February 15, 2006

Its been a minute

It’s been a minute

What’s up my people? I know I have been missing in action for a while. Almost 2 weeks to be exact. I’ve been taking some time-out for myself. Just chilling with my friends and just wandering about myself and my future. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, for some a great day for other just another day to breathe in and breathe out. Well for me it was the latter. Work is slowly deteriorating to the point where I can just barely stand my co-workers. Yesterday my supervisor pulled me to the side saying some of my co-workers had issues with me. I politely answered his questions and went back to my cubicle. I just am so fed up with 2 headed snakes, and yes I am referring to the legged kind.

These past couple of weeks I have had the fortune of going out with some of my friends and enjoying their company, going out to get something to eat, have fun, making jokes and even partaking in some old fashion rivalries, for fun of course. Yesterday I decided to stop bullshitting and signed up for 24 Hour Fitness. I kept putting it off until it was all I could think about waking up and going to sleep. What also helps is that a elementary school friend of mine is going to be my personal trainer. So at least I will be able to train with someone that I am comfortable being around.

The night before Valentine’s Day, I bought my mother, father, and sister each a single stem rose. For my mom a red one, my dad a white one, and my sis a orange one. I also bought them presents. My mom a cook book, my dad, the Darwin Awards books (for those who have read these….you know these are some funny ass books) and for my sister since she is a huge Mickey mouse freak, 2 sets of Mickey mouse cards and some dice so she can play craps, lolol.

I’m sorry for being away for so long; please don’t hold it against me. This week, Friday to be exact will be my Birthday. I decided to take off tomorrow and Friday. Earlier this week and last week, I went to one of my favorite shops Faru. For those who are not familiar with this beautiful store it is owned by a wonderful lady by the name of Helen. I have been shopping there for years, and unfortunately she is packing up and moving to North Carolina to live closer to her family. She has the most AMAZING artifacts and jewelry, if you want unique items, not duplicated or mass production, this is the place to go. She travels worldwide for her items and can tell you the history or culture any piece relates to in her store.

I will miss our interesting conversations and her store is where I mainly get my jewelry pieces from. On a side note, 2 other nice stores for interesting silver jewelry are, The Silver Lady and Neija Bend (

So to you all, I want to say HELLO and I hope you all have been enjoying your day so far. For me unfortunately mine does not end today until tonight since I have to work at job #2 as well. Take care.

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