June 24, 2008

what a weekend

Well this past Thursday evening, I helped Danielle get some of her stuff boxed up and not to mention had a fun time, dismantling Queen size beds So one set could be taken to her mom's house and the other set....Im not sure what she did with the other set. Got home from that about midnight. Then that Friday I had called off to handle some issues and then went back over to her house about 12noon to help some more. Her family was over at the house to help box up items and clean up the house. About 3:30pm we were finally done and the items that were going to storage were already in the U-Haul truck ready to go. I had to leave and go to a hair appointment so my wig is fresh!!!! Afterwards I went home and dozed off.

Next day (Saturday) was the Susan Koman Breast Cancer Walk, I woke up about 4:15am and called my Supervisor to verify the time to meet up at our store since some people were going as a group. Needless to say I didn't get a reply back because I didnt have her most up to date phone number. So Danielle calls me about 5am-ish and tells me that people were suppose to meet up at the store at 5am. So Im thinkin WHOOPS and i get dressed and pick up Danielle. Since it was downtown it worked in our favor since she lives by Barnes Hospital.

So after we find a parking space we walk over to the volunteer sign up sheet. We see some coworkers and then make our way over to one of the Best buy areas where they are giving away items. We were helping a stand that had pink capes. People were going PSYCHO over the pink capes and were pushing each other just to get a chance at one. So after that nutiness we went over to the Water stand so we could guard the water until it was suppose to be open for after the race participants (runners and walkers).

There were about 4 other Best Buy stores with employee participants there I think including about 10 employees from my store. We all had a blast especially to withstand that heat. Eventually it was time to pass the water out and we started to stockpile boxes of it and take it to the finish line and pass it out to people as they were crossing. They were definitely grateful and I had a wonderful time. I should also mention that the Wolf Pack people were there as well and the head Alpha for our group came over to us and she was telling me how sorry she was with the miscommunication and that she would like for Danielle and I to give them another chance. I told her that I would like to talk to her some more, but unfortuantely we didn't get a chance since the event pretty much kept us all occupied.

After our group left we headed to Bob Evans and grabbed some breakfast. We kicked it up and enjoyed ourselves. After leaving about 12:30pm, I took Danielle home and I took myself home so I could catch a nap before having to be at work THAT SAME DAY from 3pm to close. It wasn't so bad since I was mainly stationed in Appliances for the whole time. I left around 11pm and was finally home by 11:30pm. Throughout the night my legs were paying for all the activity I did the previous day so I had to call off to give myself some time to recoup on Sunday.

Now on Sunday my mom left around 5pm with her best friend to go to Lake Tahoe in Nevada. She called when go there that night and I spoke with her briefly yesterday. While she was on the phone with me yesterday she witnessed a DHL delivery truck slam into the back of another vehicle so she had to disconnect for a while so the Ranger on duty could call the police. She called me back to give me an update and I told her to enjoy herself, yet it seems all the slots are doing are just taking her money:)

I also want to note that this is my 3rd year doing the Susan Koman Walk and I do it honor of my mom who had breast cancer and beat it and one of my best friends, Kamina, her older sis had it as well and beat it:)
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