October 30, 2015

Mad as hell -Fuck Adobe - Don't buy Photoshop/Premiere Elements 14

This past weekend I had been looking forward to purchasing Photoshop/Premiere Elements 14 from B&H Photo for $89.99. The regular price is normally $149.99 and since this new version was coming out October 25th I felt I definitely needed to take advantage of the sale since the sale was going to go away midnight on Oct. 24th. I made the purchase and then was informed Sunday morning that due to some technical error, my purchase was being put on hold and would not be filled immediately. So B&H emails me back with an apology and an option for a refund. I take the refund and scout out Best Buy's website to see if they have a sale going on. They have the software for $99.99.

October 29, 2015

Bloglovin test

October 26, 2015

Happy Anniversary to my Parents

I want to wish my parents a wonderful Happy Anniversary. I can't say enough about my parents. They are honestly a blessing to not only myself but both of my sisters as well as the rest of our extended family. Both of my parents have excelled and persevered with amazing odds stacked against them growing up. They continue to be amazing examples to those in our family and friends alike. Both of them are retired educators that have stressed the importance of having a good education to being the foundation for getting ahead in life and being successful in whatever endeavors you might pursue. To them I want to say thank you for being such a strong foundation for our family and not giving up in believing in me when I had given up on myself. Love you both. Happy Anniversary.

October 19, 2015

Love that Typewriter sound

Think I will try a different font. 

I used to love playing with typewriters. I loved hearing the sound that they would make and the feeling of the keys as you would push one and see the letter striking against the paper. 

Not to mention when you would push the lever back across and start all over again. Yes I do enjoy the sounds of a typewriter. I especially love this font. I think I will change up the font.

I even have the typewriter app on my Ipad, you know, the one Tom Hanks developed. It's called Hanx Writer. It's pretty cool.

Yes.....I think I will pretend I'm on a typewriter.

Self Reflect - Week 10/11/15

My mind is shitty. Not to mean I have shit for brains, but more to the point, I have issues remembering what I've done earlier in the week, hell sometimes what I did the day before. So I thought I might try this little exercise that will not only keep me HOPEFULLY on task with writing with my blog but to also keep my mind right. Will I remember everything? Nope! But what I will remember I will try to post.

Sooooooo..... Here we go.

October 1, 2015

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (The Kiddie Version)

I want you all to know I approve this message. Respect starts at home. Teachers can only do so much in a day of 8 hours, while parents have them the other 16 along with Saturday and Sunday, oh and don't forget holidays and vacations. Parents, If you can't instill respect in your children and make them understand that it carries on into school, you have a problem. I can't even begin to explain the level of disrespect I saw with some students at my previous and at my current job. To the point that I feel some of them need to be snatched up with the quickness. Yet heaven forbid you say something against their child some of the parents give the teachers a harder time than they do their children! I am left bewildered at times because I have to think who is controlling whom? 

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