November 2, 2006

how do u wanna go?

Last night I was watching this movie called THE NOTEBOOK. I must say it is now officially on the list of can't watch this movie again because I will cry buckets. The only other movie on this list is STEEL MAGNOLIAS.

MOVIE SPOILER******Dont read past this if you don't want to know the ending to THE NOTEBOOK


ok you've read this point so obviously u don't care about the spoiler. Okay in a nutshell in the end the wife has ALZEHMER'S and the husband goes to her room to check on her. She remembers it's him and she becomes scared and he tell's her that he will always be with her. She asks will their love let them go together to heaven, he say's he is not sure but they can only hope. So he gets into her bed and they are holding hands. He doesn't say goodnight he says, see ya tomorrow. So in the morning the nurse goes to check on them and she goes into the wife's room and she see's them in bed together holding hands and they have passed on. At this point I was just crying so bad I had to change the channel. Hell I think I cried harder on THAT then I did on STEEL MAGNOLIAS. What can I say I am a romantic at heart.

So after watching the movie I got to thinking how would I want to go? In my sleep? Or maybe having sex (YIKES, but the look on the guys face would be priceless don't ya think)? Maybe I would want to go with my husband, but then would that be selfish on the kids, if we had any? I don't know just different scenarios were running thru my mind. Lord knows I'm no where near ready to go, but I couldn't help but to ponder it over.
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