January 17, 2007

Where in the world is msjazz79?

Wassup to you all. I know I've been out of it for a while and for that I apologize. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods. I started my new job back on Jan. 8 and I must say that I'm starting to get everything slowly but surely. I can honestly say it has not been a boring experience what so eva;) Of course it has it's challenges but hey as they say you have to roll with the punches right?

Well, I've pretty much have been just working so far nothing really new to tell except that I have been talking on and off to a guy that has me curious...what can I say. We've talked on and off from time to time yet when we get together we have a really good time. So who knows what might happen (*shrugging my shoulders*).

Another thing that has me curious is this damn weather what in the HELL Is GOING ON? I remember when we lost power again last week, yet AMEREN UE came out and fixed it again, WHY did the power go out again within 45 minutes of me leaving the house? Hell we didn't get power again until the next day around 8am.

Beyond that I've just been chilling and reflecting. Wondering what's going on with me, yet also have to put into plan what I want to get done this year and HOW I'm going to get it done. So for right now I'm just gonna chill out and think about today. Wonder about tomorrow and plan for the day after.

January 7, 2007

My Godbaby pt. 2

Second video of the same visit to see my godbaby

My Godbaby!!!

Visiting with my Godbaby and her family in Jan. 2007 pt. 1 ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 5, 2007

some videos from x-mas 2006 time

what a wonderful evening

Yesterday I didn't have work, but of course as usual whenever I have a day off it translates into Jasmine having to do chores around the house. So I pretty much did almost everything on my sorry as list. Then about 1pm-ish, my mom calls me to tell me that we still need to finalize my outfits with some work shoes. Well I tell her that I have to make a run to my dr.'s office to pick up some documents that I need to turn into my new job.

So by the time she gets home around 3pm-ish I'm finishing up polishing the furniture around the house. i get dress and try to get to the dr. office before they close. Yet unfortunately I couldn't just leave the house without any issues. My sister starting talking about getting unemployement and stated to my mom how she thought I was getting unemployement from my past hell hole job and wasn't telling them. First off if I was it's none of their god damn business. Second of all my mom isn't making it any better by saying yea she has her doubts as well. So as far as I'm concerned, they could both kiss my ass on the subject.

Well i get to the dr.'s office around 4:15pm, about 15 minutes before they close and what do ya know, the door is locked. So i leave there dejected and head on over to MACY's at the Galleria. Well my mom calls and states that we should meet up at Famous Brand Shoes Store off of I-170 and Olive. I get there first and start browsing around. I found a cute pair of Steve Madden animal print wedges. Yet of course they wouldn't be suitable for work. So my mom gets there and finds 2 pairs that I do like. We buy them along with a cute lil hat that I like and then we jet to Ann's bra shop to do some more shopping.

Afterwards my mom takes me back to my car and then I call Kai's mom to see if it's okay to come over and visit my god-baby. She says of course and when I get there I can help but beam from ear to ear. She looks so BEAUTIFUL and so vibrant. As soon as the door opened she came over to me and smiled and lifted her arms up for me to pick her up. You know I did and was just having the time of my life with her. Her uncle orlando, aunt gail, and cousin Sincere were also there and we all had a great ole time. I also made a few lil videos and took as many picture that I could of her STANDING STILL, needless to say there weren't too many of those;)

Well I stayed there from 8pm-ish to about close to 11pm and i told her that she would definitely be seeing more of me.;)

January 2, 2007

friends? how many of us have them?

Well for me I know I'm definitely blessed to say that I know I have 4 great best friends. For starters on Dec. 27, Danielle and Mina had given me a killa outfit as a Christmas present to wear for New Year's Eve, but unfortunately the jeans were too tight. They were SO beautiful too, I might still call around myself to see if any other STATE has them. So after trying on the outfit, Mina calls some other stores around in Missouri but unfortunately there were none in stock in my size.

So we ended up going to Chesterfield Mall and changing up the outfit yet it still looked great. We left there and went back to their house and I went home for the night. They told me that was only just part one of my present and that I would love part 2 just as much. Well they were right!!

Last night (Dec. 29), I didn't have work so I packed my stuff and went Danielle's and Mina's place. Later on that evening Mina had left to do something and I was asleep in Danielle's room. I hear a knock on the door and Danielle goes downstairs to answer it. i assumed it was Mina coming through the door but it wasn't. IT WAS KAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They had surprised me and she flew in town. She was coming up the steps and I just broke down in tears. I was so happy to see her I was jumpin up and down.

When she made it to the top of the steps we gave each other a huge hug. I just didn't want to let her go!! We then sat down in Danielle's room and they told me how they had been planning this and I was just amazed. Kamina got home shortly and I was just beaming from ear to ear. I had 3 of my best friends under the same roof and I was loving it!!! We then went to the Central West End to try have some drinks at a place called SUBZERO which is the appropriate name for the club, because as far as we were concerned there was ZERO chance of us being able to enjoy ourselves and get a drink. So we went around the corner to the winery BRENNANS which has an upstair's area to relax in and we sat there talking.

We had serious conversation about myself and issues that I was going through. It was definitely a talk that I needed and appreciated. We stayed there and went through 2 bottles of Marco Negri (our favorite wine). Afterwards we went back to Mina and DAnielle's home and we played some spades. Well as usual I couldn't play for shit but the strange thing is that Kai and I were winning. We almost won but we stopped playing since people were getting hungry so we went to the East Side and they got some Chicken and Fries plate specials.

Afterwards we came back home and Kai had to get going since she had a flight that left the next day around 3:30pm. I gave her a hug and told her to have a safe trip. Not to mention my beautiful god-baby is still here in town for the next 2 WEEKS so i'm so going to be hooking up with her.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday (Dec. 30)- Since it was the weekend pretty much it I was trying to relax but my mom called and said that there some chores that needed to be taken care of. So i arrive at the house around 11am and left there to meet my mom at the Galleria to look at some clothes for my new job. We parted ways around 4 or 5pm. So I went to a couple of stores since I had gift cards for them to see what I wanted to buy. While I was at one, Kai called me and asked how I was feeling about the talk we all had yesterday evening. I told her that I was okay and i didn't feel at all as though they were ganging up on me. We talked for a few more minutes and said our good-byes.

I then went to Bath and Body works but i couldn't find anything I wanted there. So I went to another store and found some stuff there. Around 6 or 7pm I called Danielle and Mina and they were over in Fairfview Heights kicking it and relaxing. I told them to give me a call once they got back to the house. So around 9pm we convened back at the house, chilled out and relaxed.

Sunday (Dec. 31)- Danielle and I got up and got our things together to take to the hotel room that we had reserved for 2 nights. WE went to the mall first so she could get a hat. She found what she was looking for and then we jetted to the Hotel to checkin. Afterwards I left real quick to dip to Northwest Plaza to pick something up but they were out of stock of the item I wanted. So Danielle calls me and tells me that she, Mina, and Damon were all at IHOP waiting on me and asked me what I wanted to eat. I gave her my order and met them 5 minutes later.

We all are there relaxing and eating our food. Once we are done, Danielle and I go to Best Buy so we can get some stuff done. We then go back to the hotel room and relax and get ready to go out. ONce we are dressed we go back to the city to meet up with Mina and her friend. We go to Danielle cousin's aparatment to enjoy his party for about 15 minutes. Mina and her friend decide to pass it and will meet us for the second party back at our hotel room. OKAY 20 minutes later, we leave and meet back up with Mina and we then jet from the hotel room to the 2nd party which is 10 minutes away.

Point blank THAT PARTY WAS A BLAST AND OFF DA CHAIN!!!!!! Had some alcohol of course and MAN the atmposhere and people were great!!!! Mina and her friend were kicking it having blast and the hosts were just absolutely wonderful. Danielle and I were sippin these drinks called SNO-CONES and they were SWEET!!!!!

Monday (Jan. 1)- We left there around 1am and went back to the hotel. Our friend Larry came through and chilled out with us. He left around 3am and we Danielle and Myself went to IHOP for some late night dinner. We get there and the place was jammed packed. We get to our table and I order a Ham, Egg, Cheese Melt platter. IT WAS DELICOUS. So we leave there and go back to our hotel room around 4:30am and chill out. Yet unfortunately for me I start getting sever stomach cramps by noon.

Danielle says the liquor I drank being mixed with the greasy food I ate was pretty much spelling disaster. So we order a pizza and get a 2 liter bottle of Siera Mist. While I'm downing the soda, Danielle enjoys the bottle of Marco Negri that we brought along. We both enjoy the pizza and that was that. Mina came through for a while and we played some Dominios. Mina left later on that night and Danielle and I went to sleep.

Tuesday (Jan. 2)- Up and at it by 8am. Went to the bank real quick to make a deposit. Danielle and I check out by 9:40am and I took her to work. I'm at home right now chillin out and waiting to go in myself by 1:30pm. Overall my New Year's Eve and Christmas was just WONDERFUL!!! I hope yours was as well.
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