November 30, 2012

STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 12

Well this is the 2nd to last week overall in regards to the weight lost competition that I'm in. With Thanksgiving having been last week I thought I would have been a goner but shockingly so I was not. If you read the previous post you can see that we had tons of food. Yet the only thing I ate was a small bowl of mac n cheese, a piece of ham  brisket and some ambrosia salad. That was it! No dressing, cake, or anything else. I was super proud of myself but trust me it wasn't easy. For the most part at times throughout the evening with family I would stay in my room, not be anti-social but to get away from the temptation of the food.

Even when the food was brought out for seconds on Friday that evening, I stayed away from it also. Yet on the weekends I did get somewhat carried away with eating out so I was somewhat nervous come my weigh-in day this past Wednesday. I was prepared to put on a few pounds and I was ok with the results. I went up 3.8 pounds. Am I happy that I went up? Obviously no, but I'm amazed that it was ONLY 3.8 pounds. During Thanksgiving it's one of the worst times to gain weight from what I've read, ranging from 3 pounds to as much as 10. So I have no problem being on the lower part of the scale.

Endomondo results - November 2012

 It's been a pain to still workout. I have not been able to get back into my walking the way I would like to because of the weather. Being able to take my nature walks has me spoiled to the point I don't even like using the elliptical workout machines anymore. Haven't been able to get to the gym on a regular basis the way I would like to. I've been doing some reading on lifting weights so I'm going to try to work weights into my workouts at least twice a week.

So with just one more week to go with the contest, I know by far that even though I might not be one of the top winners overall, I am a winner because I stuck with the program. So I know I will receive a prize for weighing in the whole time period from the coordinators

I've already done pre-registration for the contest coming up in January at my weigh-in location I'll be headed to DePaul Hospital on January 19th @ 10:30am to complete registration. I will say this...the accountability factor with HAVING to weigh in and reporting to someone is HUGE. I plan to stick with this contest until I get to my ideal weight.

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 All That MsJazz

November 24, 2012

Thomas Thanksgiving 2012

This year Thanksgiving was held at my house and the Thomas clan came through to celebrate. Family from California, Illinois, Maryland, Kentuckyand other states came through to convene in Saint Louis, MO. My aunt Ora and a few cousins came in Tuesday night.

November 22, 2012

STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 11

Looks like I'm finally back on track! I went this past Tuesday after work to go weigh in. I felt that I was doing a good job and after seeing the results of losing 5 pounds I knew I was heading down the right track. Now mind you I know it's not going to be easy with Thanxgiving this week, but I plan on trying my damnest to stay good. I didn't go on one of my walks this past Sunday. I mainly got my exercise in by helping my mom clean house to get ready for relatives on her side of the family to come into town for Thanxgiving. I only had to work Monday and Tuesday so I'm holiday break until this Monday coming up.  Yea this was a short post. lol Happy Thanxgiving!

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 All That MsJazz

November 15, 2012

STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 10

Ok so by this time you should know the drill by now. This morning I went to my weekly weigh in location and I went up .5 pounds. Now you think I would be upset but honestly I'm not.  I still have not gotten back into my regular swing of things as far as exercising,, even though I did go a few days last week and my eating still is not back on track. So to know I haven't gained a whole pound but just half is rather shocking. Now that Thanksgiving is coming up I'm just trying to setup a game plan so I don't go all out crazy when THAT day hits.

November 11, 2012

MMA (Mixed Martials Arts) fights are SO much better in person

Can I just say that MMA fights are some intense shi*t? I was lucky enough to get  a free ticket for a MMA event that was held last night at the Saint Charles Family Arena. The fight card was full with 9 fights and was being promoted by Fight Hard MMA. By the time I arrived to the Arena there was a long line already forming with cars wrapping around.  This was my first time at this Arena so I took in the lay of the land.

November 9, 2012

STL Lose to Win Fall 2012 Challenge: Week 9

Yesterday evening I went and weighed in at my designated Curves location and I've started to go back down the scale again, not a whole lot but it is in the right direction. I went down .8 pounds. So almost a whole pound but not quite. Yet compared to last week's 4 pound gain. I'll take anything at this point. I found out unfortunately also that a few of my friends that also joined the challenge with me at the same time are no longer in it due to various reasons. So as far as I know I'm the sole person in our group who is still in the contest.

November 7, 2012

Finally this Election is OVER!!

Ok so now the election is finally over. No more bloody ads from Democrats, Republicans,  Independents, and the Tea People. All I can say is that I hope people can finally start working together and get stuff done. Now that drama is over with all I have to say to my friends who are Romney supporters is that I still love you and that won't change. I knew you before his crazy ass became your nominee and I'll still love ya even after he is licking his wounds. #wholovesyababy

What really amazes me is all the money that was poured into this campaign. I've heard around 5 billion, give or take A BILLION! Just think of all the uses that money could have gone to help our country. But I guess what I find really interesting about this election is that for me personally is this shaped up to look like The Big Corporations vs. The Little People in a way. What this election shows is that you can have a big wallet but those with a bigger heart and more determination can pull it out and win.

So after all this is said and done, lets get this show on the road.


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November 6, 2012

THE CONCLUSION FROM: The #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge & Fatmumslim's Instagram October #FMSPhotoday Challenge

Last month I decided to be a part of two different challenges. Read this previous post to play catch up.  One was a challenge to write aka blog  at least once a day in the month of October. This challenge was called the #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge. So out of 31 days I wrote for 16. So I averaged out to 50%. Not as good as I would have liked but definitely more than I thought I was capable of doing.

The second challenge was Fatmumslim's Instagram October #FMSPhotoday Challenge. This challenge had to do with taking a picture at least once a day that represented something from a chart that was given out by Instagram user Fatmumslim and you had to take a picture, hashtag it with #FMSPhotoday and the corresponding word for the day. You would have thought I would have this challenge in the bag I mean it wasn't that hard. But I think with this challenge I had to blame this more on my forgetfulness than anything else. I think I MIGHT have taken 5 pics for the whole month, so yea lost cause.

Overall I enjoyed the challenges. I will try again (MAYBE) on the Instagram challenge, but heck I'm already 6 days behind on that one. As for the blogging one, I really did enjoy having that extra "push" with that challenge, but I think I'll go back to blogging when the mood strikes me. The light bulb might not glow strong all the time but when it does, WATCH OUT:)


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November 5, 2012

Early Voting in Missouri (Near Saint Louis)


Early voting for those in Missour! (near Saint Louis)!!! Just received a text from my mom that she is in line right now voting. The St. Louis Election Board is allowing EARLY VOTING!!! If interested please go to:

St. Louis Election Board
12 Sunnen Dr.
Maplewood, MO 63143

FYI: I did call them a few minutes ago and only received their automated services. It states they are open until 5pm but I think it might be 7pm because of the elections. So I thought I would let you know;)

UPDATE @ 2:52pm: A friend of mine just informed me they will be open until 5pm!!! So get up there when you can!

I plan on going right after work! 

Remember folks regardless of your political affiliation, don't even think about complaining if you won't even put in the time to cast your vote!

So if you are Republican you can just stop at this line--------------------------------------

BUT if you are a Democrat, read below for the Democratic Ballot

Photo courtesy of Thisha Smith


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 All That MsJazz

November 4, 2012

Midwest Natural Hair Health & Beauty Expo 2012

Yesterday morning I went over to Fairview Heights, IL along with my mom. She dropped me off at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel where there was a Midwest Natural Hair Expo taking place. Once I paid my $10 entrance fee I went to the sign in table where I was given a gift bag.

November 1, 2012

Natural Hair Product Review: KeraCare Natural Textures

This past Saturday I went to go visit my (OBBBC aka O Triple B C)  which stands for Old Beautician Before Big Chop. I call her Ms. Sheryl and she was my beautician for close to 20 years.  Unfortunately she didn't know how to handle natural hair so I had to jump ship and find someone who could handle my kinky coils. Enter: Daisha Putman, a kinky kologist who is BADASS......when it comes to some coils, kinks, and curls. 

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