November 7, 2012

Finally this Election is OVER!!

Ok so now the election is finally over. No more bloody ads from Democrats, Republicans,  Independents, and the Tea People. All I can say is that I hope people can finally start working together and get stuff done. Now that drama is over with all I have to say to my friends who are Romney supporters is that I still love you and that won't change. I knew you before his crazy ass became your nominee and I'll still love ya even after he is licking his wounds. #wholovesyababy

What really amazes me is all the money that was poured into this campaign. I've heard around 5 billion, give or take A BILLION! Just think of all the uses that money could have gone to help our country. But I guess what I find really interesting about this election is that for me personally is this shaped up to look like The Big Corporations vs. The Little People in a way. What this election shows is that you can have a big wallet but those with a bigger heart and more determination can pull it out and win.

So after all this is said and done, lets get this show on the road.


Until the next episode....

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