November 5, 2006

it's about that time.......

Good evening to all;) I hope you find yourself well relaxed this evening. I am trying to find myself there right now. I had work this morning from 8:30am for a meeting but first stopped and picked up Danielle since she had a Sup. Meeting as well. I was as usual running around in different departments helping out anyway that I could when asked. I got off around 3:30pm and went to a family member's house because they were having some cpu difficulites. Still not done so I'll be back over their house probably tomorrow.

Anyway's i was going thru some emails and noticed a familiar name from the past. This person was well familierized with a certain 'story" that I have been writing for sometime. Actually i've been writing it for around 6 years. It's a bit of an erotic story. It's dedicated to my boy Dizco who lives in New York. I orginially had written back for an older forum that I was on DAY AND NIGHT. Well the topic of this certain forum was what would be your fantasy "hookup" or pretty much the most erotic thang you eva done and pretty much write a story on it. Well I wanted to write about Dizco because back in the day we were pretty much interested in each other and the convo's were OFF DA CHAIN;) We don't get to talk to each other as much but we are able to send of a text message from time to time to check on each other.

Well anyway this email i received asked me if I have ever updated the story. At the time the forum was disbanded from the internet I was only on chapter 17 or something like that well now that I have continued writing the story, it is actually on chapter 25 (I think). my friends who have read it think it's simply off the chain. I'm actually working on the new chapter now. It's pretty graphic, phuck NC-17. It helped keep me busy for the past 6 years. In fact the last chapter written was this past April (I think). I don't know why I have put off writing it now probably from a tad bit of writer's block so I've decided to pick up the pen aka keyboard and continue to see what my mind has in store......

I'll put the link up to the weblog with my story but simply know for now that the name of the weblog is SINSUALPLEASURES:) I hope you will enjoy. Ta-ta
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