November 22, 2006

moment of truth

Well good morning. Just want to give my final update to yesterday. I left my house around 9:30pm and decided to grab some food from Applebee's since I had been couped up at the house yesterday cooking food. Kinda funny don't ya think? I'm at home cooking all day yet I leave my house of food to go somewhere else to go eat. Yep I know pretty strange.

Well anyway I make my way to the Applebee's in St. John off of St. Charles Rock Rd. I don't really care for this location too much because in past experiences going there. I have NOT received great service. Well unfortunately yesterday was no exception. I go inside and wait on the bench for at least a good 5 to 10 minutes. 2 waiters go by me without acknowledging me and my temper is starting to simmer. Then a black couple comes in and within a minute one of the 2 waiters who ignored me immediately sat them down to a table. Then as soon as they are helped 3 white guys come in and the OTHER waiter who had also ignored me seats them immediately. I was so pissed at that point I called the Applebee's in Bridgeton and asked how long they were open.

After talking with a waiter from the Applebee's in Bridgeton, I just slammed open the door and left the sorry ass Applebee's I was in and headed down St. Charles Rock to the Applebee's closer to my job. I called 411 on my phone and asked for the number to the Applebee's I just left. They connected me and I told the person who answered the phone that I wanted the number to their corporate off to put in a complaint. She then proceeded to put the manager on the phone and I explained to her what had happened that this wasnt the first time I had been treated this way at that particular establishment.

She apologized for the treatment and told me her name. So when I go in the next time she will give me some appetizers on the house. So after i talk with her I make my way to the Applebee's in Bridgeton. I go in relax, read my book and think about this sudden job interview that i have tomorrow. After eating I head back home and go to sleep.

This morning my dad calls me around 7am to let me know he would take me to the place around 8:30am for the interview. Appearantly it's a dr. office and they need a secretary immediately. The pay is supposedly hire but that doesn't settle the butterflies in my stomach. I guess what I don't like is that this is all happening so sudden while in the middle of our busiest part of the year.

Oh well, I'm about to sign off and start getting dressed. Then after the interview I have to come home and get ready for work at 10am until 5pm. Take care and have good day.
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