November 11, 2012

MMA (Mixed Martials Arts) fights are SO much better in person

Can I just say that MMA fights are some intense shi*t? I was lucky enough to get  a free ticket for a MMA event that was held last night at the Saint Charles Family Arena. The fight card was full with 9 fights and was being promoted by Fight Hard MMA. By the time I arrived to the Arena there was a long line already forming with cars wrapping around.  This was my first time at this Arena so I took in the lay of the land.

Eventually I was able to find a parking spot ($10) and made my way into the arena and I tell ya this place was PACKED. Since the tickets were all General Admission seats with the exception of the seats that were near the cage and on the main floor, I could have sat anywhere.

Layout of the arena for the fight

So I get there and the first fight is on it's way. Which was a female bout and it was going pretty good. Overall there were 3 female fights and 6 male fights. I walk around for a few minutes and make my way into the arena.  The entrance way that I go through shows the fight at a perfect angle so I decide to chillout there even though I'm standing. I do see some other people that I recognize and we talk for a minute. They make their way back to their seats and I'm checkin out the action with some folks that are there in support of one of the female MMA fighters.

Tamikka BOOM BOOM Brents - Female MMA Fighter
 So through out the night the fights were pretty good there was even a few that you could tell were personal and that the fighters were there more to give out a personal ass whuppin than just fighting.

So eventually fight 7 comes on and that has Tamikka involved and i tell ya this girl is someone to watch out for. She put a hurting on her opponent so bad, her face was seriously bloodied up and the ref had to call the fight because the girl was throwin straight elbows and hands on this girl. By far her fight was the best of the whole night. I was lucky enough to get a picture of her with her bloody shirt.

Tamikka BOOM BOOM Brents - The warrior

So afterwards Fight 8 happens which was boring for about the first minutes and you could tell because people were booing up a storm. Then eventually hits and kicks starting coming through. The ref had to stop the fight 2 times because one of the opponents (red gloves) was throwing elbows to the back of the neck of the other person. He didn't just do this once, he did it twice. So eventually that fight went all 3 rounds just like all the previous fights and the winner for that bout was the fighter with the blue gloves. So he will be in title match up in January 2013. 

Then eventually the main headliner event which was another female bout finally came on between Carina Damm and Tonya Evinger. Overall it was a so-so fight. Not what I was hoping for. In the end Tonya won. Left there about 11:15pm.

Carina & Tonya

So afterwards I make my way over to a friend's house and by the time I got there, they were just chilling, talkin mess and watchin tv. By the time I left there it was about 2:20am. 

So...I heard the next MMA fights that will be held at the Saint Charles Arena will be on January  19th. You better believe i plan on getting some tickets for that. There is also another fight coming up on Dec. 1st that I plan on going to as well. That actually has some fighters that I know from the gym that I go to, FINNEY'S MMA. That will take place at the Lumiere Casino.

So do you think MMA fighting has me hooked? mmm I think so;) I thought they were great on tv because you get see the fighters up close. But what you get is so much more when you go to a live event is seeing the audience reactions, the talking trash, the people repping their fighters with the crazy shirts and you can tell the die hard fans as well as those who might know the fighters and train with them. It's awesome

Until the next episode....

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