May 21, 2006

Do you have ANY idea how stupid I feel?

Goodevening from Bridgeton, MO. This is Jasmine coming to you live from job #2. The time is now.....TOO DAMN LATE. Normally on Sunday we are open till 7pm but there was a special event going on that started at 7:30pm and ended 9:30pm. I decided to stay with Danielle so she wouldnt be swamped with customers during the special event. Work started for me around 2:30pm. It was SUPPOSE to start at 2pm but hey I had to go pick up Danielle and I just wasn't going to hurry myself.

So we arrive at work and nothin really exciting happens besides Danielle going toe-to-toe with a customer trying to give her some back talk. Fast forward to the special store event. WE close the store for 30 minutes. Re-open at 7:30pm. The doors open and WALLA!!! People start coming thru the doors and for my department it gets pretty busy. Well after about an hour I decide to take a "twinkle" aka restroom break. I'm sittin on the damn toilet minding my damn business when all of a sudden a middle age lady with these thick ass glasses come burstin thru my door. Now needless to say I'm on full alert (or at least I thought I was) when I heard her come in the restroom. Reason being that particular stall I happen to be in, the lock was busted.

I'm lookin up at her with this priceless look on my face like "HOLY SHIT" mixed in with a lil "WHAT THE FUCK!!!" She looks at me thru her THICK ASS PLASTIC glasses with her eyes wide open, mouth drops open and she immediatly starts to back out of the stall, do you know this heifer just runs into the next stall without botherin to close mine back???????????

Needless to say I finished my business and hot-tailed out of there. LOLOL I was buggin up on the way back to my department and I told Danielle about the incident. I thought the poor lady was about to have a heart-attack. Oh well. The event is finally over. All the customers are gone and Danielle and I are trying to get the hell out of here. I holla. We are suppose to hook up with Kamina for a late night dinner. So do what you do. Because Imma be where I'm at. Peace.
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