June 24, 2008

In rememberence.....

This is a special post because I felt I had to say something about these three individuals.

Tim Russert- Political anyalsist. I have always enjoyed hearing this man talk because I like how he broke down politics in laymen terms. One thing I can't stand about politics are the uneccessary words that are used. Just tell me what u are trying to say and be done with it. He never was afraid to talk to people and make them explain themselves. Point blank put them in the hotseat. He didn't badger them or beat them up. He mainly used their words against them and then ask them to clear themselves up. I wasn't a faithful watcher of "Meet the Press" yet I would watch his debates that he would setup and his voice would be so nice to listen to. The outpouring of respect from collegues and how he valued his family really made me this was one special human being. So when I heard that he passed away because of a heart attack at work...Im thinkin wow...he probably went out the way he wanted to, on the job. He was a wonderful son but even a better father, to go right before Father's day can only be described as poetic. Gone 6/13/08.

George Carlin- comedian. This guy was a freakin genius I had the pleasure of seeing this man in concert about 5 years ago and it still resonates in my mind whenever I see him on tv. His dry and VERY sacrcastic sense of humor is right up my alley. Any man that can fill a whole poster with nothing but cuss words and can actually have a discussion regarding them in a very intellectual manner is something that dreams are made up of. So when I heard that he died yesterday from a heart attack, i just felt my chest almost cave in. I don't know how many books of his that I bought for my dad. In fact he was one of my dad's favorites when it came to comedy and he introduced me to his style. The man will be missed. Gone 6/23/08.

Lee Nixon- local St. Louis entreprenur. Most people in St. Louis probably don't know this man by his birth name, yet he did go by another name that was well known in the clubs, The Rose Man. When I used to frequent the clubs back in the day, the club patrons could always pick out the Rose Man because he always would wear his signature red suit with matching red fedora hat and always carry beautiful roses with white teddy bears attached. He had been doing this job for a long time, I'm talkin decades. So in a way he was takin from this world doing what he loved to do as well, yet unfortunately for him, a bullet took his life as he was making his rounds at the Softouch Club on the East side via a drive by shooting. Hopefully someone will remeber him and leave a rose behind....... Gone 6/23/08
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