June 26, 2008

Sometimes there is sunshine after a storm

This week has been a most trying week to say the least. As u well know, I'm dealing with summer school at my main job, working partime on the weekends and I am taking a course at UMSL. Well in the middle of all this mess my car has become quite the issue more than neccesary. On Tuesday night around 11pm I decided to go to McDonald's near my house to catch a bite to eat since I had been in the house all day studying for my first exam which was deadlined to be taken by 6-25-08 midnight.

So i get to the drive through area and about to make the turn to give my order, and what do ya car wouldn't move. I mean would not budge. So i double check to make sure I didn't put the car in park accidently.....nope. So I turn off the car and turn it back on. Still wouldn't move. So I'm so pissed, embarressed, & frustrated that I just sit in my car in and wonder what the hell to do. So i called AAA and told them my dilema. As I was waiting for them in the car, I put on my hazard lights, turn off my engine, and I'm waving people around me to go on.

So AAA shows up 30 min. later and the guy who was real kind tells me to get out of the car. Well since my driver door is still not working i had to get out through the passengers side and almost slipped on the ground. Appearantly some fluid had severely leeked out from the bottom and the AAA guy thinks it is transmission fluid. So he gets my car hitched and he takes it to my mechanic's place which is on North Hanley and Natural Bridge. He states he notices a hole underneath by the transmission but states he's not sure if that would be the problem.

Eventually he gets my car parked in an empty spot and then takes me home. I inform my dad and in the morning he went up to the mechanics shop and put in a thing of transmission fluid and he told me it ran straight through. So he ended up taking me to work and my cousin who happens to work with me brought me home. Now the killer thang is when my cousin brought me home when I opened the door, my backpack hit my key and BROKE IT OFF IN THE DOOR. I was lucky enough to get the other part out of the door, yet my dad got me a replacement key once he got home.

So by Wednesday evening I'm at home going nuts because I have an exam to take by midnight in my Anthro class and I've been studying like crazy and I felt that I needed to back away from my books and just chill out with some tv. So for the next 5 hours I just chillout, take a nap, and relax my mind. So by 10:30pm I'm ready to take my test, and since it's timed I have only one hour to take it. It's a mixture of mutliple choice and True and False Questions. I get done with the test in around 30 minutes and I double check my answers. Thank god for open book test, yet it still was hard because unless you had read the material beforehand, took the quizzes, and watched the video's you would really be up a creek.

So I hit submit and cross my fingers......I got a 46.5 out of 50. So I was hooting in my room feeling pretty damn good. So I chilled out for the rest of the night and went to sleep.

Next day (Thursday), my dad takes me to work and informs me that the transmission on my car is completely shot. It's worn out and done for. So Bill, our mechanic has to call around to get some prices on how much a new one would be......So I guess I will be without a car for sometime until it gets fixed. Oh well at least I don't have to worry about gas:) Oh and I can just study more.....Oh Joy.....

Oh also quick note on my mom, she and one of her best friend's are still out of town, but appearently there is an issue because the limo that was suppose to pick them up, didn't show up and they are running behind in regards to how they plan on catching their chartered flight....that is of course if they haven't missed it already...if THAT should be the case than she has to buy a ticket back to St. Louis.

The drama oh the drama.

June 24, 2008

In rememberence.....

This is a special post because I felt I had to say something about these three individuals.

Tim Russert- Political anyalsist. I have always enjoyed hearing this man talk because I like how he broke down politics in laymen terms. One thing I can't stand about politics are the uneccessary words that are used. Just tell me what u are trying to say and be done with it. He never was afraid to talk to people and make them explain themselves. Point blank put them in the hotseat. He didn't badger them or beat them up. He mainly used their words against them and then ask them to clear themselves up. I wasn't a faithful watcher of "Meet the Press" yet I would watch his debates that he would setup and his voice would be so nice to listen to. The outpouring of respect from collegues and how he valued his family really made me this was one special human being. So when I heard that he passed away because of a heart attack at work...Im thinkin wow...he probably went out the way he wanted to, on the job. He was a wonderful son but even a better father, to go right before Father's day can only be described as poetic. Gone 6/13/08.

George Carlin- comedian. This guy was a freakin genius I had the pleasure of seeing this man in concert about 5 years ago and it still resonates in my mind whenever I see him on tv. His dry and VERY sacrcastic sense of humor is right up my alley. Any man that can fill a whole poster with nothing but cuss words and can actually have a discussion regarding them in a very intellectual manner is something that dreams are made up of. So when I heard that he died yesterday from a heart attack, i just felt my chest almost cave in. I don't know how many books of his that I bought for my dad. In fact he was one of my dad's favorites when it came to comedy and he introduced me to his style. The man will be missed. Gone 6/23/08.

Lee Nixon- local St. Louis entreprenur. Most people in St. Louis probably don't know this man by his birth name, yet he did go by another name that was well known in the clubs, The Rose Man. When I used to frequent the clubs back in the day, the club patrons could always pick out the Rose Man because he always would wear his signature red suit with matching red fedora hat and always carry beautiful roses with white teddy bears attached. He had been doing this job for a long time, I'm talkin decades. So in a way he was takin from this world doing what he loved to do as well, yet unfortunately for him, a bullet took his life as he was making his rounds at the Softouch Club on the East side via a drive by shooting. Hopefully someone will remeber him and leave a rose behind....... Gone 6/23/08

what a weekend

Well this past Thursday evening, I helped Danielle get some of her stuff boxed up and not to mention had a fun time, dismantling Queen size beds So one set could be taken to her mom's house and the other set....Im not sure what she did with the other set. Got home from that about midnight. Then that Friday I had called off to handle some issues and then went back over to her house about 12noon to help some more. Her family was over at the house to help box up items and clean up the house. About 3:30pm we were finally done and the items that were going to storage were already in the U-Haul truck ready to go. I had to leave and go to a hair appointment so my wig is fresh!!!! Afterwards I went home and dozed off.

Next day (Saturday) was the Susan Koman Breast Cancer Walk, I woke up about 4:15am and called my Supervisor to verify the time to meet up at our store since some people were going as a group. Needless to say I didn't get a reply back because I didnt have her most up to date phone number. So Danielle calls me about 5am-ish and tells me that people were suppose to meet up at the store at 5am. So Im thinkin WHOOPS and i get dressed and pick up Danielle. Since it was downtown it worked in our favor since she lives by Barnes Hospital.

So after we find a parking space we walk over to the volunteer sign up sheet. We see some coworkers and then make our way over to one of the Best buy areas where they are giving away items. We were helping a stand that had pink capes. People were going PSYCHO over the pink capes and were pushing each other just to get a chance at one. So after that nutiness we went over to the Water stand so we could guard the water until it was suppose to be open for after the race participants (runners and walkers).

There were about 4 other Best Buy stores with employee participants there I think including about 10 employees from my store. We all had a blast especially to withstand that heat. Eventually it was time to pass the water out and we started to stockpile boxes of it and take it to the finish line and pass it out to people as they were crossing. They were definitely grateful and I had a wonderful time. I should also mention that the Wolf Pack people were there as well and the head Alpha for our group came over to us and she was telling me how sorry she was with the miscommunication and that she would like for Danielle and I to give them another chance. I told her that I would like to talk to her some more, but unfortuantely we didn't get a chance since the event pretty much kept us all occupied.

After our group left we headed to Bob Evans and grabbed some breakfast. We kicked it up and enjoyed ourselves. After leaving about 12:30pm, I took Danielle home and I took myself home so I could catch a nap before having to be at work THAT SAME DAY from 3pm to close. It wasn't so bad since I was mainly stationed in Appliances for the whole time. I left around 11pm and was finally home by 11:30pm. Throughout the night my legs were paying for all the activity I did the previous day so I had to call off to give myself some time to recoup on Sunday.

Now on Sunday my mom left around 5pm with her best friend to go to Lake Tahoe in Nevada. She called when go there that night and I spoke with her briefly yesterday. While she was on the phone with me yesterday she witnessed a DHL delivery truck slam into the back of another vehicle so she had to disconnect for a while so the Ranger on duty could call the police. She called me back to give me an update and I told her to enjoy herself, yet it seems all the slots are doing are just taking her money:)

I also want to note that this is my 3rd year doing the Susan Koman Walk and I do it honor of my mom who had breast cancer and beat it and one of my best friends, Kamina, her older sis had it as well and beat it:)

June 17, 2008

Father's Day weekend

Well as u well know. Father's day was yesterday. I had work from 11am to 7pm at job #2. So i do my time and finally get home where i find that my mom has made dinner. She made green beans, mac & cheese, bread, & corn. YUMMMMIE. So i gave my dad his card later on that night. Yet I was pretty caught up with the Lakers and Celtic Series. I personally want the Celtics to win and I think they will. I called the NCAA mens game when Kansas won, I didn't call the women's version though, I was hoping Stanford would pull through, but the Tenn's squad wasn't havin that. Now the NBA is here and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing about Kobe and whatever Kobe is doing. Not mention Celtics are long overdue for some rings.

My mom was more caught up with the Tiger Wood golf tournament that happened this weekend and I must say even I was thrilled with some "MJ jumpers" that he pulled off with his golf clubs. Overall he did win the tournament and my mom said it wasn't short of phenominal.

Now as u know the Wolf Pack was trying to kick me and Danielle to the curb. Well last week on Thursday sent them an email via Bridget (one of our managers) wanting to know the reason of us not being in the group anymore. Well she got a response back on Friday asking to verify our employee numbers. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. So now TODAY she received an email from the Wolf Leader stating that some people should step down from the group......guess who was on the list? So she told me that she put them on full blast and she stated she did get at least one response in our favor. Yet the way I see it, I'm done with the whole issue. If i thought it was tacky with the first letter which was the original list without our names on it, this definitely takes the cake.

So Danielle tells me tonight when I gave her a call around Midnight and found out about the latest incident that she will forward me the email so I can read it because she knows me too well that I will make a special trip up to that job just to read the letter. So now I'm thinking with all this crap.....why would I want to even consider still being in the Pack?

Today was also the offical last day for me as far as being admin assistant for this semester. Yet it was still a toss up of whom would be covering for the summer session. So later on this evening my principal called to confirm that I will be able to work this summer. Thank u god, because I need the check!!!

Well anyway I just wanted to say Happy Belated Father's Day to all those who take care of their kids and always keep them first.

"Remember a man never stands as tall as when he kneels before a child."

June 12, 2008

Ok beyond that.....

Ok so if you read previous post, my dad had a gathering at Harrahs to celebrate his birthday. I arrived late at 6:20pm and everyone was alread upstairs getting their food from the buffet. We enjoyed ourselves and some of the food was good, yet they definitely need to work on their culinary skills. After dad read his cards we all departed and I decided to make a quick stop at my part-time gig to double check the issue that Danielle told me about. So I go there and my email is swamped so I had to pretty much delete everything to make room for more stuff. So it finally came through and I read it with my own eyes and pretty much yep neither one of our names was on the list.

So I called Danielle back and we were talking about it. I stayed there for about 10 more minutes and when I was heading out the door I saw one of my former Express Script collegues and we started to ramble off stuff and we went into my gig and were talking just catchin up. So eventually I left by 9:25pm and finally made it back home.

As far as the whole Wolf Pack thang, I wish them well but in the end I guess it really wasn't my cup of tea. Strangly after work and I left I just shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself, 1 less thang to worry about while being focused on the bigger picture.

Time to move on.....

Well it's been a strange week. My sister has moved to a new apartment complex that is really nice. Danielle is making the big move and has found a nice apartment for herself. I'm pretty sure other people I know as well are moving.

While I was at home yesterday I received a message from Danielle informing me that apparently that we were no longer apart of the WOLF pack organization from my part-time gig. I asked her what she meant and pretty much she states that an email had been sent out to the members and it was list pretty much asking everyone to make sure that their person info was correct to have their bracelets ordered. She further went on to state that neither one of our names was on the list.

So I'm sitting on my bed just dumbfounded not to mention it wasn't good timing at all because I'm about to go out to Harrah's casino to meet up with family members to celebrate my dad's B-day which was originally on June 6th. I asked her if she is sure because maybe it's a list that we had to add our name to and she told me that it was not the case and pretty much looked like we were not apart of the group.

So as I'm on my way out the house and on my way to the Casino, all I'm thinking about is who made the call to cut me and Danielle from the pack? I think of all the days that I would miss work at my primary job to go to the Wolk pack meetings when I could. I knew I hadn't been to the last two meetings because of commitments at my primary job and I knew that I couldn't get out of them. There were other times I couldn't make meetings but I made sure that I could voluteer my time and help out with whatever was going on.

The really interesting part is that the Susan Koman Breast Cancer walk is coming up and I already was going to voluteer for that regardless. I do that out of love for my mom, not for any organization. So the walk is going to be next Saturday and there is suppose to be a booth that the WOLF organization will have. I will definitely do my part and help out.

In my personal opinion I'm not going to cite racial issues because I don't feel personally that there were any. Yet I will say this, to me there is definitely a lack of respect. If there were issues than I think they should have been brought to Danielle and my attention. I also made it clear that I work as a full-time secretary at a high school, which means that I have to take care of business at my school first. They don't know the hoops I had to go through just to be able to take a day off to attend a meeting. I won't even go into the issue I had to just voluteer that one day back in January for the Women's Shelter.

With me working strictly on the weekends I'm only able to check my email if I remember on two days. Wolf Pack info could have been forwarded to my main personal email address as I had originally suggested back when personal information was being collected. This is my suggestion to the Wolf Pack, if you plan to cut someone loose, at least have the professional courtesy and decorum to delete the people from the server list so they don't find out information that they aren't suppose know and you aren't stuck lookin like an ass, when fingers get to pointing. You should have sent off an email to let us know that we were no longer apart of the pack. At least you can save on jewelry (Tiffany's bracelet) and airfare (Next Wolf Pack National Meeting.

June 5, 2008

So far so June

Summer of 2008
by Jasmine W.

Well the kids are gone and so is my crew,
Just sittin in the office wonderin what the hell to do.
The school is quiet and traffic is low,
I'm sitting at my desk wishin i could just go.

Summer has finally appeared,
the cold weather has receeded
Boy what I have in mind,
is a vacation that is seriously needed.

But alas summer school for the job is coming my way,
So sitting back relaxin will have to wait for another day.
So as you can gather I'm bored as hell,
But lets just see what's in store tomorrow, do tell.

So anyway you see that school is out for the high school kids. I've been here at the school and offically am not suppose to be out until June 17th. Yet no has told me if they need me for summer school though. Beyond that I'm in a class for UMSL that will begin in 2 weeks (I think). As far as video games are concerned (yea i know you are asking) I still have yet to break open the plastic on my Grand Theft Auto game and I play little of my Rainbow Six Vegas 2.

Now I know at this part you are like WTF? Well quite simply I've become addicted to Second Life that I play on Laptop and all I can say that it's mind boggling. If you've ever wanted to have an alter ego and enjoy your self doing all kinds of wacky and crazy things. Then I highly recommend this site. I can't believe I've never even heard of it before, especially since it's 5 years old. A friend of mine told me about it and I went to check it out and I must say it's crazy. I've already bought a house on the beach and I'm in process of getting furniture for it.....yea CREEPY. Oh not to mention my avi looks hot. hahahaha

So if you have a cpu that will handle the requirements for running it, I recommend you try it out. I guess the next big thing for me to do is stop playing as much to focus on my studies when classes start in 2 weeks. Beyond that I am still working my part time gig and that probably will be my summer for this year. So in a nutshell......BORED.

Hope you summer is better than mine. Toodles
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