August 24, 2008

What a way....

Well this morning I'm writing this post from my sister's apartment. She went out of town with her boyfriend to Chicago since he never had been there before. Yesterday morning, (Saturday), my mother and I went over to my sis's apartment to check in on her dog Cassie. He is the most hyper active dog I have ever met. So we go over there and we let him outside so he can do what ever it is that dogs do. We then go Sam's but I have my mom stop me with Cassie to PetSmart so I can look around.

This dog is something else his strength is no joke even if he is part bugle. He ran every where he could even with him being on a leash. I talked with a dog trainer and I told her about the issues that were going on with Cassie and she recommended some classes for him. So im going to make sure to relay that back to my sis.

So then my mom and I take Cassie back to the apartment and go home. So then I chillout for a while and I didn't have work till 2:45pm. So since I knew I was going to sleepover at my sis's apartment I made an overnight bag and took with me to work. So when I got off by 8:15pm I went over there and met up with my mom who had made up a great dinner. Which consisted of the T-Bone Steaks, garlic cheese bread, and some corn.

She left around 11pm and I was stuck the Cassie, the crazy dog for the rest of the night. So needless to say he was put back in his cage, ASAP and I promptly went to bed.

But this morning, I woke up about 7 am so I could take him outside so he could handle his business. Brought him back in to run around some and finally had to put him back in his cage because he was doing the psycho thing again (trying to take off my fingers and toes). So right now, since I finished breakfast I have been just chilling but unfortunately I do have work tonight AGAIN, from 11am to 9:30pm which is just some bullshit.

On another note, at my main job, school has already begun for the students and it was a trying week. Hopefully it will be more smoothly this week:) I also enjoy my weekly raquetball sessions with my friend Gail, but it's also nice to just take a game with strangers from time to time. I also have incorporated getting weekly massages which are just heaven. I highly recommend them:) They both are great stress relievers:) Raquetball, if you have a problem and u need to take it out on something and massages just to de-stress your body from all the tension build up:)

Last night while at work I got a text from Kai, one of my best friends who lives in Florida and it made me remember how much I miss my girls and how I need to be more in touch and in tune with what is going on around me. Yet I will say this, this has been a really interesting but trying year for me. I feel more positive with somethings going on in my life and I've learned to let others issues I can't control to just move to a back burner or just turn off the flame completely.

So with that said, I only have one more thing to add........:)

Good Morning:)

August 19, 2008

what i have been up to

Okay so I know it's been about 2 weeks since my last update. I hope I will be able to update more but I'm sure you are able to understand. With these past few weeks being geared up towards being ready for school. It's not been all pies and smiles. Yet I will say the first week I went back to school on Aug. 4, was pretty nice since I was pretty much the only person there with the maintance crew. Nothing but quiet and able to get work done and not be bothered. Almost better than being at home.

So school offically started back for the students yesterday. Definitely nothing dissapointing there. Everyone is hustling about and of course I have parents coming through trying to get their kids together and enrolled. Later on today (Tuesday) I will finally get back into the swing of things later on this evening and take in a game of raquetball with a friend of mine. Hopefully I can make it more of my routine from now on and incorporate it into a weekly regimen.

Well beyond that you know, I've just been maintaining. I know personally I need to focus more on reforging my friendships with people. I've been somewhat busy with alot of things going on in my mind and I know unfortunately I have been neglecting (for lack of a better word) of keeping in touch with those who are close to me. For that I do apologize.

Beyond that nothing much else to report on. Of course I still play Second Life on my cpu and if you have never tried it before, be forewarned it can become quite addictive and I have had to limit myself to the HOURS that I play. I finally cracked the plastic on my Grand Theft Auto game and for some reason it's freezing up on me so many times I don't know if it's the game or my console. So needless to say I will be dealing with that issue by the end of this week. That just isn't acceptable in my eyes.

I know what some people are thinking, so Jaz what is up with the dating life? Well, right now I just kick it from time to time with my friends. Not exactly dating, just enjoying life and my friends and family. But ya never know:)

August 4, 2008

I'm back

Ok, so my summer vacation is offically over. Ya girl is back in effect and the main gig and it's been quite lovely today. Just mainly chilled out and gathered myself mentally for the week ahead. I have early registration going on Wednesday and Thursday at the middle school so get ya crosses out and pray for me.

On a good note I want to say that I passed my Summer UMSL class with an A YEA YEA!!!! Internet courses ain't NO PUNKS!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend was tax free weekend for students so you can imagine how busy it was at gig #2. Hell I wasn't able to leave work on Sunday until 11:30pm. So you know I crashed as soon as I got home. Kinda pissed because I broke a favorite pair of my sandals yesterday morning, since I wasn't watching where i was going. Saturday I had work from 2pm to close. Yea that was fun....not.

Oh and Friday. BOY OH BOY on Friday ya girl went to a very interesting party late that night. I'll put it to ya like this if you have EVER seen or heard of the movie Trois 2: Pandora's Box (2002). Then you will know what I'm talking about. I must say it was quite an eye opener but I only enjoyed myself with 2 VERY nice massages. lolol But don't ask me when I finally got home.......(5:30am). hahahaha I realized from going to that party that even if I was fascinated at how people enjoy themselves in such a manner and I respect that is their lifestyle. It doesn't mean that is the lifestyle for me. Well at least i can check that off of my list as things to do before I die... Gone to a swinger's party......check.

Oh well I hope to all you enjoyed your summer, and hope you are looking forward to this fall:) I know I am:) hehehehehehehehe
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