May 25, 2006

Never difficult it is to wrap a mummy

Good evening!!! I'm back... Well the exciting update to my day so far is as follows. Left my job today about 3:30pm to go and meet my mom at St. Mary's Hospital so I could me her physical therapist and learn how to do the massages and special arm wrap. Well all I have to say is that it is a long and tedious process and I give both my mother and the lady who was helping us props. Luckly I have all the paper that has the instructions written down so I'll be able to learn how to do it myself HOPEFULLY. The whole session was an hour, but I got there late since traffic was hell. Oh well after I parted ways with my mother I met up with Danielle for some grub at Cicero's down in the Ucity Loop.

I pick her up (of course making sure the pit bulls aren't out) and we head on down Delmar. I told her about a dilema that I have going on in my head concerning a a certain issue. I decided to only tell her because she could give me an honest opinion without being already favored to one side.
We talked about the situation pretty much the whole meal, she gave me her advice and I'm still thinking about it even now. Sometimes it sucks being a female with emotions.... That's all I have to say about that. On another note, Patrina called my phone earlier today to inform me I had an E-Learning that needed to be done. I am thinking about going up there but again my gas tank isn't doing to well..........SO I'm just gonna have to debate on that one for a while. Not to mention this is normally a gym night for me also and I usually go out to St. Charles. Might have to bypass that tonight and make up for it this weekend.;) Oh well. Ta-ta.
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