January 5, 2007

what a wonderful evening

Yesterday I didn't have work, but of course as usual whenever I have a day off it translates into Jasmine having to do chores around the house. So I pretty much did almost everything on my sorry as list. Then about 1pm-ish, my mom calls me to tell me that we still need to finalize my outfits with some work shoes. Well I tell her that I have to make a run to my dr.'s office to pick up some documents that I need to turn into my new job.

So by the time she gets home around 3pm-ish I'm finishing up polishing the furniture around the house. i get dress and try to get to the dr. office before they close. Yet unfortunately I couldn't just leave the house without any issues. My sister starting talking about getting unemployement and stated to my mom how she thought I was getting unemployement from my past hell hole job and wasn't telling them. First off if I was it's none of their god damn business. Second of all my mom isn't making it any better by saying yea she has her doubts as well. So as far as I'm concerned, they could both kiss my ass on the subject.

Well i get to the dr.'s office around 4:15pm, about 15 minutes before they close and what do ya know, the door is locked. So i leave there dejected and head on over to MACY's at the Galleria. Well my mom calls and states that we should meet up at Famous Brand Shoes Store off of I-170 and Olive. I get there first and start browsing around. I found a cute pair of Steve Madden animal print wedges. Yet of course they wouldn't be suitable for work. So my mom gets there and finds 2 pairs that I do like. We buy them along with a cute lil hat that I like and then we jet to Ann's bra shop to do some more shopping.

Afterwards my mom takes me back to my car and then I call Kai's mom to see if it's okay to come over and visit my god-baby. She says of course and when I get there I can help but beam from ear to ear. She looks so BEAUTIFUL and so vibrant. As soon as the door opened she came over to me and smiled and lifted her arms up for me to pick her up. You know I did and was just having the time of my life with her. Her uncle orlando, aunt gail, and cousin Sincere were also there and we all had a great ole time. I also made a few lil videos and took as many picture that I could of her STANDING STILL, needless to say there weren't too many of those;)

Well I stayed there from 8pm-ish to about close to 11pm and i told her that she would definitely be seeing more of me.;)
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