November 21, 2006

Not your average Monday

Well yesterday, I had work. WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK WORK. Oh did I tell you that I had work? Well the store opened up around 10am. At first traffic was light, then the customers started pouring in. I don't even RECALL how many activations I did by myself, I know it was at least 5 or 6. After a while my right knee started to give me some serious trouble. I was going to get an Ipod Nano for a customer and I damn near collapsed on the floor. I caught myself and my fellow co-worker noticed me and told me he would get it for me. Trevor is so cool;)

So after that frightening episode I proceeded to walk around the department and test out my knee and see what is going on. Every time I would bend it I would get a shooting pain, especially if I'm goin to kneel or getup from kneeling. Even would have an issue if I was just sitting in a chair and would just try to get up. After a while of tolerating this I told Trevor I had to go on my lunch because I was about to be in tears.

So I go for my lunch to Berkshire Grill right across the street to get off my feet and to just get away from people in general. My head was spinning and my knee was aching. I wasn't in the mood to be bothered. So I ordered some delicious pasta with brocolli, chicken, and white cream sauce. I enjoyed myself there called Mina to see what was up with her but only received her voicemail. She called me back shortly and we talked for a min. Danielle also had texted me a couple of times right before Mina called me.

So I finally made back to work and within 20 minutes, Jake, another worker in the department was in for work. I swear I think I have one of the best team of workers in Wireless EVER. I get along with all of them they are just wonderful. I get back to work and by this time Mina and Danielle arrive shortly. We make some chit chat before they leave the store. Our GM had us changing some things around in the department around 6pm so we could be prepared for BLACK FRIDAY.

Around 6:45pm I get a call from a friend of mine while I was still working on the project my GM assigned. I answered the phone and it was emergency. So I LITERALLY ran back to my department with the shopping cart I was pushing and told Jake I had to go, something serious just came up and told him what the GM had instructed to be done. By this time my heart is just racing and I'm already starting to sweat because I'm nervous. So I RUN out of the building with just my keys since my purse and coat were still in the car when I had returned from lunch.

I made it to my friends' house I think in under 25 minutes. I pick them both up and we go to the hospital. We go by one hospital and we can see the Emergency room is just flippin packed so we said Phuck THAT! and drove to another nearby. Overall her getting checked into the place then checked out to see what was up took around 4 hours. All I could think about was she going to be okay. I kept talking to the other person that came with us as well and we just kept each other laughing and joking. Finally they released her about 11pm and we went to a pharmacy area so she could get her meds and then we followed it with a fun and educational trip to the supermarket.

Pretty much I didn't get home until after midnight. I still had chores to do and some other things I had to get prepared to cook for later on today. Yet I didn't care. Everything else takes a backseat to someone you care about.

Also something else happened that evening that I would call a tad bit strange. Let's just say that while we were at the hospital I received a call from someone I hadn't talked to "in a minute". I didn't answer it because I was still at the hospital and in the middle of a conversation. At first I didn't recognize it because the number hadn't been in my cellphone for some time. So I just shot off a text, "Call later". So afterwards the person calls while we are on the way to the supermarket and leaves a voicemail. Again I didn't answer because I was in the middle of a conversation with my friends. So after they are done shopping I go outside ahead of them to see who had called me and check my voicemail. I returned the phonecall and left my own voicemail.

He calls me again right after I drop my friends off back to their house and so I answer the phone. He said he called me accidentally and ment to call someone else. I just said OK and I was about to hang up because I'm thinking well he just stated he was trying to call someone else. But we got into a small convo that lasted about 5 or at the most 7 minutes and then we said"Later".

Well beyond that. I am at home with NO WORK YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I've put on the ingrediants for some green beans that I'm making and taking over to my Auntie's house for our Thanxgiving family celebration. I'm also making food for the house. So hopefully my friends will come over and join me. I also have a Turkey in the oven baking. YUMMY!!!!!!!!! I also am going to prepare some dressing, macaroni and cheese, and who knows WHAT ELSE!!!! Yet the most important thing out of all of this is that I will have a bottle of Marco Negri open and my zipper/fly down on my skirt or pants to accomidate for the expansion of my waist line;)

PLEASE NOTE: My new Myspace song is da shitznit;) Oh and if you want to know what we will be having and other stores the day after thanxgiving click here --------------------> BLACK FRIDAY
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