June 17, 2008

Father's Day weekend

Well as u well know. Father's day was yesterday. I had work from 11am to 7pm at job #2. So i do my time and finally get home where i find that my mom has made dinner. She made green beans, mac & cheese, bread, & corn. YUMMMMIE. So i gave my dad his card later on that night. Yet I was pretty caught up with the Lakers and Celtic Series. I personally want the Celtics to win and I think they will. I called the NCAA mens game when Kansas won, I didn't call the women's version though, I was hoping Stanford would pull through, but the Tenn's squad wasn't havin that. Now the NBA is here and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing about Kobe and whatever Kobe is doing. Not mention Celtics are long overdue for some rings.

My mom was more caught up with the Tiger Wood golf tournament that happened this weekend and I must say even I was thrilled with some "MJ jumpers" that he pulled off with his golf clubs. Overall he did win the tournament and my mom said it wasn't short of phenominal.

Now as u know the Wolf Pack was trying to kick me and Danielle to the curb. Well last week on Thursday sent them an email via Bridget (one of our managers) wanting to know the reason of us not being in the group anymore. Well she got a response back on Friday asking to verify our employee numbers. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm. So now TODAY she received an email from the Wolf Leader stating that some people should step down from the group......guess who was on the list? So she told me that she put them on full blast and she stated she did get at least one response in our favor. Yet the way I see it, I'm done with the whole issue. If i thought it was tacky with the first letter which was the original list without our names on it, this definitely takes the cake.

So Danielle tells me tonight when I gave her a call around Midnight and found out about the latest incident that she will forward me the email so I can read it because she knows me too well that I will make a special trip up to that job just to read the letter. So now I'm thinking with all this crap.....why would I want to even consider still being in the Pack?

Today was also the offical last day for me as far as being admin assistant for this semester. Yet it was still a toss up of whom would be covering for the summer session. So later on this evening my principal called to confirm that I will be able to work this summer. Thank u god, because I need the check!!!

Well anyway I just wanted to say Happy Belated Father's Day to all those who take care of their kids and always keep them first.

"Remember a man never stands as tall as when he kneels before a child."
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