to go down EVANS St. to get to West Florissant real quick I come up against all these road blocks that keep blocking my progress until I finally get down to another street.

Well by this time I didn't know where the hell I was and offically became lost in KINLOCH. Definitely not a site seeing place, so I was lost in there for a pretty good 20 minutes. Finally was able to get out and find West Florissant and make my way to the Schnucks. I don't know if it wasn't my day or what not but apparently they decided to REVAMP the damn store so pretty much TO ME everything had been moved around. I finally find the damn cooking oil and now was on a hunt for some acetone to take off my acrylic nails. Never found the damn stuff so I left their pissed and head to the Walgreens down the street. Couldn't find it there so I had to get one the workers to find it for me and what do you know it was right by the damn door AS U COME IN!!!!!!!!

So I leave there with all my shit and take my ass home and finish up cooking the greens, helped fried the shrimp, and pretty much that was it. Also we had cream corn and fried catfish. Since that wasmy frist time making greens by myself I thought I would write down the recipe so for future refrence.


Get some greens and pick them (duh)

get a big pot so you can throw in 3 big boxes of chicken broth

2 green bell peppers, keep them whole just cut the stem off without punctering the inside of the vegetable.

1 whole onion, skinned

3 turkey necks and 3 turkey butts, throw them all into the pot

Let simmer for at least 3 hours pretty much when the meat is falling off the bone is when it's ready

Then add greens

2 tablespoons of vinegar

2 tablespoons of sugar

Do not mix greens, but fold over greens and BAMMMMMMMMM U HAVE GREENS TO EAT!!

Yummy Yummy in my tummy;)

November 1, 2006

take a moment to breath and relax

Monday night, I was home just relaxin and the girls gave me a call(Mina and Danielle) and want to see if I want to go out for some din-din. I told them I'll pass because earlier at work I got sick and came home early and had been home since then. Afterwards around and hour later I got out of my bed and put some clothes on and went to the Central West End to go check out the house on Maryland Street (read previous post) to see if that asshole of a guy put the sign back on the other lawn, sure enough he did.

So I then do a U-turn back down to Euclid and park my car. I get out and start to walk around. Kai, one of my other best friends from Florida, gives me a call and we end up talkin about different issues. Such as men, weight, me with kids, and other things. It was such a great convo that I had walked from euclid and maryland to euclid and forest parkway by the time we ended our talk. We had a really long heart to heart conversation and I must say it was great. I miss her alot and when we talked that night it felt like she was right next to me.

Yet I will say she did HAPPLY remind me of one event that had happened the night her cousin Billye had gotten married around 2 years ago. We went to a club called PLUSH and we were just kickin it, I think Kamina was also with us as well and this bouncer would not stop looking at me. I was going by him at one time and we made some small convo. We exchanged numbers and I thought that was that, WELL I end up going to the restroom right before we are about to go home, well what do ya know, ole boy is waiting right their when I get out. All he keeps saying is that damn he's been lookin at me all night and out of no where, he starts to kiss me. Not no timid shit either, he planted this big ass kisser and my brain damn near had a melt down. So I match him kiss for kiss and by the time we got done, he just looked at me in awe. I was like WHAT, he stated nobody had ever kissed him liked that. So I told him as I walked away, NOBODY EVER WILL EITHER and gave him a wink and walked away. As I'm walking away he yells out over the music, PLEASE CALL ME AS SOON AS U GET HOME!!!!

Well as I go and find the girls, Kai informs me that she had gone by the restroom to look for me and saw me in my liplock championship bout. I almost just about died!!!!!!!!! Especially because that is not how I operated, so we pretty much came to conclusion that I should keep my liquor intake to the minimum when in public. She teased me about it the whole way home and we were laughing about it so hard on Monday night I figured I would share the story with the rest of ya's.

As we are still talking I end up walking to Applebee's and getting some late night grub. We are still talking having a ball and we end our conversation short bit afterwards. Man we talked for almost an hour if not AT LEAST an hour. So I ate my overcooked Mozerlla sticks and sorry ass fries and made the long treck back down Euclid to my car. I just kept thinking over and over again about what Kai and myself talked about and I just smiled.
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