November 27, 2006

so much packed into so little time

Well yesterday (Sunday) was something else. Let's begin with the fact that my mom woke me up talking about putting up the christmas tree. Let me tell you about this new tree we bought. It's massive, 7 feet tall and really wide. We tried something different, so instead of putting in front of our mantle we put it off to a corner, and i must say I like the change.

Ok so the box for the tree is in the middle of our living room, so I open it up and take out the 3 separate parts. Immediately I'm loving this tree because, A) The lights are ALREADY on the limbs of the tree, B) it comes in 3 seperate parts, and C) the limbs fold UP for storage. Now the only gripe I have about the tree, IT'S HEAVY AS HELL TO PICK UP THE 3 SEPARATE PIECES and not to forget when you pick one piece up to put it in place, there might be a strong chance you might loose your balance.

So after assembling the tree i realize i don't really have that much time to put on the decorations because it's 9:30am and I need to get prepared for the RAM'S game that starts at noon. You see my dad informed me earlier last week, that he along with my mom were going to the game and that my uncle had extra tickets. So I told him that I would definitely want one and to see if 2 of my girlfriends would want to go as well.

So around 10am I give Danielle a call to make sure she is up, well appearantly she JUST woke up when Mina came home from out of town. So when I talk to her she states that she's about to start getting dress. I tell the ladies I will there around 11am to pick them up. Fastforward it's about 11:30am when I get there and I pick the ladies up and we head on to the Edward Jones Stadium for the Rams game. My luck is pretty nice that I was able to find a parking meter.

So we make are way to the Stadium and it's jam packed as everyone is trying to get to their seats. By this time it's about 12:10pm and kickoff has already happened. We have to go to section 426 row TT to get to our seats. Let me tell you this........the damn steps to that damn stadium are to damn steep for my damn ass. Kamina, Danielle, and myself are holding on the guarding rail for dear life.

We finally make it to our seats and boy are beat! We sit down and I can see some of my family members in the same row around 10 seats down. So we settle in and watch the game laughing and having a good time. By the 4th quarter we leave with 5 minutes on the clock and make our way out of the stadium. By this time my parents are already gone. So we leave the stadium and as we pass a parking lot that has some mobile TV's stationed in a certain spot, we hear some cheering so appearantly the Rams had made a Touchdown to take back the lead.

So we finally get back to the car and I drop off Kamina to the house so she can get some rest and recoup from her trip. Which leaves Danielle and myself. So we decide to go to the Galleria and kick it. She needed to get some dress slacks and also a movie that we both wanted to see was playing there was well. Well obviously we miss the movie so we just walk around and check some more stores. Well this one store called JOURNEYS (A shoe store) had off the CHAIN timberland boots with a wedge heel, they were lace up with a fur tongue and fur trim around the top. I tried them on and think they would be sex with a skirt, so I had her put them on hold yet I'm not sure if I will be able to get them.

So while I'm at the mall I call my job to make sure everything is cool and to get an update on things. Well my friend Caitlin was kind enough to inform AND remind me that the special dinner for the wireless, d.i. and carfi teams was THAT NIGHT at 8:30pm. Also our Supervisor was treating us ALL to dinner. So I'm like "phuck" I totally forgot. So I ask Danielle if she wants to go. So we zoom from the Galleria to our store and pretty much the whole gang was there. So we take a group photo and then head to Applebee's.

We get settled into our seats at Applebee's and put in our orders. Danielle is sitting across from me and we just chillout along with the rest of the group. Keith, one of her roommate's comes in also for a drink and waiting for some company at the bar. So we enjoy ourselves from 9pm till 11pm. So I thank my Supervisor for the dinner and Danielle and I go back to my house. My mom "asked" us as earlier while we were at the game to put up the christmas tree after the movie.

Well we get back to the house and it's about 11:30pm my dad tells us don't worry about the tree it's too late. So I take Danielle home and make my way back to my house by midnight. So I'm checkin my Myspace page and noticed a strange comment in regards to my previous post and all I can think is wow.....why am I not surprised?

Overall I had a kick ass day yesterday.

Now today (Monday) I woke up early to inform the people in regards to the job offer from last week that I would accept. Afterwards I put the decorations on the tree and then I jetted to work. I got off around 5pm and came home to chill out. I don't have work tomorrow so I'm probably gonna either just still stay at home since I have a massive headache or go out and kick it at my neighborhood Applebee's.

Also my dad said that since I enjoyed the RAMS game so much he would try to get more tickets in the future. So keep ya fingers crossed, you know I am;)
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