November 6, 2012

THE CONCLUSION FROM: The #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge & Fatmumslim's Instagram October #FMSPhotoday Challenge

Last month I decided to be a part of two different challenges. Read this previous post to play catch up.  One was a challenge to write aka blog  at least once a day in the month of October. This challenge was called the #30WriteNow October Writing Challenge. So out of 31 days I wrote for 16. So I averaged out to 50%. Not as good as I would have liked but definitely more than I thought I was capable of doing.

The second challenge was Fatmumslim's Instagram October #FMSPhotoday Challenge. This challenge had to do with taking a picture at least once a day that represented something from a chart that was given out by Instagram user Fatmumslim and you had to take a picture, hashtag it with #FMSPhotoday and the corresponding word for the day. You would have thought I would have this challenge in the bag I mean it wasn't that hard. But I think with this challenge I had to blame this more on my forgetfulness than anything else. I think I MIGHT have taken 5 pics for the whole month, so yea lost cause.

Overall I enjoyed the challenges. I will try again (MAYBE) on the Instagram challenge, but heck I'm already 6 days behind on that one. As for the blogging one, I really did enjoy having that extra "push" with that challenge, but I think I'll go back to blogging when the mood strikes me. The light bulb might not glow strong all the time but when it does, WATCH OUT:)


Until the next episode....

 All That MsJazz

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