August 4, 2008

I'm back

Ok, so my summer vacation is offically over. Ya girl is back in effect and the main gig and it's been quite lovely today. Just mainly chilled out and gathered myself mentally for the week ahead. I have early registration going on Wednesday and Thursday at the middle school so get ya crosses out and pray for me.

On a good note I want to say that I passed my Summer UMSL class with an A YEA YEA!!!! Internet courses ain't NO PUNKS!!!!!!!!!!

This past weekend was tax free weekend for students so you can imagine how busy it was at gig #2. Hell I wasn't able to leave work on Sunday until 11:30pm. So you know I crashed as soon as I got home. Kinda pissed because I broke a favorite pair of my sandals yesterday morning, since I wasn't watching where i was going. Saturday I had work from 2pm to close. Yea that was fun....not.

Oh and Friday. BOY OH BOY on Friday ya girl went to a very interesting party late that night. I'll put it to ya like this if you have EVER seen or heard of the movie Trois 2: Pandora's Box (2002). Then you will know what I'm talking about. I must say it was quite an eye opener but I only enjoyed myself with 2 VERY nice massages. lolol But don't ask me when I finally got home.......(5:30am). hahahaha I realized from going to that party that even if I was fascinated at how people enjoy themselves in such a manner and I respect that is their lifestyle. It doesn't mean that is the lifestyle for me. Well at least i can check that off of my list as things to do before I die... Gone to a swinger's party......check.

Oh well I hope to all you enjoyed your summer, and hope you are looking forward to this fall:) I know I am:) hehehehehehehehe
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