May 3, 2006

How one great day can turn into a nightmare

How one great day can turn into a nightmare

On May 1, 2006, I took off a half day to take care of some personal business as well as to take advantage of the Wehrenberg Theater $1 movie special that they had going on at all of the Movie Theaters in Missouri. My morning started off like any typical morning except that there was a lil twist to mine. As I was driving, on my way to work, I notice that smoke is starting come up from under my hood. Now for the past couple of days I noticed that the TEMPATURE light in my dashboard was coming on. I had put my car in the shop earlier last week because my hose for my power steering was busted and a new one had to be installed. I informed my mechanic about the Temperature light and when I went to pick up my car on Saturday (April 29, 2006). He told me it should run fine. WELL it didn’t. The light came back on as I was driving to work. So luckily I was almost at work and so I was able to get there with no problems. I parked my car and I worked my 4 hour shift.

Now fast forward to 10am when I am about to leave. I get in my car and I make my way down HWY 270 so I can take care of my business before I go the movies. Well I finish up with my appointment and then I’m on Lindbergh aka Hwy 67 (for you St. Lou folks) and the intersection of New Halls Ferry. WHY OH WHY did the smoke start up again and now worse than before. Not to mention NOW my car is starting to stop on the street. NOT GOOD. So now I’m looking like what the fuck…I’m lucky enough to make it to the Walgreens down the street and park the car. I call AAA to get a tow truck and then I call my friend, Tiffany to let her know that I wouldn’t be able to make it.

Well after that call, I take out the manual and I look thru it and discover a POSSIBILITY to help alleviate my issue. When I look under the hood I notice I have ZERO engine coolant. So I go into the Walgreens and buy a big ass jug of Anti-freeze/Engine Coolant. Go back to my car and fill that bitch up to correct line. I start the car and do a couple of laps in the parking lot. I feel confident that it’s running okay, so I call AAA cancel the tow, call my girl back and tell her everything is cool and to meet me at the Mall.  

Now I’m driving to the mall, guess what……my damn car starts to smoking AGAIN, so I park on the farside by Dillard’s away from the main crowd by the movie theater. I just pray that since I’ll be in the mall for over 10 hours that it will give my car enough time to cool off and start acting right. Yea, I know wishful thinking…

I’m waiting outside of the mall for Tiffany and you wouldn’t believe the hug crowd that is already inside and in line trying to get tickets. So Tiffany finally shows up and we get in line. We waited about 30 minutes and we were able to get 4 tickets each for $4. Man it doesn’t get any better than THAT!!! The shows we went to see were SILENT HILL 1:30pm, INSIDE MAN 4:20pm, ICE AGE 7:20pm, and THE SENTINEL 10:10pm. It was perfect because we had time in between each show to go relax and walk the mall until the next show. For all you shopping fanatics, Dillard’s, is closing there store out at Jamestown. Everything is going!!!! At least 20% off of everything, but majority was 30% and up. Saw some cool shirts and kitchenware items.

Like I said before the mall was crowded, and it seem to get worse as the day progressed. We decided after the 1st movie (or the 2nd) to go get something to eat. She had Subway, I had Isbarro’s. By the last show, which was at 10:10pm we were just sitting down and chillin in the mall waiting for seating to begin. As I predicted earlier, there were some fights from high school kids. Yet the point that dumfounds me is how in the hell they thought 3 POLICE OFFICERS were gonna be able to control over 300 people? Makes ya say Hmmmm.

Fast-forward to the end of the last movie, which was excellent by the way. It is now past Midnight and time for me to take my ass home. I bid Tiffany a farewell and I make it to my car. I say a prayer and just hope my car keeps it together by the time I get home. Again wishful thinking. Everything is fine and dandy until I get past CHAMBERS and West Florissant. My car starts to act up and the smoke starts coming again. As I pull into a parking lot of one of the stores lined on the street my car stops. I can’t believe this is happening so late.

I start my car and I’m able to make it to Industral drive and Bermuda rd. At this point the car is absolutely DEAD. I had to call my sister to come get me not to mention that damn tow truck from AAA. Well my sis gets there with my mom’s car because guess what? My sister’s car is in the shop, my dad’s car caught on fire THE SAME DAY (May 1, 2006) and now my shit is out of commission. The tow truck gets there and it’s so weird because the tow truck happen to be from the Towing company that was actually across the street from my car.

So we make our way into the city and we drop it off at our family mechanic’s shop who is not THERE, so I just clear my stuff out and put it into my mom’s car. We make it home and I just go to bed because I don’t want to have to think about this headache. Needless to say the next day, Tuesday (May 2, 2006), my dad informs me that the mechanic says it’s the radiator. I felt so bad because he came in on his day off just look at my car. So needless to say today I am at work and hopefully my car will be ready by this afternoon but you know what? I wouldn’t hold my breath on it. I’m just thankful my sis got a rental so she would be able to get herself around and be able to drop me off at work.

Oh well hope your week has been better than mine;)

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