May 29, 2006

a day

Well HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How you doing? I hope you are spending your memorial day among great friends and good food;)I am at job #2 at least with a good friend, but the stuff they want to pass off as good food is just crappy as hell. They bar-b-qued these piss poor hotdogs, too many damn bags of chips and some watered down ass lemonade (if ya wanna call it that).

Well before i came to the gig, which by the way I was 45 min. late for, I was at home helping my mom around the house. I learned how to make Peach Cobler for the first time. Made two by myself YIPPEEE and I took a picture of it. Sad thing is I hate Peach Cobler...... I also had to give my mom her massage therapy and also rewrap her left arm so the swelling will go down. Did I mention that with this procedure she will have to go thru this for the rest of her life? Oh and I went outside and took more pictures of my mom's garden so she could send more pics to different family members.

There is a gathering at my aunt charolette's house which I missed because I'm HERE. Did I mention the damn store won't close till 8pm, so most likely I'm going to go 24 hour fitness and workout since I called them earlier and they didn't close for the holiday.

Update: STILL at the gig, Danielle has gone home and has left me here by myself. I'm bored out my mind and I want some chicken...... I called my mom aroudn 5pm to see how she is doing over at my auntie's, she told me were just starting to come over so I let her go and told her to have a good time. My dad is out of town on some business, Diahanna (my sis) was putting in a new weave (go figure), so pretty much everyone else is at least relaxing today except me. Story of my life. Toodles

another update 9:20pm: I'm home now just relax actually been home since 8:45pm. I couldn't take another minute of work so I just clocked out and went HOME!!!! HAHAHAHAHA but I must say that my didn't was as boring as I thought it would be. Earlier this evening a good child hood friend of mine, CHUCKY!!! came into the store to buy some appliances and to look around. My, my, my;) the boy still looks so devilishly handsome. Kamina contacted Danielle who then gave me a heads up that he was coming thru. Glad he did. lol He still looks good. He just closed on a house and bought a new car, a CHARGER he said. It is a beauty;)

Oh well, my mom came home for a short while from the gathering over my auntie's house and dropped off some food. I ate it and now I'm just chilling listening to Phill Collins and Frank Sinatra. My legs are paining me a lil, so I think I will soak for a while. Take care and have a good night;)
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