November 10, 2006

oh such a nice day!!

Well yesterday (thursday) I didn't have work so I enjoyed a day of just losing my mind.....LITERALLY I went to our storage unit to look for some damn software that is worth OH LETS SEE damn near $600 dollars!!! But alas I never found it. Also tore up the house looking for it but no such luck. I was at the storage unit for over 4 hours with nothing to show for it but that's not even the real kicker. My sister had the damn storage key at her job which is out in phuckin Westport. So my ass had to drive all the way out to her to get the damn key. Boy you talkin about wantin to give an ass whoopin...

Oh well fastforward on this LOVELY day I went to the Central West End and stopped at my nearest STARBUCKS to get a Frappucino and a slice of cake, well since they were out of both of my first choices, Blackberry Green Tea Frappucion and Pumpkin cake, I had to go with my other fav Strawberries and Cream and decided to try out their holiday cake Gingerbread Cake, YUCK!!!! didn't like it at all....

Ok then I get to the storage unit and tore it to pieces and then put it back ALL together again. I then made it back home to change clothes real quick and go to my Auntie's house to check out her computer since it was swamped with with all Adware and Spyware. So I told her I would be back on Saturday to install some that I had to help clear up the problem. While I was over there my girls called me to see if I wanted to catch some din din with them (Mina and Danielle) so I met up at their house since it was only 5 minutes away from my Aunt's and we went together in my car to Outback off of Clayton Road.

We sat there and just chilled out and relaxed. I must say one of the highlights of the evening was when Mina swiped Danielle's cherry from her hand and the look on Danielle's face was absolutely PRICELESS!!!! I laughed SO hard that night and the sad thing about it was that Mina told me she was going to do it, I didn't think she would be able to pull it off, but again my girl Mina works in Mysterious ways.

So after dinner we go to Schnucks to get Danielle some ICEY HOT stuff for her knee since she had an unfortunate gymnastics moment out in front of her house. Afterwards i dropped them off home and went to the gas station right at the corner, to get some gas and then jetted home into the MUTHAPHUKIN moonlight;)

Today (Friday) I had work and was off by 3:30pm, I went to the hair salon for a LONG OVERDUE relaxer and must say my scalp is feeling WONDERFUL. Just to let you know how long it has been since I have had my hair done go back to the post of Amy''s Wedding. My hair was done THAT friday before the wedding. Man my scalp was soooo damn nappy, I never felt springs like that at the base of my scalp. OUCH.. Well anyway i'm here at home right now just chillin on my bed. I don't have work tomorrow so I will go over my aunt's house in the morning and fix her cpu (hopefully) and will enjoy myself the whole day. Yet I'm wondering maybe I should take in a movie tonight, hell it's not like I work tomorrow;)
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