May 29, 2006

a day

Well HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How you doing? I hope you are spending your memorial day among great friends and good food;)I am at job #2 at least with a good friend, but the stuff they want to pass off as good food is just crappy as hell. They bar-b-qued these piss poor hotdogs, too many damn bags of chips and some watered down ass lemonade (if ya wanna call it that).

Well before i came to the gig, which by the way I was 45 min. late for, I was at home helping my mom around the house. I learned how to make Peach Cobler for the first time. Made two by myself YIPPEEE and I took a picture of it. Sad thing is I hate Peach Cobler...... I also had to give my mom her massage therapy and also rewrap her left arm so the swelling will go down. Did I mention that with this procedure she will have to go thru this for the rest of her life? Oh and I went outside and took more pictures of my mom's garden so she could send more pics to different family members.

There is a gathering at my aunt charolette's house which I missed because I'm HERE. Did I mention the damn store won't close till 8pm, so most likely I'm going to go 24 hour fitness and workout since I called them earlier and they didn't close for the holiday.

Update: STILL at the gig, Danielle has gone home and has left me here by myself. I'm bored out my mind and I want some chicken...... I called my mom aroudn 5pm to see how she is doing over at my auntie's, she told me were just starting to come over so I let her go and told her to have a good time. My dad is out of town on some business, Diahanna (my sis) was putting in a new weave (go figure), so pretty much everyone else is at least relaxing today except me. Story of my life. Toodles

another update 9:20pm: I'm home now just relax actually been home since 8:45pm. I couldn't take another minute of work so I just clocked out and went HOME!!!! HAHAHAHAHA but I must say that my didn't was as boring as I thought it would be. Earlier this evening a good child hood friend of mine, CHUCKY!!! came into the store to buy some appliances and to look around. My, my, my;) the boy still looks so devilishly handsome. Kamina contacted Danielle who then gave me a heads up that he was coming thru. Glad he did. lol He still looks good. He just closed on a house and bought a new car, a CHARGER he said. It is a beauty;)

Oh well, my mom came home for a short while from the gathering over my auntie's house and dropped off some food. I ate it and now I'm just chilling listening to Phill Collins and Frank Sinatra. My legs are paining me a lil, so I think I will soak for a while. Take care and have a good night;)

May 28, 2006

What a dull memorial day weekend (again)

On Friday I worked from 6:45am till 7pm. Not a normal shift I assure you, just enough to make up for some lost hours. I was suppose to have a hair appointment at 5pm, but my beautician unfortunately forgot that I was suppose to go in, so I rescheduled. I called my mom to make sure that she was okay at home since her school had already let out for summer break. She informed me that she was making Fried chicken and fried fish. Now that JUST's great especially for someone who is on a diet. So I decided that I would indulge for today and have some chicken. I have such a huge weekness for chicken in any form as long as it's cooked;)

I know that X-men came out on Friday, wanted to treat Carlos as a late birthday gift, but once I got home I stayed home. I was hoping to possibly take him out on Saturday but unfortunately I didn't know that we had a god damn truck last night that I had to help put up. I didn't clock out of that sucker until 11:20pm. Defintiely not a fun night. So i just decided to go home and get some rest.

So now it's past 6am, I've been up since 5am since my sleep was interrupted by some weak ass soft porn shit that just happen to be on the cable channel that I went to sleep on. The fake moaning and groaning woke me up so now i'm like okay hopefully I can get back to sleep before I wake up again and have to go pick Danielle and take her to work. Then I come in at 3pm and close it down. Also have to work on Memorial Day from 2pm to 7pm. So it looks like I won't get a break at all. I'm starting to get really tired of Best Buy. It's just not fun like it used to be to me. I just dread going into that place at all times.

Also on a seperate note, for some strange reason our Storm Front Door just shattered. Don't know why, my dad was outside and he saw it for himself. I took pictures of the strange ass thing so my dad could take the pictures up to the Home Depot off of highway 40 and Hanley. since this is the store that we bought it from.

my right leg is still giving me some trouble. Yep the same leg that Mr. Lynne, my fellow racquetball player, rolled over on close to 2 weeks ago. I might go the hospital and ask for an x-ray to see what's going on. I get annoying shooting pains every now and then whether I'm standing or sitting. Damn't I want my leg back to normal already. I also have to deal with a traffic ticket issue i just remembered I had, by I think, June 10. Yep this is SO not going to be an easy next 3 weeks. oh well

May 25, 2006

Never difficult it is to wrap a mummy

Good evening!!! I'm back... Well the exciting update to my day so far is as follows. Left my job today about 3:30pm to go and meet my mom at St. Mary's Hospital so I could me her physical therapist and learn how to do the massages and special arm wrap. Well all I have to say is that it is a long and tedious process and I give both my mother and the lady who was helping us props. Luckly I have all the paper that has the instructions written down so I'll be able to learn how to do it myself HOPEFULLY. The whole session was an hour, but I got there late since traffic was hell. Oh well after I parted ways with my mother I met up with Danielle for some grub at Cicero's down in the Ucity Loop.

I pick her up (of course making sure the pit bulls aren't out) and we head on down Delmar. I told her about a dilema that I have going on in my head concerning a a certain issue. I decided to only tell her because she could give me an honest opinion without being already favored to one side.
We talked about the situation pretty much the whole meal, she gave me her advice and I'm still thinking about it even now. Sometimes it sucks being a female with emotions.... That's all I have to say about that. On another note, Patrina called my phone earlier today to inform me I had an E-Learning that needed to be done. I am thinking about going up there but again my gas tank isn't doing to well..........SO I'm just gonna have to debate on that one for a while. Not to mention this is normally a gym night for me also and I usually go out to St. Charles. Might have to bypass that tonight and make up for it this weekend.;) Oh well. Ta-ta.

Well work has been interesting so far

Well work has been interesting at job #1 so far. As of 1:10 p.m., a co-worker has been fired, another co-worker just got back from having a root canal (OUCH) and I was talking with a co-worker about the differences between lipo-disolve and lip-suction. Fascinating stuff I tell ya;)

Anyway, after work I have to go meet up with my mom at St. Mary’s Hospital. As you well recall the bout of breast cancer my mother went thru last year. Well when she had the surgery to remove her lymph nodes back in January of 2005, I didn’t know there were repercussions from the surgery. For example, my mom’s left arm is “puffy” compared to her right arm. So I guess she has been going to a physical therapist who has her wearing this gauze type cast on her arm. My mom has to wear it for long periods of time, including when she is at work.

Also the therapist gives her a massage that is supposed to promote circulation back into her left arm. So that is why I am going today, because I will be able to meet the lady and learn her techniques since I’m also a massuse, I can do the massages while we are home. My mom also told me that she is not suppose to get any type of bites or cuts on her arm because it can promote infection since her immune system is working less then 20% because of the surgery she went thru to have her lymph nodes removed. Point blank it can be fatal.

I also have my digital camera so maybe I can record the procedure but knowing my mom she will probably have a big ole hissy fit.;)

May 24, 2006

A wrap-up to my day

Well the time is now 10:10 p.m. I'm at home and I'm chillin infront of my cpu. Just a recap of this evening. Around 7pm or so, Danielle's boyfriend calls the job looking for her. I informed him that she wasn't at work and had the day off. Afterwards I proceed to read him THE BUSINESS in a calm and professional yet caring way. Letting him know that he has a good woman and if he keeps messin up he won't have one any longer. I hope he took our conversation to heart. Fastforward about 15 minutes, Danielle calls the gig and I inform her that I'll give her a ring back once I'm done and leaving.

Well I'm in my car and I try to call Danielle but no answer. Then my boy, Lee from Tennesse aka Dr. Buddy Love, gives me a holla and we chat the whole drive it takes me to get home and comfortable. We exchanged blog web addresses and bid each other good night;) He asked for a pic of me so I sent him one and he sent me one of him. Damn he is just too fine.;) But he is happily taken so I respect that;) Well as I'm typing this up I realized I accidently erased the link he sent to me for his blog so I just texted him to re-send it.

Did the typing my dad need from me and just surfed MYSPACE to read my mail and friend requests. Oh well I'm about to take a bath and relax for a bit before heading off to bed. Take care and good night. Oh and I was gonna try to go the gym tonight really I was....but then I realized that my gas tank might not like me in the morning. LOLOL

Watch out - your facorite soda might give you cancer

Earlier today at job #1, my cousin informed one of my co-workers that he heard how certain sodas where linked to causing cancer in kids in early ages. He spoke with one of the lead pharmacists at our job who also concluded the information to be correct, so I'm really taking this seriously. The soda he was using for example was VAULT. Now I don't drink that particular kind but I was curious if the soda that I DO like did contain the same ingredients he was warning against. The ingredients that are the cause are sodium benzate and Vitamin C. So while I'm at work I decide to check out our Soda case by the register lanes for check out. From what I can tell if you ANY type of soda you are pretty much at risk. I found out that pretty much all the COCA-COLA soda products have both ingredients in them. Yes including my favorite Sprite. So needless to say, I'm pretty sure your favorite Pepsi Products also have them included as well. You know what, just check whatever it is you drink, you never know what harmful products you are putting into your body. I sure as hell didn't. Below is an article on the situation.

The Times
March 02, 2006

Soft drinks found to have high levels of cancer chemical
By Rajeev Syal

TRACES of a carcinogenic chemical have been found in soft drinks at eight times the level permitted in drinking water, it was revealed last night.
Tests conducted on 230 drinks on sale in Britain and France have identified high levels of benzene, a compound known to cause cancer, according to the Food Standards Agency. There is a legal limit of one part per billion of benzene in British drinking water. The latest tests revealed levels of up to eight parts per billion in some soft drinks.

Benzene has been linked to leukaemia and other cancers of the blood. Traces found in Perrier water 15 years ago led to the withdrawal of more than 160 million bottles worldwide. The disclosure has prompted food safety campaigners to demand that the Government reveal which products contain benzene. At present, the drinks’ identities have not been revealed.

Richard Watts, of Sustain, a pressure group lobbying for better food standards, said that this should be done urgently because the drinks were being marketed to children. “The scientific evidence is unclear about whether there is any safe level of benzene. We see no reason why it should be different from the designated safe level in drinking water. If it is unsafe in drinking water, why should it be safe in soft drinks?” he said.

The Food Standards Agency, the government watchdog, said that the products did not pose an immediate health risk, but called for further investigation from the British drinks industry. “Let’s have further investigations and regular discussions with the drinks industry to check what is happening. If levels are high then the FSA will take action to protect consumers,” an agency spokesman said.

Food scientists believe that high levels of benzene may have been produced by the reaction of two commonly used ingredients — sodium benzoate, a preservative, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Sodium benzoate is widely used in the drinks sector. In Britain, it is used in Britvic brands including Britvic 55 apple and orange flavours, Pennine Spring flavoured waters and Shandy Bass.It is not known if any of these products were included in the latest tests. A spokesman for Britvic has previously expressed confidence in its products.

A spokesman for the British Soft Drinks Association said yesterday that the industry was working to reduce the levels of benzene in soft drinks. “There is an obligation on the industry to have as low a level of benzene as possible and we are looking at ways of reducing the levels — and maybe even removing the preservative — if we can replace it with something else,” he said.

When minuscule traces of benzene were discovered in Perrier water 15 years ago, it forced the French company to withdraw millions of bottles.

Tests have been carried out in Europe after US food watchdogs found benzene in juices and sodas. The Food and Drug Administration registered its concern about the possible long-term effects on health.

Professor Glenn Lawrence, of Long Island University, who first conducted tests for benzene in soft drinks 13 years ago, said that the combination of sodium benzoate and vitamin C was commonly used in drinks in the early 1990s.

He said that drinks firms were now putting vitamin C back into drinks to encourage consumers to buy the product. He said that this was being done to encourage parents to buy the drinks to improve their children’s health but it might just be doing the opposite.


Michael Faraday discovered benzene in 1825 when he isolated it from oil gas to form a chemical, six parts carbon, six parts hydrogen

It is produced during incomplete combustion of carbon-rich substances: it is produced from petrochemicals, but occurs naturally in volcanoes, forest fires and in cigarette smoke

In the 19th and early 20th centuries it was used in aftershave, for its pleasant smell, and to decaffinate coffee. It is now used as an anti-knock agent in petrol

It is an aggressive carcinogen and may lead to leukaemia and other cancers of the blood

In 1993, Professor Glenn Lawrence, of Long Island University, published research showing that the sodium benzoate and vitamin C found in soft drinks could react to form benzene. He suggested that drink companies were putting vitamin C into drinks to encourage customers to buy them

Well today is the 24th

Well today is the 24th, nothing really big going on today except having to pull “double duty” today. Yesterday, I had work and then last night I went to the gym. Worked out for a while and came home. My right knee is STILL acting funny but it still didn’t stop me from working out on the treadmill for about 20 minutes. Then I worked on my upper chest, arms, stomach, and back. I love 24 hour fitness, especially the St. Charles location. I can’t say enough great things about them. Oh and also if you can get yourself one of the Fitness Balls. They come in different sizes and you can do all kinds of work outs on them. I like to save them for last. I mainly use them to work out my butt, thighs, and calves.  You know, pretty much the whole leg area LOL. I’m gonna have to get new weight gloves; I noticed my right one is starting to tear a tad. But I won’t get a new pair until I ABSOLUTELY have to, because I love these too damn much.;)

Oh well enough about me. How are you doing?

UPDATE: At job #2, just chillin. there was some rain so I decided to go into the store and put my stuff away and clockin. Didn't know rain was in the forecast. It's been pretty slow so far and I just got here at 5pm. Trina told me it's been slow all dman day, so I'll just have to deal with it until we close. Im just SO BORED. Trina is doing OPEN ITEM tags and here I am just tappin away on the damn keyboard. UGGGHHHHHHHH. Oh well I'm not sure if I'm gonna work out tonight. Yet that depends on how I feel tonight when we close. My dad already informed me that he has something he want's me to type up once I get home. So that alone might persuade me NOT to go to the gym. Oh well will see what happens. Ta-Ta.

May 22, 2006

Good thing I went to work today

Well today kinda started off slow for me. Had work this mornin but i didn't get in until late. Try 10:15AM late when I'm normally suppose to be there by 7AM. Oh well, I did call a co-worker's extension but just got her voicemail and left a message. by the time I get to work, I found out not only is she not there, but at least 5 other coworkers called off as well. Yea.... So needless to say I get to work and i'm doing callbacks on the work that is there.

So pretty much my day was just boring as hell, not to mention I did get in 2 good naps on my breaks. I kept myself awake by listening to my music and jammin. Since I had my workout clothes with me, I decided I would just go play some racquetball right after work. Before going to play, I went to the St. Louis Mills Mall to go get a book. While there Kamina calls me and asked if I wanted to go play tennis. I told her that I had planned on play racquetball but since I had both my tennis and racquetball equipment it didn't matter.

So i proceed to go to Barnes Hospital where I normally go workout. I played for about 30 minutes and knocked myself silly with the damn ball. I tried to do a shot from the back wall and it hit me square in my right cheek on my face then less than 5 minutes later I did a back hand move with the racquet and knocked the crap out of my left ear. So I felt it was time to call a timeout at this point. Then call Kamina because she hadn't arrived yet. she was in the mist of doing some laundry and told me she would be up in the next 10 minutes.

She gets up to the courts and we proceed to play tennis for a while. My right knee is still bothering me from the accident I had on Friday when I played racquetball then. So we decided to end a tad bit early. We parted ways and I went home. I had my dinner and now I am in my room sitting on my bed just relaxin.

Earlier today while i worked and while I napped, i wondered about myself and had tempting thoughts about "the who shall not be named" lol. I wondered what in the hell is wrong with me and why am having these feelings about him. Point blank I need to keep them in check. I don't need these thoughts running rampet in my head. Maybe I'm just thinking in terms of being horny. Maybe I'm thinking of terms of my feelings that I've kept dormant and locked up all these years. I haven't had an issue with keeping them at bay because I've always had my hatred and my anger as my armour. Why in the hell are they flaring up now??? Maybe it was easier to not think about him because he was so far away and in another state. He even has a beautiful lil girl from what I hear. Now he lives here and the distance has closed considerably. But thru divine intervention I have yet to lay my own eyes upon him. I don't know what to think these days.

I'm so damn confused. Yet I just deal with it like I do anything else. I take it day by day and I don't force my hand on it. i sure as hell don't plan on tippin the scales. I'll just deal with it like I've dealt with it the past 5 years.

oh well change of subject, my friend Carlos, his birthday is tomorrow. Yet he's out of town. So I'll have to call him and wish him happy birthday. He gets back in on Friday, I have a hair appointment around 5pm so if I get out on time, I might treat him to a movie or not. He's been acting kind of a smart ass but that is how he NORMALLY acts. I must say the brutha can be witty when he wants but he is huggable like a teddy bear. He's a great friend what can I say. lolol Oh well, here is a early shout out


May 21, 2006

Do you have ANY idea how stupid I feel?

Goodevening from Bridgeton, MO. This is Jasmine coming to you live from job #2. The time is now.....TOO DAMN LATE. Normally on Sunday we are open till 7pm but there was a special event going on that started at 7:30pm and ended 9:30pm. I decided to stay with Danielle so she wouldnt be swamped with customers during the special event. Work started for me around 2:30pm. It was SUPPOSE to start at 2pm but hey I had to go pick up Danielle and I just wasn't going to hurry myself.

So we arrive at work and nothin really exciting happens besides Danielle going toe-to-toe with a customer trying to give her some back talk. Fast forward to the special store event. WE close the store for 30 minutes. Re-open at 7:30pm. The doors open and WALLA!!! People start coming thru the doors and for my department it gets pretty busy. Well after about an hour I decide to take a "twinkle" aka restroom break. I'm sittin on the damn toilet minding my damn business when all of a sudden a middle age lady with these thick ass glasses come burstin thru my door. Now needless to say I'm on full alert (or at least I thought I was) when I heard her come in the restroom. Reason being that particular stall I happen to be in, the lock was busted.

I'm lookin up at her with this priceless look on my face like "HOLY SHIT" mixed in with a lil "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" She looks at me thru her THICK ASS PLASTIC glasses with her eyes wide open, mouth drops open and she immediatly starts to back out of the stall, do you know this heifer just runs into the next stall without botherin to close mine back???????????

Needless to say I finished my business and hot-tailed out of there. LOLOL I was buggin up on the way back to my department and I told Danielle about the incident. I thought the poor lady was about to have a heart-attack. Oh well. The event is finally over. All the customers are gone and Danielle and I are trying to get the hell out of here. I holla. We are suppose to hook up with Kamina for a late night dinner. So do what you do. Because Imma be where I'm at. Peace.


Goodmorning to all;) Hope your day is pleasent so far. My mother woke me up to help her in her garden which I took pictures of today and put on my Flickr account. Of course you can see them off to your right. Today I have work at job #2. I also know that the Annie Malone Parade is going on as well downtown. So please keep ya pistols at home so everyone can enjoy themselves. Oh well take care and I'll holla if anything worth mention happens thru out my day.

Final update for Saturday, May 20th

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May 20, 2006

Some footage from the wedding

Wedding footage part 1

Wedding footage part 2

Oh and also I took some pictures they are in my FLICKR account so just look off to your right and you'll see em there. tata

update part 2 to May 20th 2006

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Recap of rest of my evening for the 19th as well as the intro to my morning of the 20th

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May 19, 2006

Boy when it rains it pours

Boy when it rains it pours

Well today is Friday and I’m at work 6:20 A.M. I’ve been thinking about some issues that have been on my mind lately. As you know from my chronicles that my mom beat Breast Cancer, and for your information I will be taking part in the St. Louis’ ninth annual Susan G. Komen Foundation Race for the Cure on June 10 which will be held downtown.

I found out last week that one of her older sister’s, my Aunt Ora, who could almost pass for my mom’s twin, was diagnosed with colon cancer. Now I know cancer and heart issues run pretty strong in our family, especially on my mother’s side. I lost my maternal grandmother to stomach and pancreas cancer on my birthday in 1994. My grandfather passed that same year on Thanksgiving. Not the kind of year I envisioned having. Her brother, my Uncle Lindell had colon cancer around 10 years ago, but his was detected early and his treatment was successful. I know many extended family members and friends who have succumbed to various cancer diseases.

I’m worried about my Aunt Ora because she has been through a lot lately with her husband being in the hospital for the past couple of months because of serious health issues. He has lost his short term memory and he’s become extremely violent with people. It was to the point they had to admit him to the hospital for observation. She complains about pain in other parts of her body and my mom hopes that it hasn’t spread to other organs. She talks about possibly taking some time off and going to California to be with her.

I just wonder how much one family can take and why. My heart goes out to my Aunt Ora’s children and grandchildren. She has two, both older than me and I know it wasn’t easy hearing the news. I should know, when my mom told me she had breast cancer I though my heart was being ripped out of my chest. I still don’t know how I made it through the day. I still think about that day too but thankfully not as often. When I found out about my Aunt, I just went to my room and just sat on the bed. My eyes became teary and I thought this can’t be happening again.

Another issue that ties into this is my weight. I’m losing this weight because I don’t want to have any health issues that might become greater as I become older. I deserve to enjoy my life and whomever I decided to share my life deserves the fullest from me as well. For example, I’m not going to marry someone who smokes or drinks excessively aka KEITH BROWN (yuck!!!!). Chances are if you’ve been doing it for a long time your lungs and liver are shot to hell. You only short change yourself and why put your spouse through the pain and stress of seeing you suffer.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not ignorant to the point that I believe even if you don’t do any harm to your body that you still wont’ get sick. What I’m saying is that I don’t want to be with someone that would WILLINGLY put there body at risk and in harm’s way. Now if you have quit doing something that you shouldn’t be doing then good for you. For example I know 3 of my co-workers, 1 from job #1 and 2 from job #2, that stopped smoking. They feel so much better; they said they have their taste buds back, just feel in a way like a whole new person.

Now I know someone who unfortunately smokes and drinks WAY TOO MUCH. It’s to the point I can smell the liquor from his pores before I even SEE HIM. This of course would be Keith, you know, Danielle’s housemate. He keeps asking me why I won’t go out with him. I told him that NOBODY would go out with him on so many levels, but one of those levels happens to be he smokes and drinks way too much. I can’t even stand to be close to him because of the odor. Not to mention he becomes a tad bit aggressive when he’s drunk.

For example, some months back when we were all over at Danielle and his house, and I made dinner for everyone. Well I was pissed because I was playing Spades and Keith was my partner. We should have technically won but he kept fucking up and had the nerve to say before the game that he wanted another partner because he didn’t think I could play. Well I was playin just fine and of course Keith with his mouth kept talking shit and wouldn’t be quiet. After we lost because of his huge fuck up I just looked like I wanted to kill him. I go into the kitchen to make sure the food is okay, do you know this fool had the nerve to make a bet about something I cannot go into detail unfortunately on here. He then proceeds to ask me out, I told him we all go out as a GROUP all the time. I turn to walk away, he grabs my wrist and won’t let go, I look at him and tell him he needs to chill out. He keeps pursing the matter to the point it starts to bother me. I again turn away and his hand tightens on my wrist. NOW I’m pissed. I looked him in the eye and got real close. “If you don’t take your hand off of me right now, I will kick your ass and to hell if your Manager from YOUR job is standing in the next room”. Needless to say he backed off yet he kept creeping me out because as I went back into the dining to watch the next card game, he kept staring at me and standing or sitting next to me. I just got the point where I just told everyone I was going home. Kamina and Danielle knew something wasn’t right and just stared at me. I got my shit and walked out the door, do you know that ass had the nerve to come out side and say, “You know we going out eventually right?” By this time I get to my car, and I turned to him and say, “When hell freezes over.” I can’t imagine how Danielle puts up with it.

Another issue that has been on my mind has been my ex. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but for some time now I will go to sleep and I’ll be having some weird ass dreams. I know I’m not smoking anything illegal or otherwise so I don’t know what the phuck….It seems so weird also that I’ve known in the past that if my girls want to go out to club, there are times I don’t feel like going. Yea well for some strange reason those are the same nights my friends will tell me that they ran into him. Not to mention my younger sis has seen him as well. Don’t get it twisted I’m definitely not a Shaman (Indian Foreteller) I just wonder what the hell they mean or if they mean anything at all.

Some dreams I’m sitting in the grass in a beautiful field underneath a huge tree. I’m sitting in a cotton dress with the buttons in the front and I’m leaning back on the tree. Out of no where comes a red and black shuttle bug (for those who used to ride Bi-State Bus WAY back in the day there used to be red and black shuttle bus that used to go thru Forest Park and some other areas. Since it was painted to look like a lady bug it was known as the SHUTTLE BUG, boy the memories on that bus hahaha.)

Ok back to my story, So the bus pulls up and the door opens. I can’t see the person’s face because the bus is a ways off and he is wearing a cap on his head. We are staring at each other for a long time and then this person starts to walk towards me. He doesn’t immediately start walking exactly, at least not at first. He takes some steps forward kind of like he’s nervous to approach me. So I stand up and wave to him. He raises his hand in response and continues to walk towards me. I can still tell in his approach to me that he still doesn’t know if walking towards me is a good idea. His hands are in his pockets and his gaze is still on the grass. As we come closer he still won’t let his head up. I stop walking and so does he. He looks up and I see a pair of chocolate eyes that I haven’t been drowned in over 5 years. He walks those final steps and stands before me. We just stare at each other and I’m looking at him as though he can’t be real.

I look at him and shake my head no, I slowly back up and turn around. He comes up from behind me and embraces me. All my anguish and tears just pour out and where my tears fall, flowers spring up. They spread in a circle around us. Then I notice some movement from behind the big tree that I was leaning on originally. It’s a lil girl and she is running around the tree smiling and laughing. My ex and I go back towards the tree and we sit. What we talk about I can never seem to remember, because at the point that we are back at the tree with the lil girl, I seem to get “sucked” out of the dream like a vacuum. Weirdest thing ever I swear. Like I said I have this dream on and off about 2 times a week for the past couple of months ever since February. Yet that is just one of my dreams. My other’s I’ll have to keep to myself, they are more like flashbacks from our past. Those I dream about from time to time. Yet again like I said before they are just dreams they probably don’t mean anything so I don’t dwell on them to make sense.

Oh well, I hope your day is pleasant. I’m at work right now and when I get off around 4pm, I plan on HOPEFULLY picking up my bride’s maid dress for Amy’s wedding and around 6:30p.m. will meet a friend for some Racquetball action and who knows what else. Today is payday, ANYTHING is possible. LOLOL take care and god bless;)


May 18, 2006

update so far on THIS week

Sunday - Had to work at job #2 (YEAH!) NOT!!!!!!!

Monday - It rained like cats and dogs so I wasn't able to go workout and play racquetball like I normally do so I went to the gym and worked out for about 2 hours.

Tuesday - I had work as usual at job #1 but I knew I was in store for a treat later on that evening. I hooked up with Danielle, Kamina, and Larry for the Cardinals game at Busch Stadium. Finding good parking wasn't the hardest part, it was trying to parallel park that was the big bitch for me. I ended up getting frustrated as usual and getting out of the car so Kamina could do it. Needless to say I don't really care to manuver a car into tight spaces. I still don't know how I ended up getting my license.

We had some really good seats and as usual we made sure that we sat underneath with some cover. Game was going okay until it started to rain at the top of the 7th inning. Needless to say it kept pouring for over an hour and while we TRIED to wait it out we watched 3 other games on the big screen to pass the time, I started to go a tad bit nuts and walked around till my friends found me and we decided to bounce. Well as we are in the car we hear the game started back up again, boy you talkin about a pissed off CHICK!!!!! So I dropped Mina off at home. Then took Larry and Danielle to the Schnucks off of Lindell so they could do some shopping. Dropped them off at home and then took my ass home.

Wednesday - Did double duty today. Worked both jobs, dad dropped me off at job #1 but my mom had to come get me from there and drop me off at job #2 as well as pick me up later on that night. Nothin really spectacular.

Thursday - Well today I got to work a lil bit late. My sis was having some drama with her "man friend" I don't even know what to call him to be honest. So I had to go handle a situation down in the city and get something and take it to her job since they were fighting like cats and dogs over the phone today. So I felt I would feel more comfortable if I went and dealt with the situation so i wouldn't worry about her. So I got the damn CD changer and took it to her job and then headed out to my own damn job.

Well I get there around 10am and I'm nervous because I knew that a good co-worker/friend of mine was possibly going to be fired but thank god, her job was saved. I stayed at work until 6pm and then went to the St. Louis Mills Mall. I originally had plans to meet up with one of my best friends Amy for some dinner at Maggiano's across the street from the St. Louis Galleria, but plans came that she had to do for her wedding and I told her that I didn't have a problem going out at another time. So we decided we would hook up on Saturday later on in the evening. It was best since I have a 7am meeting at job #2, and want to get in some racquetball afterwards, oh and also a wedding to attend for a high school friend (Laura and Joe). Doesn't my Saturday sound busy to you?

So instead of hooking up with Amy my girl Tiffany calls me and asks if I want to go the movies, you know from my previous posts this is my road dog when it comes to movies or whatever she's pretty much down for it. So she meets me up at the Mills and we go see POSIEDEN. It was very good and I was impressed. I know a mutual friend of ours was married this past Saturday and she told me that the wedding and reception were great. She told me that everything went fine without a hitch and I'm really happy for him, his new bride, and newborn son. Yet when I see Mike I will get on his head for not responding to my text message on where they were registered. Yet he probably was so busy with the wedding he forgot what a cellphone looked like. Oh well no biggie, I just want to wish them happiness and joy. Congratulations!!!

Friday - Ok i'm not a fortune teller but I DO know what is going to happen somewhat. I'm going to go to work and get paid my check. Then I'm going to go pay some bills and then meet up with a friend for some racquetball and then who know's what;) I guess you can tell that I'm really started to get addicted to racquetball, MAN it is a kick ass sport and i give so many props to people that play it. i would play it everyday if I could BUT I can't.

p.s. - i was going to go to the gym tonight but I was like fuck it, I'm too tired so I'm just going ot make this a "rest day" and just kick ass on Friday and Saturday. Ok then, I'm out and I'll try to make my posts more frequent instead of once a week. I am SUCH a slacker. Oh and for those who have been emailing me about when am I going to continue my story in SINSUAL PLEASURES, fear not I just had to take a break about writing about sex so much, when you haven't had any in over 5 years, you tend to get a tad bit grouchy. lolol take care and good night.

May 13, 2006

Interesting Week

Well I know I've been out of commission for quite some time. So I apologize and will try to update you with as much info that i can.

Sunday - had work at job #2, nothing spectacular there.

Monday - Started to clean up my desk and cubicle area at job #1 since we were being moved back to original building later on this week. Oh and I went to go work out and play raquetball up at Barnes Hospital. Met an interesting fellow. lol We played a couple of hours along with his sister. Wierd and intersting, that's all I'm gonna say on that.

Tuesday - Continued to clean up my area and get things organized for my move.

Wednesday - Took the day off and went to my VERY FIRST Cardinals game at the new stadium with Danielle, Bridgette, and a friend of Danielle's. We had kick-ass seats especially since it started to rain and we had cover above our heads. Section 165 row 20. Please note will want to get seats in the future around that area. Of course the Cards won and afterwards we went back to Danielle's house and we said our goodbyes. Danielle and I went to the IHOP to get some food and then I took her home and I crashed at my house.

Thursday - Get to work and start to box items to be moved back to the towers. I had 4 and it sucks because I am losing space so I have to go buy something to hold my other items. Especially my spice rack, tea, and my other important items. Oh well, then I went to the 24 hour fitness gym out at St. Charles and worked out.

Friday - The big move finally came and go to my old building to drop of my locker keys. Get the rest of my stuff and head back over to towers. Takes a while to get situated and into the swing of things, which I don't exactly do. At least where I sit there is a room I can go to and relax and take a nap. Not to mention I can see the clouds. lolol So for lunch I go to Zappa's, which is the lil restaurant on the first floor. My favorite cook, Fred doesn't work there anymore. So i just got something to eat and ate it back at my desk. I pretty much didn't do shit for the remainder of the day. Went to the hair salon so I could get my hair done. Later on that evening Diahanna (my sis) and I went and worked out at the gym. So that pretty much sums up my Friday.

Saturday - I had planned on getting up and going to job #1 and putting in some hours to put in my 40 hours for work. Yea that didn't happen. So i'm thinking I might go and play some raquetball, not sure still debating. I do have work later on today so that is just an update on my week. Hope all is well with you and god bless.

May 3, 2006

How one great day can turn into a nightmare

How one great day can turn into a nightmare

On May 1, 2006, I took off a half day to take care of some personal business as well as to take advantage of the Wehrenberg Theater $1 movie special that they had going on at all of the Movie Theaters in Missouri. My morning started off like any typical morning except that there was a lil twist to mine. As I was driving, on my way to work, I notice that smoke is starting come up from under my hood. Now for the past couple of days I noticed that the TEMPATURE light in my dashboard was coming on. I had put my car in the shop earlier last week because my hose for my power steering was busted and a new one had to be installed. I informed my mechanic about the Temperature light and when I went to pick up my car on Saturday (April 29, 2006). He told me it should run fine. WELL it didn’t. The light came back on as I was driving to work. So luckily I was almost at work and so I was able to get there with no problems. I parked my car and I worked my 4 hour shift.

Now fast forward to 10am when I am about to leave. I get in my car and I make my way down HWY 270 so I can take care of my business before I go the movies. Well I finish up with my appointment and then I’m on Lindbergh aka Hwy 67 (for you St. Lou folks) and the intersection of New Halls Ferry. WHY OH WHY did the smoke start up again and now worse than before. Not to mention NOW my car is starting to stop on the street. NOT GOOD. So now I’m looking like what the fuck…I’m lucky enough to make it to the Walgreens down the street and park the car. I call AAA to get a tow truck and then I call my friend, Tiffany to let her know that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

Well after that call, I take out the manual and I look thru it and discover a POSSIBILITY to help alleviate my issue. When I look under the hood I notice I have ZERO engine coolant. So I go into the Walgreens and buy a big ass jug of Anti-freeze/Engine Coolant. Go back to my car and fill that bitch up to correct line. I start the car and do a couple of laps in the parking lot. I feel confident that it’s running okay, so I call AAA cancel the tow, call my girl back and tell her everything is cool and to meet me at the Mall.  

Now I’m driving to the mall, guess what……my damn car starts to smoking AGAIN, so I park on the farside by Dillard’s away from the main crowd by the movie theater. I just pray that since I’ll be in the mall for over 10 hours that it will give my car enough time to cool off and start acting right. Yea, I know wishful thinking…

I’m waiting outside of the mall for Tiffany and you wouldn’t believe the hug crowd that is already inside and in line trying to get tickets. So Tiffany finally shows up and we get in line. We waited about 30 minutes and we were able to get 4 tickets each for $4. Man it doesn’t get any better than THAT!!! The shows we went to see were SILENT HILL 1:30pm, INSIDE MAN 4:20pm, ICE AGE 7:20pm, and THE SENTINEL 10:10pm. It was perfect because we had time in between each show to go relax and walk the mall until the next show. For all you shopping fanatics, Dillard’s, is closing there store out at Jamestown. Everything is going!!!! At least 20% off of everything, but majority was 30% and up. Saw some cool shirts and kitchenware items.

Like I said before the mall was crowded, and it seem to get worse as the day progressed. We decided after the 1st movie (or the 2nd) to go get something to eat. She had Subway, I had Isbarro’s. By the last show, which was at 10:10pm we were just sitting down and chillin in the mall waiting for seating to begin. As I predicted earlier, there were some fights from high school kids. Yet the point that dumfounds me is how in the hell they thought 3 POLICE OFFICERS were gonna be able to control over 300 people? Makes ya say Hmmmm.

Fast-forward to the end of the last movie, which was excellent by the way. It is now past Midnight and time for me to take my ass home. I bid Tiffany a farewell and I make it to my car. I say a prayer and just hope my car keeps it together by the time I get home. Again wishful thinking. Everything is fine and dandy until I get past CHAMBERS and West Florissant. My car starts to act up and the smoke starts coming again. As I pull into a parking lot of one of the stores lined on the street my car stops. I can’t believe this is happening so late.

I start my car and I’m able to make it to Industral drive and Bermuda rd. At this point the car is absolutely DEAD. I had to call my sister to come get me not to mention that damn tow truck from AAA. Well my sis gets there with my mom’s car because guess what? My sister’s car is in the shop, my dad’s car caught on fire THE SAME DAY (May 1, 2006) and now my shit is out of commission. The tow truck gets there and it’s so weird because the tow truck happen to be from the Towing company that was actually across the street from my car.

So we make our way into the city and we drop it off at our family mechanic’s shop who is not THERE, so I just clear my stuff out and put it into my mom’s car. We make it home and I just go to bed because I don’t want to have to think about this headache. Needless to say the next day, Tuesday (May 2, 2006), my dad informs me that the mechanic says it’s the radiator. I felt so bad because he came in on his day off just look at my car. So needless to say today I am at work and hopefully my car will be ready by this afternoon but you know what? I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. I’m just thankful my sis got a rental so she would be able to get herself around and be able to drop me off at work.

Oh well hope your week has been better than mine;)

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