May 13, 2006

Interesting Week

Well I know I've been out of commission for quite some time. So I apologize and will try to update you with as much info that i can.

Sunday - had work at job #2, nothing spectacular there.

Monday - Started to clean up my desk and cubicle area at job #1 since we were being moved back to original building later on this week. Oh and I went to go work out and play raquetball up at Barnes Hospital. Met an interesting fellow. lol We played a couple of hours along with his sister. Wierd and intersting, that's all I'm gonna say on that.

Tuesday - Continued to clean up my area and get things organized for my move.

Wednesday - Took the day off and went to my VERY FIRST Cardinals game at the new stadium with Danielle, Bridgette, and a friend of Danielle's. We had kick-ass seats especially since it started to rain and we had cover above our heads. Section 165 row 20. Please note will want to get seats in the future around that area. Of course the Cards won and afterwards we went back to Danielle's house and we said our goodbyes. Danielle and I went to the IHOP to get some food and then I took her home and I crashed at my house.

Thursday - Get to work and start to box items to be moved back to the towers. I had 4 and it sucks because I am losing space so I have to go buy something to hold my other items. Especially my spice rack, tea, and my other important items. Oh well, then I went to the 24 hour fitness gym out at St. Charles and worked out.

Friday - The big move finally came and go to my old building to drop of my locker keys. Get the rest of my stuff and head back over to towers. Takes a while to get situated and into the swing of things, which I don't exactly do. At least where I sit there is a room I can go to and relax and take a nap. Not to mention I can see the clouds. lolol So for lunch I go to Zappa's, which is the lil restaurant on the first floor. My favorite cook, Fred doesn't work there anymore. So i just got something to eat and ate it back at my desk. I pretty much didn't do shit for the remainder of the day. Went to the hair salon so I could get my hair done. Later on that evening Diahanna (my sis) and I went and worked out at the gym. So that pretty much sums up my Friday.

Saturday - I had planned on getting up and going to job #1 and putting in some hours to put in my 40 hours for work. Yea that didn't happen. So i'm thinking I might go and play some raquetball, not sure still debating. I do have work later on today so that is just an update on my week. Hope all is well with you and god bless.
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