February 27, 2006

Have you ever been run off the road to work?

yesterday was Sunday. A day for work for some, a day for God as well. It just happened to be my day to almost get run off the highway by an asshole driver. Driving to work on highway 70 towards job #2. Im just chilling got my music on and I'm sing out loud. I put on my blinker to go into the center lane from the far right one. AS soon as I do that, this car that was one car away in the center starts to speed up on me. I move over the far left lane aka speeding lane and don't pay him any mind. He speeds up next to me and then swerves infront of me and puts on his brakes. I swerved and almost hit the median of the highway. I was pissed and start to speed up and gain on him. I was so heated I got on the side of him and just started yelling at him. So I decided to return the favor and veered sharply to the left. Scaring the shit out of him. I flicked him off and jetted off the highway. He gets on the side of me and I just started yelling at him again and yelled at him to go fuck him self. He didnt take to kindly to that so then I pulled out my cell phone. He put on his brakes in the next lane to me and zips off to the exit for Saint Charles Rock Road. By the time I clocked in i was shaking and just pissed off. I really wish I had taken his license plate or just followed him because I would have beat the shit out of him.

my birthday in a handbasket

To all I'm sorry it's been over a week since my last post. Just been so busy it's not even funny. So I will give you an update on myself these past 10 days in "warp speed" VERSION.

Feb. 17th, was my birthday. I went to go see Madea's Goes to Jail at the Fox theater. I took the day off to enjoy myself. I went shopping and pretty much chilled out for the day. I had a hair appointment and was out by 5pm. I went home to take a quick nap and get ready for the play. Now my mom had made it clear to my sister that she was to be home by 6pm so we could all leave the house by 7pm. Well she doesn't get home till 7:30pm and we don't leave till 7:40pm. Needless to say i was pissed beyond mentioning. Then on top of that I had to drive HER CAR because she just happen to break a heel on one of her shoes. Im driving like a bat out of hell and get to the Fox within 15 minutes. I dropped my mom and sis off at the door so they could go get our seats. It take me an additional 20 minutes to find a parking space. I'm am just livid by this point. It's cold as hell and I run into the theater. When I get there I ask an usher to show me to my seat. Do you know someone was sitting in my seat? I was lookin like if this night couldn't get any worse. and the play had already started. Finally I get my seat back and over all the play was good. Im just pissed that we missed 20 minutes of the play do to my damn sister. On top of that I lost my damn lip gloss in her car and haven't seen it since.

Feb. 18th - After the play, i pack up some clothes and go to my friends house, Danielle. I slept over her house because she and Kamina were going to take me to a spa. We all met up and got to the spa place by 10:30am. I had a full body massage for an hour and it was great and affordable. is the name of place;) Then we Danielle and I had work later on that evening.

Feb. 19th- Sunday I was off and Danielle and I went shopping at the mall. WE met up later on that evening with some friends and celebrated my birthday at Dave and Busters. I had 5 or more shots, i don't remember....................but i do remember having a good time.

Will update with more days to come:)

February 16, 2006

A day to relax before the big day

well , the day before my birthday. 2 weeks ago I took off the 16th and the 17th from work. Decided I need to treat myself and just GET AWAY!!! So I started off my day by rushing to 2 TJmaxx stores to get out some layways as well as put one in. lol I swear the cycle never ends. Afterwards I go to West County shopping mall and head to couple of stores. My main one was Torrid, where I found my outfit for this evening. Afterwards I went home and chilled out so I could get some rest and go the nail shop later on that evening. The weather was really weird, especially when a strong rain hit us still with the sun out yet with a few dark clouds. I liked it so much I actually just stood out there for a while and held my arms over my head. I didn't care if anyone some thought I was mental.

Later on around 7pm, I went to the Nail shop and had a manicure and pedicure. For those curious the color I picked was a lavander shade, because I just LOVE purple. lol Yet I wanted to pop the lady upside the head who did mine because she cut my cuticle just a tad bit too far on one of my fingers and I think also on my feet. so You know I made a mental not of NOT having her do me in the future.

Apparently while I was there Kamina, had called me to talk. I returned the phonecall and went to her place where we talked, watched tv, and just chilled out. It was really nice to just hang out with her and watch cable. Speaking about cable why did my tv on the 15th, stop working? I called charter (my cable company) because out of all the damn tv's that have cable, mine was the one for some strange damn reason will not pick up any channels except the DISNEY CHANNEL. i am offically in hell. Don't get it twisted I love the Disney channel I've only watched Beauty and the Beast 6 times so far on my VCR and 40 year old virgin around 3 or 4. Kinda lost track after 1. Well apparently there is STILL an issue so you know what the rep told me at 11:45pm? We will have to make an appointment and the earliest day anyone can come out is Feb 25, WHAT THE FUCK!!!! You know how you have one of those out of body experiences?? yea I just had one.

Anyways I'm back at home now just enjoyin the evening and getting myself mentally prepared to turn the big 27. chant with me won't you?

February 15, 2006

Its been a minute

It’s been a minute

What’s up my people? I know I have been missing in action for a while. Almost 2 weeks to be exact. I’ve been taking some time-out for myself. Just chilling with my friends and just wandering about myself and my future. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, for some a great day for other just another day to breathe in and breathe out. Well for me it was the latter. Work is slowly deteriorating to the point where I can just barely stand my co-workers. Yesterday my supervisor pulled me to the side saying some of my co-workers had issues with me. I politely answered his questions and went back to my cubicle. I just am so fed up with 2 headed snakes, and yes I am referring to the legged kind.

These past couple of weeks I have had the fortune of going out with some of my friends and enjoying their company, going out to get something to eat, have fun, making jokes and even partaking in some old fashion rivalries, for fun of course. Yesterday I decided to stop bullshitting and signed up for 24 Hour Fitness. I kept putting it off until it was all I could think about waking up and going to sleep. What also helps is that a elementary school friend of mine is going to be my personal trainer. So at least I will be able to train with someone that I am comfortable being around.

The night before Valentine’s Day, I bought my mother, father, and sister each a single stem rose. For my mom a red one, my dad a white one, and my sis a orange one. I also bought them presents. My mom a cook book, my dad, the Darwin Awards books (for those who have read these….you know these are some funny ass books) and for my sister since she is a huge Mickey mouse freak, 2 sets of Mickey mouse cards and some dice so she can play craps, lolol.

I’m sorry for being away for so long; please don’t hold it against me. This week, Friday to be exact will be my Birthday. I decided to take off tomorrow and Friday. Earlier this week and last week, I went to one of my favorite shops Faru. For those who are not familiar with this beautiful store it is owned by a wonderful lady by the name of Helen. I have been shopping there for years, and unfortunately she is packing up and moving to North Carolina to live closer to her family. She has the most AMAZING artifacts and jewelry, if you want unique items, not duplicated or mass production, this is the place to go. She travels worldwide for her items and can tell you the history or culture any piece relates to in her store.

I will miss our interesting conversations and her store is where I mainly get my jewelry pieces from. On a side note, 2 other nice stores for interesting silver jewelry are, The Silver Lady and Neija Bend (

So to you all, I want to say HELLO and I hope you all have been enjoying your day so far. For me unfortunately mine does not end today until tonight since I have to work at job #2 as well. Take care.

February 2, 2006

Nothing like your friends, alcohol, and chicken

Well its 12 days till Valentines Day;) Do you know where your sweetheart is? I sure as hell don’t because I don’t have one. But that’s okay (for now). Well yesterday I didn’t dwell on that since I had work at job #1. Afterwards I went to job #2 to pick up a bulletin board for Danielle. She VOLUNTEERED Appliances to make up the board. Yea….

LOL, anyway I then proceed to Danielle so we can go out for dinner. We decide on Outback Steakhouse off of Clayton Road. When we get there, Kamina gives Danielle cell phone a ring and we tell her our location. She is leaving school and will join us shortly. Within 15-20 minutes, she finally arrives and Danielle and I are just about to get our chow on. Kamina order’s food as well and we all chill out and drink. I had some non-alcoholic beverage aka Pink Lemonade, while Danielle and Kamina do it up big style with Vodka drinks…

Afterwards, we say good bye to Kamina and head on out to Target to get material for the bulletin board. Eventually we decide on black construction paper as a background and green paper as the board, since the theme of the board was WAR. Around 11pm we are finally done and I take my black ass home. So afterwards I get home and greet my mom in the kitchen who just got in herself. My dad is asleep upstairs and my sister is no where at home. Overall had a pretty good day and night;)

Stay tuned for any EXCITING events, of course that is if they are EXCITING tomorrow.
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