February 27, 2006

Have you ever been run off the road to work?

yesterday was Sunday. A day for work for some, a day for God as well. It just happened to be my day to almost get run off the highway by an asshole driver. Driving to work on highway 70 towards job #2. Im just chilling got my music on and I'm sing out loud. I put on my blinker to go into the center lane from the far right one. AS soon as I do that, this car that was one car away in the center starts to speed up on me. I move over the far left lane aka speeding lane and don't pay him any mind. He speeds up next to me and then swerves infront of me and puts on his brakes. I swerved and almost hit the median of the highway. I was pissed and start to speed up and gain on him. I was so heated I got on the side of him and just started yelling at him. So I decided to return the favor and veered sharply to the left. Scaring the shit out of him. I flicked him off and jetted off the highway. He gets on the side of me and I just started yelling at him again and yelled at him to go fuck him self. He didnt take to kindly to that so then I pulled out my cell phone. He put on his brakes in the next lane to me and zips off to the exit for Saint Charles Rock Road. By the time I clocked in i was shaking and just pissed off. I really wish I had taken his license plate or just followed him because I would have beat the shit out of him.
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