October 1, 2015

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (The Kiddie Version)

I want you all to know I approve this message. Respect starts at home. Teachers can only do so much in a day of 8 hours, while parents have them the other 16 along with Saturday and Sunday, oh and don't forget holidays and vacations. Parents, If you can't instill respect in your children and make them understand that it carries on into school, you have a problem. I can't even begin to explain the level of disrespect I saw with some students at my previous and at my current job. To the point that I feel some of them need to be snatched up with the quickness. Yet heaven forbid you say something against their child some of the parents give the teachers a harder time than they do their children! I am left bewildered at times because I have to think who is controlling whom? 

I understand some students have mental issues and are diagnosed with various explanations that vary in degrees from minor to severe that would make my head spin. On those that are towards the severe side those I understand. Yet I feel that even if a student has a 504, IEP, or whatever on the milder side Respect can still be taught and learned. I've seen it and having a diagnosis should not be the automatic answer if a student has tantrums. Some people just shoulder shrug and just accept it and just let their kids run wild at home and at school.

For those who do try, I applaud. Those who don't, stop hollering at the teachers about picking on your child and try to understand the frustrations they are going through with teaching a class and trying to deal with your disrespectful student who then will get sent down to office and have an attitude and fault the teacher is for sending them there in the first place.
Because if the only thing you think you can do is blame the teachers for singling out your child. I have to second guess does the problem truly lie with the child or with you.

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