May 25, 2006

Well work has been interesting so far

Well work has been interesting at job #1 so far. As of 1:10 p.m., a co-worker has been fired, another co-worker just got back from having a root canal (OUCH) and I was talking with a co-worker about the differences between lipo-disolve and lip-suction. Fascinating stuff I tell ya;)

Anyway, after work I have to go meet up with my mom at St. Mary’s Hospital. As you well recall the bout of breast cancer my mother went thru last year. Well when she had the surgery to remove her lymph nodes back in January of 2005, I didn’t know there were repercussions from the surgery. For example, my mom’s left arm is “puffy” compared to her right arm. So I guess she has been going to a physical therapist who has her wearing this gauze type cast on her arm. My mom has to wear it for long periods of time, including when she is at work.

Also the therapist gives her a massage that is supposed to promote circulation back into her left arm. So that is why I am going today, because I will be able to meet the lady and learn her techniques since I’m also a massuse, I can do the massages while we are home. My mom also told me that she is not suppose to get any type of bites or cuts on her arm because it can promote infection since her immune system is working less then 20% because of the surgery she went thru to have her lymph nodes removed. Point blank it can be fatal.

I also have my digital camera so maybe I can record the procedure but knowing my mom she will probably have a big ole hissy fit.;)
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